Wild Child Ch. 03

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The beads of sweat rolling between the crests of her flesh were strangely appealing.

Faye laughed as she arched her back, feeling the pleasurable pull of a mouth on her nipple as she rolled with him and landed on her back.

She looked up at the lightly-tattooed man above her. He was of average height, but charming as hell and seemed to know what he was doing. What was his name again?

“Luke,” he said, raising himself on his lips with a smile and pressing his hips into hers.

“Luke, huh?” Faye murmured, smiling coyly. She traced his skin with her finger, up his arm and over his clavicle. Looking into his eyes she flexed her hips against his, feeling his length inside her. “I’ll have to remember that.”

Eyes darkening, Luke dropped his head in the hollow of her shoulder and surged forward within her. Faye gasped slightly and clutched at his arms, feeling him press deep inside her, hard and full in the deep ache between her legs.

This was good. The mindless fucking was just what she needed. Something to get her mind off that uptight prick.

Faye frowned. Luke felt her sudden stilling and stopped. He looked down at her, panting slightly.

“What’s wrong, love,” he said.

“Oh nothing,” Faye flashed a smile at him. She pulled his head nearer to her and whispered in his ear, “Make me forget,”

Luke tilted Faye’s legs up and hooked them over his shoulder. Giving her a roguish grin he took his hard length in his hand and slipped it over her wet clit.

“That I can do.”

Sliding his slick cock into her welcoming entrance, Luke pumped harder and harder, and the rising pleasure had Faye falling into the sweet oblivion of orgasm.


“Have you spoken to him at least?” Steph asked, slipping a tray of chocolate chip cookies into the oven and setting the temperature.

Faye scoffed from where she lay on the sofa, a bag of chips in her lap, idly channel-surfing.

“About what? How he rejected me? In my face?” She popped a chip in her mouth and crunched it viciously. “Or how he hasn’t contacted me at all?”

Steph sighed and slipped off the oven mittens she had on. She poured some water in Faye’s glass and handed it to her.

“Well. You never know what he’s going through.. or what he’s been through,”

Faye stared stonily at the screen.

“What about the guy you left with last night. What’s his name?” Steph drew a chip from the bag.

“Luke. Oh he was okay. A bit miffed when I left him in the morning.” Faye thought for a bit. “A lot miffed, actually. Said something about..how nobody ever does this to him.” She shrugged.

Steph frowned. “That sounds..worrying.”

“Oh don’t worry about it I’m sure he’s gotten over it. Hey you’re free tomorrow aren’t you. Let’s go clubbing.”

“Again? I was really wasted the last time.” Steph pursed her lips.

“Yes but that was Your fault not mine. Come on, Steph,” Faye nudged her in the ribs.

“All right all right,” she laughed.


The flashing lights and throbbing beat were as familiar to Faye as the pump of blood in her veins. She pulled Steph onto the dance floor, laughing as she went.

A tight dress made of gauzy fabric clung to her body as she danced, and short curls were pinned back from her face. The familiar buzz of alcohol was in her limbs and the faceless people milled around her, bursa eskort bayan stripping her of everything but the thump, thump, thump of now.

“Hey,” Steph called, tugging on her arm.

“What??” Faye yelled.

“Isn’t that Tristan?” Steph pointed at a tall figure in the corner.

Faye’s eyes went cold as she looked at him. He stood quietly dashing in his work clothes as usual. He met her gaze and she looked away.

“So.” She turned her back to him and kept dancing.

It was early in the morning when Faye stumbled out of the club. Steph was not far behind, in even worse shape than her.

“You always said – never gonna get wasted, Faye,” Steph mumbled, clutching onto her friend’s arm and giggling. “But why.. do I always end up like this,”

Faye looked at her and started to laugh. She laughed till her knees went weak and she buckled against the wall.

“Get lost, redhead,” a deep voice sounded from the shadows.

Steph looked up in confusion as a tattooed man emerged from the side and took Faye by the arm.


She watched, groggy and helpless as her best friend was pulled into an alley by the stranger.

