Blended Family Pt. 07

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“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, so hard, mmmmmm…”

Melissa purred with pleasure as she slid down slowly, the delicious impalement as she drove her steaming fuck-hole down, impaling herself on George’s rock-hard cock.

In the master bedroom, Melissa had woken up before her husband, it was 6 AM, and she saw his morning erection, bone hard and tenting up the sheets. The thoughts of her mutual masturbation session with her stepson filled her mind, and she wanted to ride her husband’s cock, NOW.

That woke George up, and his eyes grew bright with lust as he saw his wife, horny and ready to drain his morning full balls.

She lowered her body down, letting her tits dangle in his face, and George eagerly licked and sucked, capturing the right nipple in his mouth, bringing more purrs of pleasure, then the left nipple, switching back and forth.

She lifted her, her nipples were stiff and swollen, gleaming with the saliva his mouth and swabbed over them. She started to ride his dick, oh yeah, she drove her cunt down as George arched up to his, stuffing her vaginal vault to the brim. She grabbed her boobs, and start to tug and tweak her nipples, god that felt so good.

“Oh yeah, keep fucking me baby, I want that thick creamy morning load, drown my cunt!”

George grunted, “Oh yeah sweetie, keep on riding, cum all over my dick!”

Melissa started to mix her movements and alternated them, all the while slowly raising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down. Forward and backward, then side to side, and finally in a circular fashion. She adored the feeling of his cock rubbing all over the insides of her creamy cunt.

She couldn’t stop her thoughts, and she visualized what had happened a few short hours ago. Spread open in the armchair, masturbating for her stepson’s eyes, while he stroked his dick. He had a real pussy pleasing prick, whenever he got a girlfriend, that cock would make her a happy girl.

George was getting the best fuck of his life. He had loved his first wife dearly, and their sex life had been good, but Melissa had a lusty, hungry streak that took their sex life, and made it into an art form. He looked at their joined crotches and thought that her pussy was like a wild animal, slowly nibbling and eating him. Melissa was tight, hot, and juicy, that vaginal tightening surgery had made every fuck feel like he was doing a 20-year-old. Looking up, he saw that between the heat and the sex, Melissa was sweating with her exertions.

Sweat ran down Melissa’s body and dripped from her rigid nipples onto his stomach. She began running her fingers through the hair on his chest, going from his small nipples down to his belly, ending up by running the length of his cock as it entered and bursa escort exited her cunt.

George reached up with one hand to rub Melissa’s nipples. Large and stiff, they protruded at least an inch from her bouncing tits. With the other hand, he reached down and began stroking her clit. Melissa gave a small shudder and seemed to become distracted. She began to lose interest in the complicated motions she had been performing and began concentrating on a rapid in-and-out.

After several minutes of increasing speed, George could feel the orgasm approaching. Melissa had been gasping and moaning, cumming twice and crying out for him to cum.

At his outburst of “Oh God, I’m going to blow!” Melissa crested to her third orgasm, she reached down with one hand. Cupping his throbbing balls in her hand, she began to massage his massive cum swollen nuts. This was too much for George, and he let out that moan that Melissa knew so well, and his big balls exploded, squirting a full morning load of thick, hot cream upwards into her cunt as her pussy hungrily milked at his cock.

Exhausted for the moment, Melissa collapsed onto George. Her pussy was pulsing, the rush of wetness being pumped over her tight walls, the wonderful wet warmth always felt so good. His completion when the rich liquid warmth would bathe her womanly passage always made her feel so complete.


In the girl’s bedroom, Carla and Laurie were awake and hot, the noise of their parents fucking had brought them to a horny need, and it had become second nature to turn to each other and make sweet, satisfying love.

Carla purred, “Stand up baby.”

Facing each other, Carla wasted no time, her soft sweet lips grazed Laurie’s, their hard, stiff nipples brushing against each other.

Laurie cooed, “Grab my tits, maul them!”

Carla’s tongue slithered straight into Laurie’s mouth. It darted around, wriggling all over as Carla’s hands grabbed Laurie’s boobs, her fingers tweaking and tugging her nipples, Laurie moaned into Carla’s mouth as sweet sensations shot straight from her boobs to her creamy slot.

“Turn around sweetie, I need to eat you all up before breakfast.”

Carla took position on her knees, gazing up at her sweet sister’s sexy center, and her tongue quickly moved in, Laurie purred as Carla’s tongue fitted neatly into the tight little coin slot of her cunt, and she expertly ate her sister’s creamy offering.

God, the taste of Laurie’s pussy juice was amazing, and she ate her sister with a lust-driven hunger, enjoying Laurie’s muffled cries of pleasure as her mouth was flooded with a wash of Laurie’s girl cum.

Carla pulled back and cooed, “One more thing to make the meal complete, bursa escort bayan grab your cheeks, baby.”

