Daydreams Ch. 03

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Here are more of our shared daydreams. Enjoy with us!

Daydreams 3: Payback


Lying there next to you, flushed with both physical and emotional relief, I smile after hearing the whisper of your soft sexy voice. My body basking in the glow of a most magnificent sexual moment, the feel of your delicate mouth burned deep into my mind. “How am going to repay that wonderful experience?” Turning slowly, my mouth nuzzled against your soft smooth neck, my mouth gently sucking at the skin. You are lying there peacefully, a look of pure contentment on your face.

Slowly my hand moves along your velvet soft side, caressing you as it travels upward. Your full breast under my fingers as I stroke the underside with feather-like softness. I hear you quietly moan as I cup the soft globe. My fingers tracing up over the mound, the small bumps around the nipple teasing my senses. Gently caressing the now hardening nipple, teasing the tip. Your breath deepens as I play with the little protrusion, teasing, caressing. Slowly my fingers start to slide down your smooth stomach, play over the skin, teasing at your navel. Your soft fuzzy mat lying against your defined mound, so trim and soft tickling my senses.

Feather like fingers glide lower stroking your little hard button. You tense as I gently play with the button. My finger pressing softly against it, pushing it into the hood, rolling it around, your body squirming as I play. Leaning on an elbow I watch your face as my fingers continue to explore your lower region. Slowly the tip slides down thru the soft fleshy lips, moisture seeping out coats my finger as I gently rub along the inside. Escort bayan Your face reflects the growing arousal within your lush body as I find that wonderfully soft, wet opening. Teasing the entrance feeling your pulse as my finger slowly and gently finds its way past the lips. Your muscles contract, gripping my intruding finger as it moves deeper and deeper, my thumb softly massaging your now rock hard little clit. Your back arches as my finger slides deeper…searching for that magical spot deep inside you. You flinch; the magical spot under my finger, gently rubbing over it your body responding. Ever so slowly adding a second finger to the opening, slowly sliding them both deep into you. Your wetness grows, smiling as your moaning intensifies, your body moving as my fingers gently fuck you, my thumb pressing against the go button. I can feel the next orgasm growing, desperate to make it wash over you like a tidal wave. Sitting up, I move between your outspread legs. My fingers still buried deep inside you, the middle finger stroking that special g-spot, my thumb playing along the slit.

Your body shaking, your soft sexy voice encouraging me to bring you to that place we are both seeking. My free hand slowly moving down to caress your soft ass, pushing down along the valley. Teasing, gently playing with your puckered backdoor. Your fluids slowly running down you ass, coating my finger as I tease the anal entrance very lightly. Your body reacts to the new stimulation; you push against my finger, yearning for its entrance into yet another special place. I am excited by your arousal as my finger slowly pushes past the tight muscle guarding Bayan escort your entrance. Slowly and steady pressing it deeper, you’re squeezing my finger, releasing it as it slips deeper. I can feel the finger through the membrane that separates the two heavenly spaces. Looking down, your beautiful body moving from side to side as one set of fingers pleasure your front, another the back and my thumb still pressing your clit.

You glare at me. “God damn you Tim, don’t stop, I’m right there!!”

Smiling as I can now feel the wetness releasing from within you. Your breathing coming in short pants, it is difficult to maintain contact because your body is moving all over the bed. The look on your face tells me that I am about to be rewarded for my efforts.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!” You scream as the muscles in your entire body tighten. My fingers are captured as your body goes rigid, sweat forming on your forehead, your eyes closed as the rush of the orgasm starts and overtakes you. Almost whimpering as the juices rush thru your pussy, my hand and fingers covered in that sweetest of fluid, your voice sounding like sweet music to me as a second wave washes over you. My thumb still massaging your clit, you legs pressing tightly together, your ass clenched.

Your hand reaches down and pulls my hand out. “Lover, you need to stop. It is too sensitive right now.” You whisper as your body slowly starts to relax, beads of sweat on your glowing face. Smiling, content that I have accomplished my task I gently pull the finger out. Sliding up next to you I roll you on your side. Spooning you, my now erect manhood softly nestled Escort against your ass, my arm around your waist pulling you close.

Gently kissing you neck and ear, whispering. “Sleep now lover, I’ll be right here when you wake.”


Exquisite waves of pleasure wash over my entire body. Rolling me from head to toe with sensations, filling me with tingle and heat. Held in your loving arms, I bask in depths of wonder. My body throbs, tingles and shivers in delight. “We will sleep, love, but not yet.”

“Such contentment,” I sigh. “Such pressure between my legs!” Turning slightly in your arms, I gaze into loving eyes, filled with need. “Again, my love?”

“May I have you again so soon?” During your excellent finger exercise, you have grown excited for me, like a young and viral boy, hard and ready. I flex slightly, hips move minutely, pressing down into the sheets, and your hard bulge slips between my legs. Nestling in the warmth of my ass, legs and the close proximity of my velvet soft pussy, I feel you swell and grow impossibly hard. I feel you growl. A long low rumble of pleasure… animal need and pure want escapes your throat. I answer with a moan as I slip you tight against me. “I want you Tim,” I whisper. “I need you inside me.” I press; you press; we unite and are as one.

As you slide into my warm, wet depth, simultaneous moans reverberate through our bodies. We tremble as one. Your warm chest pressed tightly to my back, I arch and pull your hard cock in as deep as you will go. I hold you tight, my greedy muscles rigid.

“I know you want this. I can feel your need. Please, Tim, take this that I offer.”

To be continued…


I wish to express my adoration and deepest thanks to a wonderful friend, Mityam for all his input and support with these stories. Without his contribution they would be but fantasy in my mind!

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