“What do you want,” Faye grumbled. She squinted at her accoster’s face. “Luke??”

He held her by her wrists and looked at her.

“Why’d you leave me like that, huh, love?” He lowered his head to her neck and kissed it. “I told you nobody leaves Luke.”

Faye frowned and pushed at his head.

“I don’t stay for anybody, Luke,” she drawled. “Nobody I ever wanted stayed for me so I don’t stay for nobody,”

Luke furrowed his brow. “I want you. I’m staying for you.”

Faye snorted. “But I don’t want you! I want the.. the tall guy. Whatshisname,”

Anger flashed in Luke’s eyes. He pressed her against the grimy wall and tugged strongly at her dress. It ripped along the seams, halfway up her thighs.

“Fuck! This dress is expensive!” Faye hissed.

Luke ignored her and palmed her thigh. She struggled against him but he was stronger. He leaned down and bit her shoulder where it met her neck. Pleasure-pain shot through Faye’s skin. She arched against him.

“Let me go, you lout,” she growled.

He pressed his hand into the softness between her legs. She was wearing lace, and he could feel the ridges of her flesh through the fabric.

“Luke I said let go!” Faye struggled against him.

“The lady said let go.” A quiet voice echoed in the dark alley.

Luke looked up and was met with a glancing blow that had his neck swung back.

Tristan held Faye by her arm.

“Let’s go.”

Faye frowned at him. “Where have you been, you stupid pig.”

Tristan bustled her into his car where Steph waited anxiously.

They left Luke in the alley, nursing his chin.


“What were you thinking, getting drunk and almost getting raped by some deadbeat,” Tristan muttered, stirring the cup of cocoa on his tray.

Faye and Steph lay sprawled on his sofa. Kitty sniffed at their legs.

“She wasn’t thinkin that’s what,” Steph said in a garbled voice.

Tristan handed them each a mug of cocoa.

“Drink this and then it’s off to bed,” he said sternly.

They sipped their cocoa in grumpy silence.

When they were done Tristan showed Steph to the guest room, where she fell on the bed immediately.

He took Faye’s bursa merkez escort hand and she slumped against him.

“Can’t you walk properly,” he murmured.

He led her to his room and laid her on one side of his bed. When he turned to leave the room she held on to his arm.

“Don’t go,” she mumbled. Tristan looked at her. “Why’d you leave me,”

Faye buried her face in his arm and started to weep.

“I loved you but you left me for some slut,”

Tristan looked down at her. Her hair was mussed, some of her pins were sticking out of her head. He reached down and slid them out, laying them on the dresser. Her tears were wetting his skin.

“Hush,” he said, leaning over her.

Faye tugged at his shirt and he stumbled, landing on top of her.

She looked up at him with clear eyes.

“Stay with me,” she whispered.

Tristan stilled for a long moment. He watched her face, tired but soft, and his gaze caught on her lips. Slowly he leaned down and their lips met.

Faye made a little sound in her throat and her arms encircled Tristan’s body. He leaned into her, reaching up to cup her face with his hands. She kissed him slowly and he relished the sweep of her tongue against his. They kissed leisurely, a slow meeting of tongues and desire.

Faye tugged at Tristan’s shirt. He hesitated and guardedness came into Faye’s eyes. He saw it and stopped for a while. Then, smiling slightly he stood up and slid his shirt over his head.

Faye watched as he did, heat rising in her body. His body was leanly muscled and his arms flexed as he slipped the shirt over and off his torso. Leaning back in he raised himself over her and tucked a curl behind her ears.

“Hey you,” he whispered. Faye smiled up at him. She pulled him close to kiss him again – how could his kisses be so sweet?

Tristan pressed his lips into Faye’s. Slow, drugging kisses. He moved his lips to the side of her mouth and kissed down her chin, to the skin of her neck. Faye turned and breathed harder as he did. She felt his wet mouth moving down her neck and brushing the tops of her breasts. She eased the fabric of her dress down and looked at him with heated eyes.

Her breasts were perfect. Already her nipples were tight and pebbled against her fair skin. Tristan swallowed.

