Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 18

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Late December 1983 – Val’s Miscarriage

Val noticed the spotting following her usual Thursday tennis game with Bernie.

“Jesus Christ, Bernie, I… I… I’m bleeding!”

“What?” Bernie replied, obviously concerned, but not wanting to alarm her friend. “Maybe it’s your period.”

“I’m pregnant, Bernie. I don’t get a period, and I shouldn’t be spotting.”

“What’s the number of your doctor, I’ll call him. We’ll head on over there.”

Val gave Bernie the number; she called the doctor and explained the situation. He told her that early bleeding is very common and does not always mean that a miscarriage is occurring. But to be safe to get Valerie to the emergency room at the local hospital and he would meet them there.

What he did not impart to Bernie was that sadly, emergency room doctors can almost never stop a miscarriage that’s in progress — particularly in the first trimester. For by the time vaginal bleeding or other miscarriage symptoms appear, the developing baby has usually already passed away. Either way, the doctor wanted to confirm that Val’s life was not in danger from hemorrhaging, or that an ectopic pregnancy threatening rupture did not occur.

The doctor stressed to Bernie that it was important to tell Val the trip to the emergency room was only necessary because that’s where the doctor was at the time. Normally, he would have had her come to his office, but he was on call at the hospital that morning.

Bernie related this information to Val, but she seemed unable to absorb it coherently. Bernie knew enough about pregnancies to sense Val was showing symptoms of shock. She hurried Val into her car and drove directly to the hospital, which was only six miles away. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Val’s doctor confirmed that she was undergoing a miscarriage.

There’s no treatment for an otherwise uncomplicated early miscarriage other than offering a D&C, which he performed since Val was in her late first trimester and to make certain the miscarriage occurred without any retained tissue.

Joe arrived soon after being notified, along with Val’s parents. Val went home with her parents, and remained with them for three days, until she felt well enough to return to the apartment she and Joe now shared.

On the fourth morning, Joe wakened with his usual morning erection and rolled over to look at Val, who was sleeping next to him. He was admiring her beauty when she moaned, and rolled over on her back and spread her legs apart.

Does she want to have sex? He wondered, as he let his right hand lightly drop to her breast and caressed it.

She moaned again, and he toyed with the nipple. Eventually, he lowered his mouth to that same bud, now stiffened and pliant; bathing it with his tongue.

Val moaned again, and raised a hand to draw his head tighter to her breast. Joe had no idea if she were awake or still sleeping, but let a hand drop down to cover her panty-covered mons. When she didn’t stir, he began a slow, circumspective navigation of her clitoris with his thumb, not quite touching it, but stimulating it until it began to grow under his tutelage.

“Joe….” She murmured. “I don’t know….”

“What Val?”

“I… don’t… know….”

“You mean if we can resume sex?”


“Would you like to?”


“Well, I’m not going to push it right now, but if you’d like, I’ll go down on you, that certainly won’t damage anything and you’ll feel good.”

“Okay….” she said dreamily, and kicked the remaining cover away. A moment later she pulled her legs up to her chest as Joe slid down between her legs and kissed her moistened cunt lips.

“Oh, God, Joe, please wake me every day of my life like this. If you do I will be your slave forever.”

“I thought maybe you were going to sleep through it all.”

“No fucking way, Joe… Oh shit… Joe, please make me cum with your mouth, I want your tongue in my pussy. He smiled; moved up to kiss her mouth; enjoyed the dancing tongue she sent into careening over his teeth and tongue, then attacked her nipples and her belly button before getting back to business.

A minute later, Val moaned, “If you shift your body around, I’d love to see how much of your monster cock I can swallow this morning.”

Joe laughed and sent his tongue on a long journey that encompassed the puckered rim of her asshole to her clit and back again while she moaned and raised her cunt up to his face.

He stopped briefly, and said, “Thanks for the offer love, but I would rather concentrate on pleasuring you first. Maybe you can return the favor a little later. Right now I plan on making you into a very limp noodle.”

For the next 30 minutes Joe brought her to the brink and back several times before she began to curse him. He laughed at her and brought her to a major orgasm that did leave her about as limp as a wet noodle, but very, very renewed with regard to facing life once more.

