Boned By My Brother

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Hi, I’m Anna Fontane. I’m 18 years old, about 5’8″ waist length very curly brown hair and orange eyes. Yes, orange, most guys tell me they totally love my eyes because they look devilish and fiesty. I wear a 38 c-cup and have a little 29 inch waist. My ass has been lovingly described as “sweet as a peach” and most men I’ve met have either stared or groped at it on more than one occasion. But, the story I’m about to reveal to you isn’t one about how all men normally drag their tongues on the grounds while glancing in my direction. It’s more about the night that changed my life forever…

It was December 12th, the night I turned 18. I was out at a very “ish” club in the city. My boyfriend, Justin, was dressed to the nines; a tight muscle shirt, khakis and dress shoes. He complimented on my hot pink tube top and black mini skirt. He dug my french manicured nails, and 4 inch stilleto heels too. His hands never left my waist and everything was moving along. I figured by midnight that night, he’d have me bent over begging for more as his 8 inch cock pounded my pink little pussy. Little did I know…

The music was hot, pumping throughout the dance floor. I was growing tired, and whispered to Justin; “Hey, let’s get out of here and head back to my place. My parents are gone for the night, the whole house will be ours. You can fuck me any way you want tonight, promise.” Justin smiled slyly, stared at me right in the eyes and licked his lips. “Sounds great, Lets go.” We said goodbye to our friends bumping and grinding quite heartily and escaped out the door. Jumping into the mustang, he turned on the music, put the windows up and leaned over. I smiled, leaned in and our tongues began to dance furiously. I darted my slick, very wet tongue in and out of his mouth, rubbing up along the side of his tongue.

I felt his hands reach down to my lap, and begin to explore underneath my black thong. I smiled under his kiss, and opened my legs a little wider. He began to lick my neck, and slid his rough, manly hand to cup my entire cunt. I pushed my hips down, hard unto his hand suggesting that he slide a finger up into me. He did just that. His index finger slid into my tight pussy, and began to pump at a gradual pace. My hands, however, were busy too. I had already put my right hand down and underneath the waistband of his boxers. I could feel his coarse pubic hair scratching my soft, dainty little hands. I wrapped my entire fist around his big cock and began to pound up and down. First, slowly, then more vigourously as he finger fucked me a little harder. Justin began to use his other hand to rub my pert tits and very hard nipples. He leaned back a bit, and I rolled over the stick shift to get in a comfortable position: Poised over his thick dick. He groaned a little, and I let out a giggle.

“Baby, do you have a rubber?” he asked. I shook my head and grew close to his ear, “No…we don’t need one. Let’s fuck raw tonight.” He smiled, threw his head back, and wiggled his hips a little in excitement. I laughed, complete ecstasy flowing through me, and just as I was about to drop my hot pussy onto his dick a loud pounding came from the other side of the car. It startled me a little, and I looked to the window. By this time, the glass was all fogged up and I couldn’t see outside of it. “Justin…someone’s Fatih Escort at the window..”, I whispered. “Fuck it,” he growled,”Come on.” I heard the pounding again, and then I heard it: “ANNA! GET OUT OF THE GOD DAMN CAR RIGHT NOW.” I recognized the voice almost instantly, it was my brother.

“Oh shit! Justin, it’s Andrew!!!” I yelped. Justin immediately came to attention, knowing full well that if my brother, Andrew, saw Justin and I in this kind of position he would beat the living daylights out of him. I rolled back over the stick shift, trailing a bit of my juices on the hard material. Justin hurriedly slid his shirt back on the right way, zipped up his pants and took a look in the mirror. I pulled my strapless black bra up over my swollen tits and then slid the pink tube top up. My skirt was somewhere up around my hips, and my thong was now no where to be found. I yanked my skirt down, and heard Andrew screaming, “ANNA, I KNOW YOU’RE IN THAT CAR.” I grimaced at his voice, and quickly rolled down the window. Andrew was standing at the side, looking very pissed and at a loss for words. I tried to act calm, and said, “Heeyyy..Andrew. Whats up? What’re ya doin here man?”

