Young Man and Older Lady Ch. 08

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It is almost two years on from the first joint birthday party of Trey and Sarah. Trey had completed his fourth year and got his degree with flying colors. In fact, everyone, including his fellow students, had chosen him as the top student in their fourth year class. The university, under Dean Stevenson, now confirmed as Dean and no longer the Acting one, had given Trey a Teaching Assistant status so that he could teach while doing a PhD. His thesis was to be ‘The Mathematical Consequences of Colliding Black Holes.’

His life with Sarah had continued much the same, with a busy sex life that incorporated the so-called twins, Sue and Jan, Trey’s friend from his class, Mark, together with Marjorie and George, Belinda and her husband Greg, and, of course, Liz, the Art Professor who was developing a real attraction to Mark.

It was approaching Easter of Sarah’s third teaching year, the first where she had Trey as an assistant and not as a student, when she started to complain of headaches. Sarah was experiencing permanent headaches, balance and vision issues, and by Mid-May she was referred to a specialist. The specialist called Sarah and Trey in after running a whole slew of tests. When they entered the specialist’s office and looked at her, they knew it was not good news.

“Put succinctly, you have a tumor that is too far gone to operate on, and it is cancerous. I am afraid you only have a few weeks to live. I am so sorry.”

She looked at Trey and said, “It seems only yesterday, I gave your father the same diagnosis, not long before his car accident.”

Trey sat there shocked, motionless, almost emotionless. His father’s car accident had involved him losing control on a wet, greasy road, where mud had washed on to the road from a steep bank. Now he was wondering if it was really an accident. Given his diagnosis, had his father arranged to die when he chose to? He had never considered this as a possibility before. He had always been curious about the accident because his father was an excellent driver. But, suicide? And now, Sarah was soon to die?

Sarah, for her part, was determined to be as normal as possible for her last few weeks, if indeed it were that long. She had no assets to talk of, as they were living in what was Trey’s inherited house, and all her money was invested in both their names, so there wasn’t much paperwork to do. A visit to a lawyer set that ball in motion, and a final will was signed.

Two weeks later she was in palliative care, and two weeks after that, with Trey and Marjorie there, she quietly passed away. It was the middle of June. Sarah was not yet 61. Trey had given the last few classes of each of the four years for which there were currently students.

The funeral was at the university in the chapel where Dean Henry had had his funeral. There was a good turn out and a very subdued wake in the Dean’s quarters afterwards. Trey turned down all offers for company after the wake.

The house seemed so dead and quiet with her gone. No point in making martinis for one or doing much cooking. He sold Sarah’s car through the paper to someone he didn’t know, to minimize the chance of seeing it again. Even Jeopardy! lost its attraction.

Trey took himself off to the cottage, after clearing all the legal stuff with the lawyer, and getting Marjorie to remove Sarah’s clothes. Her very personal things – her toys – he put in Sarah’s night table. Maybe one day there would be another lover with whom he could enjoy them, but not yet.

In mid-July, he received a letter from George Stevenson, the Dean, which, after offering condolences, asked if Trey was up to teaching the course his father and aunt had taught, as there were three years of students in the pipeline who were entitled to complete their degrees, and a new batch about to come in. If Trey felt up to stepping in, at least for a year, that would give the university ample time to seek another person as a replacement. At the end of a year, if he wanted it, Trey would be given first refusal on the position, subject to his work being of the standard the Dean was sure Trey would attain.

Trey promised a response by early August. And so, he was at the cottage alone enjoying the peace and quiet. If he couldn’t be with Sarah, he was determined to be happy on his own. He rebuffed Jan and Sue’s offers to come up. The only person he did see was Marjorie on the occasions she came up to the other cabin on her own. It was a reprise of how he had handled the death of his father.

Given it was at these two cottages that he and Sarah had met, it was inevitable that he would think about those happy days – so recent and yet also so far in the past. It was July 31st, six weeks after the funeral, and three days before his 27th birthday, when Marjorie phoned him in the morning. “Could you accommodate an extra one for dinner this evening?” He’d shared a couple of meals with Marjorie since Sarah had died, and she had been quietly considerate, coaxing him into some laughter Girne Escort and surfacing some pleasant memories. They had steered clear of any physical connections.

