Motel Stories 01 – Alexandra

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Motel service par excellence!

NC-18 — No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.

“Excuse me, sir. I understand you might be looking for a two-hole punch?”

That’s what she said when I answered the door.

I was in the motel I was staying at during a business trip out west. The flights in had been OK — nothing special. No late flights to complain about, no bizarre seatmates. Just a nice seven and a half hours of flight time in those comfortable and spacious coach seats (haven’t found the “sarcasm” font yet — and it wouldn’t carry over to the site anyway).

When I checked in, the young lady at the desk, Kelsey, was very polite and professional. I tried to be the same way, but it was difficult as she was quite a little cutie. About five-five. Some people (idiots) would say she was maybe a little heavy. I’d say curvy with a very strong chance of nicely huggable. Blond, with a short but feminine haircut. Delicate little ring in the piercing on one side of her nose.

I managed to get checked in without flirting with her and dragged my stuff up to the room.

The following morning I met my fellow travelers in the small eating area for their buffet-style breakfast and noticed the desk was manned (literally). We finished our breakfast and headed out into the wilderness to take care of the reason for the trip.

After a long day, we returned to the motel that night and took advantage of the manager’s reception — another small buffet-style meal served in the same area. We’d stayed in the same motel several times when conducting business in the area so we were quite familiar with the place and it had almost started to feel like “home” — but just barely “almost”.

That night the desk was being attended by another beautiful young lady by the name of Carlie. She was about five-ten and looked to be fairly fit. Light brunette hair. Since I’d already checked in, I had limited contact with her and managed to keep from flirting with her as well.

The next night, the young lady at the desk was Alexandra. She was the one that caught my eye.

I don’t have a “type”. At least not appearance-wise. But there was something about her that drew me. And that made me cautious.

Not scared. But definitely cautious. You can’t ever be too cautious in my line of work.

She was about five-seven and had dark brown hair — really dark brown hair — almost black. Not the kind that comes out of a bottle, just a really, really dark shade of brown. Shoulder length with bangs cut straight across the front with a little under-curl.

It appeared she had a tight figure, almost a runner’s body, from the few short glances I had taken at her from near the desk and from the service window near the little “convenience supplies” section. Coincidentally, when they were busy at the desk, that window gave some stunning shots of some really nice backsides.

From my seat with my back in the corner of the eating area that afternoon, I could look up and see her as she first glanced our way and then took longer and longer looks our way.

I watched out the tops or the corners of my eyes without making direct eye contact to see who it was she was paying attention to, but it was difficult to make it out from that far away. As we sat and ate, all the members of our small party got up to get seconds or drinks except me, and the glances kept coming toward our table.

After a short while I decided to grab something else to drink myself. As I moved through the room I kept my face pointing toward the buffet area but watched her, again out of the corners of my eyes, as she tracked my progress. Interesting.

I got my drink, went back, sat and finished our discussion, then went up to my room.

Over the next few days I made it a point to talk to Kelsey and Carlie every time I passed the desk, with a “good afternoon” or a “have a nice night”. I didn’t avoid or intentionally exclude Alexandra, she just didn’t seem to be working as often.

But she was working every few days and every time she did and I happened to be eating down there her eyes were almost always focused in that back corner. A few times she seemed startled to find a customer standing across from her and then she appeared to have to think about what she needed to say. Also interesting.

A week and a half into the trip I was working on some reports as part of the project and decided to print copies of them and put them into a folder to keep organized, so I saved them to a data-stick, carried it to the business center, pulled them up and printed them.

I stopped at the desk and asked if she had a two-hole punch I could borrow for a minute or three. Carlie looked around the desk and even went into the back office, but when she came back out she said she couldn’t find one. She was sure they had one, but she just couldn’t find it at the moment. I asked if she by chance had a one-hole punch as I could just mark the holes and punch them individually. otele gelen escort She looked again and wasn’t able to find one of those either.

I told her I’d try back again later.

