Laura’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

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They left early the next morning still talking about the porn movie that had been filmed in the room they had stayed in. Laura checked everything out carefully before they left making sure there were no hidden camera’s in their room.

Mike chuckled to himself watching her as she looked for any sign of anything out of the ordinary. Mike had lain awake for some time after Laura had finally fallen asleep in his arms. There were so many things about her that turned him on and so many more things he wanted to introduce her too on her sexual journey. Laura had a hunger for the intimate things a man and a woman could share, he had known that the very first time he touched her.

They were heading up to the Mackinac Bridge.(the Mighty Mac) The Mackinac bridge connects the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan over the five mile wide Straits of Mackinac where Lake Michigan ( the big M as most of us refer to her) and Lake Huron meet. The bridge was completed in 1957 and opened to the public. It is the longest suspension bridge in America. The Straits of Mackinac Underwater Preserve is part of a series of Marine Parks in Michigan, having a coastline on three of the five Great Lakes. Scuba divers can visit any of the hundreds of known ship wrecks to be found in those waters. Mike and a good friend had took a scuba class four years ago so they could dive on one of the wrecks.

Laura had never been up to the bridge and she told Mike that she had a real fear of driving over water if she were up high. He told her not to worry that if she didn’t think she could handle the ride across they would turn around and just view the bridge on this side.

Mike knew exactly where he wanted them to stay that night. Not only would they have a beautiful view of the bridge at night but there was someplace else not to far from there where he wanted to take her later that night.

They spent the day looking around the shops on Mackinac Island, and of course they could not leave without buying some famous Mackinac island fudge. They took a ride over the Soo Locs and spent a little time at one of the Indian Casinos to be found up there. The rest of the day they spent on the Island, seeing the Grand Hotel and taking a buggy ride around the Island. They had dinner in one of the small tourist restaurants near the bridge enjoying the view of the bridge lit up at night.

Laura thought they were heading back to the motel when Mike turned in the opposite direction. “Where are we off to now,”she asked him.

“You’ll see in just a couple minutes we are almost there,”he told her smiling wickedly at her.

He pulled into the parking lot and backed the truck up so that it was facing the front door of the building. He made sure he parked where there were quite a few other vehicles parked as well. Those other vehicles would with any luck be a part of what he had planned.

Laura sat staring and the big purple building, “Velvet Touch” the adult store sign flashing on top of the gaudy looking building. “Mike, what are we doing here?”

“I want to buy a couple of things I’m sure you’ll love,” he told her as he stepped down from the truck coming around to help her out.

“I’ve only been in one of these once before, remember I told you when I had bought the videos?” She was sure her face was beet red, and not real sure about going in there with a man. It had been bad enough going in by herself that first time, but to go in here with Mike was another story all together.

“Come on, it will be fun and I’m sure we will find some things to amuse and stimulate you as well,” he told her pulling her forward towards the entrance.

Laura had noticed some of the men in there glancing their way Anadolu Yakası Yabancı Escort now and then as they wandered through the store looking at all the sex aides they had in there. She had finally gotten over her initial shyness about being in there and was now at ease looking around at all the items the store had for sale.

They were back by the videos when Mike pointed out the doorway leading back to the video booths, all of them painted in bright purple as well. He went over to a change machine near the doorway and got a couple dollars in quarters. “Come on lets go into a booth and watch a little fuck flick”

Laura knew that two of the men standing near them had heard him and she knew she blushed. She followed Mike into the small booth, looking around. There was a small stool to sit on in front of the video screen, a box of Kleenex on the shelf under the video screen and a wastebasket that already had quite a collection of used tissues in there. The room smelled of sex and Laura found herself getting wet.

He choose a movie, dropped in his quarters and they waited for the movie to start. He had purposely chose a movie of group sex, wanting Laura to get a feel for more than just two people enjoying sexual fun. He reached under her T-shirt undoing her bra, slipping the straps down her arms and pulling it free from her. He stuffed her bra into the top of her purse as his free hand reached under to play with her nipples. He lifted her shirt so he could latch onto her nipple with his teeth, tugging gently.

