Wife’s Best Friend and Her Cousin

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Friend’s Cousin

(Rainy Season 1985)

As told to me by my wife. She and her best friend were high school seniors in northeast Thailand at the time and for purposes of this story I will say that her and her best friend were already 18 years old. In her words:

My best friend, Guy, picked me up with her yellow scooter on the weekend near the beginning of our senior year of high school to go see her cousin. She told me that we might have a little fun. That was worth giggling about because we had had some fun with guys before. It also made me a little wet while riding on the back of her mom’s scooter. Her cousin was her father’s sister’s son and was a good-looking young teacher in the nearby village of Ban Pang.

When we arrived at the teacher housing near the village school he was surprised to see us even though we had met him at a family gathering the week before and had been invited to visit. He showed us to the living room that was in the cement part of the house. The bedrooms were in the wooden up-stairs part of the house.

His roommate was pretty much the same age as her cousin, around 27 or 28. I had never met him before, but we started chatting in the living Demetevler Escort room and then in the kitchen, just general talk. When we went back to the living room Guy and her cousin had already gone upstairs and it had started raining hard outside. I asked him something like,

“Do you want to go up and see what they are doing?”

I think he was a little shy, but he wanted to go. When we got upstairs we saw them in one of the bedrooms on the bed and making out. I asked Guy and her cousin if it would be OK for us to lay beside them. They were OK with it, just nodded and went back to making out. Just as we were sitting down on the bed, Guy’s cousin stood up, pulled his pants and underwear off and Guy, laying on the bed, arched her back and stripped at the same time. The roommate and I saw her bushy pussy and her cousin’s fully erect six-inch dick at the same time. We stared as he held her legs up, got on top of her with her legs locked in front of his arms and then made his dick disappear into her pussy.

He just started pumping away. I turned my attention back to the roommate and guided him to lie down on his back. Otele Gelen Escort I started to undue his pants and then he took over and pulled them down himself. It was getting late in the evening and was a little dark because of the rain storm so I did not get a good look at his dick, but I didn’t care because I just wanted to get a dick in my pussy. I quickly stripped my pants and panties off and climbed on top of him while pulling my shirt up to expose my tits like Guy had done right next to us.

His dick was so hard and my pussy was so wet that I did not even have to touch it. I just sat astride him and when I felt it was in the right place I sat down and his whole dick just slid right up in my pussy. It felt so good and I had been looking forward to a good fuck so I just started bouncing up and down on his dick. While I was riding I looked over at Guy as she was being fucked by her first cousin and saw her boobs were bouncing around. Without really thinking I took the roommate’s left hand and placed it on my friend’s tit just for the fun of it. I guess that was a mistake.

All the sudden he pulled his hand away Balgat Escort and sat up and pushed me off. He had an angry expression so I said nothing as he pulled his pants back on and went back down stairs. I was so disappointed and so was my dripping wet pussy. I got dressed. Looking back on it, it was probably a good thing because we were not even using condoms.

Guy and her cousin were still going and not paying any attention so I went downstairs and sat in the living room with the roommate who was already sitting on the other side looking at a book. He just ignored me and we didn’t speak.

When Guy and her cousin were done they came down stairs and we made some noodles to eat. It was getting late so we spent the night. Guy and I took one of the bedrooms with just the two of us and I told her what had happened. She wasn’t worried about it at all. She said it was like no big deal and I would have better luck next time. We just slept and the next morning we made some breakfast and then rode back home. It was just one interesting night for a couple of horny high school girls. We didn’t visit them again, but we did go visiting others.

After my wife told that story above we had a very good, but short sex session. She said she remembered it pretty good because the rejection was a traumatic event for her. She has some other really good stories from her high school days and a few years after just before we were married. I will try to get some of them typed up to share if people like them — I love hearing her stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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