“Sure, say around 7?”

“That will work. Thank you. Bye” He had to admit, he was ready for some company, and, having lost her own husband, Dean Henry, Marjorie was an understanding guest.

Trey made a fresh batch of marinade for the steaks from scratch, washed and cut up some Yukon Gold small potatoes, putting them in a foil dish with fresh onions and some Chinese 5-Spice and butter, and, late in the afternoon, prepared a spinach and red pepper salad. The BBQ was on out on the deck already lit and set to low, and he was just laying the table, when there was a knock on the door at about 6:45. Strange, he thought – Marjorie is never early.

He strode over and pulled open the door, about to say “Good evening Marjorie.” He got out the “Good evening” when he realized this was not Marjorie. It most certainly was not Marjorie.

Standing there was a tall woman, almost as tall as him. She was wearing a white blouse and white trousers, with white sneakers, and a bright blue blazer-style jacket. Her hair was jet black and shoulder length, with a gentle wave in it. Her skin was very dark brown, with the incredible sheen that some colored people have that makes them look super alive, almost glowing. Her teeth were brilliant white as she smiled from a full-lipped mouth, and the whites of her eyes really stood out against the fantastic dark brown cheek bones.

But the most incredible part of the view was her curves. She had a full but not sagging bust, a trim waist, and clearly defined hips. Her legs were long and, given the lack of surplus material in the trousers, he could tell they were extremely shapely. Trey’s first reaction was that she must be about 40.

Trey must have been struck silent for at least 15 seconds. It felt longer. The gorgeous woman just laughed. Gathering his senses, he just said “I was expecting someone else. Marjorie.”

In a wonderful warm voice with an English accent, the woman said “I know. I am part of Marjorie’s plot to coax you back into civilized society, apparently. I come bearing gifts, one white and already chilled, one red. My name is Shauna. Shauna Standish. I came a bit early in the hope I would catch you before you started cooking, so that we could have an ice-breaker drink before dinner.”

“Well, of course, come on in. Everything is ready to cook, and the BBQ on turned low, so nothing’s to spoil while we say hello.”

He stepped back from the doorway and gestured for Shauna to come in, taking her wine bag from her. Looking in, he said “A nice Canadian Pinot Gris, well-chilled, and my favorite Malbec from Argentina. Obviously Marjorie guided your wine choices.”

“Indeed, and she said you would have more of the red if we needed it.”

“I do…”

He took two glasses from the cupboard and then opened the white wine and poured it.

“Inside or out?” he asked.

“Well, it will probably chill later, so let’s sit out while we can.”

Shauna, it turned out, had just been recruited to teach Modern English and European History at the university. She had come from teaching – untenured – at Cambridge, where she had started teaching about three months before Sarah had left. “I met your Aunt only a couple of times. We were not close friends, but I think we might have been had she not left to come out here. I did know her friend Jenny intimately, if you sense my drift? I lived with Jenny for a time, after she returned from a visit here to see your Aunt, and before she met BJ.

Lately, I have been spending some time at the cottage with Marjorie, and occasionally Belinda, and they have been filling me in on all the various relationships that centered round you and Sarah.”

“Sarah did say, a little while before her illness really showed, that there was another ‘refugee from Cambridge’, as she termed it, coming over. She said I would probably like to meet you when you arrived, and so far, that’s the case.”

They only had the one glass of the white wine, not wanting dinner too late, and so, as it was a screw-cap bottle, Trey closed it and put it in the fridge. Shauna stood and watched as Trey put the foil dish on the BBQ and turned the heat up. He opened the red wine and decanted it so it could breathe.

It turned out that Shauna liked her steak medium rare, like himself, so he was able to put both pieces on at the same time. He learned that Shauna had not yet found a permanent home and was currently staying with Marjorie. As they sat down to eat, Shauna took off her blue jacket. The blouse was sleeveless and showed even more of her beautiful skin. Trey was struck with how brown the skin of her arms was compared with the skin on the palms of her hands, which was almost as pale as his own.

