Your Birthday Present

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I wrote this story as a birthday present for my husband – hence the title.


The sun on Maria’s back felt, oh my God, it felt fantastic!

The sound of the water lapping against the sides of the yacht had lulled her into oblivion; she was in that partially conscious state where you could actually feel how relaxed you were, asleep but aware of all the pleasurable influences on your senses.

Utterly and completely undone!

After 4 and a half months of late nights, breathing dust and fumes, sweating like a pig and spitting feathers, the experience was eventually worth it. An unexpected windfall (and probably a bang on her head when she was almost 5) had been the reason behind buying the decrepit old yacht in the first place. You should also calculate in a huge sense of discontentment with everything life had thrown at her in the past few years and there you had it, a recipe for disaster!

Or so her ex mother-in-law had stated, vociferously, on many occasion. How come, despite being overjoyed at the freedom of her (cheating, lying bastard of a) son from Maria, Mrs Hardy still had an overwhelming urge to interfere in her life? A waste of her son’s money? No, he took everything he owned and a bit extra when Maria threw him out.

‘A stupid fad.’

‘Nothing will ever come of it.’

‘You can’t even sail!’

‘Mark my words, she’ll be back with her tail between her legs, begging you to bail her out again.’

Again? So when was the last time? No, when was the fucking first time?

A shiver of her history travelled briefly down Maria’s spine, but the hot sun soon melted it away and the momentary tension seeped away.

And Maria did know how to sail! Mrs Hardy knew nothing of her brief, but intense affair with Rob, the biology lecturer, married, with a habit of seducing his young and attractive female students aboard his yacht. Along with a broken heart and an odd, but fortunately curable rash, Maria came out of the relationship knowing her port from her stern and how to raise a rigging in a force 9.

A few months of exceptionally hard work had turned the sorrowful vessel into a gleaming, bright, seagoing palace. Not that Maria did it entirely on her own; there had been a certain amount of help. Help that came in varied and exceptionally attractive packages. The weather was hot and sunny, the work had been manual, the clothing, as a result, was minimal. Temptations on the other hand were plentiful…

Tom, the guy who came to sort out the rigging, had amazing arms and gave fantastic back massages to relieve the stresses of the working day – yes, he could work wonders with his fingers! Especially when he was thrusting them into Maria’s soaking pussy, grazing against her G-spot, as she lay on the deck admiring his work. Shame about his tendency bursa escort bayan to eat his own earwax, it didn’t make kissing him much fun. Once the rigging was fine, he was gone for good.

Temptation number 2 came (many times) in the form of Mick, the guy who helped with the refurbishment of the living quarters. What that man couldn’t do with his tongue was nobodies business. And, of course, Maria repaid the favour numerous times. Many an evening was spent with her lips wrapped around his hard cock, sucking and licking his balls, groaning in delight when he came hard in her mouth. In the galley (perhaps his best work – the units and the head), in the tiny bathroom, in the living room, but never in the bedroom, he always avoided that room at all costs. She guessed (incorrectly as it happens, as he still lived happily with his mother) that Mick was married and actually being “in bed” with another woman would be a step too far in terms of his infidelity. He actually violently disliked Maria’s choice of décor in there and just daren’t tell her so thought it best to steer clear. Anyway, as good as he was, the calluses on Maria’s knees became too much for her to bear so off he went with his floor varnish and a smile on his face.

There were others of course, but they were hardly worth remembering. Larry, for example, with delicate fingers and a prick to match – a fine sign writer but not much cop in bed!

And then came the engineer, Zac. He was tall, tanned, lean and happy. Maria discovered he had a personality, not just a trade. And he made her laugh, feel comfortable with herself, something that hadn’t happened in a while. Being with him, she suddenly regretted Tom, Mick and Larry…

The first day had quickly turned into evening. Maria opened a bottle of ice cold beer for them both and they talked. She couldn’t remember the last time she had a real conversation with someone, told them how she felt, what she got excited about, her plans for the future. Zac had listened, drank his beer and watched her. He’d heard the stories of course; it was a small coastal town, the wild divorcee soon made the gossip headlines, but watching her that night and hearing what she was saying, he found it hard to believe it. He went home, a bit pissed, wanting to see her again.

And that was how it started. That was how come Zac was now sitting up in the wheelhouse watching Maria as she lay stretched out on the deck, naked and glorious. He felt his cock rise as she saw her shiver slightly. Smiling, his hand dropped and he slowly unbuttoned his shorts, releasing it. Taking his hard on in his palm, he stroked himself, then his smile grew further.

Maria felt Zac’s shadow fall over her and she smiled.

“Come to join me at last?”

