Hiking Hi-jinks Ch. 01

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Its hot out. Really hot, and in more ways than one.


This all started when your friend Becca got a crush on Kevin from work. So far her attempts to catch his attention ha not gone well. The

Kevin flirted back to a degree, but other than that this work crush had hit a wall.

That was until she overhead Kevin talking with Greg about going out hiking on the weekend. This was pretty normal since Kevin and Greg are always going out into the woods. Exploring, hiking, canoeing, fishing, camping, you name it and they probably do it. They could have been brothers if they didn’t look completely different.

Kevin was tall about 6’2, skinny build, blonde hair, blue eyes and soft smooth features. You considered him fairly cute, but not to the degree Becca idolized him.

Greg however stood about 5’11 but with a more solid build. Lean and muscular with dark tattoos on his right arm. He had Dark hair, and hazel eyes. He sported far more striking features. Greg was also normally the friendlier of the two, and had shared a friendly conversation with you on more than one occasion.

Becca was desperate and asked you for your help, which you agreed too somewhat reluctantly. I’m guessing by what happened next that she had wanted to show him that she is his type of girl. As they discussed the details of the weekend plan across a table in the break room. She yanked you over, for what you assumed she had meant moral support and asked the pair of them if she could tag along.

They turned and stared at her for a second, then looked at each other in surprise. You knew why, last time they had tried to invite others to join them no one was even remotely interested. They were nice guys, but the idea of sloughing through the mud all day,camping at night, then having to get up to hike again wasn’t very appealing to rest of your co-workers.

Not to mention that we would have to carry or make all our own food and none of the rest of our co-workers are real outdoorsie, so far no one had accepted to go out with them. So to have Becca ask flat out, must have been quite a surprise.

Once the shock passed however Kevin’s eyes however lit up like i’d never seen and said “Of course! i’d love to have to come out with us, it would be great to have you wouldn’t it be?” turning and looking almost desperate for to Greg to give his assent.

Smirking softly at his friend and turning to Becca he evenly said. “Of course, Rebecca you know everyone is welcome to tag along.”

At this point Becca must have realized she had signed on to go into the woods alone with two men, who despite working with for over a year didn’t know very well. If things with Kevin went badly it would be beyond awkward. So she quickly piped in “And Shari will come two!”

“I what?” you protested at being signed up without my consent. One pleading look from becca however and with my promise to help you reluctantly agreed to tag along.

“That way we can share a tent! Do you guys have an extra one?” Smiling ear to ear that she would at least have some company if things went south.

Kevin shook his head “don’t worry about it though I’ve a huge tent, it fits up to 10 people it even has a partition if you ladies want some privacy.”

It seemed reasonable enough if things got weird then we would each have a big portion of tent to escape too and a girlfriend to guard each others backs at night.

Day one

So the plans were made, the boys made us lists on what we would need to pack and reminded us to pack light, something which both of us took to heart but apparently forgot right away on what light meant. Becca unable to decide what to wear, brought a weeks worth of clothes for 2 nights, and you got carried away and brought twice as much food and water as we would most likely need.

The early the next morning the boys picked you both up and drove out into the country, a few unmarked dirt roads later we reached a dense forest trail where the road stopped. Parking and locking up, we geared up and set off down the trail without a hitch. The conversation so far had been spent for the most part complaining about work.

The hike was pleasant enough at first, the boys set what they called a “slow pace” as we headed down the grubby trail, until it started to widen and everyone stopped at edge of a dense forested area. The boys checked their bearings and headed off with Becca and you in tow. Normally you would enjoy a good hike but this was just amazing. The wildflowers were blooming along the trail and you even found a patch in the most beautiful shade of purple. Picking one gently and bringing it to your nose you let it filled the air with a soft fragrance mixed in with the clean untouched earthy smell of the woods. The crisp scent staying with you as followed up the trail and through the brush, it was invigorating.

After about an hour however, the over packing started to take its toll. The straps of your backpack started digging into your shoulders and your feet where killing will trent izle you. You stopped enjoying the lush scenery, distracted by the pain and discomfort. The heavy burden causing you to lag behind and wishing to god you had packed lighter.