Over dinner, they talked about the courses they were each teaching and then got more Magosa Escort personal. Trey filled Shauna in about his relationship with his Aunt Sarah, and their relationships with their circle of friends. “Sounds very interesting, I must say,” said Shauna, “as I enjoy sex with either gender.”

Shauna explained that ethnically she was descended from indigenous peoples of Colombia in South America, which explained her physical appearance of naturally long straight hair and other characteristics. “A few generations ago, my family moved from Colombia to Brazil by way of Peru, acquiring some interesting DNA along the way, and my parents moved, as children, from there to Britain immediately after the war, and so I am British through and through despite my coloring. It was quite funny growing up in South London where, as you may know, many Caribbean people settled after the war. I look more like the whites in some physical characteristics like lips and nose, while still having the very dark skin color. Many people found it confusing.”

Trey smiled. “Confusing, maybe, but the result is very attractive.”

After dinner, Trey lit the fire which he had already laid, and they moved over to the couch in front of it. “So tell me,” said Trey, “Did Marjorie send you up here to seduce me?”

“Not exactly.”


“Meaning, I think, that by now, she thought you would have found living the monk’s life somewhat boring, and that you were probably horny enough that you would want to seduce me…”

“I see,” said Trey, staring straight into her eyes.

“I told her that if I found you as sexy as she does, I would give you 15 minutes after dinner to start seducing me, and if you didn’t, I would start on you. You currently have 6 minutes left for you to make the first move.”

Trey smiled. “Then let’s see how close to the line we can sail, shall we?” They both raised their glasses and clinked them, smiling.

“I must admit,” said Trey, “that you are very attractive, and quite sexy in the way you move and talk. Certainly much easier on the eye than Marjorie, good friend, and, yes, occasional lover, that she is.”

Trey turned around to his right and put his wine glass down on the end table. Turning back, he saw Shauna had put her glass on her end table. Trey put his left arm around Shauna’s shoulder and drew her to him. They kissed.

It was a short one, just a couple of seconds, but each saw in the other’s eyes a permission to continue. The second time they came together, Trey felt Shauna’s arm go around his neck, and he was drawn in very close. His right arm reached around and rested on her left hip. The third kiss resulted in lips parting and tongues meeting, and the gentle dance that follows that.

Her lips were firm, and her tongue was very responsive to being touched. This was his first sexually charged kiss since the last time he and Sarah had made love. The most important thing was that it was not at all like kissing Sarah. Sarah, in long kisses, was always kind of submissive. He was the Knight in Armor, confident and brave and she was his reticent Handmaiden.

But in kissing Shauna, it was almost like a duel, each trying to stimulate and arouse the other. The third kiss lasted a long time. When they pulled apart, for a while, neither spoke. But their eyes were locked. And their pulses had increased.

The room was in shadows, lit by the light of the flickering wood fire, and they were both to a point illuminated by its orange glow. The firelight added a new dimension to the color of Shauna’s skin. It also drew attention to how smooth and silky her skin was.

Finally, Shauna spoke. “Is that your first real kiss since Sarah?”

Involuntarily, Trey’s eyes went to the picture above the mantle of a naked Sarah protectively covered in a cloth draped over her that was one of Jan and Sue’s project pictures. ‘Sarah as Vestal Virgin’. After a long pause, “Yes.”

“If you don’t want to go any further, please just say so, I will understand. I do know about losing a lover.”

“Tell me about it.”

“My first lover was my sister. Four years older than me, and so much wiser. She found out early she wasn’t into boys, particularly the kind of boys in our neighborhood in London. So after school, she experimented with sex, and found herself a girlfriend. When I left school, she and her girlfriend, who was white, initiated me into lesbian sex. A couple of years later, when she was 26, she died of an overdose. I didn’t date anyone else — either sex — for a long time. Then a very nice white guy coaxed me out of my slump. From him I learned it is important to have sex only with people you like — their gender is less important than how you feel about them.”

Trey nodded in agreement with that last comment. “Sarah and I met here, at the lake, almost at the very end of summer break. It was a no-strings holiday fling. We never even exchanged our full names. We were just Sarah and Kıbrıs Escort Trey. I never even explained why I use Trey and not Pieter. We kind of just fell in love. You can imagine how shocked I was first day of the return to school to find out she was my father’s sister, my Aunt, and was now my Professor. She came round to the house that evening to explain, and we were together from then on. I loved her dearly.”

