You Wouldn’t Dare

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You wouldn’t dare

My wife and I had been invited to a party at John and Susan’s, a neighbour’s house just a few doors further up the road. Another couple from the street Pat and Stewart had been invited, but when we got there, we found no-one else that we knew. The party was to celebrate her birthday. We expected the alcohol to flow as they both enjoyed a drink, particularly her. There were plenty of people there and the party flowed along merrily. As expected she was drinking heavily but her behaviour seemed in check. I noticed a few times during the evening her husband had taken her drink away wagging his finger and looking at his watch. It didn’t require much imagination to understand what he was saying.

Most of the invitees were couples but as we mingled, we found there was a number of both single men and women. One of the men from somewhere in the Caribbean was a striking individual of around six feet three with a remarkable physique. He was a friend of John’s but evidently not of Susan’s from the few comments she made to us about him.

The evening grew on with the appropriate festivities associated with a birthday celebration. Susan joined in with gusto. I noticed she stumbled a couple of times but apparently John had curbed her drinking to a reasonable degree. Maybe not. Later in the evening she went to sit on the arm of a chair and toppled over backwards, her legs flying up and apart giving everyone a good view of her crotch. Luckily it was late in the evening and most of the guests had gone home. It was a warm summer evening so her legs were bare of any pantyhose. John was livid!

“I warned you about getting drunk” he told her.

“It’s my birthday and I can get as drunk as I want.”

“Not so drunk you fall over and show everyone your panties!”

“I can do that as well if I want” she retorted. It’s you; you are just a jealous man who can’t stand me even showing off my legs Ankara Rus Escort never mind my panties”.

“Go on then, show everyone your panties again, you wouldn’t dare, you’re as straitlaced as anyone I know”.

“Wouldn’t dare, wouldn’t I?”

She tried to reach behind her and unfasten the clasp and zip to her dress, becoming frustrated when she couldn’t. She was reasonably pretty but had a really nice body and I was tempted to offer my services. I thought better of it thinking I would be in deep shit with my wife, who apart from our other neighbour Pat was the only other woman still there. There were three single guys still there including Carl the black guy from the Caribbean. I later learned he was from Jamaica.

“Ask Carl to help you” John suggested, perhaps knowing Susan wasn’t keen on coloured men and would refuse his help stopping things in their tracks there and then.

Whether Susan twigged to his ruse I don’t know but she stepped over to Carl with her back to him and demanded “Unfasten the eyelet of my dress”. Carl did as he was told with a grin.

“Well Mr Jealous, you can stop me anytime”

“You will chicken out before me” he said.

“Unzip me” Carl did as he was told.

She slipped the dress over her shoulders and let it slip to the floor.

She had a body every bit as beautiful as I had envisaged. I expected my wife to say it was time we were going but she seemed as mesmerised as I was.

Susan took Carls hands and put them on her shoulders backing up to Carl until they were in contact. She had ratcheted the game up a notch. His hands were very dark contrasting with her pale skin. She put her own hands on top of Carls and began to suggestively gyrate against his groin. She then took his left hand and moved it to her midriff, making circular motions with it from the bottom of her bra to the hem of her panties.

She Yenimahalle Escort seemed to have sobered up remarkably, and was breathing deeply.

Susan then took his right hand and placed it on her right breast. His hand moved slightly cupping the breast and squeezing it slightly. The bra, like her panties was white and very flimsy. Her dark nipples were easily seen through the lacy fabric, and it was evident they were stiffening.

Her hand came up and slipped the bra straps over her shoulders. She then turned to face Carl and put her arms around him looking back over her shoulder at John with a look of defiance. She paused briefly then began unbuttoning his shirt it looked brilliantly white against his black skin. Stripping his shirt away his physique was indeed impressive a light sheen of sweat enhancing the contours of the muscles in his arms and torso.

She turned with her back to him again, leaning on him, and draping his arms over her shoulders placing his hands on her exquisite bosom. Without invitation he slipped first his right hand further inside her bra, then his left hand, the dark shapes of his hands clearly finding the nipples and squeezing them. She took the front fastener of her bra and unsnapped it, letting it fall to the floor.

“Seen enough Mr Jealous?” John didn’t answer so she just said “OK.” and turned towards Carl again and began unfastening the belt of his slacks. She didn’t stop there but continued to unzip his fly before pulling down his trousers down from which he stepped out of them, leaving him in him boxer shorts, clearly becoming aroused.

She turned again to John, didn’t say anything but just raised an eyebrow.

“I won’t be the first to give in.” John said.

Susan turned and took hold of Carls cock through the fabric of his boxer shorts. The size of his cock was impressive. I felt my wife’s hand squeeze my arm. I didn’t know she had even moved alongside me. She must have also been impressed by the size of his cock.

There was more to come. She took the hem of his boxer shorts and slid them down to his feet. He stepped out of them standing completely naked. His skin was very black but his cock was even darker except for the bulbous head which was a very dark blue/purple. Her head was very close to the bulbous end. She looked once more at John.

It seemed that to them there was only John, Susan and Carl in the room. Nobody said a word but watched the proceedings in awe.

Susan stood once more facing John, taking Carl’s hand and putting it down her panties to her most private place. The outline of his black hand clear. He began to finger her pussy and she opened her legs slightly. We could hear the wet sucking sounds her pussy made as Carls fingers moved in and out. Her eyes rolled back; she was now in deep extasy. Unbidden Carl took off her panties leaving her completely naked in the middle of the floor. He carried on fingering her for some time, the squelching noise was almost obscene, before he eventually turned her round to face him. Pushing her head down to his crotch. She hesitated only a moment before plunging her head forward engulfing the end of his cock. She vigorously rocked her head back and forward. She stopped sucking his black member and pushed him gently to the floor where she straddled him facing john her pussy just an inch from the end of his cock. “Last chance John”.

“You know you won’t go that far.” he sneered.

With that she impaled herself on that massive black dick, taking in about six inches, another two or three inches still exposed.

“I think it’s time to go” whispered my wife. “Us too” whispered Pat to her husband Stewart.

As we left to walk home the few yards, Pat said jokingly to my wife “I hope you got his phone number.”

“Yes I did.” she replied.

We all laughed. “Would you like a coffee?” my wife asked them obviously wanting a chinwag with Pat.

I think she was joking when she said she had got his number.

I never found out for certain, but we certainly had our own erotic heavy session after our neighbours left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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