You Own Me

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I’m a little nervous as I pull up in front of your apartment building. We have kissed and touched but this will be the first time for more. It has been building up to this moment between us for a very long time and despite my nerves I am wet with anticipation. I quickly check my hair and makeup, stow the little mirror in my purse, and lock the doors behind me. I am dressed rather modestly for a woman on the cusp of an affair. A simple white blouse is framed by a sedate charcoal gray skirt suit. Of course, hidden beneath my tightly buttoned suit I am wearing a truly scandalous matched set of black lace bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. The chill breeze snakes icy whispers up my skirt and across the creamy expanse of flesh above the tops of my stockings. My hair is pinned up tight in a burnished coppery chignon and the only hints of naughtiness to be seen by the casual observer are my full rosy lips and a pair of black leather peep-toe stilettos. It turns me on to know that you will peel away the layers of serious, understated clothing and turn me into your dirty little slut.

You open the door before I can knock and grasp my hand to pull me inside. The room is dim and for a moment I am blind as my eyes struggle to adjust. I blink a couple of times to clear my vision and the look I see in your eyes makes me shiver. You close and lock the door behind me making sure to brush against my body at every opportunity, letting me know that I am helpless to resist you. Before I can even draw a breath, I find myself shoved roughly against the cool wood of the door. You grip my wrists in one strong hand while you toss my purse onto the table with your keys. Your grip stops just short of bruising my tender flesh and you hold my gaze as you raise my trapped hands above my head and pin them to the door. I close my eyes and moan softly against your lips as you capture mine in a kiss as devastating in its gentleness as is the near violence of your body crushing mine against the unyielding wood. I love your control over me paired with the promise of so much pleasure.

Your free hand slides down the side of my throat, fingers stroking softly over my fluttering pulse. With my arms stretched high above my head, my jacket pulls tightly across my breasts and belly, accentuating their lush round curves. Your slow kisses weaken my knees and I whimper with delight when your hand strokes down the side of my body, skimming the curve of my breast and down to my hip. I can feel the hot, steel-hard ridge of your arousal pressing insistently at the juncture of my thighs. Stepping back suddenly, you release me suddenly, leaving me feeling cold and bereft of your overwhelming physical presence.

“Take off the jacket.” I comply immediately, knowing you can clearly see my black lace bra beneath the silky sheer fabric of my blouse. You trace the scalloped edge of the lace toward the valley between my breasts making me shudder. I carefully lay the jacket over the back of a chair and look directly into your eyes as I unbutton my blouse. The wolfish expression on your face as more of my creamy pale skin is revealed thrills me. The blouse flutters down my arms and I place it with deliberate care on top of my jacket. Bending at the waist and leaning far over the desk, I fuss with the discarded clothing under the pretense of preventing wrinkles. I can almost feel your eyes caress the plump curves of my ass and I wonder if you can see the shape of the ribbons of my garters through my skirt. I feel you behind me, your hands gliding up my thighs. You draw my skirt up, baring my thighs as you clear the lacy tops of my stockings. You growl in appreciation and press my upper body down onto the desk, dropping kisses and bursa eskort nibbles across my shoulders and down my spine.

The shrill jangle of your cell cuts through the fog of passion in my brain and I move to stand up and give you privacy only to feel your hand press down in the center of my back effectively pinning me there. I am surprised to hear the beep as you answer the call. You listen and respond to the voice on the other end while drawing my panties down to my already shaking knees. The rasp of your zipper sends a flood of moisture to my already eager pussy. It feels so naughty knowing that you are going to fuck me while casually handling what is obviously a business related call.

There is no need to prepare me, for my body is already dripping wet and craving your entry. You move the crotch of my panties aside and I bite my lip at the first pressure of your blunt cock against my slit. I know I must keep silent as you push forward, filling me, stretching me. You are so big that I ache almost to the threshold of pain but it feels so good and my hips writhe as I try to take more of you.

