Tucker’s Studio Ch. 13

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All people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Cinnamon Sugar

Kelsey graduated from high school on a warm June day, along with eighty-five smiling classmates. The ceremony took place on the football field. The auditorium was ready in case of rain, but it was a beautiful early summer day, with wispy clouds and golden sunlight. The gods of fate had scheduled the big event on Kelsey’s birthday. Not only was she graduating from school, she was graduating from childhood. She was eighteen.

She’d had an up-bringing that could only be described as “unusual.” The only child of free-thinking artists, she lived with her parents, Bobby and Kay, in an old Victorian house ten miles outside of town. The stately old dwelling sat behind an abandoned apple orchard and wasn’t visible from the road. Bobby and Kay had chosen the old place because Kay had grown up a naturist, and they wanted to live the same way, sans clothing most of the time, without having to hide behind a big fence or, even worse, stay indoors.

So Kelsey grew up naked, with naked parents. But that was only one part of her unusual childhood. Bobby and Kay were swingers. Theirs was an open marriage. They attended — and hosted — parties with like minded couples, swapping partners and playing in orgies.

Kelsey didn’t know about all that when she was young, of course, but she had gradually figured things out. More than once she’d snuck home when she wasn’t supposed to be there and surreptitiously watched the goings-on out by the pool. It took a while for her to come to grips with the fact that her mom and dad were so different from other kid’s parents. She wasn’t ashamed of them, but it was hard for her to wrap her head around all her new discoveries. But she did, and it all seemed normal after a while.

She grew up with a much clearer knowledge than most kids of what it was to be a sexual person, which is why her virginity at her high school graduation was so odd. Oh, sure, she’d had chances to lose it — she was a stone cold fox and a cheerleader after all — but she didn’t know if she wanted to be ‘loose’ like her mother, and, well, she just hadn’t met the right guy.

Did I mention she was a stone cold fox? She’d stopped growing upward at four feet eleven inches, but she kept growing outward, her body filling out in an extraordinarily womanly fashion. Perfectly proportioned and jiggly in a Brigitte Bardot kind of way, Kelsey looked a lot like her mother, with blue eyes, ridiculously long cinnamon-red hair, and full-body freckles, every one of them perfectly tanned from walking around naked in the sunshine.

She was naked under her graduation gown on the football field that day too. She’d done it because it felt right — being a life-long naturist had sunk deep into her psyche — but it was fun too, and she’d talked three of her girlfriends into going commando with her. Their parents would’ve been horrified if they’d known, but Kelsey was pretty sure her own parents would have thought it was cool. She didn’t tell them though.

Kelsey’s lovely smile beamed as she walked across the stage to get her diploma. Goosebumps covered every inch of her when she shook the principal’s hand and took the certificate from him. The warm breeze caressed her body under the loose gown as she looked out at the assembled crowd. She raised her arms high over her head as everyone clapped and her parents cheered. The youthful chapter of her life was over. It was time to become an adult.


A week after graduation Kelsey’s friend Brie threw a pool party. Brie lived with her single dad. He was a sales rep who worked from home and traveled a lot. When he left for the airport that morning he kissed Brie on the cheek and reminded her of his “no parties” policy.

“Yes Daddy,” she said, sounding disappointed. “I’m eighteen you know.”

“I know sweetie,” he said. “I’ll get used to it someday. Love you. See you in a couple days.”

Brie and her dad lived just a few miles from Kelsey, in a two-year-old log home on the top of a high clearing with a million dollar view in all directions. The nice in-ground pool was new that spring, and Brie was just aching to have all her friends over. She knew a big party would be a mistake and her dad would find out somehow, so she kept it small — three of her cheerleader girlfriends and three boys, all of them newly graduated and all heading off in different directions to college.

It was twilight when Brie’s friends began to arrive. The sky was dark-yellow at the horizon, from the haze of the thick humidity that had settled over the area a few days before. It was forecast to be the warmest night of the year so far, perfect for a soirée by the pool.

Brie’s eyes bugged out when Kelsey arrived. She had on cute white shorts, so only the top of her little bikini was visible, but it was a doozie, and the ample tits on Kelsey’s little body looked spectacular mecidiyeköy eskort cradled in the thin fabric. Brie was used to it of course. She and Kelsey had been friends forever, and for the past few years Kelsey’s stunning body always grabbed attention. That new bikini though, with Kelsey finally ‘all filled out’ up top, looked particularly insane.

