One Night with My Roommate’s Girl Ch. 02

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Four months. It took me four long months of lonely nights, cold showers and many hours of porn until I saw her again. It felt like forever. Where did I run into her? Safeway at ten-thirty on a Thursday night. I’d worked overtime and had gotten off an hour earlier. It had been a very long day dealing with customers in the front office. Our receptionist and two mechanics had caught food poisoning from the taco truck that parked across the street. I’d stopped to grab a rotisserie chicken, a bag of carrots and a bottle of whiskey. It was my go-to dinner on nights when I didn’t want to cook or eat fast food. I saw Katie standing in front of the leafy greens in the produce section, hand cart in the crook of her arm and a distant look on her face.

I could have grabbed my carrots without her seeing me, but instead I walked over to her.


She turned around. “Oh,” she said and stared at me for five full seconds before she smiled. “Hey James. How are you?”

“Good, thanks. Um, how about you?” She looked as good as ever in a tank top and those tight black yoga pants that clung to every curve of her generous hips and ass. I pictured her riding Chad, bouncing and rocking on his small cock.

“Fine.” Her cheeks flushed and I got a little stiff.

“You and Chad…?”

She smiled. “Yeah, we’re still together.” She laughed, but there was a note of sadness in it. “If it weren’t for him, I’d be home in sweats with a glass of wine watching Orange is the New Black. But no, Chad needs kale for his morning smoothie.” She looked down and muttered, “And heaven forbid he has to get it.”

Trouble in paradise, I thought. “How’s everything else?”

“Good.” She glanced into my cart. “Dinner this late?”

“Yeah it was a long day.”

“Hence the whiskey?”

I laughed. “No, I glaze the carrots with it.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Fancy. And it sounds good,” she said. “You still working at the shop?”

I nodded, “Yeah.”

She glanced down. “Could I bring my car in? It’s been making this weird noise when I put it in gear lately and I hate taking it to the dealer because they charge so much. Plus I trust you.”

“Weird like how?”

She laughed. “I don’t know.”

“Sharp? Low?”

“No, it’s more like a grinding.”

“Sure, bring it in. We’re busy this week, but you can come in early next week. I’ll have my boss look at it. He works on cars more than I do. Give me your number and I’ll let you know tomorrow what day you can come down.” I pulled my phone out and she rattled off her number. I hadn’t planned on getting her number, but I wasn’t disappointed either.

Another image of Katie naked flashed before my eyes, but this time it was my dick she was on top of. What I would do to her given half the chance. She’d take all eight inches of me and be sore for days.


Katie came to the shop the next Monday morning. I was the only one there. Vince was on a coffee run and Laura, our receptionist, was at a doctor appointment. Katie walked into the shop wearing a loose tank top and shorts so short, I thought I would see pussy if she spread her legs wide enough. Her hair was still wet and I caught a whiff of her sweet scent. Her lips spread into a smile when she saw me walking toward her. They were the color of raspberries. God help me if I didn’t picture them wrapped around my cock head.

“I parked in front. I hope that’s okay,” she said.

“That’s fine.” I opened the door that went from the shop to the office. “There’s just a few things I need you to sign. Are you going to wait around for it?”

She walked by me and I caught another hint of her scent. “No, I think Chad’s coming.” She glanced at her phone. I saw a message-free screen. “He said he’d be here. I told him ten so that could mean as late as eleven if he’s with a client.” She spat the last word out like a curse. “What do you need me to sign?”

I grabbed the clipboard and explained what Vince was going to look for. “He’ll call you when he’s done with the diagnostics. Shouldn’t take more than three hours.”

She smiled and took the pen from me. Her fingertips brushed mine. It was an electric jolt through my body. Standing this close to her was torture. I wanted to lean over, kiss her lips, neck, breasts, grab her waist and push her against the counter. But she wasn’t mine to have like that.

“Thanks, James.”

There was a roar I recognized as Chad’s truck. A minute later, he opened the door. He was larger than I remembered. His upper arms and chest strained against the thin fabric of his plain white t-shirt and his head was freshly shaved. He walked over to Katie, but didn’t kiss, hug or even say hello to her. Instead, he pulled his phone out of gray gym ümraniye escort shorts pocket and asked, “You almost done? I got a private client in thirty.”

