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My father-in-law told my MIL that he no longer wants to go with her every Friday night. MIL pretends that she was disappointed, but her vagina is getting excited.

One night when my wife & I are on our bed having our regular chat before our body falls asleep.

Didi: Our mom confessed to us three, that it’s been more than 10 years since she had sex. My dad has erectile dysfunction, but he can’t use viagra, his heart is not healthy the risk for a heart attack is high. She doesn’t want to pay a male prostitute or pick up, anybody. So my sisters want me to ask you to have sex with our mom.

Me: What why me, first you want me to have sex with your sisters, now with your mom.

Didi: Because it is obvious that mom wants you, she never treats her other two sons-in-law like you. How many times we caught her kissing you on your lips, rubbing her breast on you, and touching your penis every time she greets you.

Me: You guys have a good imagination.

Didi: When Gerry & Teo are around, she dresses conservatively. But if it’s you she wears her loose Hawaiian muumuu not wearing a bra and she always holds you in your arms and rubs her breast.

Me: Whatever, I am not doing it.

Didi: You have no choice or I will divorce you.

Me: If that’s will make you happy, I will do it.

Then my wife calls her sister Adya, to tell her I will do it. My MIL is so smart, she can manipulate anybody, she always gets what she wants.

My wife wakes me up sucking my penis, I told her to reverse her position so I can lick her vagina. Her vagina smells like freshly baked croissants, I love eating vagina for breakfast.

As I lick her clitoris, her hips slightly move up & down and her lips tighten in my penis, and her mouth freeze for a while, I insert two of my fingers inside her vagina and let them explore to find her sensitive gland.

Her moaning starts to get louder and longer, then:

Didi: I can’t take it anymore, I want your pens inside my vagina, I want to ride you.

She reverses her body and straddles between my legs in a kneeling position and inserts my erect penis inside her vagina.

As she thrust her vagina up & down my penis, I massage her breast and suckling on her nipples.

The thrusting of her vagina up & down my penis intensifies, we both breathing faster, we both know we are having an orgasm soon.

UGHh!!! AHHhhjj!!!! we both let it go, our body gets stiff and shakes for a moment. What a wonderful feeling. We cuddle for a while then we took a shower.

We both take a day off from work. It is Friday, the day they set up for me to have a weekend with their Mom. My MIL wants to spend the weekend in Monterey. My wife hands me a Hawaiian short, her mom wants me to wear them while driving.

When Delia & I left the house her husband is still sleeping. She wants to leave early so we can have a romantic breakfast along the Pacific coast.

When we are already driving on Pacific Coast Highway, she starts rubbing my penis:

Delia: I love this route, reminds me how my husband hates me rubbing his penis while he’s driving. Not like you.

Me: Your daughter always gives me a blow job every time we have a road trip.

Delia: Is she good? Maybe I am an expert giving blow job if only my husband let me do it to him, but he’s boring.

Then she unfastens Beşiktaş Escort my velcro zipper, her hands start stroking my penis, when my penis comes alive, the tip of her tongue starts slowly circling the head of my penis.

When my penis is fully erect and hard, she inserts my penis inside her mouth and she starts sucking my penis, her mouth is gently thrusting up & down the shaft of my penis.

Me: Yes! Mommy sucks my penis, you’re getting better.

Delia: My daughter Bera, gives me a tip on how to do it right and how you want it.

Me: You make the right choice who to get advice, Bera is the best when it comes to giving a blow job. Mommy, I am coming. ugh!!AHhHhhh!!!!!

She swallows it all, everything that comes out of my penis. She licks the shaft of my penis until all the sperm on it are gone.

Delia: I love the taste of sperm, that’s why I don’t feel guilty cheating on my husband, he deprived me of my sexual enjoyment.

You’re a very lucky man, you have the luxury and privileges of having sex with me and all my daughters.

Me: I am humbled and thankful.

Delia: I am hungry, in about 5 miles there is a Mom & Pop restaurant that serves excellent country-style breakfast.

