Young, Free and Single Ch. 04

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I hadn’t not told Hanna on purpose that I had had sex with a girl. I had purposefully not told her for over a week now though. I had been presented with a fair few opportunities to tell her. I know that I needed to and I am not really sure why I haven’t yet. We tell each other everything and at every level of personal and intimacy. We have no secrets, she knows all of my deepest darkest fantasies and equally I know hers. So why hadn’t I told her? I guess I was scared. Would it change our relationship if she knew I was at least curious in that way with girls? There was no sexual tension between us in any situation, we have a close relationship and I was scared my curiosity would change the dynamic.

She wouldn’t go mad and never speak to me again if I ‘came out’ to her. She would be supportive and always there for me. Our friendship was deeper than that, but would it change? Would we lay in bed together wearing next to nothing innocently giggling and discussing boys and what we wished they would do to us? The conversation ebbed a little and I took a deep breath. As I say it had been over a week since I had slept with Chloe and it was quickly becoming a secret that I had consciously not told her.

“I slept with a girl last weekend,” I said with no preamble.

“Uh hu,” she nodded, “Are ya cheating on me?” she asked playfully as she took a sip of her drink.

She was joking, but her phrasing did make me stumble a little bit and my hesitation was all she needed to pick up that I wasn’t joking or being weird. “Seriously?” she asked looking at me.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “At my neighbour’s party.”

“Like… properly slept with a girl?” she asked.

“I guess kinda properly,” I said. How do you properly sleep with a girl? With a guy, there is definitely a ‘full penetrative sex’ stage that is blatantly obvious. There is no denying you have had sex with a guy if his cock has been in you. Where is that stage with a girl though? Kissing? Fingering? Licking? Toys?

“Kinda properly?” she queried.

“Yeah, kinda yeah,” I said evasively.

“Are you cool with it?” she asked.

“I think so yeah,” I replied, “I still like guys,” I added.

“That is so cool,” she said smiling at me, “Who was she?”

“Chloe,” I replied, “Around our age and we shared a sofa for the night. Are you okay with it?” I asked.

“Yeah?” she said sounding confused, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“I dunno, just… I dunno,” I replied. I didn’t want anything to change between us and I was so scared it would.

“Come here you weirdo,” she said opening her arms up for a cuddle which I accepted. Squeezing me hard and nuzzling her face into my hair. “Sleep with who you want. It leaves more guys for me,” she said smiling at me.

“Thanks,” I said.

“So.. come on… details… how far did you go?” she asked.

“Cuddling, kissing, we fingered each other,” I said hesitating at the last statement for a moment.

“That is awesome,” she said smiling at me, “Was it nice?”

“So fucking good,” I said, “Like mind-blowingly amazing. Simultaneous orgasms and everything,” I said.

“Jealous!” she said, “I would love to cum at the same time a guy did,” she added.

“Yeah, it was nice,” I said, “It was just drunken fooling around, but it was so nice,” I said.

“Did you go down on each other or anything?” she asked.

“No, didn’t go that far,” I said.

“So did you swap numbers? Or was it just a one-nighter?” she asked.

“We swapped numbers,” I said, “We have texted each other a few times.”

“So when do I meet her?” she asked grinning at me.

“It isn’t that sort of relationship,” I said.

“I never said it was,” she replied looking at me. I just smiled at her response and knew what her next question was going to be before she even asked it. “Do you want it to be that sort of relationship?” she asked.

I shrugged. “Honestly?” I asked to which she nodded, “I dunno,” I replied.

“See where it goes,” Hanna said untangling her legs from mine and standing up by the bed. “Is she cute?” she asked.

“So cute,” I replied. She grinned at me and then punched me on the arm harder than I would have deemed appropriate. “What was that for?” I asked rubbing at my arm which was quite sore.

“Waiting over a week before you told me,” she said. “Come on. Get dressed and I will see if Dad can drop us off in town,” she said.

“Okay,” I said as she left the room and went downstairs.

I got up off the bed and checked my make-up that I had done about an hour or so ago. It was still okay, just needed the lipstick touching up. I took my dress off the hangar and checked it wasn’t creased. Satisfied it was okay I took my vest off that I was wearing as I had no bra on and put the dress on. It was mint green and mid-thigh length. The low-cut top stopped just short of my tiny cleavage, but the neckline showed my collar bones and exposed my neck. I put the white cardigan on I had paired with the dress and put on my black 6-inch stiletto heels.

