An Interesting Summer; Pt. 01 Ch. 01

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Thank you for reading my story! It is my first post, so sorry in advance for any mistakes and constructive criticism is welcome. Enjoy!

This series is probably going to be a rather slow burn, chopped up into smaller chapters. These chapters will then make up larger parts of a greater story. However, I am open to different formatting if you readers want longer stories with more sexy times.

Ch. 1


Nick washed off his toothbrush as he finished brushing his teeth. He smiled at himself in the mirror, his long horse face wrinkling, making sure he had not missed a spot. Satisfied, he placed his toothbrush back in its holder. Nick raised his arms and flexed at his reflection. He was proud of them, after all, it had taken almost all four years of college to get himself looking like this. He grabbed his towel and dried the thick shock of hair that stretched past his neck. His brown mane and tail contrasted well with his cream-colored coat. Nick hung up his towel and pulled on his boxers. Even though they were designed to hide as much of his groin as possible, his stallion cock still made a sizable bulge in the center of them. He looked at himself in the mirror once again, rubbing along his jaw. Nick gave his reflection finger guns and smiled. “Looking good,” he said, chuckling to himself.

Nick entered the hall and began to walk to his room. It was almost midnight and the house was empty except for Nick and his mother, Clair. Nick’s father had died when he was four, leaving his mother with a considerable amount of money and four children. Nick himself was only home for the summer before moving up north to work for a computer firm. His older sister was on the other side of the country, completing her doctorate and his younger twin sisters were taking summer courses at a college a couple of hours away and wouldn’t be home for another month. His mother never worked and spent most of her time at home. Her wealth was stored in stocks and bonds, ensuring a life of relative luxury. She had never remarried, and Nick didn’t understand why. She was gorgeous, curvy, and still pretty young. At 40, her tits were easily an H-cup and her ass stuck out far from her back. She wasn’t skinny, or fat. Her thighs and ass were soft but tight and her upper body was hard, but not unpleasantly so. Her legs were long and well-muscled, and she was well above average height. Nick was 6’1” and he was still about four inches shorter than her. All that combined with a white coat alongside a matching mane and tail would make any man want her. However, she had hardly looked at a man since the passing of her late husband. Nick could remember a few lovers from when he was especially young, but nothing since he started school. Maybe it was because she had children too young, he thought. He was 22 now and it had not taken long for him to do the math. His older sister was born when his mother was 16, Nick when she was 18, and the twins at 22. She had sacrificed a lot to raise them, and maybe there was just never time. Nick shrugged to himself; he would probably never know.

Nick rounded a corner in the hall. The house was pretty big, as far as houses go. It had two floors, a finished loft, and a basement where the family had a gym and rec room. Its location, in a loosely packed neighborhood several miles outside of the nearest decent-sized town, made it affordable compared to its size. Besides the kitchen, living room, and dining room, the main floor has two other rooms: Nick’s and his mother’s. Unfortunately, Nick’s room had no bathroom and he was forced to walk to the other side of the house to use the guest bathroom. It was still better than the one upstairs, which was where his sister’s rooms were. His sisters had been given free rein on that floor, and while they were relatively clean, Nick did not want to find out what went on in that bathroom. Besides that, most of the walls and fixtures were torn out as part of some aborted remodeling. Maybe I could help with that, Nick thought. He decided he would take a look at it tomorrow.

Nick was driven from his thoughts by a ray of light cutting across the hall. He thought his mother had gone to bed, but apparently not. He walked by, not intending to look, but the rapid movement from within caught his attention. He peeked through the crack in the door, being careful not şişli escort to expose himself, and he saw it. His mother was laying against the backboard of her king-sized bed, legs popped up and spread apart, and one hand shoved in the very pussy he had come out of.

Nick recoiled and turned away, hoping not to suffer from too much mental scarring, but he couldn’t help himself from looking again. Her hooves dug into the mattress and twisted her red silk sheets. Her head thrashed and she let out soft neighs and moans. Nick knew this was wrong, but he could feel his cock growing in his boxers. He was entranced by his mother, who, while he always thought she was good-looking, he never saw as a sexual being, until now.