The next night as I came through the lobby, Kelsey got my attention and told me they had found the two-hole punch. After dinner I went up to the room, got the reports, took them downstairs and punched the necessary holes. I thanked her and gave her the hole punch back.

A few nights later, I noticed Alexandra working the desk as I passed through and made it a point to say, “Hey, Alexandra. How’s your day going?”

She started, then smiled shyly at me and said, “It’s going OK so far.”

I paused and said, “Just OK? Not fantastic? Or super? Or outstanding? Just OK? Sure hope it gets better for you,” then continued on to the buffet.

She kept looking my way as I ate, but this time she smiled every time she looked my way. When I finished eating I took a right past the convenience supplies window and looked in as I did. Of course I looked in.

And she was bent slightly over the desk pushing her butt out a bit — which was cool. What was cooler was that she smiled even bigger when she saw me check her out as I went past since she was looking over her shoulder.

I ran out to the car to grab something then, instead of coming in the door at that end of the building, I walked quickly to the front door and came inside. As I walked past the desk I said, “Hey, Alexandra. How’s your day going?”

She stood up from where she was leaning behind the desk with a confused look on her face, turned and looked over her shoulder at the convenience supplies window, then back at me as she smiled still with that confused look on her face and said, “It’s going OK so far.”

I said, “Just OK? Not fantastic? Or super? Or outstanding? Just OK? Sure hope it gets better for you.”

As I walked away I heard her say something to herself. It sounded like she said, “It’s going to,” but when I glanced back as I turned the corner she was looking down at something on the desk.

I went back to my room, watched TV for a while, then turned it off and went to sleep.

I had actually already woken back up (thanks to still being on east-coast time while working on the west coast) and was trying to decide whether to get out of bed or not when I heard a soft knock on my door.

I slid out of bed and moved toward the door, checking to see how many shadows were showing through the gap under it, then approached it from the side and leaned across to glance through the fish-eye lens.

I started to relax when I realized it was “only” Alexandra. Then I tensed again wondering why she was here at this time of the morning.

While I was still considering the situation I saw her shadow move away from the door and I started to go back to bed.

But then I heard that same soft knock.

Since I hadn’t moved very far, I opened the door about a foot almost as soon as her knuckles left the door the last time.

She looked up, startled at how quickly the door had opened.

“Can I help you, Alexandra?” I asked.

She actually looked down at her chest to see if she was still wearing her nametag before looking back up.

“I know your name, Alexandra. I don’t need a nametag to remember it.”

“Oh,” she said in a soft voice. Then she stood there hesitantly.

I leaned into the door frame to get a little closer to her and asked again, “Can I help you, Alexandra?”

I could see her trying to remember the line she had planned to say. “Excuse me, sir. I understand you might be looking for a two-hole punch?”

“Well thanks, Alexandra, but I got one from Kelsie a few nights ago.”

Her eyes flicked down to the floor and I could have sworn she muttered, “Shit,” under her breath, but then she looked back up at me and gave me a shy little smile and said, “Are you sure I can’t help you with anything?”

“What did you have in mind, Alexandra?”

“Oh, Carlie and Kelsey said you were looking for a two- or even a one-hole punch and, well, I have a hole or two that you might be interested in punching — as long as you punch gently?”

“Well, Alexandra, I think you might have gotten the wrong idea.” Her face fell. “Or is it possible that Kelsey and Carlie were playing a joke on you and made my request sound different than what it actually was? I really was only looking for something to punch holes in some paperwork.”

Her face flared with color and I definitely heard her mumble, “Shit,” under her breath this time. I knew I had heard it because I had slowly been closing the already-short distance between us.

“Sorry to have bothered you,” she muttered and started to turn away from the door.

“But since you’re here and I’m awake already, why don’t you come in? You’re shift is over and someone else has the desk now, right?”

“Yes,” she smiled that shy smile back up at me. “I told the guy who replaced me that I was going to pendik escort use the bathroom and hid in there for a while until I knew he had gone back to the back office then used the stairs so he wouldn’t hear the elevator.”