It was hard for Kelsey, or her mom for that matter, to judge what was ‘too sexy’ when it came to bathing suits. They didn’t wear anything around the house or at their own pool, and their vacations had almost always been to areas with nude beaches. The concept of ‘too much skin’ was foreign to them. ‘Conventional limits’ was a bit of a blurry concept to a mother who was a naturist and a swinger. So how did all that play out when Kay took Kelsey shopping in the spring and they found themselves in the bathing suit aisle?

“I can’t believe we have to wear these things,” Kay said. She said the same thing every year when they shopped for a new bathing suit for Kelsey’s changing body. “This one isn’t bad,” she said, holding up three square inches of fabric held together with dental floss. “You can get a good tan in this one.”

So that’s how Kelsey ended up wearing almost nothing to her first pool party with boys, her voluptuous, petite curves on glorious display. No, she wasn’t in the microscopic suit her mother picked out. The one Kelsey liked was a tiny bit more substantial, but it was noticeably smaller and clingier than what the other girls had on. She looked like a sex kitten in it.

The party was laid back and fun. Brie was glad she’d kept it small. The friends she’d invited weren’t rowdy or troublemakers. She felt comfortable enough with how it was going to drag her father’s expensive stereo speakers out onto the patio next to the pool, and she cracked open a couple bottles of his liquor. He collected fancy bourbon and scotch by the case and she was sure he wouldn’t miss a bottle or two.

A boy named Austin was new in town, transferring into the school halfway though senior year. He was polite and friendly and cute, all the girls liked him immediately, but he was a little shy and Kelsey hadn’t gotten to know him much. They definitely hit it off at the party though, drinking expensive bourbon cut with Pepsi, with their legs dangling in the warm water. As their nice conversation progressed, and the bourbon loosened them up, Austin asked Kelsey about what the boys had told him.

“So I heard you don’t wear clothes at home,” he said, blushing a little after he’d said it.

“Oh, yeah,” Kelsey said. “It’s pretty normal when it’s all you’ve ever done.”

“Wow…yeah, I guess, maybe,” Austin said, glancing sheepishly at Kelsey’s curves.

“They’re just bumps on my chest,” she said, smiling when she saw him looking. “You’ve got ’em too,” she said, looking at his nicely defined pecs. Austin smiled.

Brie had her old man’s speakers throbbing out deep hip dance grooves from Fetty Wap and Drake. The bass heavy beat seemed to swirl in the thick, humid air, and the pitch black starless sky surrounding the secluded house was just asking for mischief.

“It still seems…crazy though,” Austin said. “You just walk around naked all the time?”

“It’s not a big deal,” Kelsey said. She reached behind herself, untied her bikini top and took it off. “There,” she said. “How is this any different than this tiny little bit of fabric,” she said, holding the little top up for him to see. “It’s not. It’s all in your head.”

Austin was speechless. What wasn’t in his head anymore was blood. It was all rushing to his crotch. There was no rational thought left in his noggin either.

“Woooo!” one of the boys in the pool whooped when he saw Kelsey’s tits. “Nudie Kelsey gets the party goin’!”

Everybody else whooped it up when they saw what was happening. Brie and one of the other girls started twerking in front of the speakers, and pretty soon they were topless too. The girl in the pool with the two other boys tossed her wet bikini top on the patio, and the bottom quickly followed.

“See?” Kelsey said to Austin. “It’s just skin.”

Of course Kelsey knew better. Her hormones were raging and she was dying to see the hard-on Austin was trying to hide with his arm over his board shorts. She was a virgin, yes, but she’d seen her mother play with all kinds of different hard cocks. She was really curious what Austin’s young one would look like. Curious enough that she knew this was going to be a really big night for her. A night she’d long been waiting for.

The two boys in the pool tossed out their wet shorts. There was much giggling and splashing as they chased the naked girl and she chased them. Pretty soon it was three naked girls in the pool with the boys, and the giggling and squeals of delight reached epic proportions.

“Stand up,” Kelsey said to Austin.