Clair stopped for a moment and Nick was worried he had been spotted. However, she moved to the center of the bed and arched her back for a better angle. Nick watched as his mother spread her pussy and inserted two fingers as if she was giving him a private show. Nick could just make out how the soft pink flesh of her inner lips, glistening with her juices, faded to the bright white of her outer lips and the rest of her coat. He could see the nub of skin that he assumed was her clitoris, as his mother stroked it after each deep push into her vagina. He could see her lovely white breast, capped with hard, pink nipples. Nick was surprised at how perky and well-shaped they were, considering her age. Her other hand began to massage them, and she let out a soft moan in ecstasy. Nick inhaled deeply, smelling her sex mixed with the aroma of her perfume. He was now completely erect. His horsecock made a considerable bulge down the side of one leg and was begging to be freed. Almost by itself, one of Nick’s hands wandered down to his waist and he began to rub himself through his boxers. He knew it wouldn’t be able to make him cum, his cock was too large to stimulate fast enough, and too much masturbation when he was younger had desensitized him to the sensation. However, the soft rubbing of his dick still felt good and would tide him over until he could find something better to get off with.

His mother’s movements intensified. Her breathing quickened and her moans became louder. Her hands kept the same steady pace, but she thrashed around as if in pain. She arched her back more and more, her voluptuous ass rising from the bed. Juices now dropped freely from her pussy, landing on the sheets underneath, but she no longer cared. She was just so close. Nick watched as his mother, the person that had birthed him and had spent the first 18 years of his life raising him, let out a cry and came. Hard. Her legs visibly shook, and she looked as if she was having a seizure. Only the expression of pure bliss on her face could tell him otherwise. Several smaller moans followed and she slowly stopped shaking. Nick could feel precum staining his boxers, but kept rubbing himself, too enamored with the display before him. Clair’s fingers slowly slipped from her soaked vagina, and she lay spread eagle on her bed. Nick stood there, rubbing himself in amazement. He could not believe what he just saw, nor what he was currently doing. His mother rolled over, giving Nick one last good look at her taught rear, and got out of bed. He decided it was now too dangerous to keep watching and he made his way down the hall, hooves trodding lightly on the carpet.

Nick entered his room and softly closed the door. He had not unpacked yet, but he knew where what he was looking for was. He moved several boxes and found the one he wanted. He pulled out a black bag about four feet long and one wide. At college, women had come onto him and he had reciprocated, but it quickly became apparent that they only wanted him for his enormous horsecock. Although, when Nick revealed it to them, they were often too afraid to insert it or they just couldn’t do it. Leaving Nick sexually frustrated. A brief online search, after his third attempted cherry popping, gave him this puppy. It was a saw horse with a three-foot tube running the length of it and two handles sticking out of the side. Inside the tube was a soft, pink silicone sleeve with waves and pumps allowing for the most stimulation.

Nick quickly set this up and pulled at a bottle of lube. He pulled down his boxers and his cock sprung free. It was easily over two feet mecidiyeköy escort long and was molted black and red. Veins throbbed just underneath the skin and bumps in his cock outlined the sheath. The flared head increased its diameter from three inches to almost five, and Nick watched as precum slowly dripped out. His massive testicles colored the same cream as the rest of him dangled like two ripe grapefruits waiting to be picked. He pumped lube into one hand and slowly rubbed it on his cock, enjoying the sensation. When it was thoroughly covered, Nick pulled his hips back, grabbed onto the handles, and slowly guided his cock in. He grunted at the sensation. Each bump gave him a jolt of pleasure as the folds of the Fleshlight enveloped his manhood. He pushed until the plastic outer sheath touched his balls. Nick basked in the pleasure for a moment and then began to pound away on the fleshlight.


Clair grabbed her towel as she stepped out of the bath. She dried herself and let out a sigh. Her recent sexual release and the hot bath had been just what she needed. Things had begun to pile up around the house in the last year, and Clair had been extra stressed preparing for the return of her son. Now with Nick home, he could help his dear sweet mother with some of the remodelings. Although, Nick’s return wasn’t all she had imagined it would be. Nick had arrived home that morning, almost catching Clair in a state of undress. She usually went around the house in a loose robe, or even naked. Nick’s return, however, put the kibosh on that, as well as her nightly fingering sessions in front of the living room TV. Clair loved her son and had missed him dearly, but she also liked her free time and being alone. She sighed, this time with resolve. She was just going to have to get used to it. Her stained sheets were another matter. She was going to have to find another place to get off, or dry cleaning bills would pile up fast.

Clair finished drying herself off and looked at herself in the mirror. She had lost a lot of weight over the past year. With no kids in the house, she had a lot more time for herself. She ran a hand over her lightly defined abs and nodded with satisfaction. Her breast seemed more full and perky as well. Maybe she would get back on the dating scene, she thought, lifting her breast and letting them fall. She grabbed a brush and hairdryer and began using them on her white mane. Clair hummed quietly to herself, thinking about all the work still to be done. Most of the cleaning was done by a maid who came once a week while Clair did the small stuff. This left her with large chunks of the day doing nothing. At first, she tried getting into hobbies but nothing stuck. She had never been good at arts and crafts and, while fit, was just getting too old to enjoy any sports. She did like cooking and was rather good at it, however, she could only feed herself so many times a day. Working out also took up some of her time, but her workouts were rather light and took only an hour a day. Clair had then turned to house projects. She had had a pool installed over the winter and had begun doing some remodeling of the house. However, she quickly found herself in over her head and decided it would be best to wait until her son returned. She had little to do until one November night.