“Get this dress off me,” Faye whispered.

Tristan obeyed, pulling the fabric down past her shoulders and off her feet. She lay before him in a pair of dark lace panties. He felt his cock rising in his pants.

Faye tugged at Tristan and he fell against her. She could feel him hard against her.

“I want you,” she whispered in his ear. Tristan shuddered against her and pressed his hips reflexively against her. “Hurry, I want to feel you inside me,” she urged.

Tristan undid his pants and slipped them off. He caught Faye’s gaze on the juncture of his thighs. There was a hungry look in her eyes that he felt in his bones. He eased his briefs off, feeling a tinge of embarrassment.

“Oh are you blushing?” Faye teased as Tristan straddled her. She brushed the light red in his cheeks and laughed. He reached down and felt her through her panties and her laugh was cut short. His cock was hard and warm against her palm when she reached down and grasped him. Shuddering, Tristan bucked involuntarily in her grip.

“Fuck me,” Faye breathed bursa sınırsız escort bayan harshly in his ear.

Ripping her panties off, Tristan eased himself between her legs and spread her thighs. He watched her as he took himself in hand and rubbed the plump head of his cock over her moist flesh. Faye returned his look with a drugged gaze, flexing her hips against him.

“I will,” Tristan answered, holding Faye close and entering her in one smooth stroke.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped at the pleasure. He slid out of her and stroked back in again. The delicious friction had her arching against him, meeting his thrusts.

“You feel so good,” Tristan whispered in her ear, enveloping her in his arms and spreading her pussy lips with his thick length. She shivered in response and bit him on the shoulder.

Kitty sat on the floor and licked her paws as the two humans moved on the bed.

“Kitty, go away,” Tristan muttered, waving his hand at his pug, his cock still lodged in Faye’s tightness. Faye laughed. Kitty grunted and tottered out of the room.

“Now where were we,”

Faye grinned and flipped Tristan on his back. She felt him deep within her and folded her knees under her, leaning up to impale herself back on him. He groaned low in his throat and she relished the pained-pleasure expressions on his face.

“You don’t know how much I’ve wanted this,” Faye said in a low voice, riding him slowly. He looked at her, feeling her taut channel clasping him up and down. “I’ve wanted this too,” he said quietly.

Faye stilled.

“Why didn’t you look for me,” she asked.

“I didn’t want it to be a one-time thing. I knew you would leave.” Tristan answered.

Faye studied his face.

“Why are you doing this now, then.” She said.

Tristan shrugged slowly. He reached for her.

“Maybe because I want to try and make you stay this time,” he turned her so that her butt faced him and he spread her legs, watching as he eased his cock into her pussy. He flexed his hips against her and she moaned loudly.

Tristan reached down and felt between Faye’s legs. He found her clitoris, swollen and slick with her juices and rubbed it as he pumped strongly into her. Her mouth fell open as the sensations overwhelmed her and her knees went weak beneath her.


“I know,” Tristan answered, sucking the lobe of her ear into his mouth as he thrust harder into her and kept stroking her clit.

Faye gasped as the first of the shudders overtook her. She came in a series of convulsions and he kept thrusting into her. His thrusts became less controlled and a strangled groan escaped his throat as he shuddered against her.

He pressed his face against the side of Faye’s and he withdrew from her slowly.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m on the pill,” Faye offered. Tristan smiled tiredly down at her.

“You should get some sleep,” he said, lying beside her. She smiled softly as she felt his body snug against hers, and his arm draped over her.


Morning came with a throbbing headache. Faye blinked her eyes slowly. Steph tottered into the room.

“What happened? I’m late for work!” She squeaked.

Everything came back to her and Faye lay on the bed and laughed.

“Wash up. I’ll drive you.” Tristan appeared in the doorway. He looked at Faye and she blushed. Steph looked from her to him.

“Am I missing something here?” She said, half-delirious. Faye got up and pulled her to the bathroom.

“Come on you need to get to work.”

As she passed Tristan Faye brushed her body against his and he smiled slightly at her. She glanced back at him and returned his smile.

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