Your Eternal Reward

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Author’s Note: This was a tough one to categorize. It could arguably have gone in Nonhuman, Humour, Non-con (not really but kinda), or probably even Anal or Group for that matter. But the core kink is futa on boy stuff, so that’s what I went with.

Thanks to LizHaze for giving this a read even though it’s not really her jam.


Connor woke up lying on soft grass, warmed by the morning sun. He cracked an eye, then shut it again. He carefully tested his body, moving his arms and legs, wiggling his toes and fingers, and running his hands over his other bits. Nothing hurt.

The lack of pain was confusing, but he wasn’t quite sure why. More confusing still was where the hell he was.

Connor sat up, opened his eyes again, and looked around. Nothing looked familiar. He was in someone’s front yard, but he didn’t know whose, nor how he’d ended up there.

It was a very pleasant morning, so at least he had that going for him.

Movement caught Connor’s eye. The door to the house opened, and three girls walked out, appearing to be maybe in their early twenties, at his best guess. They were all in a line at first, then spread out horizontally once they hit the grass.

Connor swallowed hard. The three girls were insanely cute, and were only dressed in panties and camisoles. He couldn’t really see anything inappropriate, but they were awfully flimsy outfits considering he’d never even met them before. Not that he remembered, anyway. Memory wasn’t his strength so far this morning.

“Good morning,” one of the girls said cheerfully as all three of them stopped just short of Connor. “Ready to get started?”

“Maybe,” said Connor. “Started with what? Do I know you?”

“Of course not,” said another girl. “We’ve just met.”

“I’m Monica,” said the third girl. “That’s Demi, and she’s Lita,” Monica said, gesturing at her companions.

“Oh,” said Connor. “I’m Connor.”

“Yes, we know,” said Demi. She reached out a hand and helped Connor up. She was much stronger than she looked. “Ready?”

“For what?”

Monica clasped her hands behind her back, which only made her scantily covered chest all the more prominent. “Do you remember dying, Connor?” she asked just as casually as one might about the weather.

“No,” said Connor. “But… I don’t think that’s something anyone can remember. They’d be dead, right? Unless… it’s one of those things where they get resuscitated.”

“Well, you weren’t,” said Demi.

“Not even a little,” Lita added chipperly.

Connor looked around again. Other than the one property they stood at, he could kind of tell there were more houses and yards and things around, but they were… blurry. Kind of. He could see them, but he couldn’t. It was odd.

“You’re kinda stuck here,” Demi said with a shrug. “For now, anyway. Things can change. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

“Stuck where?” Connor asked, frowning. “You’re making it sound like…”

He paused and looked down at himself, again running hands over his torso. It was intact and didn’t hurt anywhere. That little nagging voice inside him was telling him firmly that that wasn’t right.

“Like you’re dead?” Lita asked, leaning forward, giving just a tease of some more cleavage in the process. “We’re definitely hinting at it, alright.”

“If you’re too obtuse, we’re just gonna skip past it and let you work it out later. Some people are sooo slow to accept it,” Monica said.

Demi nodded toward the house. “Come on. This is your place.”

“Oh,” said Connor. He scratched his head. “Why can’t I see other houses properly?”

“You’re asking all the wrong questions, my dude,” Demi said. “But I mean, that’s fine. You’ve got time.”

“Lots and lots,” Lita agreed.

“Am I… am I in Heaven?” Connor asked.

“Hey, there you go,” Demi said, patting him on the shoulder. “Getting warmer. So to speak.”

“Not that Heaven really exists,” Monica said. “Not in the way you probably assume.”

“There are… good places,” Demi said airily. “Some of them could be called Heaven, I suppose.”

“But this ain’t one,” Lita said with a small giggle.

“But… really? I mean, it’s a nice sunny yard, I get my own house, there’s you three…”

“Awww,” Lita cooed. “I think he likes us.”

Demi wrapped an arm around Connor and led him toward the house. She was fairly petite next to him, yet he felt like she could probably throw him around if she wanted to. She just had a solidness to her, a confidence, and some serious muscle, even though he couldn’t for the life of him spot any on her cute, slender body.

“Of course he does,” Demi said. “We’re very likeable.”

“Likes looking at us, maybe,” Monica said.

“‘Cause we’re super duper hot and adorable,” Lita said firmly, as though stating fact.

Connor couldn’t find any reason to argue.

The inside of the house was nice too. It wasn’t a massive house by any means, but was bigger and fancier than anywhere he’d ever lived.