There was no answer. Opening her eyes, she gorukle escort squinted up at him. He was naked too, standing over her but lowering himself onto his knees. He still gripped his shaft, rubbing slowly. His hands were huge but they did nothing to distract from the power of his cock, in fact the whole experience made Maria gasp with lust. Opening her legs for him, he moved between them. She reached out and gently stroked his stomach as she watched him continue to caress himself. They locked eyes, he knew she wanted him to come on her, but he wanted to be inside her, feel her cunt muscles move around him.

‘God, stop thinking about it Zac, concentrate!”

All he could feel now was Maria’s warm fingers playing his groin and stroking under his balls. And then it was too late, she touched him just above his cock, the slight pressure was enough and he was gone. He came all over her naked body, cum spewing from the end of his aching cock and she was in heaven. Zac’s head fell forward and he had to support himself so he didn’t fall on her. Maria still caressed his smooth tanned skin and smiled with delight at his orgasm. She loved to watch him come.

As he slowly recovered, he bent to kiss her. She accepted his mouth hungrily and pulled his body against hers, coating them both with his warm cum. They slid their skin over each other, slippy, warm and wet. Zac’s fingers made their way to Maria’s cunt, also slippy, warm and wet. Stroking the outside of her lips drove her wild and she thrust her hips upwards. Ignoring her demands, he carried on, occasionally sliding one finger over her rock hard clit, rocking it from side to side. Maria flinched away from him in order to remain in control, but the vision of him coming over her and his divine, insistent touch soon became too much. Watching her, he could see it in her eyes and quickly pushed two huge fingers inside her. He could feel her muscles twitch, forcing his fingers together, pushing up against her G-spot as her orgasm found its full force. Her face contorted and her body stiffened beneath him as the wave of pleasure flowed over her. And then she became calm, a smile spreading across her face. They looked at each other and laughed.

“I don’t suppose you fancy a beer do you?” Zac asked.

“I thought you’d never ask,” she grinned at him and watched as he stood up and walked gracefully into the galley.

Zac soon arrived back with two open bottles of chilled beer and settled himself next to Maria. They chatted a while about their plans, the course of their impending journey and the stuff they might need for it. In the following moments of silence, their bodies touching as the boat bobbed gently on the blue see, Maria felt it first, the need, the lust inside her building again. She raised herself bursa merkez escort bayan up on one elbow and ran her hand down Zac’s body, stroking his stomach gently – it drove him mad! Maria saw his arousal grow and he gently pulled her face towards his, staring into her eyes.

“For Christ’s sake Maria, you’ll kill me!”

“Yeah, but you’ll die happy.”

Zac laughed.

“You have a point I suppose.”

His hand reached around and rested on the back of her neck, slight pressure moving her mouth towards his hardening cock. Maria eagerly wrapped her lips around it, pushing her tongue under his foreskin and slicking it quickly over the tip. Maria loved this, the power, the love. Moaning deep in her throat, she gripped the base of him and moved up and down him, the taste and feel of him made her mouth water, saliva dripping down his shaft, tickling him as it reached his balls. Zac pulled away, the suction of Maria’s mouth around his cock broken audibly.

“Aarrgghh baby, you can’t keep doing that if you want me inside you,” he whispered.

“I don’t care where I have you, as long as I do have you,” Maria smiled coyly.

“Well, I care. I want to fuck you, fill you,” Zac growled and pushed her onto her back.

He knelt between her legs, hooking his hands under her knees and pulling her towards him. In one swift movement his hard cock was thrust into her willing and wet pussy and then he was still again, concentrating on fighting the urgent need to come inside her warmth.

Maria gasped and couldn’t help but move herself over him, always amazed at the feeling as his cock pushed against the front wall of her pussy. Just as she felt herself slipping away, Zac halted the movement again and let her legs fall by his hips. He lay over her, still inside her pussy but not moving. It was an odd feeling having him inside her like that, odd but fucking good. Being open but filled with warmth and feeling her muscles tense and twitch so powerfully.

“Fuck me Zac,” Maria whispered. “Please, fuck me.”

Slowly Zac started to move again, he could feel her muscles move too and it was beginning to tip him over the edge. To hold himself there for as long as possible made falling over that edge so good, but then again it all felt so good. The heat spread through his thighs as they ground their pubic bones together, Maria’s clit becoming increasingly and delightfully crushed beneath him. They melted into each other and came simultaneously, each unaware of anything but their own pleasure for a brief moment, then immense satisfaction as they realised how good the timing was.

Moans, screams and groans disturbed the quiet of the sea and then only deep breathing as they recovered, gained their vision again and became aware of their surroundings.

“I think I need another beer,” Maria croaked.

Zac was silent, couldn’t quite form words yet, but he nodded and smiled as Maria made it unsteadily to her feet and headed to the galley.

Who knows about a happy ending – a bit too twee for my liking – but the sun was definitely getting low in the sky as they sailed west.

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