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This is a semi-fictional account of a trip I took to San Diego years ago for a convention. I use many Spanish phrases in this story and the English translation, where needed, will appear in brackets like such: *[ ]*. You can skip over the Spanish and only read English if you wish.


Karen and I knew from the beginning that we were meant for each other because we are both sex fanatics and willing to experience anything that sounded like fun. On the day of our seventh wedding anniversary, we were in San Diego attending a convention. We had elected to stay at a motel near the airport rather than the Convention Center Hotel. We wanted total privacy away from the other conventioneers; away from people, we knew. Karen and I liked to live a little on the wild side, and we didn’t want people from back home to hear of our silly shenanigans. You see, Karen is as much a sex fanatic as I am. We both enjoy doing bazaar things that shock most normal people. We have to be careful not to do weird things in front of people who know us because my chosen profession would frown upon some of the things Karen and I do for our own amusement. We don’t do anything criminal or anything that would hurt other people, but some of the shit we do will damn well shock them.

We rented a car at the airport and then checked into our motel the afternoon before the convention was to begin. I parked our rental car at the front door of the motel to unload our luggage. Karen was dressed in tight cutoff denim shorts and a white cotton halter top. As usual, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were tenting against the thin fabric. She had a nice set of 36C’s and long slender legs. That combo went well on her 5′ 7″ frame and her 25″ waist and 35″ hips. It wasn’t unusual for people to stop and stare when Karen was dressed in that manner.

There was a handsome young Mexican man clipping bushes in front of the motel. He looked to be in his mid to late twenties. He couldn’t take his eyes off Karen and her protruding nipples. I don’t think he was even aware of my presence. I asked about the young man at the front desk and was told his name was Miguel and that he and his younger sister, Rosa were both employed by the motel. Rosa worked in Housekeeping, and Miguel worked in Maintenance doing several odd jobs around the motel. We were told to feel free to call on Miguel for any assistance where we needed a robust and healthy individual. Miguel was about 5′ 10″ and was stocky build. He looked like he could handle most any heavy job requiring a strong back. As we turned to go to our room, Karen asked me under her breath if giving her a good hard fuck might come under one of Miguel’s odd jobs category.

Before I go any further, I need to tell you that Karen and I have an open marriage. She is allowed to fuck anyone that strikes her fancy, and I am free to do likewise. The only stipulation is that we have to share all the salacious details of our sexual exploits with each other. We’ve had some really intense orgasms in the past when we fantasized about our extracurricular sexual adventures during our regular carnal sessions with each other.

I usually liked to know beforehand who Karen was going to have sex with just for precautionary reasons. If time permitted, I wanted to run a background check on who she was considering hooking up with. I often worry someone may hurt her. Oh, if I hadn’t mentioned it before, I work in law enforcement and have a really extensive criminal database at my disposal. In fact, our reason for traveling to San Diego was to attend a federal law enforcement drug seminar. If I discovered in our criminal database that the person Karen was considering for a hookup had a history of violence, then Karen would naturally skip sexual encounters with them.

Another thing I failed to mention was that Karen had been fucking her older brother long before I met her and before we ever married. Now, let me tell you why that fact is relevant to this story. Karen’s brother seduced her when she was in high school, and she loved having sex with him from the very beginning. She made it clear to me that she intended to continue fucking him any time he asked her to; even after our marriage. When I found out she didn’t plan to stop sleeping with her brother after our wedding, we reached the open marriage agreement. I don’t mind sharing her with her brother as long as she promised to give me first consideration. My needs had to be met first, then his. That system has worked out just fine.

While I attended the drug seminars in the mornings, Karen relaxed by the pool and worked on her tan. When I returned to the motel after lunch, we would find things to entertain us for the rest of the day. I noticed Miguel and Diego were always working near the swimming pool each afternoon when I returned from my seminars. Diego was also a member of the maintenance crew. He was shorter than Miguel, medium build and probably in his mid-forties. Both men were haramidere escort always trying to look busy, but it was obvious they were watching Karen lounge by the pool in her little yellow bikini; which incidentally left very little to one’s imagination. I could see both men had bulges in their pants which they were struggling to conceal. I alerted Karen to keep an eye on them. I also noticed Rosa was always nearby. I couldn’t determine if she was watching Karen or was just keeping an eye on her big brother. If he got fired, it could also probably affect her job.

