Working Away Ch. 03

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Tina returned from the bathroom, to find Steve looking slightly furtive.

“Penny for them?” she asked.

“I was just wondering if you’d be up for trying a couple of ideas — you know, whilst we are here….” Steve replied.

“Really? Such as?”

“Well, I’d love to try………..”

Steve paused half way through his enquiry. He still wasn’t entirely sure of his footing in this sudden sexual situation and thought hard about how to phrase what he wanted.

Tina sensed his uncertainty and sat down on the bed next to him, breasts swinging slightly as she turned towards him.

“What is it you wanted to ask?” she enquired. “You now there’s only one thing I’m fairly sure I don’t want to try! Mind you if I were to try anal with anyone it would be you!”

“I’d really like to take you from behind, if that is ok with you?” Steve blurted. “I know it’s not as close as facing you, but I would love to be able to look at your arse whilst I make love to you!”

Tina chuckled and turned away from him, kneeling on the bed, looking towards the bathroom doorway. She gently spread her thighs, exposing her pussy to his eager eyes, then slowly tipped her hips forward, causing her lips to part wetly, even as he looked.

“Oh my word!” Steve groaned as he looked at her delicate pink pussy. Her outer lips were still red and puffy from their enthusiastic start to the morning and the inner lips gaped open, framing the wrinkled entrance to her vagina. Steve shuffled awkwardly onto his knees, then leant forward to look more closely at the entrancing view before him.

“Tell me what you can see” came the voice from further down the bed. “I want to know why you love looking at my pussy! I’ve never even looked myself, much less explored down there like you!”

Hmmm. Thought Steve — how do you describe your lover’s pussy to them…..

“Well”, he said, not sure of how to start. “I can see your thigh muscles straining a little as you support yourself in this slightly awkward position. Your inner muscles are tense right up to the point where your groin and legs meet. There is hardly any hair along the sides of your pussy lips — they are sparsely covered and quite puffy from where you were riding me.”

There was an indistinct moan from Tina, who wriggled her arse provocatively. It appeared that Steve’s cautiously dirty talk was having some profound effect on his lover.

“From here I can see the little hood of loose skin that carefully protects your clitoris, but because of the way you are made I can’t see your clit — its hidden, unlike when you had my hard cock slipping in and out of you.”

Looking at Tina’s pussy, describing it and seeing Tina’s reaction to what he was saying was definitely having an effect on Steve. His cock was starting to stir as he became more and more aroused by the situation and the bursa escort bayan implications of it.

“I can see the inner lips of your pussy, framing the entrance to your vagina. One lip is slightly longer than the other, and they frame the hole where I was buried to the hilt just now.”

From where he crouched, he could see the shining wet of her innermost entrance. There was a ragged pink ring around the dark hole of her vagina. Steve reached forward and moved Tina’s hips slightly so the bedside light fell more sharply onto the sight before him. Now he could see right inside her pussy.

“Tell me more……. please” came the breathless voice from the foot of the bed.

“OK — I can now see inside your pussy — see the pink folds of flesh inside, shining with your and my juices”

It was true — the inside of Tina’s pussy was soaking, tiny bubbles even showing in the clear juices she was secreting. Steve leant forward and gently traced the shape of the outer lips of her sex, causing Tina to draw a shuddering breath. He ran the tip of his finger along the length of her slit, from the pointed covering over her clit, between her inner lips, over her urethra and slipped it slowly into her — one knuckle, two knuckles deep, the full length of his finger slipping deep into her. He thrust in and out for a few moments, marvelling at the way her muscles gripped on his finger, just as tightly as they had gripped his penis only a few minutes earlier. Steve withdrew his index finger and partnered it with his middle one, licking both and getting a taste of Tina’s pussy as he moistened the two digits and slipped them into her.

Looking down Steve could see his fingers slipping in and out. Tina in turn swung her hips gently back and forth to set the pace of his finger fucking. He could also see the puckered entrance to Tina’s arsehole. This, for some reason, also set Steve’s erection aflame. He knew Tina was definitely NOT up for anal sex, but being able to look at such an intimate part of Tina’s body really turned him on.

Steve shuffled his knees closer to Tina’s raised bottom and removed his fingers from her sex with an audible liquid slurp. He reached down and took hold of his erection, pulling pack his foreskin to reveal the purple head of his cock, still with the traces of their earlier coupling clinging to the ridge at the back of his bell end. He shuffled a little closer, now in the V created by Tina’s calves where she knelt on the bed. Steve pressed forward with his hips and pressed his cock against the wet, hot, rubbery lips of Tina’s cunt, and eased them apart with his thick, hard erection. He rubbed the head of his penis along the length of Tina’s slippery slit, collecting the moisture on himself, and nudging Tina’s clit in the process. She pushed back and he felt his cock pop into the entrance gorukle escort of Tina’s pussy. One steady push later and Steve looked down to see himself buried to the hilt in Tina from behind.