Laura loved her nipples sucked, they were the most sensitive part of her body.

“I love your tits Laura. I love how big they are and I do so love to suck these lovely nipples of yours.” Mike made sure his voice was loud enough that anyone standing outside their door would be able to hear what he was saying. He slipped his hand down her slacks letting his finger dip into her wet cunt.

“God Laura you are such a turn on to me, he latched onto a nipple and began sucking it like a baby nursing at it’s mother’s breast. He heard her moan and she pressed her tit more fully into his mouth as he sucked her nipple. “Can you imagine how good it would feel to have both of your nipples being sucked at the same time Laura? Or to have both nipples sucked while you had two sets of fingers in your wet pussy driving you to climax?”

The thought was very sexy she had to admit, two men sucking at her tits, both of them with their fingers at her pussy. The luscious thought made her body shiver with the idea.

Mike kept fingering her pussy, rubbing her clit, and letting his fingers slip deep inside her as he talked to her. “Mmm can’t you just feel the pleasure that would surge through you with two men attentive to your pleasure? Look at the movie Laura, she how she squirms in her pleasure as the two men pleasure her.”

Laura looked at the screen, her body close to climax and saw that the woman was on her hands and knees with one man behind her fucking her and the other was laying under her with his head between the other two legs. He was leaning up licking her pussy while the other man was fucking her. The woman leaned down and took the mans cock in her mouth and began sucking him as well. Laura couldn’t help it, her body spun out of control and she climaxed.

“I love when you cover my fingers with your cum sweet Laura. Come on let’s tidy up a bit and finish our shopping I can’t wait to get back to our room so we can continue,” he told her.

When they emerged from the booth the two men were still milling about near the doorway. She had wanted to put her bra back on but Mike wouldn’t let her, he told her he was going Anadolu Yakası Yeni Escort to play with her tits on the drive back to the motel. She was very self conscious about that, her tits no longer stood up firm and proud as they had in her youth.

Mike pulled her over to the corner where a bunch of battery operated toys were. He pressed tightly up against her, keeping her back towards the shelves behind them. He took down one of the packages handing it to Laura. “We’re going to buy this one, and you will enjoy the wonderful sensations the vibrating will cause when I slip this up your ass.”

Mike had handed her a package with something called a silver bullet. It was a small silver, bullet shaped vibrator with a battery pack that you could adjust the intensity of the vibrations with. He kissed the side of her neck, whispering softly in her ear. “This will make you squirm with such pleasure Laura, I guarantee it.

Laura could not tell what was going on behind her the way Mike had her standing. She didn’t see the other man standing close watching and listening to what was going on between them.

Mike could see the man was aroused watching and listening to their conversation, he motioned for the man to come closer. “Stand still Laura and don’t move, no one can see us over here in this corner and I want to feel your pussy again. He let his hand slide down her back until it came to the waistband of her slacks. He kissed her neck and at the same time made a motion for the man to slip his hand inside her slacks. The guy was rubbing his cock through his pants as he came quietly up behind her.

Mike figured he was close to 60 or more but that didn’t matter to him. What did matter was the fact that the man was aroused watching them and that is what Mike wanted. The man slipped his hand inside her slacks and let his fingers find her wet snatch. He began finger fucking her his cock getting harder by the minute in his jeans.

“Your going to enjoy the dildo in your pussy and the bullet in your ass when we get back to our room babe. I can’t wait to get you off with our new toys, but I think we better go pay for our things and get out to the truck.” The man removed his hand from her pussy and backed up till he was over on the other side of the aisle where Laura could not see him.

They paid for their things making sure to buy the batteries as well and headed back out to the truck. As soon as they were in the truck Mike lowered the back of the seats down so that it was like a small bed in the truck. He pushed Laura back so that she was leaning up against the back wall of the truck. He reached for her slacks and pulled them off her quickly.