My Mil move and seats beside me and lean her head on my shoulder, she puts my arms around her and put my hands on top of her breast, she wants me to lightly massage it.

Delia: See that road, that’s the road going to the restaurant.

Marta’s Bar & Grill, The parking lot is almost full, cars & motorbikes. At the reception, they told us the waiting time is 30 to 45 minutes or we can seat at the bar but we need to order a drink, we agree we are hungry. The receptionist still wrote Delia’s name on the waiting list and hand us a pager. If there is available just return the pager to the server or bartender

At the bar, there’s a group of four that just leaving their table, Delia went there right away, it is perfect right by the corner and by the window, we can see the ocean. The busboy boy is quick and cleans the table right away.

She orders two Baileys coffee and two cups of regular coffee, we also order food.

That was a good breakfast:

Delia: Don’t go back to the highway yet, take a drive on that road, I just want to see if that souvenir store is still there. It’s only about 3 miles from here.

I comply with her request, it seems like we’re the only car going that way. in about 3 miles on the road.

Delia: See that road on your left, go in there. In about 3/4 mile the store is on the right side.

When we got there what we saw was a torn-down beach house.

Delia: Go park behind I want to see the view.

When I parked, Delia got out of the car and take off her clothes. Then she slides the front passenger seat further back and told me to undressed and take the seat on the front passenger side.

Once I sit down, she grabs my penis and she slowly rubs the head of my pens on her nipple. My penis responded right away, blood flows in the veins of my penis, now it’s alive. She inserts my penis inside her mouth and sucks it.

This is exciting and scary, anyone can just show up, it may be the police patrolling the area. But we both getting more aroused.

Now that my penis is fully erected, She grabs Beylikdüzü Escort my penis and inserts the head of my penis inside her vagina as she slowly sits on my lap, having her back and butt facing me.

Now my whole penis is inside her vagina, She slowly starts trusting her vagina up & down the shaft of my penis at the same time my fingers are rubbing her clitoris.

Her thrusting is getting faster and faster same as our breathing and our moaning is getting louder.

. Then we both reach this phenomenal feeling that is so electrifying. In a moment of silence, it appears our body is in trance.

When we regain our consciousness, we kiss and put on our clothes and drive back on the road.

Delia: Wow! Another check on my list, I have been fantasizing about doing that, but my husband refuses because he was worried to get caught.

Then she lies down sideways and bents her knee, she lay her head on my lap and grabs one of my hands, and place it on top of her breast. She wants me to gently massage it, it helps her fall asleep.

I woke her, we are already entering the Monterey Peninsula. The view is so beautiful.

Delia: Wow! that was a good nap. We are here, beautiful, let’s go to The Lodge at pebble beach, let’s check-in, too early to walk around.

Me: Still early, check-in is at 3 pm.

Delia: Not for rich people like me. You’re so lucky, you made all my daughters pregnant and you have me, and you’re running our company.

Me: I am so grateful.

When we got to The Lodge, this lady greeted my MIL. The hug & kiss.

Delia: Suzy, this is Orly, my boyfriend, Suzy is The Lodge Resort boss.

Me: Nice to meet you, Suzy.

Suzy: Tee time is at 7 am, Delia wants too play early in the morning not too many people playing.

Then Suzy whispers to Delia and they both laugh. The suite room is very elegant, it has a fireplace in the master bedroom and a view of the ocean.

We both took a quick shower and lay down on the bed we want to take a power nap set the time for two hours.

Me: What did Suzy whisper to you, I am curious about it, you both laugh after that.

Delia: She wants to have a threesome or if she can borrow you. She loves Asian’s. We laugh because I said NO! Anyway, turn off the alarm, we are not coming back home until Monday, I want to relax my body, I did not come here for sightseeing, I come here to fuck.

She still sleeping when I woke up, let her sleep, I brew a coffee and drink it on the patio so I can smoke. Then after a while, she hugs me behind my back.