Your call ends with the snick of your phone closing and I whimper softly knowing my patient silence will soon be rewarded. You withdraw slowly leaving me feeling empty. I pant and gasp as you press forward again, filling me inch by inch. It is a tight fit despite my soaked response to you. You sense my climax approaching, building with each slow stroke. I feel it begin to wash over me almost in slow motion, starting at the top of my head and flowing over me in a wave both icy and scorching. You groan against the back of my neck as my internal muscles ripple up and down your shaft, tightening around you. The intensity leaves me panting and I realize as you withdraw from my body that you are still as hard as stone. You step back, allowing me to stand up, and I strip my panties and skirt off as I do.

“Let me take care of that.” I smile as I kneel before you. You skin off your shirt while I help you step out of y9our jeans. Your cock still glistens wetly with my juices and I lick slowly up your entire length. I can taste myself on you and I close my eyes and moan a little. You cup the back of my head and gently but firmly force your cock past my plump pink lips. I suck softly and swirl my tongue across every surface within reach. I explore every curve and ridge of velvety skin and raised veins. You groan quietly and press forward, deep into my mouth and to the entrance of my throat. I fill my lungs with air and cup your heavy testicles in my hands. You thrust forward in one seemingly endless stroke. I swallow deeply, forcing down the gag reflex and your hand slides lower to trace my pale white throat with your cock buried deep inside.

I keep swallowing your length until my nose brushes your groin. My throat muscles ripple up and down your throbbing shaft as I continue to swallow deeply. I can feel my lungs beginning to beg for breath but I trust you to pull back in time so I swirl my tongue against your smooth flesh. Finally, just as my ears begin to buzz from lack of oxygen, you free your cock from my lips.

I still feel a little giddy and lightheaded when you draw me up against your body. You kiss me gently, stroking my shoulders and back, slowing thins down for the moment. You turn me around and place both hands on my full curved hips. I know you are taking the view of my plump round ass framed by lacy panties and the straps of my garter belt. Gone is the demure, restrained lady and in her place stands your panting wet little slut. I reach up and remove the clips holding my silky flame-red hair in a loose bun. It tumbles down my back and just past my hips bursa escort bayan in a cascade of loose curls, brushing softly over your huge erection. I feel very sexy and utterly feminine when you growl softly and step closer to mold your strong body to my back. You slide one hand around to cup my breast and the other sweeps my hair from the side of my neck. Your lips burn a brand against my flesh and I shiver at the sensation.

We make our way down the hall and to your bedroom. The room is dominated by the bed which is very tall and covered in crisp sheets. Suddenly, I find myself bent over and pressed into the mattress with my hands pulled tightly behind my back. Producing a silken cord, you tie my hands together at the wrists. The implied helplessness sends a rush of heat to my already dripping pussy. Your rock hard erection slides against the crack of my ass. I whimper when I feel your lips trace a path down my back. There is something so naughty about sex while partially clothed, especially when the remaining clothing includes silky stockings and stilettos.

You stand me up and twirl me around to face you, pushing firmly in the center of the chest to knock me back into the crisp softness of your bed. My ass is hanging over the edge a little but you brace me with your big strong body so I know I won’t fall off. With my hands tied as they are, I am completely at your mercy. You spread my thighs wide and step closer between them, tilting my hips up and running your fingers up and down over my creamy flesh. You stretch my right leg out toward the head of the bed, kissing the sensitive skin behind my knee. I close my eyes and enjoy your touch, curious when I feel another silken cord tighten around my ankle. When I realize that my ankle is fastened to the bedpost, my slightly tremulous whimper draws a distinctly evil sounding chuckle from deep in your chest.

Before I can protest, you quickly extend my left leg toward the foot of the bed and secure my ankle to the bedpost at the foot of the bed. I am totally spread open and exposed by my position, vulnerable to your every whim with my ass hanging slightly off the side of the bed. I can only imagine what I look like from your point of view. I can feel the slick moisture of my well-aroused pussy dripping down the crack of my ass. You reach up and tug the straps of my bra down my arms and free my breasts by shoving the cups down beneath them. Looking into my eyes, you tease my nipples to hard peaks. Pinching a little harder, my back arches at the pleasure/pain, shoving my breasts further into your grasp. You release my tingling buds and rest your hands on the bed by my shoulders. Your thick cock slides over my slick folds, grinding hard into my clit but not entering me. My moans are coming faster and I tilt my face up to you, needing your kiss.