Janet’s New Years Eve Escort bayan Adventure

It was December 31, 1983, and the party was in full swing, and Janet, already nearing a drunken stupor, couldn’t find her date. Not knowing where she was, but determined to garner a kiss from him at midnight, she staggered through the double doors into the kitchen. The kitchen had emptied out; all the cooks and dishwashers had gone home since dinner had stopped being served around ten, or so.

“What the fuck?” Howard Moceska said, on seeing the pretty girl come stumbling into the kitchen.

“Huh?” blurted Willie Majewski who was busy helping Howard to clean the kitchen.

Janet promptly forgot about her date and chirped, “Hey, you guys, where’s the champagne?”

“Um, Miss, I’m sure they’re serving it out on the floor. Why not ask one of the waitresses. I’m sure they’ll get you some,” Howard said.

“Fuck them! They keep saying I’ve had too much already.”

“Oh, shit,” Willie said.

“I don’t think I’ve had too much, do you?”

Howard and Willie just looked at each other; the communication between them needed no words.

Ignoring her last question, Howard said, “Um, Champagne? I think we got some back here.”

He turned his back to her and went into the storage room, where he had some booze stashed away for his own purposes. He didn’t know that Janet and Willie were right behind him.

Willie was checking Janet out. She wasn’t a minor, for sure in that she was quite drunk, and the boss wouldn’t tolerate that New Years or not. Unless… she might be somebody important’s daughter, in which case all bets were off. She was a little on the heavy side, but not bad. I’d do her, he decided. Be good to get laid tonight. Start the year off right. Now how do I get her alone?

Howard foraged around in a large cardboard box and came up with a bottle of bubbly. Turning, he was surprised to =see the girl and Willie only four feet away from him.

“Got some!” he exclaimed, and held the bottle up. “This is the last bottle, I’m sure of it,” he told her.

“Oh, good… the last one, huh?”

“Yeah, so what am I gonna get for it? Um, what’s your name?”

“Janet, hey you gonna open it?”

Howard tore off the foil and fiddled with the wire holding the cork in the bottle.

“My name’s Willie, Janet,’ Willie said and got a bright smile from him.

“I’m Janet,” she said, and followed with, “Oops, I already told you that, huh?” and she laughed drunkenly at her wit.

“Well, that leaves me,” Howard said. “I’m Howard.”

“And you have the Champagne! You the man, Howard!”

“And we’ll be only to happy to share it with you,” Howard said generously.

“Oh, I could kiss you!” Janet said and hopped up and down, much as kids do at rock concerts.

“A New Years kiss would be great, Janet,” Willie said.

“Yeah, it would be great!” Howard added a second later, “We’ve been working all night and now we’re stuck cleaning up this messy kitchen. A couple smooches would fix us right up.”

“Guys, I’m only to glad to help you bring in the New Year. Now why don’t you open that Champagne?”

Howard set the still unopened bottle down to take advantage of the situation. He had a big smile on his face as Janet walked into his embrace and kissed him. His hands roamed over her back and butt without her seeming to notice, or care.

Her mouth opened and she sent her tongue into his mouth. This caused him to have an instant erection which he pressed into her and when she moaned appreciatively, his hopes soared.

After swapping tongues for about a minute, she stiffened and pulled away from him, and turned to Willie.

“You got some busy hands, Howie, I thought we were just gonna kiss?”

“I couldn’t help myself Janet, You’ve got such a nice body! Besides, you’re safe back here. What can two horny guys do back here with that crowd outside?”

“Oh, yeah. What bullshit. Anyway, it’s whatshisname’s turn now, what is your name, again?”

“Willie,” Willie said dourly. He was thinking that Howard had fucked everything up.

“Come over here, Willie!” And when he did, Janet threw her arms around him and kissed him open-mouthedly. Willie was already hard from watching her and Howard, and his hand felt her left tit while they swapped spit. The kiss lasted almost twice that of her kiss with Howard, and when it ended, she wiped her mouth with her forearm and croaked, “Now where’s my Champagne?”

Howard dutifully popped the cork and poured her a glass while Willie’s hands gently caressed her ass, knowing she had to hold still while Howard poured.

Raising her glass to us she said “Thanks guy’s, it was nice. I’ll just go back outside where my body is safe from your roaming hands!”

She stepped aside from them and smiled, then left them standing with their mouths open headed out into the banquet hall.

“You stupid fuck!” Howard yelled at Willie.

“What? What did I do? You’re the one she complained Bayan escort about. Mr. Busy Hands!”