I Çankaya Escort sat at her dressing table and touched up my make-up. She came back in carrying her own dress. “Yep, five mins?” she asked to which I just nodded. She took her t-shirt off so she was only wearing a tiny black thong and matching balcony-style bra. She put her dress on which was a good bit shorter than mine and held her arms out to the side and twirled for me.

“Very short,” I observed.

“It is isn’t it…” she said checking herself in the mirror. “Do you reckon shorts or cycling shorts?”

” They will look silly as I think you will see them,” I said, “Do you have any hot pants? Or super short shorts?”

“No,” she said shaking her head. “Fucks sake,” she said as she checked herself in the mirror again as she decided if she could get away with the dress or not.

‘Not’ would be my answer, but she was a bit more liberal than me when it came to clothing. “What types of panties do you have?” I asked, “Don’t you have some black low riser or boy short ones? You would get away with those under it. Just not that thong,” I said.

She rifled through her underwear drawer and found some plain black hipster panties which she held up and I nodded. She slid her thong off and put the hipster ones on and did another twirl. “Perfect,” I said, “People will see them, but they look like short shorts,” I said.

“Awesome,” she said and shuffled me along the bench seat I was sitting on so she could share half of it to sort her make-up.

There was a tap at the door and her Dad poked his head in. “Ready?” he asked.

“Yep, two mins,” Hanna replied.

He looked at her with the expression of knowing it wouldn’t be two minutes, but he didn’t say anything, he just closed her door and went downstairs again. Ten minutes later he shouted upstairs. “Hanna!” was all he said.

“On our way,” Hanna shouted back and we hurriedly went downstairs. He eyed both of us, his daughter with disapproval and me with… well I am not if I want to know what emotion he eyed me with. “Do I look okay?” Hanna asked him.

“Gorgeous,” her Mum said from the living room and Hanna smiled at her.

“You have nighties more substantial than that,” her Dad grumbled under his breath but didn’t offer any real protest. She wouldn’t listen anyway and it was a battle he has fought many a time and lost each and every one. He ushered us out to the car while quizzing Hanna. “Keys? Phone? Money?”

“Yep yep yep,” she replied.

He dropped us in the centre of town and she gave him a kiss as she got out. “Cheers Dad,” she said, “I will be careful,” she said before he even said it.

“Thanks for the lift,” I said, but skipped the kiss as that would have been weird. I held the back of my dress down as I climbed out of the car head first. My dress was longer than Hanna’s was, but not by that much.

We headed into the usual first bar, ordered a drink and I got ID’d as was customary then we found an empty table and sat down. We were already fairly drunk, which was the idea as drink prices in town were crazy expensive. We chatted and eyed the talent that came in and as it left as well. Guys were hot… okay some were a bit odd and creepy, but generally, they were easy on the eye. Not sleep with them sort of cute, but as a casual perv on a Saturday night, there were worse views. The bar filled up and a couple of guys tried their luck. Hanna quickly shut them down as the ‘hot guys’ wingman who I would have ended up with needed way more antiperspirant or to see a doctor. I thought I had dipped my hand in a bucket of water when he gently rested his on mine. A bit of clammy is fine with nerves and all that, but come on, at least wipe on your trousers before you touch if you are prone to those levels of moisture.

When they had left us alone I went to the restroom, mainly to wash my hands, and on my way back I got another round of drinks for us. Another guy was trying his luck with Hanna when I got back and I just coughed as he was in my seat. He stayed for a few more seconds and someone grabbed my ass. I slapped his hand as I snapped around to face him. “Er… no,” I said forcefully, twisting and pushing his hand from halfway up my dress millimetres away from being able to confirm for himself if I was wearing panties or not.

He smiled warmly at me, but that was the wrong way round. If you have a smile like that open with it, don’t grab a handful of ass and use the smile as a fallback. He had an adorable smile, what a waste. I shook my head and he didn’t even push it, he backed off. His mate stood up and as they walked off he delivered a hard punch on his arm. “Fucking idiot, she was well up for it,” he snapped loud enough for us to hear.

“Were you?” I asked Hanna with a wry smile.

