Wild Oats – The Painters

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My landlord left a note on the door that the outside of the house would be painted, but I had forgotten the date and was surprised when I saw the men getting their equipment ready as I left for work on Thursday morning.

When I got home from work, I saw one truck, but no painter as I entered through the front door. I shifted into my normal daily pattern and began stripping off my work clothes before jumping into the shower. I was standing in front of the dresser in my bra and panties when I saw in the mirror that one of the guys was painting the outside trim of my bedroom window.

I quickly decided that I would continue as if he were not there. I did not know him and would never see him again after he finished the house.

I reached behind me to unfasten my bra and dropped it on the dresser releasing my natural, proud DD’s. I then skinned out of my panties and casually walked out the door on my way to the bathroom shower in the hall.

In the shower I shaved my legs and arm pits and groomed my pubes. I have always maintained hair there, but I like it relatively short and trimmed so it does not show when I wear my bikini. In the shower I spent a little extra time on my pussy because it feels good and I have not had a man in there since last weekend.

Still nude, I dry myself as I walk back to the bedroom. A glance at the mirror confirms that the painter is still outside my window. I pull a thin T-shirt out of my drawer and slip it on. It falls just below my ass, but I know that everything below will show if I reach up for anything or if I bend over.

I grabbed an iced tea from the refrigerator and retired to an easy chair on the front porch.

The guys, in their 30’s, about 6′ tall and fit, were cleaning cinsel bilgiler their tools and loading their ladders. They came over to the porch to let me know they were finished for today, but would be back tomorrow to finish the job.

I offered them a beer and they sat on the porch steps while I went inside for it. I know they got a shot of naked pussy when I got up, but played innocent.

They were wearing white painter’s shorts and as they were sitting on the steps, I could see up the leg of one guy’s shorts. He was commando and sported a flaccid 6″ meaty cock. I started thinking about how nice it would feel inside me and drifted out of the conversation we were having. They were both married with 2 children and had begun their painting business together right out of high school.

They left when they finished their beer and I went inside to fix something to eat. The whole time I kept thinking about how comfortable that virile cock would feel plumbing my depths.

I did not sleep well that night, thinking of sex. In the morning as I was leaving for work I made it a point to say a few words to each guy and found some excuse to briefly touch each of them before I left.

I thought about them all day and was in a state of arousal when I returned home.

I went through my usual routine, but this time when I glanced in the mirror over my dresser, I saw 2 pair of eyes watching me from the bedroom window. I immediately dropped my bra and panties and sauntered out the door to the shower.

The guys packed up while I was in the shower and were sitting on the porch steps when I came out. Today I had put on a thin, white, short T-shirt without drying off first cinsellik bilgileri and the wetness caused it to be see through in places. I made it a point not to notice.

“Sally, we brought the beer today.”

“That is great. Why don’t you bring it inside and we will sit in the living room.”

We all three sat on the sofa. I was between them and my shirt rode up to my crotch. Of course, I intentionally did not notice that.

As we drank our beer and talked, each guy innocently began stroking one of my thighs. They started on the outside near my knee, but gradually moved higher and to the inside. I had shaved all the way to my crotch so I knew my legs were soft and smooth for them. As they moved to the inside of my upper thighs, I slid down a little on the sofa and moved my legs further apart. My shirt naturally slid up and my pussy was fully exposed.

I moaned when a finger began stroking my pussy and spread my legs even further. One of the guys continued pleasuring my pussy while the other guy slid his hand inside my shirt, across my flat stomach, and began tracing the areola of my breast with a finger. My nipples popped up like small corks. The breast guy kissed me.

Our lips melted together and our tongues found a companion.

I reached through a leg opening on a pair of shorts and found a commando cock. I began stroking and squeezing as it came to life.

I raised my arms and the breast man pulled my shirt over my head and off. He began exploring my breasts with his fingers, mouth and tongue.

The pussy guy was now on the floor between my legs with his face buried. My legs were on his shoulders and I was fully open to him.

He raised cinsel bilgi up long enough to kiss me with my love juice on his face, pull off his shirt, drop his shorts, and tease my pussy by rubbing his cock up and down my slit. He was coating his cock with my love honey. When he paused with the head of his penis at my vaginal opening, I reached down and guided him in.

The breast guy now stands to shed his clothing and offers me his hard cock for my mouth. I begin giving him the best head I can while being fucked slowly in my love hole.

As if on cue, the guys trade places and I have a different cock in my pussy and one dripping with my love secretions in my mouth.

I am in rhythm with the new pussy guy and he begins to thrust harder and faster. At the same time he begins fingering my ass. I have an orgasm. He strokes right through it. I feel like I have opened up even more down there and then they switch places again.

This time I am riding on top and my breasts are bouncing wildly. He pulls me down, squishes my breasts to his chest, and I feel another cock pushing on my rosebud. I try my best to relax and let it happen. I am feeling so much pleasure and fullness in my vagina that I do not think much about my ass and then here it comes. He works his way in slowly so as to not hurt me and then he is fully inserted. I have a cock in my pussy and a cock in my ass and we are all moving together in a dance of love.

They both start moving faster. I can hear the squish of our fluids inside me and the slap of flesh meeting flesh. Harder, faster, harder, faster.

“Yes! Yes! FUCK ME!”

I do not know who came first, but we each triggered our climaxes and I was in the middle. I was flooded in both my ass and my pussy as they both emptied their balls into me,

We all lay joined together for a long time. It felt so good to have them both inside me at the same time. Gradually we pulled apart. We showered together and the guys headed home. I went to bed sexually satisfied.

They knew I was Sally, but I never did get their names.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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