Was he still doing that görükle escort even? Walking around like this after death didn’t seem all that likely, but then so many people believe in afterlives that maybe there was a reason for it.

“So, uh, if Heaven doesn’t exist-“

“It does,” Monica said. “And it doesn’t.”

“… what?”

“Well, like, clouds and harps and famous people and that bearded guy and stuff? Not really a thing.”

“Oh. But, so, this place is like a Heaven, but not?”

“Yes,” Demi said with a wicked grin that didn’t match her otherwise cherubic innocence. “Exactly. Not Heaven.”

“If you’re really good, you might get something better,” Lita said, swinging back and forth a little, drawing attention back to her chest.

“Eventually,” Demi added.

“Eventually,” Lita agreed easily.

Connor nodded. “Ok, well assuming this isn’t some fever dream or bad trip, I think I can work with this. This doesn’t seem so bad.”

The three girls all exchanged looks that could only be described as amused and impish.

“Let’s check out the bedroom,” Demi suggested lightly.

Connor felt a little thrill at the suggestion. “Sure,” he said, voice cracking slightly. “That sounds… interesting.”


Demi followed close behind Connor as he walked into the bedroom. Lita and Monica were hot on her heels.

She felt a predatory smile creeping over her otherwise flawless cherubic aura. Despite being warned, Connor still thought he was getting a Heaven. That made what was to come next all the more delectable.

He was such an innocent, in many ways. New to this plane of existence, for one. Not even quite thirty when he died, relatively young even for his species. And hadn’t believed in an afterlife, which as far as Demi understood the system, didn’t much matter, but usually cost a few points on the overall final score.

Upon entering the room, and while Connor was still facing away, Demi and her counterparts dropped their panties in smooth, synchronized movements. As one, they stood up straight and let their big, hard cocks free. It was a bit of a trick hiding them away, but the surprise reveal was worth it.

It was so much more fun if he didn’t see it coming. Not that there was any reason he would, probably, but particularly when their outfits had left so very little to the imagination, and he couldn’t possibly predict that they’d been hiding these monsters in their tiny, clingy panties.

Connor’s eyes bugged out as he turned around and saw the girls lined up together, all pointing straight at him.

“Wha… um… what?”

“This would be your afterlife for now,” Demi said casually. “If you’re a good boy, it’s possible you might move on out of here.”

“Eventually,” Monica added with toothy smile.

“Maybe only a few decades,” Lita chirped, bouncing slightly to make her cock jiggle.

Connor’s eyes shifted back and forth between the three hard shafts, drifting down to the smooth, hairless balls beneath.

“This is… what I…”

“Sure is,” Demi said, stepping closer, taking her time, really making sure he appreciated the gravitas of her advance.

Demi wondered, as she had the night before he’d arrived, how long it’d take for him to break. Everyone was different. Some were nearly immediate. Some tried to maintain a facade for much longer. She couldn’t read Connor well enough yet to know about him. He was still so confused she wasn’t sure he’d processed it all properly.

Monica and Lita flanked Connor, still looking sweet, innocent, and cute, excepting their evil grins and big ol’ dicks. They pushed him to his knees easily enough. He wasn’t resisting, and they were much stronger than him anyway.

“This is for you,” Demi said with the soft confidence of someone who doesn’t need to yell. She pressed her cock to Connor’s face. “Open up.”

It seemed like Connor might be defiant. Or that he still hadn’t understood. But then, after swallowing nervously, he opened his mouth.

Demi sighed happily as she slipped into his mouth. Her cock hit the back of his throat, and for the moment she didn’t push further. She rocked back and forth, fucking his mouth, staking an initial claim on it.

She didn’t expect him to fight. He didn’t seem like type. Resist, sure. Lie in wait, then strike when she wasn’t ready, not so much. But he wasn’t even resisting so far. Just kind of accepting her cock in his mouth.

That was fine. Demi had more than that for him.

Connor’s eyes opened wider and he gagged heavily while Demi slowly pushed deeper. She held his head with an iron grip, not letting him pull away. Only once she was firmly in his throat, having made the point that she could force her way in if she wanted, did she let him pull away, slide back off her dick to take some deep breaths. Already his eyes were running and his chin was damp with spit and precum.

“You’ll need to do better than that,” Demi said with that same quiet tone of authority.

“Much better,” Lita said. görükle escort bayan “She wasn’t even in all the way.”