She shrugged and sipped her drink with a broad smile. We finished our drinks and headed to the next bar where they played good music and had a decent-sized dance floor. We switched Keçiören Escort to bottles as they were easier to dance with than a glass and we danced together in the way only girls can. It was basically sex with clothes on as we rubbed and ground our bodies together in time with the music. A few girls joined us for safety in numbers and we had a great night. Guys never approach a group of dancing girls. Maybe they are too busy watching and perving, but as advice from a girl, you really should. Just don’t be grabby. Less grabby more swayie is good. We will let you in and you never know where it goes. If any group of girls blocks you or doesn’t encourage your approach they are bitches, move on and find some nicer ones. They probably aren’t going to rip your clothes off and fuck you there and then on the dance floor, but fun can be had by all nonetheless.

A shit song came on and we dispersed. Finishing our drinks we headed for the late-night club where we would stay for the rest of the night. It was $10 each to get in, but a warm smile and a bit of flirting with the door staff usually got that waived and tonight was no exception. It never went anywhere, I am sure they are married anyway, but I guess they enjoyed the thrill of fantasising they still had it as young girls dry promised what they would never deliver.

We got in free and all it cost was a warm smile and a peck on the cheek. A casually rested hand on my ass during the peck on the cheek and we were in. We got ourselves a drink that we would make last all night unless a guy bought us another one. It was a particularly busy night and there were no seats free so we just propped up the bar. A couple of lads got thrown out for fighting which was fairly impressive as it really wasn’t that late. Also from what I could see it wasn’t actually over anything in particular, they just started throwing punches.

As we neared the end of our drinks we headed to the dance floor and danced. The music was fairly heavy dance music and if I am being honest I wouldn’t be able to tell you when one song finished and another began. Still, the beat was good and the atmosphere was really good. A few guys came and went as we danced. I am not sure what the acceptable investment time for a guy is, I have never worked it out, even now. It seems to be around one song and once that time has been invested by the guy it should give him access to at least my boobs. Some seem to think that three and a half minutes of work gets them under my skirt and a few think it gets them access to my panties.

It doesn’t, if you dance well and I like what I see you will probably get a full body cuddle. If you are subtle I will allow hands to rest near, or on my ass as long as they are very much on top of my skirt/dress. If you are particularly sharp you may even steal a peck on the cheek., but after three and a half minutes of investment that is pretty much your limit.

Now just to be clear here you don’t have to be a good dancer, to be totally shallow and fickle I just have to like the look of you. It is a loud environment, deep and meaningful is not high on the agenda, it is a bit of fun, put the time in and you may get a nice kiss and a cuddle. If you are really really cute/charming I may even allow a cheeky slip up my dress assuming I have underwear on, but I am not going home with you and I am definitely not opening my legs for you.

Being a good dancer helps as having flat feet when you stand on them all the time is really annoying. It isn’t a requirement though. Just be nice, be charming and polite, smile, don’t tell me that you love me and for the love of God take your hands from up my skirt.

I slapped my hand behind my back and even over the music, I heard the crack of skin on skin as I connected with his wrist. He looked at me a little stunned and perturbed by my reaction. I just glared at him, shook my head, reached behind my back, grabbed his hands that were back on my bum again and placed them on my hips. “Soz,” he slurred into my ear. Oh yeah, another requirement, don’t be too drunk.

“You okay?” I asked pulling my head back so I could see his eyes that were starting to roll.

“Yeah babe,” he slurred. I scanned around and saw Hanna who was just standing to the side watching and grinning at my predicament. “I love you. Wanna come back to mine?” he slurred as I stopped him from falling over. In hindsight I am too polite, leaving him to fall over would have been a much better solution.

“Probably not…” I replied as I again removed his hands from up my skirt as his fingers tried their best to work their way into my panties. Hanna was still grinning at me and I held eye contact with her and pleaded with my eyes.

His hands went straight back up my skirt again and as I had pushed him away a little bit this left the front exposed and that was where his hands landed. Hanna appeared and pushed between us. If she hadn’t I was just winding the knee up to smash into Etimesgut Escort his balls as he had long crossed the line from playful enthusiasm to plain old sex pest. She totally blanked him, not even acknowledging his existence as she hugged me. “Hey,” she grinned.

