Who’s the Joke On?

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This story involves high school seniors, ages 18 and up. Thanks for your previous comments.


Kids can be cruel. It doesn’t get better with age, at least not by senior year of high school. I had always thought of myself as a good, sweet, innocent girl, but Jamie always somehow managed to pull me into trouble. Jamie and I had been neighbors and best friends forever, so I learned early to just follow along. Kyle was a new kid in our homeroom. He had come mid-semester of our senior year because his dad’s company relocated to our town. He was shy. I think it was because he was so quiet that Jamie wanted to mess with him.

I was over at Jamie’s house on a Friday afternoon when she thought of an idea to pick on him. We called him up and told him that our class was having a pool party at my house and since he was new he should swing by, meet everyone and perhaps bring a dish to add to the spread to eat.

“And it’s a pool party, bring your trunks and a towel,” Jamie said as she hung up with Kyle. From Jamie’s room we were able to see as Kyle arrived. He was dropped off and he walked up my front steps to knock on my door. My stomach churned as I felt bad that he would be knocking at a door to an empty house. What a terrible thing to do to a new kid. Kyle must have liked the idea of a pool party because he was just wearing his trunks and sandals and had a towel draped around his neck. I couldn’t help but stare at his sculptured chest and abs. He was carrying a plastic bag in his hand as he began now to ring the bell. He even went out of his way to even bring something as we had suggested.

Jamie opened up the window to her room and leaned out of the window. “Sorry newbie, we had to cancel the party. No one wanted to show up once they heard you were invited. Go back to where you came.”

I don’t know how Kyle reacted. I heard the words Jamie said and thought it was beyond cruel, adding to insult. I ran down the steps and out her front door to run over to my house. Kyle was sitting on my stoop looking heartbroken.

“Listen, I’m sorry. Jamie sometimes takes things too far.”

“Can I at least use your phone to call for a pickup. Can’t wait to explain to my brother why I’m leaving two minutes after I got here.”

I opened up my front door and held it open for him. “Listen I’m really sorry,” I said as he reached for the phone. “You don’t have to go home. I don’t mean the things Jamie said, she doesn’t even mean them. She just likes to play jokes. This one went too far. Just don’t call home. You can stay and we can have our own little pool party if you wanted.”

“I didn’t get an answer at home. I’ll have to stay a little bit. Are you sure I’m welcome?”

“Of course,” I said. He had taken his towel off when he made the phone call and now I had an unobstructed view of his chiseled body. So attractive, so cute. How was this joke supposed to be funny? Now I wanted him to stay for more reasons than to just save his feelings. I think my eyes lingered too long on his chest. He probably noticed but at least he agreed that he would stay.

“And I felt stupid because I didn’t have a food dish to bring to the big party,” Kyle said breaking my stare.

“What’s in the eskort gaziantep bag then?”

Kyle pulled out a large package of licorice. I let out a loud snort of a laugh as I failed to hold it back. Kyle blushed at my laugh and gave back a smile of is own. “That’s quite a sexy laugh.”


“Yeah, sexy, about as appealing to the ears as nails scratching on a chalkboard, but very sexy.”

I let out a full laugh now. “Sexy huh, can a laugh be so sexy that its even arousing?”


“Is it having an effect on you?” I asked as I looked at the crotch of his swim trunks. Kyle blushed again and the thought of me looking at his crotch made him grow so that his bulge was visible to me. Kyle tried to cover it up by asking if I wanted some licorice as he tossed the end of a strand into his mouth.

“Id actually love a piece. I love the taste,” I said as I walked over to Kyle. I took the other end of the licorice in my mouth and ate my way to his lips. I gave him a deep kiss, closing my eyes and pressing my body onto him allowing me to feel his dick on my crotch and my tits brush up on his chest. “Tastes good, what do you call it?”

“Licorice” he said with a puzzled look.

“Oh, I thought this was the piece of licorice you were offering me,” I whispered into his ear as I grabbed his pant bulge in my hand and began rubbing. I could feel it itching as it grew larger in my grasp. Kyle didn’t respond but with a grunt. His dick needed to emerge from the netting of his trunks. I knelt down and pulled off his trunks and saw that his blood flow would have been constricted in those shorts. He was about 6 inches long and as I took his shaft in my hand, it grew to its hardest point at about eight inches. I tried to wrap my hands around his shaft, but my fingers and thumb would never meet around his thick shaft. Amazingly though my mouth was able to wrap around his manhood. I took in the first three inches of his cock and used both my hands to jerk him off. I kept twisting my hands and twirling my tongue around to get him to come quickly so I could taste his sweet jizz. I took a hand off his shat to grab his sack. I started rubbing each testicle between my fingers. This fondling of his balls made him grab my hair and push me deeper on to his cock. I gagged but continued to deep throat his cock. With a few more jerks of his cock, Kyle began to buck and he shot load after load of his hot sticky come down my throat. As more cum dripped out of his tip I licked it up and swallowed it all. I ran my tongue down the length of his shaft a few times to make sure I collected everything.

Kyle pulled on my hair to lift me up. He lifted off my shirt and undid my bra, letting it fall to the floor. He cupped both my tits in his hands and gave my neck soft wet kisses. He worked his way to my tits and began sucking at my tits. He lifted away his head and pinched both my nipples, twisting them till they were hard. Kyle took his towel that was on the kitchen counter and unfolded it. He laid it out on the counter and picked me up and sat me on the counter. He then shifted my weight from cheek to cheek to yank my shorts and panties off and slid them down my legs. He gave another quick suckle gaziantep eskort bayan on my tits then pushed me on my back, lifted my legs up on the counter at waist level and leaned over to run kisses on my hips, up and down my legs, teasing me before his kisses landed on the lips of my quivering pussy. I was so wet he probably could taste me with the first kiss.