Noticing your slowing pace, Greg fell back, into step with you and smiling offered to carry your pack.

“Are you nuts, you can’t carry two packs at once.” You replied bluntly. Stubborn need for independence made you reluctant to relinquish it.

“Actually its no trouble, I train at home with twice the weight I normally bring, with your pack it won’t be more than i’m used too. He explained.

“Besides you look like you could use a break” he said, giving you a steady knowing look.

You noticed for the first how his hazel eyes shifted in the light, appearing a different shade every time he would blink. The effect was dazzling and you paused for a moment to take it in before finally responding.

“Are you sure?” you said still reluctant to give up the pack despite the fact it was killing you.

“Absolutely, I promised you two that we would have a good time, you won’t have one if your in pain.” he said matter of fact.

“Well, okay but just for a little while.” handing over the pack and letting Greg sling it over his own. “Becca is gonna think i’m wimping out” You complained aloud causing Greg to break out laughing.

He leaned in and said quietly so no one else could hear. “I doubt it, while you were picking that flower I saw her putting all her supplies in Kevin’s pack. She is only carrying her clothes now I think.” his eyes glimmering in amusement.

“Not that she is wearing them” you added making Greg laugh again. Becca had gone a bit overboard, she wearing a very short skirt and tube top to go hiking in, both very revealing with her curvy figure.

You at least had opted for shorts and tank top. Although you had displayed enough to show a striking and sexy figure. A figure you had worked very hard on toning the last two months.

Still chuckling both of you rejoined the other two and hiked through the day. Stopping for lunch beside a stream and watching as a group of deer drank from the opposite bank.

Getting that pack off made a world of difference, you felt light as feather now and with the second wind you became free to take in the lush beauty that surrounded you. The group traveled up the stream, following a trail along the bank that slowly raised as the stream had eroded down into the earth over time.

Still following this path we passed some berries off a bush, Greg and Kevin letting us know they were safe to eat and producing a small tupperware container each.

Taking a break to pick berries Becca insisted we split into two groups, Obvious she wanted some alone time with Kevin. Both groups agreed on meeting back at the stream in fifteen minutes,

Becca looping Kevin arm and letting him guide her off down a small side trail.

Being paired with Greg wasn’t too bad however, he found more than enough to fill the container in less that five minutes. Despite how good they tasted Greg warned you about eating to many, and this time you heeded his advice.

“Its good those two have some time alone, they have been eye-banging each other for ages now.” Greg said suddenly.

“Sorry you had to get dragged into this though, you didn’t seem to eager when Becca volunteered you.” He looked at you, sympathy marked in those dazzling eyes.

“She didn’t… you started to protest but decided against it, Greg was too sharp for you to hide that and there really wasn’t much point in hiding it anyway.

“Yeah okay, I didn’t want to come at first but i’m having fun.” And you meant it. “Its really is beautiful out here. Thank you guys for letting me and becca come.” You found yourself smiling at him.

Your sincerity causing him to smile back warmly and holding your gaze for a moment, before looking down at his collection of berries and chuckling.

“You should have seen Kevin the next day, he spent more time planning this one than anything we had ever done combined, just so you ladies would best the best scenery possible, just wait until tomorrow.

We returned to the meeting spot and talked for a while, waiting for Becca and Kevin to return. The twenty minute mark rolled by, then at a half hour Greg started to look concerned and said for you to wait while he went to go find them. Not wanting to be left alone in the middle of no where you insisted on going with him.

Leaving the packs behind, we moved off into the direction they had gone, not far down the trail Greg bent over the grass and pointed off the path. “They went that way, see the shoe print. That is Rebecca’s shoe, you can see the logo in the ground.” He explained

You couldn’t really see it, but you nodded anyway. Greg seemed to know what he was doing, following the bent grass and broken branches a little ways until he stopped to listen. Frowning fate the winx saga izle and looking puzzled he pressed his finger to his lips and we crept forward through the brush till we came up on a clearing.

There they were, Becca on her knees, her breasts pulled out of her top, fully exposed. Sucking Kevin’s dick with such vigor that she didn’t seem to take in anything else around her.