“Thank you,” I mouthed as I looked at the guy who was swirling his bottle of beer and looking for another victim.

We danced for a while until one of Hanna’s on-again, off-again, boyfriends arrived. I am being polite, they were fuck buddies. I excused myself and went to stand at the side of the dance floor. He usually had a rather cute friend with him, but this time he appeared to be solo. I haven’t been with his mate, we have got very very friendly before, but never slept with him. I watched them dance and kiss and cuddle and checked in my purse to see how much cash I had left. I was going to be solo in the taxi back to mine.

They were so cute. It was a disgraceful display of public affection, but still, it was cute and I am just jealous. I looked around again for his mate as I was fairly horny and probably would have gone home with him. I started to decide in my mind what toys I would use when I got home to bring myself to an earth-shattering orgasm, but it was all just fantasy and serving no purpose other than making me even more sexually frustrated. I would calm down in the taxi, get home, fall into bed and be asleep before I even changed into PJs.

Suddenly my world went black as two hands covered my eyes as someone stood behind me. I froze and was about to whirl around to see if I needed to defend myself. “Guess who?” Chloe asked from behind me.

“Scared the shit out of me,” I said as I turned around and smiled at her.

“Awww, sorry,” she said grinning at me, “Who ya here with?” she asked.

I gestured at Hanna who was currently trying to suck the guy’s face off while his hands, and more specifically fingers, I am sure were not on top of her underwear. “Her,” I said.

“Eww, she seems… er…. otherwise engaged,” she replied.

“Yeah, you could say that,” I replied, “Who are you here with?” I asked.

“Kate and Alison are around somewhere,” she replied as she glanced around in a half-hearted attempt to find her friends. “Wanna drink?” she offered.

“Sure,” I said as I finished the last bit that I had been nursing for almost an hour and followed her to the bar.

“Shot? Bottle? Wine?” she asked.

“Bottle is fine,” I replied and she ordered two Alcopops that were the cheapest and least offensive colour.

We found an empty bench and sat down on it. We clinked bottles together and chatted as best you can in a nightclub. She was cute, like super super cute. She was wearing a black, short, tight playsuit that hugged her like a second skin. Her long blonde hair was in a simple ponytail down her back and she was wearing black high heels. She had a black glittery purse that she was holding in her left hand. We quickly finished the bottles and I offered to get another one. “Sure,” she said, “Need a pee,” she said and looked at me.

I got up as well and went with her. She was wearing a playsuit that there was no way she could get in or out of it on her own. It is weird when you write it down, but in reality, it is the least sexy thing in the world. We squeezed into a cubicle and I unzipped her. She pretty much had to strip and underneath it all, she was very much naked. No bra, no panties, nothing. I zipped her back up and went as well. Sorted out our makeup before leaving the restroom and headed back into the club. I got us another drink each and we sat back on the bench again. We talked, drank our drinks and then she kissed me.

Unlike the first time she launched her face at mine with no real warning, this time I met her kiss and we kissed properly. We pulled back and smiled at each other. We kissed again and this time with tongues and for a prolonged period of time. Kisses and cuddles continued as we sat and people-watched. A couple of pervy guys asked if they could watch. I was about to reply, but Chloe beat me to it. She didn’t actually say anything, but as the toe of her shoe plunged into his testicles it seemed that a verbal response was no longer required.

We eventually managed to slide behind a table which gave us more privacy. Just to be clear here we didn’t actually do anything that we hadn’t on the bench, which was just kisses. It felt very much shop window though and being behind a table added an intimacy and seclusion. It was also my first experience of prejudice. Not negative, but drawing attention to yourself just by the choice of partner. If I had been sitting here making out with a guy then no one would have looked twice, doing it with a girl though and it was almost uncomfortable. The occasional overheard crass comment or a simple wolf whistle, it felt intrusive and yet at the same time, disappointingly, not unexpected.

That is where we stayed for the rest of the night. A bit later Hanna came and found us. “Hi,” she said looking at Chloe and smiling at her. “Chloe I assume?”

“Yeah,” I replied a little sheepishly. I am not sure why, but it still felt a little odd. Not odd in a bad way, just different I guess.

I introduced them and it was all very pleasant. “Gonna head off,” she said smiling at me and she glanced at her fuck buddy who was patiently waiting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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