The next morning when I was leaving for the convention center, Miguel was near our room, and I decided to engage him in conversation. I approached him and said, “Good Morning. I hope your day is going well.”

He smiled and said, “Lo Siento, No hablo inglés.” *[I’m sorry, I don’t speak English.] *

Very good, I thought to myself. Miguel doesn’t seem to understand English. I, however, speak fluent Spanish but I usually don’t let people know. I have found that I am able to get unfiltered information when a Hispanic person doesn’t know I understand their language. I am assigned to a Federal Drug Task Force and deal with Spanish speaking drug dealers all the time. With my Irish-Anglo appearance, most dealers don’t suspect I understand what they are saying. And in many instances that had led to a treasure trove of information, they wouldn’t have otherwise shared.

So, to verify his language capabilities I asked, “Do you speak English?”

Miguel smiled and answered politely, “No entiendo inglés.” *[I don’t understand English.] *

I thanked Miguel and then went on my way, but as soon as I arrived at the Convention Center, I bought a Spanish pocket dictionary for Karen to use when I’m not around to translate for her. I figured the dictionary would come in handy if she needed Miguel to lend a hand with something.

A local member of my Federal Taskforce saw me buy the dictionary and told me about a new translating device I could carry in my pocket which would record what was said in Spanish and repeat it back to me in English. He offered to loan me one for Karen to use while we were in San Diego. On the way back to the motel we stopped at his office to get one of the devices. It looked a lot like an iPod.

He demonstrated how one could ask a question in English or Spanish, and the device would answer back with the proper translation. He gave me a Bluetooth earpiece to use with it so only Karen would hear the repeated translation with no one the wiser she had the device. Karen’s hair would conceal the Bluetooth in her ear. I decided it would be fun for Karen to know what was being said about her by the men who had been gawking at her since our arrival. Karen was out by the pool when I returned. Miguel and Diego were standing nearby and engaged in what seemed to be a serious conversation. They were looking at Karen and didn’t see me when I arrived. So, I move to the nearby vending machines where I could hear their conversations.

Miguel said, “Mirar a esa mujer en el traje de baño amarillo.” *[Look at that woman in the yellow bathing suit.] *

Diego answered, “Ella es hermosa. La noté antes.” *[She is beautiful. I noticed her earlier.] *

Miguel said, “Me gustaría follar con ella.” *[I would love to fuck her.] *

Diego laughed and said, “Su marido le dispararía.” *[Her husband would shoot you.] *

I had to move on to avoid their suspicion, but I imagined the rest of their conversation was along the same line. I bumped into Rosa who was cleaning the patio deck. I told Karen their discussion was about how good she looked in her yellow bikini and they were fantasizing about fucking her. She said they had hovered near her most of the day. She had suspected they were lusting for her by the way they were constantly adjusting the bulges in their pants. Karen looked over at them, gave them a wave, a big smile and a wink. It appeared to embarrass them, and they moved on. I could tell Karen was horny from their attention so, I suggested we go to our room and have a good fuck while talking about a way Karen could fuck one of them while I watched. We often get off watching each other fuck someone else. I told you we did weird things.

The next morning, we left our drapes open so they could see into our room if they happened by our window. Just as we suspected Miguel showed up while I was in the shower. Karen walked around the room in her panties and bra to hold his attention until I came out of the shower. Karen had alerted me to his presences, so I came out wearing only a towel around my waist.

I situated myself where Miguel would have a front roll seat and let the show begin. Karen gave me a big passionate kiss on the lips then kissed her way down my belly. She removed my towel and took me in her mouth and then deep throated me several times. I looked out the window in time to see Miguel arrange the position of içerenköy escort his hard cock in his pants. I put my hands on each side of Karen’s head and started fucking her face. I smiled and nodded it was okay for him to watch. He gave me the thumbs up and then rushed away.

I assumed he was going to tell his friend, Diego about what he had just witnessed from the crazy Gringo and Gringa. I shot four ropes of creamy cum down Karen’s throat and then had to leave for the Convention Center right away. I would’ve liked to hang around for a good fuck, but I had to get to a drug seminar. I’m sure our new friends would have loved to watch us put on a fuck show. Maybe we could put it on for them later that evening, I thought to myself.