“Oh my god, that slut!” you thought in my head turning to look at Greg who looked at you and rolled his eyes smiling as we watched the scene unfold.

Kevin’s hands pulling Becca’s hair aside so that he and by consequence us could get a clear view of her sucking him. One of her hands playing with his balls and stroking the bottom of the long shaft.

Her other hand she had up her skirt, both of us had no illusions on what she was doing.

As she fingered herself enthusiastically, her moaning stifled by the cock in her mouth. Kevin seemed just overwhelmed, he reached down and played with Becca’s breasts, at one point pinching her large nipples causing her to let out a cock-muffled squeal and moan even louder.

The sight of her blowing him like that had made you quite horny, your nipples started becoming hard and you felt them rubbing against your bra.

You felt your pussy moisten at the sudden erotic scene in front of you, you had a sudden desperate urge to finger yourself.

One of your hands resting on your thigh you contemplated throwing caution to the wind and sit down then and there, pull down your shorts and panties so you could finger yourself as you watch you friend suck someone off.

Still battling with the idea, you glance at Greg who was still beside you, watching the pair with a bemused and slightly irritated expression on his face. Glancing lower you see a solid lump in his pants, the sight of the pair in the clearing having a hard cock so close was making you even more horny. Now you began thinking of fingering yourself AND sucking Greg off while you watched.

A cry from Kevin however ended that pleasant naughty train of thought as you saw him explode into Becca’s mouth and watched her drink it up and finger herself even more vigorously. Greg tapped you on the shoulder, indicating it was time to go before we got discovered.

On the way back, he grumbled “Bloody moon-addled fool. He knows better, if he was planning to fool around he should have given himself more time.”

Nodding in agreement, barely aware of what he said as you tried to get all the naughty thoughts out of your head. “I can’t believe she is even doing that, its not even really her first date with him” You added.

“At least they are having a good time.” Greg chuckled.

“So where is my good time mister?” you blurt out without thinking, you hadn’t meant too but you had cock on the brain and Greg was nice, attractive and judging from the lump in his pants as horny as you where at the moment.

“I’ll have to get to work on it, it would seem.” Greg said evenly looking you in the eyes and causing you to blush deeply.

We made it back to the meeting point thankfully a couple minutes before Kevin and Becca. They apologized for taking so long and claimed to have gotten turned around. Greg scolded Kevin for letting himself get lost but let the issue slide quickly. The group pressed on down the trail, Becca and Kevin becoming less and less discreet in their new found closeness and in the quick gropes they where throwing each other when they thought no one was looking.

The more they played, the hornier you got. Your earlier desire had still yet to be resolved, you watched Greg carry your pack, admiring his body, his strong shoulders, his muscular frame, his tight ass. You fixed you eyes on his pants, hoping to see some sign of the bulge you had seen earlier. You wanted to be touched, wishing Greg would cop a feel, you were all worked up and just needed to get off.

At this rate you would be out of control, so an idea forming in your head you claimed nature’s call and walking off down the trail. You lay down in the soft grass, Surrounded by more beautiful purple wildflowers in full bloom.

Unzipping your shorts and tugging them and your panties down to your knees, letting your pussy taste the fresh air. Resting both hands on either side of your pussy lips, you slowly rub yourself over, working up and down. Getting into a good groove and sliding a finger inside yourself. Enjoying the satisfying feeling you slip another two inside your dripping pussy and probe the depths. Taking your time and using your other hand to massage your clit.

Craving more you increase the pressure on your clit, fingering yourself with renewed intensity and letting the quick orgasm wash over you. Relieved for the moment you quickly rejoined the group and continued the hike, hoping to god no one noticed the scent of your dripping pussy.

Around five pm, you finally reach camp and The boys busy themselves with with love izle building the tents, making the fire and setting up the camp chairs.

They work was seamless because they had camp set up and dinner made by six.

Unfortunately there were four of us and only two chairs, becca found the solution planting herself onto Kevin’s lap and following suit you found yourself on Greg’s. Greg’s cooking was surprisingly good, considering what he had to work with. Everything was tasty, cooked and seasoned perfectly.