Delia: Beautiful, the smell of the ocean breeze, the sound of the wave makes me horny. I want this fucking penis of yours.

Then she just kneels in front of me and pulls down my boxer shorts and she inserts my penis inside her mouth. She is so eager, licking and sucking my penis like there someone there who wants to share or take it from her.

When my penis is fully erect, she takes out my penis inside her mouth and stands up, she turned around and place her. hand on top of the handrail of the patio fence and bend over butt facing me.

I inserted my penis inside her vagina which’s already wet and moist. My penis goes in right away. I grab her breast and I slowly thrust in and out of her vagina.

Delia: Beyoğlu Escort Shit! I am so horny, I can’t believe how I love your penis so much, it is so warm and tight inside me. I feel every stroke of your penis shaft.

Me: Mommy, I love the way your big breasts bounce as my penis thrust in and out of your vagina.

Delia: Fuck me, son, don’t stop fucking me. My husband never satisfied me as you do,

I hold her hips and insert my penis as far as it can go in inside her vagina, she is moaning loud.

Delia: Yes! son, go deeper, faster, and harder, fuck my vagina, it’s all yours, Ummmm!!! Yes! I coming, cum with me, FUCK!!! I want your hot & warm sperm inside me, OHHHH!!!

She came, you can see her juice flows down on her legs. I continue thrusting in and out of her vagina, but it’s getting faster & faster.

Me: AHHHJH!!!!’

Delia: Yes! son, fill up your Mommy’s vagina. Shit! your sperm feels hot inside my vagina.

Then she pulls out my penis inside her vagina and she stands up and turns around to face me, kneels in front of me, and inserts my penis inside my mouth.

Me: Yes! Mommy, suck it all, swallow every drop of my sperm.

Delia: That’s was good. I can’t believe this, can’t get enough of you.

We sit on the patio chair and smoke and relax, she gets up and hands me the menu from the resort restaurant bar & grill. One of the best in the area. Then she went to take shower. I followed her, we clean ourselves and put on our bathrobes.

We went back on the patio, I brought two glasses & a bottle of cognac, my cigar, cigarette & weeds.

Delia: Suzy send me a text, she’s inviting us for dinner at her place. I told her next time. She still trying her luck.

Me: I want a steak, salad & roasted duck for an appetizer.

Delia: I want crabs & lobster, salad & a dozen fresh oysters.

Me: You don’t need an aphrodisiac, you’re a natural horny woman.

Delia: Fuck you! You’re the only one I fuck besides my husband, hi!hi!hi! I just masturbate a lot. I guess that’s counts for me being a natural horny woman.

She ordered our food, then we toss our glasses and light up a cigarette. The patio has a dining set and two chaise lounge chairs with a round coffee table in between.

I sit down on the chaise lounge chair and she separates my legs, then she sits in between and leaned her back on top of my chest, she grabs my hands and inserts them inside her bathrobe, and place them on top of her breast.

Delia: I loved my partner’s hands on my breast make me more relaxed, my husband doesn’t like it anymore, he says we are too old for that.

Me: Do you think your husband doesn’t know that we are fucking.

Delia: I don’t care, what he’s going to do, I am the reason why we are rich. All my investments are successful. The money he used to build the company your running right now is mine. Why do you think I am the chairman of the board and he used to be the president of the company now it’s you. I am a rich bitch.

Me: Your not a bitch, you’re very sweet, loving, generous, beautiful inside & out, Also almost everyone who knows your daughters wish you’re their Mom.

We heard a knock on the door, I stand up, the person behind the door is shouting “Sir/Mam, room service”, open the door and Delia hand her good amount. The guy is smiling, he showed his name tag, Dan, just ask for me for all your needs I am not getting off until midnight, I am working the whole weekend 8 am to 12 noon, then 4 pm till midnight. Then he says thank you too many times before he left.

My MIL & I had an excellent short getaway, we fuck our brains out for 3 days and 3 nights.

to be continued…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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