He got up slowly, with his hands in front of his crotch escort bayan holding down the tent. Kelsey got on her knees in front of him and grabbed the long shorts legs by the bottoms. Austin looked mesmerized and powerless as his shorts went down, ending up around his ankles. She put her hands on Austin’s and moved them aside, letting his young cock spring up, pointing at the dark sky. Her hand went under his tight balls and the cock went in her mouth, just like her mother would have done it.

So that’s how Kelsey started her first orgy. It was a beautiful one, with lots of exploration and brand new feelings. Eighteen year old boys have tons of energy, and the fucking went on long into the night. There wasn’t a lot of experience on the pool patio that night, but that made it even more fun. By the time they all migrated indoors to Brie’s father’s king size bed they all knew better what they were doing, and Kelsey looked around proudly at the tangle of naked bodies, thinking to herself it was every bit as good as one of her parents parties.

But we skipped over Kelsey’s first fuck, didn’t we? Let’s back up a little…

Giving her first blowjob was thrilling for her. She had a pretty good idea she was going to like that kind of thing because her mother went ravenous on cocks, making her men a little crazy as they came deep in her throat. Kelsey knew that kind of skill would take some time to develop, but the feel of Austin’s hot hardness in her mouth made her want to learn all about it.

He only lasted about a minute though, already gushing in Kelsey’s mouth when the stunned onlookers started whooping their approval. She swallowed Austin’s warm seed, leaving him wide-eyed in awe of the insanely hot girl kneeling before him. Kelsey didn’t know it yet, but her life turned on that moment, as she looked into Austin’s amazed eyes while warm cum slid down her throat.

“Fuck Kel!” Brie said, her eyes wide with wonder. “Where’d you learn to do that!”

Kelsey smiled and her own eyes grew wide. Holy shit, she thought to herself, that was fuckin’ awesome! She stood and kissed Austin. She’d kissed a few boys before, but it felt different that night, and it was more than the slippery stuff in her mouth making it feel that way. Or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe cum was magic, and that’s why her mom liked drinking it so much.

She took Austin’s hand and led him to a wide, padded chaise lounge. The two of them tumbled onto it, kissing furiously. Austin was naked and Kelsey wanted to be.

“Untie them,” she said.

Austin’s hand was trembling when he pulled the strings at Kelsey’s hips and the little bikini bottom parted from her freckled flesh.

“Fuuuck!” Austin sighed, when he saw Kelsey’s smoothly saved pussy.

Kelsey had always followed her mom’s lead when it came to pussy grooming. Her hair was soft red down there, so not as blatantly visible as some girl’s, but she wasn’t happy with it when it first grew in. She wanted it to look like her moms, and Kay was fine with that, even though the little landing strip at age twelve wasn’t very appropriate and turned some heads on the nude beaches the family visited.

“Lick it,” Kelsey said to Austin. She could barely get the words out, so intense was the lusty fire burning inside her.

There were no words left after that. The profound realizations that flooded her mind overwhelmed her — she finally knew what her stunningly perfect body was made for, and why her mother was…well…the way she was. Austin’s tongue, and then his hard cock slipping into her, were nothing sort of a revelation. This was life!

“Holy shit! Kelsey’s doin’ it!” Brie said quietly. She stood waist deep in the pool, her young tits dripping warm water. The others quieted too, all of them watching Kelsey and Austin. The quiet moment didn’t last — soon the boys whooped, the girls giggled and sex broke out everywhere — but for that moment Kelsey knew she was the center of attention, and she loved it. She’d always known her mom loved it — getting fucked with people watching — and now she knew why.

Kelsey fucked all those boys countless times that summer. One at a time, threeways with two boys, threeways with Brie and a boy. She fucked one of her high school teachers, thrilling in how exciting it was to fuck the handsome man she’d admired at school for so long.

She found her way back to the big bed at Brie’s house too. Not with Brie. With her father. She stopped by one day, pretending she forgot that Brie was working, telling him she needed to work on a project in Brie’s room. A little while later she was naked, walking to the swimming pool. She paused before diving in, making sure she caught Brie’s dad’s eye through his office window. They got together regularly for the rest of the summer, Kelsey riding her bike over most of the time. The slog up the long, uphill driveway was a drag, but the tingle in her pussy and the wind in her long wild hair as she coasted bayrampaşa escort home was exhilarating.

It was a hot summer of slutty sex. Kelsey’s mom caught on and had a talk with her about it. Kay had a feeling Kelsey knew a little about her swinging lifestyle with Bobby, but she was still clueless that Kelsey had watched them and learned so much about sex.