With the taboo nature of anal sex play no longer an issue after last night, Laurie felt the wild anticipation as Carla slid a finger up her taint, her tongue quickly following, and…MMMM, the finger ticked at the tight rim as her tongue settled right between the cheeks.

Laurie felt the lust fire up all over again, her mind filled with the thought of ‘my sister is licking my rosebed, my tight little starfish, oh god it feels so fucking amazing.’ A passionate shiver rippled over Laurie’s body as she felt her loving sister’s face nuzzling warmly between the moons of her spread-open buttocks. She let out purrs and moans of pleasure as Carla’s lips pressed hotly against the tiny sensitive opening of her puckered anus. Carla’s wildly searching tongue followed up to lick and probe, pressuring slightly into the reflexively clenching orifice, while Laurie gasped in pleasure from her sister’s lascivious mouthing.

Carla’s mouth gave way, and Laurie felt Carla’s finger press against her asshole, then slide in, delving slowly into her tight almost virgin back door. Laurie felt the superb feeling of Carla pushing deep until her finger was as far as it could go.

“Oh god, that feels so good, rub my clit too, make me cum!” Laurie gasped.

Being the loving sister, Carla was happy to do so, and gently finger-buggered her sister as her other hand stroked and ticked at her clit.

Laurie cried out, ”Oh my god, keep going, gonna cum, oh fuck, gonna cum so fucking hard!”

Laurie felt the rush and the explosion of pleasure as her orgasm took her. She did her best to stifle her loud cry of pleasure as she let go.

Carla felt her hand suddenly soaked by her sister’s juices, Laurie’s asshole pulsing around her finger as she brought her sweet sister to completion. She loved being able to make Laurie feel so good.

As time was running short on time, they reluctantly parted, and both of them knew that they would soon be back together again. Laurie had to be at work soon, and her boss did NOT appreciate any tardiness. Carla had a late shift at the Night Owl boutique, so she would be gone from 3 to 9 PM.

Laurie could see the needy lust, and she whispered, “Go over to Zack’s room, and have a hot 69! Tell him that when he gets home from school, I want his cock and a good hard fucking!”

They heard the downstairs front door closing as their parents set off to work, and that was an all-clear signal.

After tongue-filled swirls, Laurie caressed Carla’s ass, whispered “Go get him” and went downstairs.

Carla went to Zack’s room. She felt the tingles of lust, walking escort bursa nude through the house made her lust simmer, so wanton and wicked, so eager for more incest-laden fun. She tapped on his door, and hearing a sleepy “come in,” she did exactly that. She smiled as she saw his bedsheet tented way up, and she was eager to help relieve that pressure.

Zack quickly shook off the dregs of sleep as his twin was a few feet away, nude and with a lust-filled expression on her face.

“Mmmmm, I can see how hard and ready you are. Can’t let you go off to school with a set of achy blue balls, I am here to take care of that. I want us to 69, give me a full mouth of your tasty whitewash, while you lick my clit to a frenzy. When you get home, I will be at work and Laurie told me to tell you that she’ll be hot and horny, and she’ll be ready for a good solid fuck.”

Carla giggled, and she came over, squatted over Zack’s mouth, and let out soft coos as he felt his hands grasp her hips, pulling her down gently toward his waiting mouth. He could see her crimson flesh, all rosy and swollen, glistening with her juices. Zack ran his tongue along her delicate pink inner lips and then wriggled into her steaming snatch.

Carla moaned, and bending forward, licked at his cock head, making it wet and slick, pursed her lips then slid down the shaft, swallowing 6 inches. She tightened her lips and sucked as she pulled back with an exquisite milking pull.

Zack shivered with delight as she ran her hot, pliable mouth up and down until she had the full length of his stiff shaft riding in and out, she slid her mouth up and then plunged down the full length again. Her mouth was moist, hot, and expert, Zack felt like she was eating him alive. Again and again, her mouth plunged up and down on his swollen prick, her cock sucking technique was expert, and he figured that her cunt licking skills that she had honed to a fine edge with Laurie, she was translating it into a dynamite blow job.

Carla paused long enough to purr, “Mmmmm, oh yes, there, get your tongue right up there, Oh yes, right there, make me cum!”

Carla started to ride his pole faster, and her orgasm was about to explode, god, having her twin lick her cunt while she sucked his cock, that thought took her right over the edge, and she could feel her pussy start pulsing, she let out muffled moans of pleasure as she painted his face with her girl cum.

Carla could feel his cock throbbing, suddenly it swelled and jerked, getting ready to blow. Carla rode that pole, hungry for his wet spray of semen. That did it, and his semen exploded across Carla’s tongue, his morning load gushing into Carla’s eager mouth.

Oh yeah, fuck, Zack felt the extreme pleasure as his twin sucked eagerly, draining his balls into her hungry mouth, she sucked over and over, being a cum hungry slut, she wanted every drop of his load.

Just before she went back to her room, she purred, “Remember Laurie will be waiting for you after school.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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