Worst Roommate

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After graduating from college, I moved to a new city and managed to live in a house with two of my friends who I knew through school. We saw each other throughout the four years together and knew each other well enough that we figured becoming roommates would be a good fit – which it was. For the most part, we all continued to act like we were in school still – except substitute classes for an actual job. We’d go out a couple times a week, have people over, play beer pong in the summer, and play video games together in the evenings. So overall we were great friends who were living it up in our early 20s.

After a few months one of my roommates, Sean, began seeing and dating a girl named Elise. At first it was just a fling type of thing where we would see her at a bar and she’d come back to the house with Sean every so often. Sometimes they’d plan to meet up beforehand as well. Over time though it became a relationship and we saw Elise a lot more. She’d stay the night and hang out with us during the day. Watch movies or play video games with us as well.

Elise was a very pretty girl – something we’d bring up to Sean quite a bit when she wasn’t around. She was about 5′ 3″ with dark wavy hair, olive skin (Chilean background I believe) and big beautiful eyes. Doe eyes we’d call them. Her eyes were a deep green/brown that I didn’t mind looking into when we were all talking. Although a petite girl overall, she had an amazing apple bottom and surprisingly large breasts for her size – I believe Sean confided that they were C’s.

Despite her stature and ‘doe eyes’, she was a minx, as I like to say. Elise had no problem poking fun at the guys, she could take a joke, and would make some fairly sexual comments in a flippant way. As Sean would put it, she was usually the one who would get worked up and drag him to bed so she could have her way with him. At times it even seemed like he’d tire first and she’d walk away still in the mood. I say this only because after their ‘sessions’ she’d usually end up coming downstairs to the living room and hang out with us while he napped. Her libido is actually the reason for this story.

First, you deserve a little description about me. My name is Michael (most friends just call me Mike). I’m a 6′ white guy with an average body type. I try to keep fit, but I’m no weight lifter by any means. I have short blonde hair and a beard that is a bit darker than the hair on my head. I’m not going to turn heads like a Ryan Reynolds, but I’ve been told I’m a good looking fellow.

Ok, back to Elise. This series of stories starts where I left off with her – coming downstairs after fucking Sean into submission. It was a Thursday evening at about 10pm. She had come back to the house with Sean after they grabbed dinner together. We all watched some TV, Sean and Elise went upstairs, about 30 minutes later and now she was walking into the family room. Our third roommate, Jake, was out with some coworkers for a Thirsty Thursday bar deal and usually didn’t come home until after midnight.

Our living room has an L-shaped section couch which faces the TV in the corner of the room. I was smack dab in the middle corner area which was my usual spot. When Elise came down she sat at one of the ends and leaned against the armrest with her legs out toward me.

“So, whatcha watching?”

I glanced her way and said, “Oh, just a re-run of Modern Family. Not much is on at the moment.”

Her face lit up, “Ooooh, I love this show. Good pick.” She brought her knees up and held onto them while looking at the screen.

I noticed then that she was wearing a tight, black, tank top and a pair of what looked like Sean’s boxers. I’m not sure how they fit around her waist, but the material was loose and ended up fanning out when she brought her knees up.

At first I quickly looked away, but I felt myself compelled to glance over again out of curiosity. I tried not to stare, but could definitely see some inner thigh the way the boxers rode up on her. She shifted a little and put one knee down sideways on the couch, but kept the other one bent up against the back of the couch. Because of this new position, I could see büyükesat escort clearly up the boxers. It was a perfect view of her shaved pussy which I tried incredibly hard to pull my eyes away from. I tried not to be obvious, but Modern Family couldn’t hold my attention compared to what else was on display.

At one point when I had glanced over, I saw what looked like wetness along the bottom of her outer lips right near where the leg meets the crotch. And then her hand plopped down on the couch and I glanced up at her. Straight into those doe eyes staring at me.

“See something interesting?” she asked me. Her tone was… sexy? Inquisitive but definitely with the same sound she makes when firing back at our jokes. There was a hint of a smile at the corner of her lips.

Having been clearly caught, I tried to think of an excuse. But instead, I glanced down again and said something far from an excuse or apology. “I think you’re dripping.”

Looking back at her eyes, I saw first confusion, then surprise. She looked down at her boxers then put her hand inside the leg. “Oh whoops.”

When she removed her hand, she had a glob of Sean’s cum on her index finger. She just held it there for a moment and I looked up at her with most likely a look of dumb surprise. Elise smiled like the minx she is and brought her finger to her mouth. Similar to scooping the extra batter in a cake bowl, she wrapped her lips around her finger and sucked.

I didn’t mean to say anything, but I sort of gasped and said, “wow.”