She sighed and looked at me. “Do you need anything else from me?”

?”No, I’m all set. Vince’ll call you in a while and let you know what he finds.”

She smiled. “Thanks James.” She walked out, two steps behind Chad, who was still looking at his phone.

“If she were mine I wouldn’t look anywhere else,” a voice said into my ear. I jumped around and saw Vince with a stupid smile on his face. “You want to hand me her paperwork or do you need it to wipe the drool off your face?”

I shoved the clipboard at him and stomped into the shop.


“It’s all done,” I said, the phone clamped against my shoulder as I filled out a work order and waved goodbye to Greg, another mechanic who was clocking out.

“Oh my God, thank you so much James,” Katie panted. “I—I really appreciate it.”

“Are you okay?”

She laughed. “Yeah, sorry, I’m on the treadmill. It’s the only chance I’ve had this week to run on it without…” She paused and said, “Can I come get it in an hour?”

I told her that was fine, said goodbye and hung up, but I couldn’t help wondering what she’d wanted to say. Katie was hot—great body with just enough wiggle for a guy to hold onto as you pounded into her moist pussy and a pretty face with brown eyes, plump lips and hair long enough to pull. She had been with Chad for a few months before I moved in. It was a hell of a lot longer than I’d been with any of my exes. But none of them had been anything like Katie.

“Back to work, Kid,” Vince said. I turned around and saw him standing with the door to the shop half open.

The next hour stretched out and I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the driveway. Finally, I heard Chad’s truck.

“That’s one hell of a lift kit,” Vince said as he wiped his hands, but there was no appreciation in his voice. The truck resembled its owner: it looked like it was on steroids.

Katie walked in by herself and ten seconds later, the truck’s engine revved and faded as it drove away. “Hey James.”

I grabbed a rag and scrubbed my hands. I felt like a grease monkey while she stood there looking cool and perfect. She pushed her sunglasses on top of her head. “Hey yourself. So I just need one signature and you’ll be all set.”

We walked towards the shop door. When I opened it for her, she turned around and said in surprise, “Thank you.”

I shrugged. “Where I’m from, men always open the door.”

“My dad does for my mom and me, but Chad never has. He just barrels through and trusts I’ll follow.” She readjusted her sunglasses in a nervous gesture. I knew she didn’t want it to be a big deal, but it was. God, she deserves better, I thought.

Better? a spiteful voice asked. Look at you. Skinny, barely taller than she is with almost no muscle. You always have grease under your fingernails which would smear on her clothes and mar her skin. You went to college online while she went to a private university. She knows art and history and works with children while you don’t even know how to spell Picasso let alone name one of his paintings and spend your days hunched over with your head inside engines. She’s champagne, bubbly and light and refreshing, and you’re a can of beer, cheap, common and flat. There’s no way she’d ever go for you.

I knew that voice was right, that it had just said every doubt I’d had since that night in the closet every time I’d closed my eyes and imagined Katie with me. But knowing didn’t make me want to throw something any less.

I shoved the papers at her and asked, “How will you be paying?”

She pulled out her wallet. “Credit card.”

I looked at the name on the card. “Is this your dad’s?”

She nodded. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah, I mean usually no, but I know you—” Her eyebrow lifted and I stammered, “Well I—I think I do. I know who you are, is what I meant.”

“Relax,” she laughed. “It’s okay.” She glanced down and picked at the counter’s peeling edge. “I’ve always felt like I’ve known you, at least better than I’d expect considering how short of a time I’ve known you.” She looked up into my eyes. “That night, when you were in the closet, was the best night. It’s the only time…” My eyes widened. She’d never cum except for that night? “With Chad.” She laughed nervously, her cheeks flushed. “God, I’m sorry, I don’t know why I just said that.”

“No,” I said too quick to come off nonchalant, though I suspected that was not how she’d ever describe me, “it was, well it was great. And it’s been about all I could think about these past few mecidiyeköy escort months.”

“Oh, it’s not why you moved out, is it?” she asked with genuine concern.

