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As I lean against the wall next to the curtains billowing with the cool autumn wind from the balcony, I watch you stand there blindfolded in the middle of our hotel room. I told you to wait there, making like I was disappearing on some unknown errand, but what I really wanted was a chance to gaze at you. You look absolutely stunning tonight in a beautiful red dress that leaves your back bare and accents your generous cleavage. It hugs your curves and displays your long legs. Your long hair is elegantly styled, and worn down, just the way I like it. You were the envy of all the women earlier this evening, and I received many jealous looks from the men. A chill runs down your spine, and you shiver both from the temperature and from the excitement of wondering what will happen next. You find yourself wondering where I am, and what the night will bring. I can take it no longer, and suddenly my hands caress your hips.

I spin you around, one hand high and one low. I kiss you, and your arms snake around my neck. It feels like you’re trying to suck my soul out through my mouth! I squeeze your ass and pull you close. Our bodies lock together, and I breathe in your scent as your leg brushes my growing hardness. Then your hands are loosening my tie and working on the buttons on my shirt. I shrug the shirt off, and you run your hands over my chest. Now I reach for the straps on your dress and slide them over your shoulders. You slide the dress down and step out of it, leaving you in your high heels with lacy white underwear and sexy stockings. I fumble with my belt and kick off my shoes, and you eagerly reach down into my pants, fishing out my cock. I step out of my pants as you stroke me over and over.

Suddenly, my cock is engulfed in the hot wetness of your mouth as you begin to work your magic. You know all the tricks, starting slowly by teasing me with quick tongue-strokes and pausing to stroke me some more as you take my balls into your mouth. Before I know it, you’re taking me all the way, deep-throating me until my balls hit your chin. I freeze at this point, just overwhelmed by the feeling of sliding into your throat. You know just what kind of effect you’re having on me, and you pull my cock out of your mouth to tease me some more by slowly licking up and down the shaft. The sight of you running your tongue from crown to stem is nearly mind-numbing, and the your lipstick smearing onto my cock only makes the visual all the more powerful. A growl builds in my throat, and I take a handful of your hair, guiding you back down onto my cock. You begin to bob your head up and down, taking me in and out, and I unconsciously aid you by beginning to thrust into your mouth. As I fuck your mouth, you cup my balls-wet from the saliva escaping your mouth-and fondle them, rolling them around. Just as I’m nearing the breaking point, I cup your chin and gently rus escort stand you up.

“I have bigger plans for tonight. I don’t want to cum yet.”

I pick you up with a hand under each thigh, pausing to suck on the magnificent breasts that are being thrust into my face before setting you down on the bed. I kneel over you now, giving your breasts the attention they deserve as my cock teases your dripping hole. I kiss your right nipple and take it into my mouth, lightly biting and pulling at it with my teeth. At the same time, I’m gently kneading your left breast with my hand and tweaking your nipple there as well. Suddenly you feel my hand massaging your crotch through your panties, and you grind against me with barely-restrained insistence. You’re beginning to moan and squirm, and I stop what I’m doing to silence your moans with a kiss, which you eagerly return. While we kiss, I grind myself against you, rubbing you through your panties. I can feel them soaking through with your juices already, and you’re absolutely loving it. I reach down and rip the panties from your body, leaving you bare and slick with your own desire. I gently push the head of my manhood through your netherlips, and withdraw. I do this a few times, completely enjoying the sounds you make into my mouth as the teasing drives you wild. You begin to claw at my back, and I withdraw completely, and rear back, leaving you gasping and empty. I reach over onto the bedside table and grab some more silk scarves, quickly tying your wrists to the head of the bed. I kiss my way back down your body, pausing to squeeze and suckle each breast again, and continue moving down. I kiss the belly of your smooth stomach, and earn a shriek by slipping my tongue into your belly button.

Finally I reach the object of my deepest desire. I spread your legs and gaze at your bare pussy, its lips slightly parted from desire. I lean in real close and inhale your heavenly scent, exhaling slowly onto you and watching you shiver. There’s an almost wicked edge in my voice as my whisper drifts up to you.

“Have you ever given thought to the meaning of the word ‘writhe?’ It generally implies contortion of the body, usually from pain, but… also from other extreme… sensations. I think that you will have an appreciation for the word by the end of the night.”

You’re trembling with excitement now, and as I place your legs up over my shoulders, I stroke your thighs and give you a gentle yet firm squeeze. Now my tongue is slipping between your glistening lips, and I groan a little as I savor the first taste of paradise. At the touch of my mouth, you buck your hips and strain against your bonds. Taking this as encouragement, I push my tongue right into your soaked pussy, and thoroughly enjoy the moan I cause. My tongue dips in and out a few times, plunging yenimahalle escort in and out, foreshadowing future intrusions. I slowly pull out of your hole and flick my tongue at your engorged clit. You shriek and buck your hips at the sudden sensation, and I take the opportunity to slip a finger into your wetness. I work the finger in and out, but never stop licking at your clit. I run my left hand over your smooth tummy to cup one of your beautiful round breasts. I give it a few good squeezes, and then I tweak your nipple. I gently pull and tug on it as I squeeze a second finger into your tight box.