Finger still in her mouth, Elise got a huge grin on her face and started giggling. She removed her finger and said, “Well, guess I forgot to clean up properly.”

Despite watching probably the most erotic thing I’ve seen only four feet away from me, the whole situation sort of clicked in my head as out of bounds. Sean is a good friend and I wouldn’t want to do something that would make him hate me. I figured I’d just make an excuse to leave so that nothing got any more intense.

“Listen, uh, I should probably give you some privacy. I’m not sure how Sean would feel about this.” I said this to her while standing up and starting to walk past her between the couch and coffee table.

“Wait.” She grabbed my right arm with her right hand and stopped me as I was in front of her. “This can be our secret. It’ll also be our secret that you’re hard as a rock and most likely making an excuse to go rub one off up in your bedroom.” That grin again.

Looking down I realized that my dick was outlined in my jeans and clearly at attention. I unconsciously covered it up with my left hand while she still held my right arm. Looking back at her, I also realized that her left hand had gone back down to her shorts and was clearly rubbing her pussy as she held me still.

Watching her hand, I could only stutter – no real words seemed to want to come out. I honestly had no clue what to say. I knew I should leave, but Elise was pretty much fueling my masturbation imagination for weeks. Plus, she’s gorgeous and if she wasn’t dating my friend I’d be all over her.

“Don’t worry. We don’t have to do anything to each other. I’m still a bit horny, so how about we just watch each other? That’s not bad right?”

Her reasoning wasn’t the best, but at this point, between the smoldering look on her face and her obviously wet fingers, I wasn’t thinking with the right head. So I simply said, “ok.”

Her mouth broke into a huge grin and her eyes somehow got even larger. “This is going to be hot,” she said to me as she moved the arm she was holding toward my groin. Elise then patted the cushion next to her and said matter-of-factly, “Sit or kneel here in front of me so I can lean back.”

Shaking my head in both astonishment and to get myself thinking again, I started to move toward the cushion with my hands undoing my belt. Yes, I know, this was wrong. But, come on, how could any guy say no to watching a girl get herself off in front of you while being able to do the same. It’s just live porn. Unsure of what would be a comfortable position, I began unzipping my pants cebeci escort while thinking of how best to sit or kneel while still being able to watch her. Before I got to the point of lowering by boxers, I looked at her as she leaned back and slid the boxers off her legs completely.

There she was, naked from the waist down with a glistening pussy proudly on display. Elise then took the boxers and tucked them flat on the couch under her butt. Looking up at me she said, “Don’t want to mess up your couch, I’m soaking wet right now.”

With that, I quickly slid down my boxers and pants to about mid-thigh and just kneeled on the couch in front of her.

Elise’s eyes quickly focused on my dick and I got a little self-conscious. I’m completely average with size – about six inches hard with an okay width. I’m not going to break records by any means, but I like to think I could be a lot worse off.

But she just licked her lips before smiling straight into my eyes. I took it as a compliment or at least approval.

While her right hand began pumping two fingers in and out, her left seemed to flow from her stomach just under her shirt to lightly touching her clit. Her pussy was one of the ‘closed flowers’ so to speak. She wasn’t wide open except for when her fingers would pull out. In order to get a good view of her lips, you’d have to spread them open yourself. But lord, was it beautiful. Cute, pink, glistening, and her scent… well I was already leaking precum at this point but the smell radiating away from her was intoxicating.

The precum helped a little bit with my own rubbing, but I’m used to using lotion when jacking off on my own – which was every other time but this. I think she could sense by my movements and me looking down that maybe something was off.

“Do you usually use something when you jack off? Lotion or lube?”

I looked up at her and chuckled a little, both because she said lube and I’m a child and because of how conversational she was being. “Hah, no lube. Usually lotion.”

“How about spit? You could spit on your hand.” It wasn’t a bad suggestion, but I’d honestly never used my own spit to jerk off before. Without knowing, I must have made a look that expressed those exact thoughts.

She giggled before saying, “Hold out your right hand.”

Curious, I stopped stroking and held out my hand in front of me. That’s when she switched fingers twice while pumping herself. Before it was her ring and middle fingers, then she switched to index and middle and lastly all three for a couple pumps. Elise then leaned forward, used her left to turn my right hand palm-up and began to rub her right hand against mine. My jaw dropped as I realized she wanted me to jack off while using her own juices to simulate lotion.

She wasn’t lying when she said she was soaking wet. Pretty soon my hand was glistening and she leaned back into the arm of the couch while saying, “there, that should help.” It did.