The two men argued for three minutes and were on the verge of a fist fight when Janet came storming through the kitchen doors again.

“I need a refill, guys,” she sang happily. She handed Willie her champagne glass and went he picked up the bottle and started to fill her glass, she laughed and grabbed his crotch and his dick.

To his credit he did not drop the bottle, but placed it carefully on the counter and let his eyes meet hers and then looked down at her hand.

“Howard, lemme see what you’ve got,” she giggled.

Howard danced over to her and she took hold of his erection and laughing delightedly, said, “Now I got both of ya by the balls!”

“Um, you got us, but not by the balls,” Willie told her.

“Oh…” Glancing down, she saw that he was right. “So I got you by the wieners then, so what?”

“I think its time for another round of kissing,” Willie suggested.

“Maybe more,” Janet said and laughed so hard she almost fell down.

Howard steered her to a chair in the corner of the kitchen.

“So lemme see what you horndogs got in there!” Janet said while simultaneously squeezing them.

Howard spoke up first. “There’s a bathroom back here Janet, why don’t we go back there?”

She pondered for a bit, then grinned at them devilishly. “How about if we swap the whole bottle for a double blow job?”

That got a resounding double “Hell YES!”

Janet said, “Now here’s the deal, nobody is gonna fuck me. Got it? I’ll scream my head off if anyone even try’s it! You two keep your hands to yourself and let me do the work. I’ve never blown two guys at once and well… Anyway, show me the way!”

The two guys had to help her to the bathroom, but kept their hands confined to what they considered safe areas. Janet sat on the toilet, and Howard and Willie took out their pricks. Janet stared at them, neither one was oversized; Willie’s was about four plus inches in length. Howard’s almost six. Taking a mouthful of champagne, Janet started sucking on Willie first, while taking Howard in her hand and jerking him off.

Poor Howard had never masturbated. Why that was, no one really knew. But he was raring to go, and was coming before Janet had even put her lips on his slobbering tool. She decided to switch off, but didn’t even get her mouth around it before he erupted.

She may have been drunk, but she was a very intelligent young woman, and she reacted to his sudden ejaculation by letting go of Willie’s dick and using that hand to block most of Howard’s spurting seed.

Needless-to-say, both Howard and Janet were disappointed with his quick trigger. Luckily, there was an abundance of paper towels at hand, and his mess was quickly cleaned up and Janet went back to blowing Willie.

“Hey, girl… I’m awful close!” Willie called out. Howard noted that Willie’s voice was much higher than usual, and would kid him unmercifully the following day, mimicking his, “”Hey, girl… I’m awful close!” at every opportunity.

Janet took her mouth off Willie’s prick with a slight popping sound, and holding his throbbing tool away from her face, asked, “Willie, how would you like to come in my mouth?”

“For real? Shit! That’d be great Janet!”

“Okay then, you just calm down a minute, and I’ll start again. If you can last for a while longer, I’ll give you the orgasm of your life! Have you ever had this done to you before Willie?”

“No, Ma’am!”

“A blow job virgin! I’ll give you an extra special one then.”

Willie’s hands went to her head when she took his dick into her waiting mouth. She jerked her head away, and gave him a serious look.

“Here’s a word of advice Hun. Don’t grab a woman’s head while she’s blowing you! It’s degrading. Sorta like fucking her in the mouth instead of her freely giving her mouth to you, understand?”

“Okay, Sorry, I didn’t know!”

“That’s alright, most men don’t know that. Now where was I? Oh, yeah, remember!”

She put her hands on his hips and slowly moved his cock in and out of her mouth. Willie was uncomfortable with the pace she was setting. He wanted to bury his dick to her tonsils and empty his balls into her.

Howard had finally resumed jerking himself off, but he had moved closer to Janet, and was toying with the idea of lifting her dress up so he might see her underpants, or more. He had never seen a real pussy, and that gave him the impetus to gamble that Janet wouldn’t stop everything and leave them in the middle of the blowjobs.

Willie was perplexed. Although this was his first blowjob, he wanted to get off and the slowness of her mouth and tongue on him was maddening. Besides, his pants were now down around his ankles and he wasn’t to sure that his ass didn’t stink to high heaven as he hadn’t washed himself there in a couple days.

She kept stopping, and telling him to do this and that, and then would stop again to take a drink of Champagne. Escort He would later admit that when she did that, the bubbles brought unbelievable sensations to his dick.