On the way to my car I greeted Diego with an enthusiastic, “Good Morning!”

He tipped his hat and answered, “Buenos días, Señor.” *[Good morning Sir.] *

I called Karen from the Convention Center and suggested she flirt with them throughout the morning and get them really horny. I had a plan for later that afternoon. I had left the little translation device with Karen so she would understand their conversations and use what they said to tease them. I wanted them really horny by the time I returned. I was just beginning to formulate a kinky situation for our afternoon’s amusement.

It was just after nine o’clock when Karen went to the pool. Both men were working in an area near the pool. They were probably waiting for Karen to make her grand appearance. She strolled to a lounge chair near the edge of the pool and spread her towel over it. She smiled and nodded to Miguel.

He nodded and said, “Buenas días, Señora.” *[Good morning, Madam.] *

Karen was wearing sunglasses so she could watch the two men without them knowing for sure if she was watching in return. Karen fixed her lounge chair so that she could sit in a half-sitting, half-lying position. When she sat down, she made sure her camel toe was on prominent display for them to enjoy and fantasize about.

Miguel moved closer and pretended to skim the leaves from the surface of the pool. It was apparent to Karen he had noticed her camel toe when he turned away and repositioned the bulge in his pants. Karen was careful not to change her facial expressions so as not to alert him she was watching every move. Soon Diego came over to assist Miguel with the pool and to get an eye full of Karen’s body.

Karen motioned Miguel over to where she was reclining. Miguel approached with his hat in hand. Karen pointed the chair next to her and said, “Please have a seat and talk with me for a while.”

Miguel shook his head and said, “No, tengo mucho trabajo que hacer.” *[No, I have much work to do.] *

Karen refused to take no for an answer, patted the chair with her hand and gave Miguel her most seductive smile. Miguel surrendered to her request and pulled the chair around to where he could sit facing her.

Karen was pleased Miguel caved so quickly to her and said, “Please tell me about yourself, Miguel. What do you like to do for entertainment?”

Miguel smiled and answered, “Lo Siento, No hablo inglés.” *[I am sorry, I do not speak English.] *

“You don’t speak English?” Karen asked.

Miguel shook his head yes and said, “Si, Senora” *[Yes.] *

“Oh, in that case, let me tell you what I have on my mind,” Karen said with a big smile.

Miguel sat there with a big smile on his face and shook his head yes to everything Karen said. When she said something followed by a big smile, he would return her smile and say, “Si,” as though he understood every word she said.

Karen said, “I would love to kneel between your strong thighs and pull your big bronze cock out and take it down my throat. I know it is big by the size of that bulge in your pants.”

Miguel smiled and said, “Si, Senora.” He noticed his sister, Rosa was nearby and was shaking her head no. Miguel knew she was disapproving of what was taking place, but he ignored her and continued to pay attention to the sexy Gringa.

“Then I would circle my tongue around the head of your delicious cock several times then lick your beautiful brown balls before taking them into my mouth, I bet you would love that, Miguel.”

Miguel smiled and said, “Si, Senora.”

“Then I would then stroke, lick and suck your cock until you pumped a bucket full of delicious creamy cum down my throat. Would you like that, Miguel?”

Miguel smiled and said, “Si, Senora.”

Karen stood, adjusted her lounge chair into a reclining position and then covered it with her beach towel. She handed Miguel a bottle of sunblock and indicated she wanted him to rub it on her back. Miguel shook his head, yes to let her know he understood. Karen laid down on her stomach, untied her bikini top and let it fall to the side. Miguel kneeled beside her lounge chair and wasted no time in smearing the lotion over her back. Diego cleared his throat and innovia escort shook his head no. Miguel looked over at his sister, and she too was shaking her head no. Miguel ignored Diego and his sister and resumed his efforts to cover Karen’s body.