Andrew didn’t look too happy. He stepped a few feet back and asked me to get out of the car. I gave him a dirty look, and said softly, “Justin will be taking me home tonight Andrew, just mind your own business for once, okay?” That was enough to make my older brother blow up. “Anna that’s it. Get out of the fuckin’ car right now or else Mom and Dad will know where your little black thong went off to.” While saying that, he motioned to Justin’s feet. I looked down, and saw my cum-covered black thong on the floor, next to Justin’s black shoes. “Shit.” I muttered, under my breath. I gave Justin a quick kiss good night and opened the door to the Mustang. I climbed out, and walked briskly over to Andrew’s beat up old Volvo. I waited as Andrew walked over to the car too, Justin had already sped off by this time, and Andrew sat down just as I did.

“I can’t believe you Anna. What did you think you were doing with him?” my brother asked me.

“Andrew, I haven’t the slightest what you’re talking about. I’ve been seeing Just, for over, like, um.. a month or so.” I tried hard to protect my rep, as I applied a little lipstick, using the rearview mirror. I didn’t see it, but Andrew told me later, that his eyes were glued to my long, tan legs. He knew I didn’t have panties on, and could smell my sex oozing out from inbetween my taught thighs.

“I called up Chrissy,” Chrissy was my BEST friend of all time, but couldn’t lie to save herself, “..she told me that you were out with Justin tonight at the club. I figured he had dragged you out here so he could dance the night away with you. Anna, he’s such a rat, I knew that he’d have you in the car by 12, and he’d most likely be forcing you to suck him off or some stupid shit.”

I glared at my brother, mainly because his language was so coarse, but also because I couldn’t believe he was saying the things he was. Did he think I was some little slut and I couldn’t take care of myself? He started the car, and began to drive down the highway back towards home. It was dead silent for a few moments. I began to ask, “Are mom and dad at home?” They weren’t, he Fatih Escort Bayan mumbled. About five minutes later, we pulled into the driveway, and Andrew toppled out of the car faster than I could. I didn’t know why he was being so quiet, and so stand-offish. But he avoided me, practically the entire night after he picked me up. He sat on the sofa, watching TV, without so much as uttering a word to me. His face looked a little unnerved, and it almost looked like he blushed when I ran downstairs in a thin white nighty to tell him goodnight.

It was 3am by the time I had crawled into bed. I started to think about how Justin’s strong hands felt on my warm, sloppy wet cunt earlier. They felt so good, and I kept imagining how his huge prick would stretch out my tight little box while he fucked me hard. I thought about how his semen might feel splashing around inside of me. Mm, it was good. I dropped my hands down underneath the sheets, and I spread my lips open. I placed my pointer finger on my clit and frigged it to and fro a bit. I began to lose myself in the heat of my lovebox, and then another interruption.

“Anna…..” the whisper came from the crakced door.

I opened up my eyes sharply, and knew it was Andrew again.

“What?” I asked, without moving my hands.

“Anna…I…are you mad at me? I don’t want you to be,” Andrew moved across the floor, dragging his feet a bit, “I just didn’t want to see you make some sort of stupid mistake with Justin tonight.”

I moved my hands from my pussy just as he sat down on the side of my bed. I wiped the little bit of wetness I had on my fingers unto the sheet. I sat up in my bed, and looked at Andrew. His hair fell softly over his forehead, his skin was illuminated by the softness of the moonlight pouring into my room. His eyes flicked back and forth, the hazel-orange glint he had (it’s a family trait I think) sparkled. He looked nervous. I questioned him, “‘Drew, are you nervous?” He was startled and snapped, “Why? Do I look nervous or something Anna? Do i?” I giggled at the jumpiness that filled him, and put my hand on his knee. As I did this though, my hand brushed up against this massive bulge in his tight jeans. I gasped, “Andrew…My god.” He went to stand up, but this only exposed him more. I suddenly became filled with a love for my brother, that I hadn’t ever felt before. I wanted to know if I had done this to him.