“Tell me you want to cum. Beg me to fuck you.” You growl the words against my lush lips.

“Please, baby! I need your big cock inside me!” I can feel an orgasm rapidly approaching and I want to cum all over your huge dick. “Please fuck your little slut hard! Make me cum, baby!” I whimper desperately and squirm my hips, so wet and ready for you. You rest the broad head of your cock at my entrance and increase the pressure; not enough to slip inside but hard enough that it sets me to panting even harder in anticipation. I can tell by the slight smirk on your handsome face that you love the effect you have on me. “Please! Make me c…Aaaaah!” My squeal is high and shrill as you slam deep inside my slick tunnel in one hard stroke. Your groin bangs hard against my highly sensitive clit and your heavy balls slap against my exposed asshole. The sudden görükle escort and intense stimulation sets off an earth-shattering orgasm. My pussy is clenching tightly around your girth and I am still riding out the waves of pleasure when I feel you apply something cold and slippery, obviously lubricant, to my helplessly exposed ass. I whimper again, mostly from the pleasurable sensation, and I look you right in the eyes, not protesting.

You slide out of my thoroughly soaked pussy and apply more lube, this time to your big, throbbing shaft. The muscles of my thighs tremble from their stretched position and I moan low and quiet when you press the head of your huge cock to my slick, helpless little anus.

“Mmmmmmm! You feel so good! Please fuck my ass, baby! Stretch my tiny little asshole with your big dick!” I know you love to hear me beg you to use my body. You slowly push forward, knowing I want this but still careful not to hurt me too much. As your cock slips past the tight ring of my anus, I push out, relaxing my anal muscles and you easily slide halfway in. It is a tight fit and you pull back slowly leaving just the broad head embedded in my ass. I am shuddering and making small pants and whimpers. My body is flushed and chilled at the same time and when you slide forward again, in feel so stretched and full. There is no pain, just a feeling of intense sensation and complete vulnerability. I am helpless and unable to stop you but I don’t want to anyway. I trust you to push my boundaries but never really hurt me.

“Take it all, baby.” You growl against my heaving breasts as you finally force the last inch of your cock inside my tightly stretched body. Your hips are cradled between my widespread thighs. You begin a slow rhythm, the strain showing in the tense trembling of your muscles and the sheen of sweat glistening on both of our bodies. One after the other, you reach for the bedposts to free my ankles, stroking my creamy thighs as I wrap them tightly around your waist. My hands are still restrained tightly behind my back but my lower body is free to squirm and gyrate, thrilling both of us with the sensations.

Suddenly, you wrap strong arms around my shoulders and lift me up close to your body, sliding onto the bed. My knees rest on either side of your hips and I grind my body down on you to take you another fraction of an inch deeper. I set up a slow rhythm keeping you deep and only sliding up and down the last couple of inches. You feel so good inside me. My breasts bob enticingly as I fuck your thick cock and when you free my hands I slide them up my body to pinch and pull at my tender nipples. Your big hands graze slowly over my hips and thighs, stroking my fevered skin, urging me to a faster pace.

When I feel your strong fingers slide against my dripping wet pussy I nearly come apart. On my next stroke down on your cock you plunge three fingers deep inside me, stretching me and filling me almost beyond belief. I continue to ride your cock and fingers franticly needing to cum and to make you explode with me. Your thumb slips against my clit and you press hard against my g-spot every time I slam down on you. I can feel the pressure building and my body shakes and spasms as the waves of my climax crash over me. My voice rises nearly to a scream and hot fluid gushes from my body all over your groin and belly. The muscles of my ass and pussy clamp down tightly, milking your flesh in intense spasms, drawing a groan from you as your cock jumps and sprays hot cum deep into my body.

After what seems like an eternity, the flow of your cum slows to a trickle and my orgasm fades to pleasurable shivers. Finally your cock slips out of my abused asshole and I collapse into the cradle of your arms. You brush a coppery strand away from my face and tuck me under your chin to cuddle me closer. I listen to your heartbeat slow and your breath even out, feeling very safe and protected as I drift off into an exhausted but thoroughly sated sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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