“No, I really had planned to stay there for three or four months anyway until I found something closer to here.”

She exhaled. “Good. Because at first I’d feared you moved out because it would have been awkward.” It would have been, I thought, but I would have dealt with it to still be around you. “But then I wondered if you’d moved out because doing it again would have been too tempting. Well it or…or more…” Her voice had dropped to a husky whisper and her pupils were dilated. My cock was hard.

I swallowed. “I’d, um, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it was also a reason. The second one.”

She smiled and flicked her eyes up to mine. “Who knows what will happen, right?” She grabbed the papers and her keys off the counter, smiled, turned and left me speechless. What the hell had I gotten myself into and why could I not wait to find out?


I waited an entire day to text her. I’d told myself to wait two, but know even as I made it that the expectation was too high. It was a simple text though it took me five minutes to get right: Hey its james. U want 2 get a drink 2nite?

She responded not even three minutes later: No. I want you to cum over here.

I got hard. Was that I good idea, I wondered. Was it any worse than getting a drink, which was only going to postpone the inevitable.

What time? I asked her.


C u then 🙂

My hand rubbed my hard cock through my pants. I closed my eyes, leaned back against my couch and went to unzip my pants. I pulled my hand away. Better to let it build up for tonight.


Three hours later, I rang the doorbell of the house I used to live in. I knew there was no established rule for what to bring to a girl’s boyfriend’s house when you were hoping to fuck her, so I brought a bottle of wine.

She opened the door, one hand on Frankie’s collar. “Hey James, come in.”

I pet Frankie’s head as he sniffed me and handed her the wine. “Here.”

She smiled. “Thanks. You must be a mind reader. I’ve been craving red all evening but only had white and was too unmotivated to go to the store.” She turned and asked, “You want a glass?”

“Sure, thanks.” I followed her into the kitchen, watching the two perfect globes of her ass bounce with each step in her tight black shorts. She had to stand on her toes to grab the wineglasses from the upper cabinet, the muscles in her calves straining, and I wanted to thank whoever put them there. She popped the bottle open, poured and handed me a glass.

“To new experiences,” she toasted.

I smiled. “New experiences.” After sipping, I asked, “Where’s Chad tonight?”

She sighed, “He’s at a retreat. It’s some cleanse he’s doing with a couple clients.”

“A cleanse? What the fuck is that?”

She laughed. “They drink juice for five days and do a lot of yoga or something. It’s supposed to get rid of all the toxins in our bodies from greasy, fattening foods, alcohol and pollution.”

“All the good stuff.”

“Yeah, basically…So what have you been up to?”

“Not much. Working a lot. How’s your car running?”

“Great, thanks again.”??I shrugged. “I wasn’t the one who worked on it.”

“Well, I appreciate you getting me in quick.” She smiled and all I could think of was kissing her, pinning her against the counter, ripping her shorts and underwear off and exposing her wet pussy. I looked down. Was she even wearing underwear? My dick stiffened.

“What have you been doing?”

“About the same. Working at the preschool still, which I love. The kids crack me up. School’s going well.” She laughed. I know it’s a Master’s program, but some of the people…” Her eyes widened as she sipped her wine. “I just don’t understand how they got their Bachelor’s let alone an acceptance into the Master’s.”

I smiled not knowing what else to do. So far out of your league, that spiteful voice hissed. You barely made it through the basics and she’s getting a fucking Master’s! Brains, beauty and dear God, that ass. Whole fucking package.

She tiled her head. “What are you thinking about?”


“The look on your face.” She pulled her features down and said in a deep voice, “So serious.”

“I…I was thinking what it would be like to kiss you.”

She didn’t say anything, didn’t even move, for a good twenty seconds. I feared I was too bold, that somehow I’d misread the entire situation, that all she’d wanted was a friend and a glass of wine. Just when I’d given up hope, ready to kartal escort turn with my tail or my dick between my legs, she set her glass on the counter and walked over. She was so close that her breasts crushed against my chest and her breath fanned against my face. It was sweet and heady from the wine and I could smell that fruity shampoo.