“God you are so tight!” Steve exclaimed

“And you are soooo hard and hot!” Tina replied, easing herself up and down the length of his cock.

Steve looked down and could see the Tina’s inner lips gripping onto his shaft, vanishing as he thrust in and clinging to his flesh as he withdrew to the point where he could see the ridge of his cock head framed by Tina’s labia. He was fascinated by the sight, and told Tina exactly what he could see.

“God that sounds sexy” Tina grunted “What else can you see from there?”

Steve looked own again and noticed that as he thrust into Tina, the dark ring of her anus opened slightly, pink around the edges, before returning to its normal resting state as he withdrew. It was fascinating to see how much Tina’s body did to accommodate him.

Tina moaned again, again squirming a little in reaction to Steve’s dirty talk. “Tell me more…”

Steve gulped hard, and again looked down at Tina’s backside. “Your arse is very tempting — I can see it opening clearly as I push into you and closing again as I pull out. I’d so love to stick my cock in there…”

Tina laughed sexily from further down the bed. “Two problems with that idea — one – I’m not into the idea of anal sex, as you know and two, I think you might be a little large for my virgin arsehole!”

Steve laughed in turn and returned to admiring his work and the erotic view as he relentlessly fucked Tina from behind. She certainly had a point — judging by how far his shaft stretched Tina’s vagina, her arse would have to relax an enormous amount to cope with his girth.

He carried on, gaining speed as his thrusts became more forceful, feeling his balls swinging beneath him and butting up to Tina’s sex lips. His scrotum tightened as he approached his orgasm, his fingers gripping tightly on Tina’s hips as he started to lose the rhythm of his fucking. He grunted “I’m going to come!” and jammed every last millimetre of his cock deep into the hot wet pussy before him. Despite having come so recently, he still managed to shoot what felt like a decent load deep into Tina’s body before slumping over her back, panting with exertion.

Tina slipped to one side and Steve’s body flopped onto the bed beside her, his rapidly deflating cock lay limp on his thigh, still moist from the inner recesses of Tina’s cunt.

Tina crawled up the bed and kissed Steve deeply, pressing her breasts, tipped with bullet hard nipples, against the hair of his chest. She sat up on the bed, facing Steve with her legs crossed under her. Steve glanced up and saw, only a foot from his face, Tina’s fingers playing with bursa merkez escort bayan her pussy as she sat there, the tip of her finger was buried between her lips, rubbing gently against the hood of her clitoris. Judging by the flush of excitement on her chest and shoulders, this would not take long. Tina reached down behind her and found her knickers from the evening before. Steve sat up and started to pay more attention as Tina started to rub herself hard with the material. Steve rolled over onto his stomach, kneeling on the floor with his face only inches from her fragrant snatch.

“Sometimes…. like you, I need a bit more friction to…… get myself there” Tina panted. “Knickers do the… job… just right!”

Steve gently reached out and stroked Tina’s inner thigh, careful not to get in the way of her rubbing hand. He could feel the vibration of her muscles tensing as her orgasm approached. Below the area receiving such direct attention, Steve could see their combined juices leaking from the opening of Tina’s pussy and running towards her anus. Tina’s eyes were now closed as she was right on the edge of coming. Steve gently scooped some of the juice on the tip of his finger and transferred it to his mouth. The taste was a delicious variation on the taste of pure pussy he’d had earlier. Even as he licked his finger Tina clamped her soaking knickers and hand against her pussy and shook with the impact of her orgasm.

“Wow” They were both shocked at the intensity of their arousal, especially after their vigorous night the night before.

“Let’s get in the shower and clean up — we’ve a meeting to go to!” Tina laughed.

They made their way together to the bathroom and climbed into the shower, pulling the cold curtain around them as they did so. It clung briefly to Tina’s back, eliciting a shriek and pushing her closer still to Steve, who grabbed her bum and pulled her against him.

“For two pins, I’d try again” he whispered into Tina’s ear as she wriggled, wet and slippery, against him. The two of them exchanged deep kisses, water cascading over them as they warmed up under the steam. Steve’s hands caressed Tina’s 34B boobs as he soaped her body. Tina leant back under the water and enjoyed his touch for a few moments before standing straight and reaching down for Steve’s cock. It still felt heavy in her hand, but they both knew there wasn’t time for any more fun.

They climbed out of the tub, Steve gallantly drying Tina with the larger of the two towels provided by the hotel. Once she was dry, Tina returned the favour. Both of them were a little subdued — partly from the lack of sleep, partly from the exhaustion of their rampant few hours, but mainly because of the dawning realisation of the enormity of what they had done.

Between them they had nearly 30 years of marriage (admittedly 2 marriages for Steve) and this was the first time either had cheated on their partners. Even when Steve’s first wife had found her surfer dude boyfriend, he’d still been faithful, so this was definitely uncharted territory for them both, and they both knew life would never be quite the same again.

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