“Mike what are you doing, someone will see us?” Laura was a little nervous but at the same time excitement was building inside her as well. It was the added thrill of possibly getting caught that was an even greater turn on for her.

He kissed her hard, sliding his fingers up into her wet pussy. He pulled her legs further apart as he played with her.

“Mike stop, someone is heading this way,” she told him nervously. He had stopped kissing her and had a nipple in his mouth. Laura was having a hard time concentrating on the man walking their way and pleasant sensations of Mike’s mouth at her breast.

“So what, let him watch, you’ll be giving him a thrill as well Laura.”

“Laura remained frozen as the man stopped by the door of the truck looking inside watching them. She knew her face was red but she was also very excited as well. She could tell the guy was stroking his cock from his arm movement and that turned Laura on even more.

Mike knew he had her aroused, she was excited Anadolu Yakası Masaj Salonu watching the man who was watching them as well. “Hey buddy, how would you like to give me a hand here, she needs her other tit sucked?”

Before Laura could move the man had opened the truck door and slid in beside her. Things were going so quickly she couldn’t think straight. Mike had lifted her shirt and lifted her right tit to the stranger who grabbed hold of it and began sucking her nipple greedily. Mike took her left tit and began sucking that nipple at the same time.

Laura collapsed back against the wall of the truck her body squirming from both men sucking on her nipples at the same time. She had never felt anything so good in her life. Then she felt someone’s fingers in her snatch finger fucking her, and saw that it was the older man who was in her pussy. Mike reached down just then and started rubbing her clit as well. A few minutes later she came in the most intense orgasm she had ever had. Neither man stopped after her orgasm, building her up again.

The older man took his mouth from her nipple but kept his fingers in her pussy. “I would love to have a taste of this?”

Before Laura could move Mike had told him to go ahead. He moved very quickly, turning around so he was leaning over her pussy before he buried his face in her pussy. Mike went back to her nipple sucking it hard.

Christ what was she doing she was thinking to herself. She had just let a complete stranger suck her tits, finger fuck her, and now he was eating her pussy and she had enjoyed every bit of it! She reached down towards Mike crotch, finding he had already had his cock out and had been stroking it while sucking on her nipple. She replaced his hand with her own and began stroking his cock. She reached over with her other hand and got the older mans zipper down and reached inside for his cock.

Both men were hard and warm in her hands. When she had first touched the older mans cock he had moaned in his pleasure. He came quickly covering Laura’s hand with his jizz. He didn’t stop eating her pussy until she had came as well. When he lifted his head and moved back up to her side Mike had turned her around quickly ramming his cock in her. He was fucking her fast and hard. The old man played with her tits while he watched Mike fucking her. Soon Mike was spilling his cream into Laura and she came shortly after he had.

The old guy thanked them for allowing him to join in their fun and left.

“I can’t believe I just did that she was saying to herself.”

Mike chuckled then kissed her. “Why is that so hard for you to believe Laura? If you hadn’t have been turned on by the thought alone you would have never allowed it to have gone further than that. You enjoyed every moment of it, and we gave the old guy some pleasure that he probably hadn’t had in a very long time.”

“I did enjoy it, I was turned on by it and it was exciting to me, I will admit it. I guess I’m just still in shock over my actions and the fact that you enjoyed it as well,” she told him.

“I did Laura, it gave me the greatest pleasure to watch him giving you pleasure, that was every bit as exciting to me as it was to you. Now if we don’t get moving we might have to let someone else join in our little adventure as well,” pointing to the young man heading their way.

Mike laid her slacks across her lap then kissed her, letting his hand roam under her shirt.

“Fuck, I just payed good money to watch a fuck flick when I could have seen one out here for free,” the young man was standing next to the drivers side door getting ready to get in his car parked next to them. He was smiling at them both and winked as he got into his car.

Mike and Laura both started laughing. She slipped her slacks back on as they headed out of the parking lot of the “Velvet Touch”……….This was a vacation she would remember the rest of her life. On their drive back to the motel Laura was wondering what other surprises Mike would have in store for her………

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