“Admit it, you still do. You always will, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love again, or that you have to be a monk, either. The point is, if you don’t want me to stay, just say so. I won’t be offended. But if you do want me to stay… we don’t have to have sex if you’re not ready.”

Trey smiled. “I’ve got sausages, mushrooms, baked beans and eggs for breakfast. And some crusty baguette bread we can dunk in the bean juice. That’s very British isn’t it, dipping your bread into the baked bean juice?” He smiled at this particular recollection of Sarah.

“Now who is seducing who?” Shauna said with a smile. Trey had to admit, that was one hell of a beguiling smile.

Sarah was very pale skinned, with blonde hair with some grey. Shauna is taller, brown skinned, jet black hair, and fuller hipped. The only thing they have in common is a full bosom. Well, that and the fact that, in both cases, they were the older woman when compared with himself.

“May I be rude and ask how old you are?”

“It’s not rude, in the circumstances. I was 40 in February. And you are 27 in three days. Not quite the age difference you had with your Aunt, but hopefully enough, as you clearly have a thing for older women.”

“Not exclusively. I had a thing for Sarah because she was Sarah. Her age was irrelevant; she was always so young acting and thinking. Jan and Sue are slightly younger than me, Belinda is only a few years older, but Marjorie and Liz are both a little older than Sarah.”

“Liz is going to be cross if she hears you say that. She may look it, but she is actually a couple of years younger than Sarah was.”

Trey laughed. After a pause, he said, “Clearly Marjorie has been fully briefing you. It seems my seduction is being executed with an attention to detail not seen since the D-Day landings.”

At this, it was Shauna’s turn to laugh. “The D-Day landings were the subject of my thesis. How much of a part luck played despite all the incredible detail in the planning! The fact that the plan worked was largely because they didn’t completely stick to the plan. What they improvised, when they had to, worked.”

She pulled him in closer to where she could kiss the tip of his nose. “Isn’t it about time for the third wave of landings?” she asked.

This kiss was really long. It lasted long enough for Trey to slide his hand across her waist, and up her side, until he could feel his thumb touching the underneath of her left breast. He was surprised that given how firm and stable her breasts were when she moved around, his thumb detected immediately that she was braless. His hand covered her breast and cupped it gently. He squeezed and she moaned. He squeezed harder and she pushed her breast into his hand, and then he felt her hand on his crotch.

His penis was already well on its way to responding, and her touch drove it into even more of a response. He gently undid the buttons down her blouse, and peeled back the front panel over her right breast. Her hand directed his head downwards and suddenly there was a large nipple in his mouth and he was sucking like his life depended on it.

Eventually, he stood up and offered his hands to help her to her feet. He reached out and pulled her blouse off. She undid his shirt and he shed it. They stepped together and he felt the hardness and the hotness of her nipples on his bare flesh, and they kissed again; arms around each other, squeezing flesh to flesh. They broke their kiss and stepped apart. Each reached for the waist band of the other’s trousers. Trey kicked off his sandals. Shauna was able to get her sneakers off, no-hands style using the opposite foot.

She was naked under her trousers, and with a bit of coaxing from him, the trousers fell obligingly to the floor. She pulled his trousers down and then knelt in front of him to pull down his briefs. His penis sprang out at her face, and she grabbed it and held it still as she kissed the tip of it.

“Are you sure?” Her voice was little more than a whisper, and she was looking up, her eyes fixed on his. He nodded.

“Really sure?” she whispered again. “It may be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be tonight.”

“Yes. Really sure.”

He pulled her to her feet and scooped her up in his arms. Considering her height, she didn’t weigh as much as he expected. Carefully avoiding banging her feet against the frame of the bedroom door because of the length of her legs, he carried her into the master bedroom, and laid her carefully on the bed.

“I haven’t made up the guest bed, but I think I am correct in surmising you would prefer to sleep in here anyway.” She just grinned and then nodded.

Having put her down in the middle of the bed, he strode back into the main room and came back with an almost full bottle of scotch and two glasses. “For later,” he said, placing them on the night table.

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