He sure got a taste as he traced his tongue up my slit to my clit. He continued to probe my slit until his tongue probed into my pussy. He twirled his tongue in. He got a few inches deep with his tongue, which shocked me at how deep he got, and he flicked his tongue along the walls of my pussy. He continued his probing with his tongue. His hands spread my legs wider to thrust his tongue deeper and his nails scraped gently up my legs, which were now hovering in the air as his head was in my lap. One of his thumbs found my clit and he started to pinch it. That was enough for my toes to curl and I came all over his tongue as it burrowed inside me.

Kyle drank up my juices and pulled out to lick a path over my clit, up my waist, through my bellybutton up to my cleavage. He stopped there. I could feel the trail my juices left up to my tits. He pinched one nipple while dragging the other nipple into his mouth. He nibbled on them with his lips while flicking the nipple with his tongue. Damn that made me hot. I pulled his head up so I could kiss him. Our tongues danced as his tongue soaked with my pussy juices twirled around my own.

Kyle then pulled me to the edge of the counter. “Are you ready for my fat cock?”

“Fuck yes!”

Kyle pulled my legs wide and slapped his cock on my clit. That sent me crazy.

“Put it in. Fill me up. Fuck me hard Kyle.”

He didn’t disappoint. He stuck his dick in slowly. My vaginal walls were stretched to the limit accommodating his fat cock. He started to rock it in back and forth slowly as he leaned over and began teasing my nipples again.

“Fuck me harder, faster”

Kyle began slamming his cock in deep, I could feel his dick slamming as far as it could up against my cervix. I couldn’t hold out anymore. I slapped his ass in a futile attempt to push him further in me. We both came at the same time. My pussy clenched tighter around his dick as I came and that forced him to shoot another full load in my pussy. It felt so good to feel him jizz up inside me.

“Your turn to ride the counter,” I said, letting Kyle take a seat on the counter, I climbed up and had my back face his chest as I slid my pussy over his monstrous pole that was still saluting in full force. It felt good to have his cock stretching me to my limit again. Kyle began kissing my neck and back as he reached around to grab and toy with my tits. My nipples were super sensitive now. I was close to coming again as I was controlling the pace riding his cock, when Jamie walked in from the back door.

“What the fuck Jess, You locked the front door I had to go back to my house and search for a spare.” She let out before she saw the scene before her. “Christ, is this how we apologize?” she asked as she came over and was mesmerized by the huge cock impaling my pussy. “Fuck Kyle, if that’s the form you want your gaziantep eskort apology, it works for me.” I continued my thrusts on Kyle’s cock. Kyle leaned back to brace himself, freeing up my tits. They weren’t free for long as Jamie took them into her hands. Her hands were cold being outside trying to find a way to get in. As her cold fingers touched my nipples I came again over Kyle’s dick sloshing my juices all over.

Kyle and I got off the counter and we quickly got Jamie undressed. Kyle took care of her top playing with her tits, getting her nipples erect, quickly getting her caught up on lost time, while I yanked off her shorts and was already tongue deep in her pussy. She was already soaked just watching our show and I loved the way she tasted. It was my first time tasting another woman’s pussy but I couldn’t help eating her out she tasted so sweet.

Kyle decided we should move to the living room. He laid Jamie over an arm of the couch, so that once again the pussy was level with his cock. He slapped her clit in the same manner he did with me and shoved his cock into hers. Jamie gave out a gasp as her pussy realized how huge Kyle was. I began to give Jamie’s tits some tender kisses before sucking and flicking her nipples with my tongue. My hand found its way to her clit to tease her clit as well. Jamie didn’t like me handling her in this way and got back at me by running her hand down my back. She gave my ass a slap and then slid her hand around to rub my mound. She inserted two fingers into my puss. Jamie was fingering me, I was sucking her tits and flicking her clit and Kyle was filling Jamie’s pussy to the limit with his cock. Finally, Jamie starting to moan out loud and came. Soon after Kyle and I came again.

I decided to take some charge. After tasting Jamie I wanted her to taste me. I laid on the couch with my head on the armrest and my pussy open wide waiting for Jamie. Jamie leaned over me and stuck her butt in the air. Kyle aimed up his dick at her pussy.

“No” I shouted. Fuck her in the ass. I’ll fuck her pussy. I was going to love the site. I had Jamie’s pussy hovering over my face, her face was already buried in my cunt and I was sucking on Kyle’s cock to lube it for Jamie’s ass. I watched as Kyle pushed against Jamie’s asshole. Jamie lifted her head and gave out a yelp, then as the cock settled in and began moving in and out poking in and out of her hole, her grunts turned to moans of pleasure. Knowing that her ass could now take such a huge piece of meat, I began licking her clit and fingering her cunt with two fingers in the same rhythm as Kyle’s cock.

Jamie slapped my ass as she licked my pussy walls with her tongue. I retaliated by slapping her own ass, putting more pressure on Kyle’s dick which was already feeling squeezed by Jamie’s tight ass. Kyle began fucking Jamie’s ass hard and fast now. I stopped licking her cunt temporarily to slam my fingers into her pussy to follow Kyle’s speed. Then I gave Jamie’s clit a soft but forceful bite and she let out a scream and her knees quivered as she came. Her ass tightened around Kyle and he shot a load up here ass. Watching him come inside her made me continue the domino orgasm effect as I came all over Jamie’s tongue.

We sat there on the couch, Jamie and I on either side of Kyle. We were sliding our tongues up and down his shaft. I think we made him forget about our bad joke. Apology accepted.

“Pool party again same time tomorrow?” I asked playfully

“Ill bring the licorice.” Kyle said as he reached for the phone to call home, using his free hand to move between pussies, fingering away.

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