Connor stared up at Demi, panting slightly, then again swallowed and opened his mouth. Demi cocked an eyebrow, but didn’t hesitate in shoving her cock right back in, going even deeper this time.

He didn’t seem like he would have already caught on to how things were going to go, that he would have accepted it. No one submitted to their fate that easily, and Connor hadn’t been overly swift on figuring other things out.

“He’s so cute,” Lita cooed, stroking Connor’s hair while helping force him down on Demi’s shaft. “Look at his eyes. So determined. He’s really trying.”

Monica had reclined on the large, spacious bed, waiting for her turn. She’d taken her top off and was lying there naked, idly tossing her foot back and forth and toying with her cock. “That’s actually a smart move. Cooperation and compliance make a difference when it’s time for review.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t know that,” Demi said, thrusting hard and smiling at the gagging and choking sounds from Connor’s throat. “You think he’s planning something?”

“Can’t imagine what,” Monica said. “Not like he can just run for it.”

“He could try,” Lita said. “It’s funny when they get out in the yard and bounce off a wall they can’t see.”

“Let’s maybe save that for a slow day, if we can,” Demi said.

Connor’s throat was feeling really good. He didn’t have much of a handle at all on breathing technique, or control over his gag reflex. He probably didn’t realize yet that he couldn’t suffocate, so he didn’t actually need to panic about air.

Generally, he had a nice soft mouth and throat, the way Demi’s favourite boys tended to. And the gag reflex felt exquisite along the end of her shaft. The more she got into him, the more of her got squeezed and massaged by his tensing muscles.

Demi finally buried herself fully, balls to his chin. He seemed much more worried at that point, even though she made sure to let him breath again from time to time, just to keep things fun. Her whole cock was slick from all the gaggy spit going everywhere, and even her balls were getting wet from his drool.

“I think I might cum down his throat,” Demi mused.

“Already?” Monica asked. “It hasn’t been that long yet.”

“I want to see what he does,” Demi said. “I’m not really getting the proper reactions yet.”

“Sometimes you don’t,” Monica said. “Sometimes they gotta get past their shock before you get much of anything.”

“Maybe he likes it,” Lita giggled. “You have such a pretty cock.”

“Don’t be weird, Lita,” Demi said.

Basically at will, Demi shoved her cock deep into Connor’s mouth again and let her cum burst forth. She pumped all kinds of hot, thick, creamy cum down his throat, pulling gradually back to make him work harder at swallowing it, eventually only cumming in his mouth to make sure he got a good taste as well. She allowed him to spill some, so long as he was mostly only making a mess of himself.

Demi made Connor clean her cock off some with his tongue before vacating her spot.

Lita jumped eagerly at the chance and proceeded to shove her cock at Connor while he was still dazedly recovering from Demi. Still, he managed to open his mouth and take her in without too much fuss.


Connor was rather impressed. Heaven-not that that’s what this was, exactly, according to the girls-had never struck him as being that exciting as a concept. Wherever he’d ended up was much more of a thrill. Cute girls with big cocks demanding blowjobs? It wasn’t what he ever would have guessed, but it was quite a good time all the same.

Demi seemed a bit annoyed with him at times. He knew he wasn’t the best at sucking cock, but he was trying his level best. He hadn’t had many opportunities to practice sucking girls off like this in his life. Or any opportunities at all, really. It was all new.

He’d made her cum, at least, and she’d seemed to enjoy it. She’d cummed a lot, too. It tasted so fucking sexy, and there was so much in his tummy already.

Now Lita wanted him, and he was going to do his best with her as well.

“You’re so much cuter than the last guy I was assigned to,” Lita said happily as she casually violated Connor’s throat. “He was older, though, and that doesn’t help. He used to whine a lot too.” She patted Connor’s head like a puppy. “You’re quieter, huh?”

Connor wasn’t sure if he was meant to be answering, but he couldn’t regardless. His mouth was very, very full. As far as he could tell so far, the girls all seemed to have cocks roughly the same size as one another, so taking her wasn’t any trickier than Demi. Plus he had that small amount of experience to work with now.

“I thought I was being rough enough,” Demi was saying to Monica, over at the bed. “Didn’t get much of a reaction though, did I?”

“Gotta go harder,” Monica said. “I’ll show you when Lita’s done.”

“Good luck. She’ll take bursa escort forever. I don’t know how she still gets so excited about it.”

“Of course I’m excited,” Lita said. “It feels so good!” She beamed down at Connor, who was struggling to keep his eyes on her while gagging on her cock. “You’re nearly a throat-virgin, aren’t you? Hm? Yes you are! So snug. So soft. So wet. Very nice.” She patted him again. “And so well behaved.”