“Andrew, did I make you hard?” He hung his head, and said goodnight softly. His 6 foot frame was dark in the blackened room. I got up, and moved towards him as he stood frozen by the door. I licked my lips, and quite unsure of myself, I kissed Andrew .

His lips were soft on mine, and out of no where I felt his tongue pass over my ruby reds, his hand dropped to my waist, and my arms laced themselves over his shoulders. My heart was pounding, what was I doing? This is my brother! The one who came to my rescue only a few hours ago, trying to stop some other guy from doing just what he was now taking part in!! What was going on?

“Anna, god you looked so hot tonight. Your legs go on for miles, and I could smell your cunt in the carride home the whole time. I’ve always thought you were goregous, I’ve wanted to touch your pussy for the longest time.” I was a little startled Escort Fatih by this, but what else was new tonight? It seemed to be on surprise after the next. I pressed my big firm tits onto his sculpted chest, and he mumbled something about being able to feel my nipples through our clothes. The passion began to overtake my body as soon as I felt his rock hard cock slide up inbetween my thighs.

“Lay me down, Andrew”, I uttered almost out of breath. He grunted, and happily obliged. He laid me down on my sheets, I unconciously spread my legs open. He began to shake his shorts off of him, and yanked his boxers down. I gaped at the sight of his huge dick. It was massive, an inch or two bigger than Justin’s. It was standing right at attention, and a drop of pre-cum stood out on the head. “Oh Andrew…” I whispered. “MMm, Anna, do you want it?” I nodded, and licked my lips when he asked me that OBVIOUS question. I pulled him by the cock towards me and his knees gave out a little so he laid down on top of me. I could feel the heat of his prick pulsate onto the outer lips of my vagina. Andrew’s tongue trailed all over my neck and then my collarbone. I kissed his shoulders, and with my own hand,guided his dick towards my hole. I arched my back a bit, and when I felt the swollen wet head touch my labia, I shivered. This was going to feel so good.

Andrew had always looked good to me, I always told him he was a handsome guy. But I never once thought, he’d have me spread eagle on my own bed, poised to fuck me!

“Are you sure you want this, sis?” he asked me. I nodded, and giggled. “Mom and Dad always said we should share…’What’s mine is yours’ right Drew?” He laughed a little, and then finally it happened. He pushed past my tight opening, and slowly slid himself into my wet, velvety snatch. I quivered, pushed down on his dick, and grabbed with my pussy muscles. He let out a moan, and kept on shoving his cock up to the hilt while I grabbed on tightly.

“Oh god Anna, oh fuck Anna yeah…” he moaned. He savoured the feeling of my pussy for a minute, holding his dick in place. Then all of his inhibitions were lost as he began to pump into me. Harder, and harder, but I still wanted it harder. On the verge of cumming twice that night, I was ready to be fucked wildly! I pushed up each time he stroked down and vice versa. I could feel his skin on his dick slide up into me, and then out. I asked him to hump my pussy a few times. He, once again, happily obliged. He’d hold his pubic bone to mine, and grind deeply. Andrews dick was so long, and so hard, so fat, I could feel him not only in my pussy, but in my stomach almost. Just churning away, fucking me harder and harder. I began to gasp for air, and moaned, shakily. “Ohh, uhhhnn, ohh god Andrew yeah fuck me harder. FUCK ME. Fuck me, oh fuck yeah fuck my hot little pussy.”

“Anna, it’s so tight, its soooo tight sis. Good lord.” I knew I was tight, and I knew he was totally digging it. I felt him stiffen up, and I chuckled then asked, “Ready to cum now?” He nodded, and clenched his teeth. A low roar, almost, poured out of mouth, and at just that moment I felt a steady, warm stream of cum unleash itself into my young cunt. I begged for him to fill me up, and oh did he! His cum kept pouring out into my pussy, and he shook violently as it did. When the jets of cum stopped, he rolled over, pulling me along. I laid on top of him, and smiled, looking down at him….

“Oh Andrew, you fuck really good. Wow.”

He smiled a humble smile, and muttered…

“I have to treat my baby sister right, don’t I?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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