Finally, Janet decided to let him come. She had noted Howard’s new erection out of the corner of her eye and was tempted to suck him off to completion as a New Year’s Eve present. Then it crossed her mind that she might not find her date, and that meant that she might not get laid on this auspicious night of nights.

She went to work on Willie, and he was forced to hold onto the sink top for support, for his knees had buckled. He exploded on her tongue, and with his jizm seeping out the corner of her mouth, she sucked up the remainder of his load, and then wiped her face off with the palm of her hand.

Howard offered her a paper napkin, which she thought sweet of him; and then and there decided to let him fuck her on the table out in the kitchen. And if her date should wander in, well fuck him and the horse he rode in on, she told herself.

Janet gave Howard a knowing, wet lipped smile, took another swig from the champagne bottle on the floor beside her, and stood up.

“C’mere, Howie!”


“I said, c’mere, Howie.”

He took a step toward her and Janet grabbed his hardening cock in her right hand. “No more jerking off, baby. Mama’s got something a lot warmer for you.”

“Are you willing to kiss the mouth that sucked Willie’s prick dry?”

The thought disgusted him, but at the same time intrigued him.

“Sure, you want me too.”

When their lips met, and her tongue pierced his closed mouth, Howard tasted a hint of Willie’s semen and had to fight off gagging.

Ending the kiss, Janet took a step back and hiked up the ankle-length dress she was wearing, and then hopped up on the small countertop next to the sink.

“My God, she ain’t wearing no panties!” Howard said to himself.

From the other side of the room he heard Willie exclaim, “Holly shit! I can see it! I can see her pussy!”

“What,” Janet said with a drunken haughtiness, “never seen a twat before? Well here…” and she used her fingers to spread herself open. “Get a gander at this one!”

Both men were rooted to the spot. Willie was suddenly hard again. Howard was beside himself. His cock was jerking up and down, itching to penetrate the pink lips only a foot or so distant, whether Howard wanted to or not.

He wanted too, and made to insert himself in her, but Janet held up her right hand.

“No sir, stop right there. You’re gonna lick some pussy before you fuck it, you hear?”

Howard was willing to do anything to get it in her, and dropped to his knees, saying only, “I ain’t never done it before. Any instructions?”

“Did you like the blowjob?”

“The one you give Willie?”

“Oh, that’s right; I didn’t get to do you. You came kinda quick, didn’t cha?”

He turned red in embarrassment. Janet realized that she had hurt his feeling and grabbed him by the neck and pulled him in to her crotch.

“Lick it some!”

He did.

“Gimme some tongue, Junior!”

He did that too.

“Yeah, you’re getting the hang of it!”

By this point, Janet’s ass was perched on the edge of the counter, as were her feet. She leaned back a bit, supported by her arm behind her, while the other arm reached forward to grab Howard’s head. She gave him several whispered instructions about how she wanted him to lick her, and had him slide a finger into her wetness, and then another into her ass.

Willie was jerking off, the scene before him almost too much for him to bear.
Howard was into it now, thoroughly enjoying the taste and smell of her’

“Gimme another finger!”

He did, but mistakenly sent it into her ass with the other.


Realizing his error, Howard sent another finger into her cunt, and heard Janet whimpering for another.

He inserted a third finger into her and Janet came hard.

Moments later she fell off the counter and was saved from smacking her head on the floor by Howard.

Unfazed by her near accident, she moved onto her hands and knees and told Howard to fuck her from behind.

He moved behind her and she found him and inserted him into her sodden pussy, and told him to pump her full of his jizm.

With Howard fucking her fairly fast, Janet motioned Willie over and t0old him to grab a stool and sit in front of her. He did, and she took him into her mouth and fellated him a second time. This time, with Howard seeming to hit her spot with a certain regularity that had her on the verge of coming again, she played with Willie’s dick, flicking her tongue on the sensitive spot on the underside of his shaft near the head. She slid his cock over her lips and cheeks while she looked up at him with doe-eyed innocence. She licked his balls while stroking the shaft with her hand. She dropped her free hand down between her legs and masturbated while she sucked him.

And Howard kept fucking her. Janet loved the feel of his hard cock slamming against her ass. And his hands squeezing her tits through the top of her dress. She took Willie from her mouth, wriggled her ass, and ordered Howard to get her off, then resumed blowing Willie.

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