I was back to stroking myself slowly because I was already pretty heated from having a girl spread out in front of me, touching herself and my hand using her own natural lubricant to slide easily up and down my cock.

“Mmmm, so much better,” she moaned. Her right hand was back to pumping two fingers in and out as her left was rubbing the inside of her thigh. Her eyes were slowly drooping as she alternated between looking at me and down at her wet fingers.

Since we’d already gotten this far, I figured what the hell. “Rub your clit at the same time.”

Smiling, she bit her lip and nodded while moving her fingers in circles around her clit. “uhhmmmm.”

Her speed began to pick up and I unconsciously started picking up as well. “Please rub your balls,” she just barely murmured this, but I heard it clearly and complied as if it were a command. My left hand moved from my thigh to cup my own balls and began rubbing them and pulling down just a bit every so often.

“Yes. Ugh. That’s so hot.” She said this between deeper breaths. Each breath seemed to be punctuated by an: um, ah, or oh. Her fingers picked up speed again – pumping in and kolej escort out. Her left hand had switched from circles to rubbing back and forth on her clit. She’d occasionally lower her left hand to gather juices before moving back to her clit.

I was fairly close to losing control and didn’t want to accidentally finish before she did. Even though I wasn’t the one with two finger curling inside of her pussy, I wanted her to cum first. I’ve always been one to make sure a girl orgasms first. “Come for me Elise.”

When I said that, her eyes jumped open and stared straight into mine. Her hips began moving up and down with her hands and she mumbled, “Oh fuck, oh god.”

“Come on. Orgasm, cum, finish right on this couch.” I’m not sure what came over me, but what she was doing was so hot I wanted to see her cum. I needed to see her cum. I had stopped stroking and was just holding myself while I watched this petite little goddess thrash on the couch in front of me. Her one knee was wide open, propped against the back of the couch while the other leg was bouncing up and down on the ground.

“Do it.” That last command did the trick.

“Hmmmnnnnnnnn.” She let out long warbling moan and froze up – her hips stopped humping and her fingers were just curling inside without pumping out. “JESUS, FUC-.” The last two words she pretty much shouted and shook me from my intense gaze. I quickly leaned forward and covered her mouth with my right hand. The same hand that had been stroking my own dick while covered in her wetness.

Her breath shot out of her nose quickly before she sucked in again. Her eyes were drilling into mine and her eyebrows were raised in surprise. Then she clamped her eyes shut and began shaking. Elise’s thighs clasped together smothering her two hands. I could feel her moaning, the vibrations traveling into my hand. I held on tight as she rode out her orgasm – her breathing slowly began to return to normal.

When it seemed she was done, I pulled my hand away from her mouth and leaned back on my legs. That’s when I felt a bit of pain from how long I was kneeling in an awkward position. I winced and stood up off the couch to stretch my legs and let my pants and boxers fall to the ground around my ankles. Looking at Elise, I saw her licking her lips and staring at my proudly standing dick.

“Your turn.” She whispered.

“Well, it won’t take long after that.” I smiled at her while saying that. Then I reach out my right hand, palm up. As she began to wipe her fingers onto mine, I leaned down and picked up a stray restaurant napkin off the coffee table – most likely left after someone brought home food.

When her hands left mine, I went right back to stroking while my left hand held the napkin at the ready. I was standing next to the couch and she had turned to face me. While stroking, I watched her casually using the boxers to dry herself off. Even though she was no longer knuckle deep, just watching her casually doing this (while watching my hand pumping), was pushing me to the edge.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum. Please.” She said this with a command at first, then almost desperation at the end.

I felt the tingling in my balls, the rush of my pipes filling up with jizz, and the heady high of standing on the edge. One, two, three strokes and I forced out, “I’m going to come.”

I moved the napkin in front of my dick and looked down so I made sure to aim properly. Just as I was about to finish, her hand pushed away the napkin and her lips engulfed my head. I lost it.

My right hand leapt to her head and just held on. She sunk about halfway onto my dick and I felt her tongue swirling around my head. Every time I throbbed out a blast of cum, her tongue would sweep it off my head and move the cum to the back of her mouth. Three spurts in I felt the suction and top of her mouth press down has she swallowed what she had. Three more spurts and she swallowed again. By now I was just dribbling out onto her tongue which was flicking side to side on the underside of my head. I twitched a bit at this and let out a shaky exhale. As my dick stopped jerking, she slowly slid it from her mouth – lips ending puckered around the crown. One more quick suck and she let me slip fully out.

She wiped her lips with her index finger before sucking it dry. I think I heard her humming a soft “mmm.”

Coming back to earth, I said to her, “you said no touching.”

“Save a napkin, save a tree.” And there was that minx smile again.

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