“Well, then. It appears you do have something in mind. C’mon in,” and I opened the door more widely.

She ducked under the arm I was using to hold the door open and slipped inside.

I leaned slightly out into the hallway and looked both directions, then stepped away from the door and closed it and flipped the deadbolt.

When I turned to look at her, she was standing at the foot of the bed with her right hand holding her left elbow so her right forearm was across her body.

I recognized it as a defensive gesture and turned right back to the door and opened it.

She looked at me in confusion as I held it open.

“You…you…you’re kicking me out?”

“I’m not kicking you out, but I’m giving you the opportunity to leave. I’m not completely sure — and, more importantly, I don’t think you’re completely sure — you should be here.”

“No! I want to be here!! I’m just nervous because I’m afraid I might do something wrong. I’ve been watching you every night I’ve worked and you intrigue the hell out of me. I can’t keep my eyes off you when you’re around. I love the way you walk around like you control everything around you and the way you sit and manage to pay attention to everything and everyone around you. I’ve come up to your room every night since I first saw you and never had the courage to knock until tonight.”

“So why are you so nervous?”

“Um… I… Oh, WOW!!”

Believe it or not, she was either so shy or so distracted it had taken her this long to realize I was standing there naked.


I stood there with my hands on my hips and stared at her as my cock began to swell.

“Oh, my, god! You are even more beautiful than I had imagined!” she said. Then she reached down, grabbed the waist of her blouse and pulled it off over her head, revealing her naked B-cup breasts and their erect nipples.

She tossed it to the side as she kicked her shoes over on top of the blouse, then unbuttoned her slacks and wiggled her hips as she shimmied them down her legs.

She stepped on the edge of one sock and pulled her foot out of it, then switched feet and repeated the move.

She kicked the pile of slacks and socks over to join her shoes and blouse. Then she stood back up, folded her hands in front of her crotch with her fingers interlaced, and just stood there.

I closed the door and continued to stare at her until she pulled her hands to her sides, hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pushed them to the ground as she slowly bent at the waist. This caused her hair to fall forward to shadow her face.

Instead of standing back up, she held her panties on the ground with her hands and pulled her feet out, then kept her hands on her panties as she knelt with her knees spread wide to either side of her forearms and her back arched slightly to better present her breasts. The position also presented a peek at her neatly trimmed pussy between her forearms.

Once she was settled, she lifted her panties in both hands on outstretched arms to me, almost as an offering with her head still bowed.

I considered her for a moment or two more, trying to figure out what was going on in her head.

I was pretty sure I had figured it out, and found out I was right when quietly stepped closer, hooked a finger and took them from her.

As I took her panties she dropped her hands to her thighs with her palms up and her fingers curled only slightly. I lifted her panties and felt their wetness as I audibly inhaled her scent.

I stared down at her another moment longer, then let my voice get husky and low as I rumbled, “Your offering is acceptable.”

I watched a cute little shiver start at her shoulders and work its way down to the flare of her hips. Then I stepped slightly closer and used the end of my cock to gently part the curtain of hair across her face.

I waited until she leaned just the tiniest bit forward to place her tongue under the head of my cock.

And I waited some more to see what she would do.

We stayed there, as still as statues, for almost a minute before her head bobbed as she swallowed once without pulling her tongue from my cock or closing her mouth. A minute might not seem like a long time, but try not swallowing for a full minute — especially when you have something delicious on your tongue.

Then her tongue started to gently stroke that tender patch of skin under the head.

She wasn’t licking like pull, release, make contact again and repeat like she was licking a lollipop. She was sliding her soft, wet tongue slowly forward and backward across the underside of my head while her hot, shaky breath gave the rest of it caresses of another sort.

As I knew she was going to have to try to rus escort swallow with her mouth open again I began to slowly inch my feet forward without having to shift my balance from side to side to let her know what I was doing. At the same time I was pulling my hips back slightly.

As I felt the amount of saliva in her mouth build up, I slowly slid the head of my cock farther forward until I felt her lips close around it.