I’m fingering your pussy quickly now, and you’re beginning to pant between moans. I run my tongue all over your glistening petals and continue to pay special attention to your most sensitive bud. Suddenly I withdraw the fingers from your cunt, leaving you empty for only a second before replacing them with my tongue. I slide my lubed fingers slowly down from your crotch and between the rounded cheeks of your ass. I distract you by thrusting my tongue in and out of your hot pussy as you feel the press of my index finger against the puckered rosebud of your sweet ass. Your fragrant arousal dominates me, and I eat you with crazed fervor. You tense a little as the pressing at your ass becomes more insistent, but you quickly relax when I switch my mouth back to your clit. I’ve slid all of one finger into your ass now, and I’m working it around, letting you adjust to the new feelings.

You’re getting so very wet now, and your juices are starting to flow more freely down your ass. I’m starting to go crazy, fingering that ass, wanting to slide my cock right into it with nothing more than your own juices as lube. I smile but remind myself that this is fun for another time. I raise myself up, and crawl up over your body to gaze down upon you. Your hair is all tangled and frizzy, and your mouth is slightly parted in a small ‘o.’ I kiss those lips suddenly after admiring you, and you taste yourself on me. It drives you wild, and I groan a little as you grind your crotch into me. I know what you want, and I start to give it to you… slowly. I let the head of my penis rest just between your labia, and you feel my breath hot on your face. I dip myself into you now, taking you slowly because you’re still so very tight.

As I ease my length into you, inch by inch, I kiss your neck and find your pulse with my tongue. I lick a slow line right over the vein, and just as I bottom out in your cunt, I bite lightly right on that place in your neck. You cry out, arching your back in ecstasy as you revel in the mix of pain and pleasure. I lick the mark I left on you, and I feel your pulse racing as I withdraw my cock to the tip, again teasing you with the promise of being filled.

“I hope you like it rough, because baby, now you’re going to get fucked.”

I slam myself into you in one deep stroke, and repeat the motion. I’m railing you hard and fast, and matching your gasping moans with grunts of my own. I continue filling you as I kiss and bite all around your neck, until I finally slam deep into you and stay there. I descend upon your gasping mouth and steal your breath away with a ravenous kiss. My tongue ravages your mouth thoroughly as thoroughly as I was working your dripping pussy.

Finally we break our lip-lock, and in a somewhat breathless growl I command you to hold still because I’m going to untie your ankles.

“I want to fold you up like an accordion and fuck you deep… don’t worry, you’ll still be as helpless as before.”

You can almost see the wicked grin on my face at this last, but suddenly your ankles are free. Before you can so much as move, you feel my powerful hands seizing your legs and pushing your knees up to your heaving chest. I crouch over you and rock you back slightly so that you’re resting on your shoulders, and your knees are nearly touching the bed. I remove the blindfold from your eyes, and from your perspective, all that’s visible through the space between your legs is my heaving chest and the predatory leer on my face.

“I want to look into your eyes as I make you mine; I want the memory of my gaze burned into you.”

Suddenly you feel my penis pressing its way into your wet love canal, and my weight presses down against your legs. I’m leaning over you, bracing myself with my hands, and I’m inches from your face. With each thrust, you can feel me hitting the bottom of your vaginal depths, and you’re becoming increasingly more vocal. We’re both nearing climax now, having spent the last couple hours pushing each other to this point. Your juices are flowing liberally down your stomach, and creating a delightful sheen on your ample bosom. I’m slamming into you with reckless abandon now, as all that really matters is reaching the end. You can feel the urgency in each thrust and you surely hear it in every groan. My balls make a rhythmic slapping sound which complement the moans and pleas coming from your dirty little mouth as they repeatedly impact your ass.

A few final thrusts, and suddenly you’re shrieking a litany of beautiful curses as your eyes roll into your head and you plummet over the edge into incoherent oblivion. Your cunt-muscles clamp down like a vise on my cock, and suddenly I’ve lost it too, giving one last mighty thrust into you. I feel as though I’ve left my body for a moment as I groan in ecstasy, shooting my hot seed into your gushing cunt as you milk me for every last drop.

Before I collapse, I have the good sense to ease you back into a regular position, and now we share a sweet kiss of a different sort than what we exchanged during our wild lovemaking.

You smile sweetly and I smirk at the words as they pass your lips, “will you untie my hands now?”

“I thought you were comfortable,” I tease as I free you.

“Ass,” you respond as you snuggle up against me, molding to my body in the way only you can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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