After dinner, Greg produced a flask of vodka. With some orange juice packets and some sprite. He made you and becca what he called, Twisted Screwdrivers. The drink send a nice warm feeling through you as you get cozy in front of the fire and rubbing up against Greg, causing something not unwelcome in his pants to press up against your shorts.

We all talked for a while, then Becca started whispering in Kevin’s ear and the pair excused themselves early saying they where tired. The pair retreating into Kevin truthfully massive tent, and the noises contradicting their tiredness claim as they clearly were having some very energetic and noisy sex.

“It looks like you’ve been booted from your tent little lady, at least if they plan to keep that up.” Greg commented.

“Great now where am i going to sleep” You said exasperatedly realizing you had just indeed lost your sleeping quarters.

“Take mine, its small but its warm. I’ve slept outside before, i can manage without it.” Greg offered without hesitation.

“Like hell you will! I’m not letting you give up your own tent and making you sleep out in the cold. We share it.” you demand.

“Are you sure? Its really not a two person tent, its only designed for one. You go ahead and take it, ill be fine.” Greg insisted stubbornly.

“We share it, or we both sleep in the cold. Mr. chivalry” You would not be denied at this point.

“Alright, if you insist.” Greg relented.

The campfire was winding down, and the temperature was dropping so we decided to call it a night and headed off to Greg’s tent. He wasn’t kidding on it being small, it was an army issue pup tent. We laid out our sleeping bags and found that they half covered each other.

You went to undress and Greg stiffened and attempted to avert his gaze, you teased him undressing slower than you needed to and then unhooking and removing your bra from within the shirt so he could see your nipples through the thin fabric of your tank top.

Settling in to my sleeping bag you watched him peeled off his shirt leaving him in shorts. This revealed his real figure, something you had yet to see in depth. Nice lean muscles, strong arms, with well defined abs that lead down his chest into tantalizing V.

Those strong cut shoulders however held your gaze the longest. The right sporting a tattoo of a black moon, with the background skin forming a howling wolf’s head.

We both lay down and settled beside each other you laying on one side away from Greg with him on his back. With everything that had gone on, you had become very horny again and was doing your best not to show it. It didn’t help that you were now pressed against a hot guy in nothing but your underwear and a tank top. Your breasts ached to be touched and the fabric of you tank top rubbed against them teasingly as you breathed listening to his steady breathing.

You found one of your hands between your legs and testing the waters. You found your pussy wet and the moment you brushed it with your hand it was compelled to stick a finger inside. Hoping very much you weren’t making noise you tried your best to silently finger yourself. Trying to sate your begging pussy in silence next to Greg.

This time however fingering it out wasn’t going to cut it. You needed a nice cock, and this one was about as near as it could get. But Greg seemed determined to be the nice guy and not press it.

He had been the nice guy from the start, letting Kevin bring Becca and you along, he carried that god awful pack for the majority of the hike, didn’t expose Kevin and Becca in the clearing, made a great dinner for everyone. He even offered up his shelter to me, fulling willing to spend a night outside in the freezing cold just so you could have a place to sleep.

That sealed the deal, you would let him fuck you in an instant but he didn’t make a move, even when it was clear he was turned on. Frustrated, slightly tipsy and very cock-hungry you made the decision, time to take charge and fuck this guy for his own good.

Pulling off underwear, you rolled over and whispered “Greg are you still awake?” Greg was still laying on his back, hands on his chest like a mummy as if he didn’t dare move them anywhere forbidden.

“Yeah, everything okay Shari?” opening an eye and turning his head to you.

“I’m cold, can we share a sleeping bag?” You said as innocently as you could manage.

“Yeah of course, here.” Greg replied softly half asleep, unzipping his sleeping bag as you crawled out of your own and into his, in the dark of the tent he didn’t notice you weren’t wearing anything below my tank top.

Re-zipping the sleeping bag and throwing your own over Greg’s bag like a blanket. You pressed yourself against his body feeling it tense at the touch, but he did not shy away accepting your presence.

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