I set my glass on the counter and grabbed her hips, my fingers gripping her flesh, and pulled her a little closer. It didn’t matter, there was no such thing as too close.

Staring at me, she licked her lips and said, “I have one condition: you can’t kiss my lips.”

I nodded. If she’d said I had to dress up like a wolf and howl at the moon, I would have thrown my head back without hesitating. “Okay.”

She took my hand and led me to the couch. We sat close but not quite touching on the same cushion. Looking down, she said, “I’ve always wanted to masturbate with someone watching. Chad thinks it’s weird, but I can’t help it. Just thinking about it gets me wet.”

I nodded. “Okay. I’m up for whatever you want.”

She scooted back a bit and brought her hands to her breasts. She played with them for a few moments before pulling her top off. Her stomach was flat, toned and paler than her arms. I wanted to lick from her collarbone down to the top of her shorts, paying special attention to the perfect circle of her belly button. Her bra was blue with black lace over the cups. It was sexy and tantalizing. She teased me, easing the straps over her arms, cupping her heavy tits, kneading them and pulling at the nipples. She held the bra with one arm while the other reached behind and unhooked it. She bit her lip as she peeled the cups from her skin.

“Do you like looking at my tits?”

I nodded.

“Then why don’t you touch yourself?” She looked at my dick straining against my pants. “I want you to masturbate too.”

I began rubbing my dick through my pants. “Good because I was going to cum just watching you.”

“I bet you want to touch my tits.” I nodded again and reached out, but she playfully smacked my hand away. “Oh no, that’s not a part of our agreement.” She winked. “Play by the rules or I stop.”

“No. I—I’ll be good.”

She smiled. “I know.” With a wink, she threw the bra on the ground and held her naked breasts in her hands.

Her nipples were hard little dark pink pebbles and all I could think about was sucking them.

“God, you have great tits,” I said.

She smiled. “I know. They may be a bit small, but—”

“They’re perfect,” I panted and began rubbing my cock harder.

She looked down and said, “Unzip your pants.” I quickly obeyed but as I went to pull them down, she said, “No, that’s enough for now.”

I did as she said and left my fly open but my pants on. “You’re a fucking tease.”

“I know. But trust me, it’ll be worth it.” She spread her legs. Her shorts were so tight and stretched, I could see the outline of her pussy lips. If it was possible, I got harder. She squished her tits together and licked a nipple. I groaned and she bit her lip. One hand came down to her pussy and she rubbed it through her shorts.

“Okay,” she panted a minute later, “take your pants off but leave your underwear.”

I did what she said without hesitating. My cock tented my boxers and I could see the drop of precum on the fabric.

Her hand was inside her shorts and I could smell her arousal, musky and potent and sweet. “Oh, oh God James. You’re so big.”

“Take your shorts off,” I said roughly. She lifted her ass off the couch and peeled them down her legs. Her underwear matched the bra she’d been wearing, but it was only a scrap of material. She was shaved and smooth. Her fingers played with her lips through her panties. For a minute we just stroked ourselves, our eyes on the other’s hand. I closed my eyes and imagined her hands on my cock and my hands on her pussy.

“Now,” she moaned. I didn’t need to ask what she meant. I pulled my boxers off, finally freeing my cock, and she tugged her underwear down. I stared at her pussy, finally bare to me. I remembered that strip of groomed hair from seeing her naked after the shower, but now it was glistening with her arousal, not water. My cock ached for release as I watched her insert two fingers in her gaping hole while her other hand rubbed her clit. She was so wet that a small dark spot formed underneath her on the couch. I gripped my cocked and timed my rhythm to hers.

She moaned, “I’m going to cum, James.”

“Yes,” I grunted, knowing I was about five seconds from cumming myself.

Her moans filled my ears and the scent of her arousal filled my nose. She closed her eyes, rubbed her clit harder, scrunched up her face and came. I immediately followed, thick milky streams of cum spurting from my dick. I felt like I bursted blood vessels I came so hard.

When I opened my eyes, she was leaning against the couch, a lazy smile on her face. “Wow James. That was…intense.”

“Yeah,” I panted, still not recovered. “So, what other fantasies do you have?”

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