Karen pointed to her legs indicating she wanted him to apply the sunblock to that area also. Miguel started with her calves and then cautiously moved up to her thighs. Karen spread her legs widely, and Miguel moved a finger very close to her vagina, looked over at Rosa and found her glaring at him. He chickened out before making contact with her pussy. Karen lifted the edge of her bikini bottom indicating she wanted sunblock applied to her butt cheeks. Miguel slipped his hand under her bikini bottom and applied a liberal amount to both cheeks of her butt. Diego cleared his throat again, Rosa purposely knocked over a patio chair, and Miguel ignored both of them again.

Then Miguel seemed to have second thoughts and set the sunblock on the deck. He started to stand up, but Karen took his hand and pulled him back down to sit on the edge of her lounge chair. Karen lifted herself up on her elbows and let her tits hang down like they were dairy cow utters. She then took one of Miguel’s hand and placed it on her tit. He could feel her hard nipple in the palm of his hand and gently squeezed it. Diego cleared his throat again and then rapidly strolled away from the pool area. Rosa loudly said, “Dios mío.” *[Oh my God!)) * And stormed away from the pool area.

Miguel finally came to his senses and realized the trouble he could get into if he were caught touching a guest that way. He pulled his hand away as though he had touched a hot stove and then jump to his feet. He quickly scanned the pool area to make sure no one had seen what he had done, then said, “Disculpe, debo volver al trabajo.” *[Excuse me, I must get back to work.] *

Miguel promptly disappeared around a corner of the building. Karen rolled over on her back and began to massage her swollen nipples. She could still feel the warmth of Miguel’s rough, callused hand on her tit. She continued to rub one tit while slipping a finger into her soaking wet pussy. It only took a minute for Karen to reap her orgasmic reward. She then closed her eyes and floated away into a peaceful nap under the warm California sun.

Thirty minutes later Karen woke up from her blissful nap and returned to her room to take a shower. While she was in the shower, she heard a knock on the door, and someone shouted, “Housekeeping.” Karen got out of the shower and wrapped herself with a towel. She stuck her head out the bathroom door and yelled, “Come in!”

Rosa said she had come to the room to change the bed sheets. It was more likely that Rosa had come to find a way to protect her brother from the clutches of the evil Gringa. Karen came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel. Rosa offered to leave and come back later, but Karen insisted Rosa stay and finish her housekeeping chores. Rosa was a cute nineteen-year-old Mexican girl with a slender body on a 5′ 1″ frame and a tiny waist with large breasts pushing against her housekeeping uniform. The uniform reminded Karen of a porn video we had recently watched. That video was about a hotel maid who was willingly gangbanging three college boys celebrating spring break. Karen had a sudden urge to take one of Rosa’s tits in her mouth and torture her little nipples with her teeth and tongue.

“I will be out of your way in a moment,” Karen said, “I just need to put my bathing suit on.”

“Sí, Señora. Buenos días.”

Karen had the Bluetooth in her ear and understood Rosa’s reply. “Wait a minute, what do you mean, Good morning? Do you understand English? You do understand, don’t you!”

“Sí, Señora. Housekeeping.”

Karen couldn’t tell for sure by Rosa’s response if she did or didn’t understand English and she didn’t want Rosa to know she understood Spanish yet. She had found that Hispanics often answer “yes” whether they truly understand or not. Just to be certain Karen asked again. “Rosa, do you speak English?”

It appeared that Rosa finally understood what Karen was trying to ask and replied, “Lo siento, no hablo inglés.” *[I am sorry, I do not speak English.] *

“So, are you telling me you do, or you do not understand English?” Karen repeated.

“No entiendo inglés.” *[I don’t understand English.] *

Karen took Rosa by the hand, led her to a chair, asked her to sit down and then said, “I have something important I want to tell you.”

Rosa smiled and shook her head as though she understood every word Karen said.

“I think you have marvelous tits and I would love to strip you of that cute little uniform and suck your tits. They look to be 36C, and I am sure they would be rather tasty. Then I would love to kneel between those shapely bronze legs and dip my tongue in your sweet little honey pot.”

Rosa listened intently and smiled, indicating she understood even though Karen knew she didn’t. Rosa would shake her head in the affirmative and occasionally say, “Sí, Señora.”

“And then after I make you cum at least three times I want you to bury your cute face between my legs and tickle my clit with your little tongue until I am screaming with a breath-taking orgasm. Do you understand what I am saying, Rosa?”

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