“Are you being careful honey?” Kay asked. She had started Kelsey on birth control pills when she was sixteen, but she wanted to be sure her daughter knew all the angles. “Sex is beautiful and wonderful, but we need to be careful.”

“I know Mom. I am.”

“Never miss a pill. And here,” she said, handing her daughter a small bottle of Morning After pills, “these are just a once in a while thing. Never often, okay?”

Kay dipped into her bag of tricks for more supplies to share. She put two big boxes of condoms on the table.

“These,” she said with a little smile, “are my favorite. They’re so thin and nice, almost natural feeling. And these,” she said, picking up the other box, “these are really strong ones. For when you want a guy to really…well…you know,” Kay smiled. “I’ll be honest with you, bareback is really fun, but you need to know the risks and I’m supposed tell you not to do it. So use a condom most of the time, and save nature’s way for special times.”

She took one last item out of her bag and set it down on the table.

“I wanted you to have one of these,” she said, caressing the box gently with her hand. “It’s one of my favorites, and it’s really quiet, so it’ll be good when you’re at school in your dorm.”

Kelsey smiled. She’d been using her mom’s assortment of vibrators for over a year, and the model in the box was her favorite too.

“Oh, I love this one,” she said, wondering if her mother knew.

“I thought maybe you did,” Kay smiled. “You know, you could have asked me. You can ask me anything.”

Kelsey had questions, but she wasn’t comfortable asking them yet. How did her mom and dad get into swinging? What was the biggest orgy they’d been involved in? What did that massive cock in Jamaica feel like, the one Kelsey had seen in the photo albums her mom keeps hidden away? And how did she meet and fuck that handsome black man when Kelsey was there in Jamaica with them? Those questions and others would wait for another day.

All the new excitement in Kelsey’s life made the summer fly by. Before she knew it, it was time to go off to art school, the same University where her mom and dad had met. She was a top student in high school, and received a partial scholarship, but Bobby and Kay struggled a bit financially, so Kelsey would have to get a job after she got settled in at school.

There was another blow-out orgy at Brie’s pool the week before all the kids left for their new lives. A few new faces were there — another girl they liked and her boyfriend, and a boy Kelsey had been friends with all her life, a jovial computer geek named Raymond. Brie tried to veto his invitation, but Kelsey insisted, telling the other girls how nice Raymond was, and that she wanted to send him off to college knowing something about girls. Brie and the others thought Kelsey was crazy. They always laughed when she walked with him in the halls at high school, his tall, skinny ganglieness, bad hair and old-fashioned glasses contrasting vividly with her tiny perfection.

Like most boys, Raymond watched porn. He’d only seen one naked girl in real life, and, well, it wasn’t a girl. It was Kelsey’s mom.

It was a summer day and she was gardening. She walked around the corner of the house pushing a wheelbarrow and was surprised to see Raymond.

“Oh, Hi Raymond!” she said brightly, naked as the day she was born. “You snuck up on me. Did you get a new muffler for your car?”

“Oh…yeah. Sorry,” Raymond said. He was standing next to his old Toyota with the door still open, unable to move or look away.

“I’ll get Kelsey for you,” Kay said. She walked casually up the wide front steps of the old house, across the big porch and in through the front doorway. Kesley walked out a few minutes later, fully clothed.

“Sorry,” she said as they drove off. “Did you get an eyeful of my mom? I always tell her she shouldn’t work in the front yard like that, but she’s stubborn.”

“Yeah…it’s…all right,” he said. He thought he was fighting a smirk pretty well, but it showed.

“You like older women?” Kelsey asked.

“She’s not really older…that much.”

“She’s thirty-seven.”

“That’s way younger than my mom,” he said. My mom’s forty-nine. She doesn’t look like…yours.”

They changed the subject and drove on, but Kay’s tits and the way her ass looked climbing those front steps fueled Raymond’s fantasies for months.

The pool party was another humdinger. It was the third one that summer, and with new kids involved it was the best yet. Kelsey hadn’t told Raymond what to expect, thinking she might scare him off. So when he got there a little later than the others, walked in through the empty house to the pool patio and saw all the bare breasts and just two little bikini bottoms left on two of the girls, he was stunned.

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