“Hnnnhh ghhhnngg,” Connor said, flushing slightly at the praise.

Lita hummed happily to herself as she mouth-fucked Connor. She of course wanted to go deeper too, and Connor’s throat was forced to stretched out for her. He had some practice with Demi now, and wasn’t quite as unsure of himself. That helped. Plus Lita seemed so much more excited and encouraging of him, which for being so new to this was very helpful to him.

Lita’s cute face was all lit up, her eyes wide and gleaming. Connor tried to look up at her as best he could, but there was only so much eye contact he could make with his eyes watering and blinking, his face being somewhat roughly handled, and his throat protesting and causing him to gag at semi-regular intervals.

Connor was afraid he was going to look a bit of a mess. Already did, really. He couldn’t seem to stop choking and drooling everywhere. All down his front and soaking his shirt was a mixture of his spit and Lita’s precum, which was surprisingly tasty. It would have been quite sexy anyway, but having an amazing taste was a lovely bonus. There was, too, some of Demi’s cum that had previously spilled from his mouth.

It did, indeed, take Lita longer to cum than Demi, as she and Monica had guessed. Connor was feeling fairly lightheaded by the time Lita was ready to finish. He felt a thrill run through him as he sensed more cum on the way, another massive load presumably. Demi had cummed so, so much. Hopefully Lita would too.

He wasn’t disappointed. Lita grunted and moaned and shoved her cock in deep as her balls pulsed and shot hot cum all inside him. He swallowed fast, not wanting to make such a mess again. It felt so unprofessional. Unlike Demi, Lita hardly let him taste any at all, mostly shooting it into the base of his throat, almost to his stomach already. The last bit she let him have in his mouth, giggling as she instructed him to hold it for a minute before he was allowed to swallow.

Connor was panting even harder after Lita. He was already a little tired from the attention that seemed as though it had only just begun. Very happy with it, though, and still quite excited.

His cock was so damn hard after having two cute girls use his mouth and throat with their throbbing dicks. Monica hadn’t gone yet, so presumably he’d get at least one more go. Maybe more.

Connor coughed to clear his throat. “Could I possibly get off my knees? I’m not used to this, and they’re getting a bit sore.”

The girls looked at each other as Monica hopped off the bed, cock swaying enticingly as she sashayed over. “Sure thing. I didn’t want you down there anyway.”

Monica helped an unsteady Connor to his feet. She rather efficiently peeled off his messed shirt, then worked on his pants too.

“Why you stripping him already?” Demi asked. “It’s not time for that yet.”

“Maybe I like seeing a cute, naked boy,” Monica said. “What’s it to ya?”

Lita nodded. “He’s very nice to look at,” she agreed. “So smol. Makes you think he won’t even be able to take our dicks.”

“Not that small,” Connor mumbled, blushing.

His cock was soon totally uncovered, and he got a few incredulous stares once it was.

“The fuck?” Demi said. “Why’s he all hard and… dripping?”

“It happens,” Monica said. “Just a reaction.”

“You’d think he’s enjoying it or something.”

Connor frowned slightly at that comment. Of course he was enjoying it. But Monica was already moving him, using that deceptive strength the girls shared. Connor stopped moving, resisting a little just to see what would happen. It didn’t faze Monica in the slightest, and she tossed him on the bed like it was nothing.

If anything, that only turned Connor on more. They were going to use him and there was nothing he could do about it. Fuck that was hot.

“There we go,” Demi said, cheering up a bit. “He kinda fought there a bit, didn’t he?”

“A little,” Lita said, scratching her head dubiously.

“I definitely had to throw him,” Monica said, “but…”

She trailed off as she approached and Connor opened his mouth for her. She frowned, bodily dragged him to the edge of the bed so his head was hanging over, upside down. She adjusted her angle, then pushed her cock in, getting halfway into his throat on the first thrust, thanks to his open-throated position and excited expectation of what was coming.

“Yeah, I dunno,” Monica said. “It’s a little too easy, huh?”

She fucked Connor’s throat hard, getting balls deep in him far more quickly than the other two. She kept going, kept fucking his face, going harder and faster. Connor was struggling to keep up, to time his breaths, anything.

“Little fucker’s leaking precum down here like crazy,” Demi muttered, running her fingertips over Connor’s slick cock.

Connor moaned at the touch, which got a breathy gasp from Monica in return.

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