Her convulsive swallow was followed by a groan. Which was followed by a grunt as she realized she had taken some of her own hair into her mouth. I had been waiting for it and as soon as her hand began to move, I growled, “No-o-o-o!”

Her hand stilled on her thigh and I reached out with both hands and pulled her hair back away from her face and behind her head. I gathered it together like a pony-tail and held it gently in one hand.

Then, to her consternation, I went still again.

She slowly began to move again, using the roof of her mouth and her tongue to milk the head of my cock, using first slow motions while maintaining suction then gradually picking up speed, but still with only the head in her mouth.

Then she stopped.

And started again, slowly building speed. As she did, she began to slowly pull her head back and I followed with my cock.

When she had reached that fastest speed again she pushed forward, trying to get my whole cock in her mouth. But just as I felt my head hit the back of her throat I tightened my grasp on her pony-tail and pulled back on it as I pulled my hips back.

She groaned as I did and tried to take more of my cock in. I let her try, but didn’t let her get the whole thing in.

I wasn’t teasing her. I just didn’t want her gagging on me. Not because I’m a “nice guy”, but because I had no idea what she’d eaten or drank lately and had no desire to find out.

I pulled her head back until she was again supporting the head of my cock with her tongue. She paused, then turned her head slightly to the side, wrapped her tongue under my cock and slid her mouth and tongue all the way down it to my balls. When she got there, she released her tongue from my cock and gently licked my sack slowly several times before giving it a cute little kiss.

Then she used her nose to nuzzle my cock up and over her nose as she dragged her tongue across my sack as she began to lick my balls on that side as well. Then she wrapped her tongue back around my cock and dragged her mouth back up to the head.

I allowed her to continue to move her mouth over my cock that way over and over until I was about to cum, then pulled her back by the pony-tail until only my head was in her mouth.

She figured out what was about to happen because she clamped her lips around the ridge of my head and began to work her tongue on the underside of my head until I blew my load into her mouth, growling loudly as I did.

I tried to keep my hips still, but was unable to. But I did release her pony-tail and her head followed my cock as she continued to suck until my orgasm was complete, then she continued to work her tongue over my softening cock as she pulled and sucked every last drop out of it.

I squatted down in front of her and reached out to gently part the curtain of her hair with my fingertips. I smiled into her eyes as I slid my hands down across her face, down her neck, across her shoulders, then down her arms until I finally grasped her upper arms in my hands, stood as I lifted her, and lightly tossed her onto the bed.

She started to scoot back toward me and I pointed at her and growled, “STAY!!”

I ducked into the bathroom and waited in there until I could piss, then came back out.

As I had expected, she had frozen exactly as she was when I had growled at her. And no, she hadn’t moved and then gone back to the same position. She had not moved at all. Well, except for the way her breasts were moving because of the heavy breathing she was doing.

And her nipples were making some very interesting circles in the air.

I grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her to the foot of the bed. When her ass was about to slide off the foot of the bed I pushed her feet down. Because she tensed unconsciously, her torso rocked upward.

As it did, I dropped (lowered myself quickly, actually) to my knees, shoving her knees outward as I did.

She realized I was right in front of her and started to reach her hands out to touch me, but I grabbed them and pushed them behind her back until her wrists were crossed. Then I grabbed them in one hand, squeezed a little, leaned in and growled, “Keep them there until or unless I tell you to move them. OK?”

She nodded and I moved my hands up to the sides of her face as I leaned in to kiss her. She started to lean forward herself and I growled. She froze and I began to gently kiss her face. I kissed her cheek just to one side of her mouth. Then I pulled back and kissed just to the other side of her mouth. I pulled back again and looked at her until her eyes flicked up to mine. When they did, they froze there as I leaned in toward her only to pull up at the last second and kiss her on the tip of her nose before pulling back again.

I was the one to break eye contact this time as I stared at her mouth, licked my lips and growled. I made eye contact, leaned in again, tilted her head to one side and… Stopped about a half inch short of her lips.

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