Clair had managed to drink most of a bottle of wine and began to get a bit frisky with herself. She put some porn on the TV and quickly discovered that she still had her old libido. She figured it had gone way down since having kids and the death of her husband, but it turns out she just never had enough time to truly enjoy herself. This quickly became a habit, and suddenly she found herself spending hours every day in the recliner with her hand in her snatch. Clair had also bought various toys but found her hand worked best. She had a mare’s vagina. While it was still tight, considering she had pushed four kids out of it, it was just too deep for anything to be filling and comfortable. Her hand, however, could quickly find her pleasure spots and if she needed it she could jam her arm up there.

Clair stopped brushing, satisfied with the job. She then turned around and examined her back and rear. Her ass was nice and wide with just enough give. Clair’s body had always made her happy and escort istanbul her ass the happiest. She began brushing the knots out of her tail. It wasn’t necessary, as Clair almost always wore dresses when she went out, but she liked the way it looked. It was difficult to do but with some time and effort, she accomplished her task.

Clair left the bathroom and entered her adjoining bedroom. She walked to her dresser and pulled out a nightgown. These were a recent buy, as she had usually slept naked. The last thing she wanted now though was for her son to walk in and find her in a state of undress. She flicked her standing lamp off and walked over to her bed in the dark. Yes, the sheets had been soiled with her juices, but she had little choice as she had no others. She lay on her side and began to drift off to sleep. Then she heard thumping.

At first, she wrote it off as the wind or the house settling, but it quickly became apparent it was not that. First, it was too rhythmic to be random noises and second, it sounded almost like it was coming from her son’s room. Rolling out of bed, she navigated her way to the hall in the dark. She turned right and saw a sliver of light coming from her son’s door. She made her way down the hall and the thumping got noticeably louder. She arrived at his door, and just before she busted in, she saw what he was doing. Nick was standing in the middle of his room, butt naked, humping away at a fleshlight.

Clair quickly turned away, trying to banish the image from her mind, but she could not resist another peak. She turned back and got a better look at her son. He was well-muscled and his body strained as he went to town. His hooves dug into the carpet and his wide jaw was tight. Clair could feel a wet spot growing between her thighs, but she could not look away. Even though she knew it was wrong his rhythmic moments and rippling muscles were just too mesmerizing for her. Every time he pulled back his penis, or cock now Clair supposed, a foot of it came out smoothly, and just as smoothly her son would ram it back in. She had not seen her son’s cock since Nick was a boy and he had done some growing since then.

In a trance, Clair reached a hand down and began rubbing her drooling lips. Her son stopped for a moment, and Clair jolted back, worried that she had been caught. However, Nick just readjusted himself and continued humbling away. Clair slowly peaked back through the crack and began to study her son’s body. While Nick was never particularly out of shape, he had never been this ripped, and Clair enjoyed the sight of it. His pecs and abs were well-defined and his broad shoulders would have made any woman swoon. His ass, with his tail swinging in anticipation, was muscled and clenched with every thrust. His legs were sinewy as well. His thighs looked strong enough to crush a watermelon and his calves tight enough to run a hundred miles. Clair then shifted her gaze to his cock. Molted red and black, it was the penis of a man and a horseman at that. His testicles swung back and forth in a hypnotic arc, slapping the base of the fleshlight. Clair had never thought of her son as a sexual being. Of course, she thought he was handsome, as all mothers do of their sons, and she also figured he was having sex. The scene that played out before her eyes, however, changed the picture of her son in her mind.

Something changed, and Nick let out a grunt. He quickened his pace, and Clair watched as her sweet, baby boy, the boy she had birthed and then raised into an adult, came. Nick let out a moan and trusted three more times before ramming his shaft in as far as it would go. Clair watched in amazement as a bag on the other end of the Fleshlight began to fill with an almost ungodly amount of cum. Nick let out another grunt, and Clair’s attention returned to her son. His knees sagged as the ecstasy of the orgasm and the exertion of what he had done hit him. After another moment Nick stepped back and his cock slid free, a long string of cum connecting his cock and the fleshlight. Clair covered her mouth and gasped. His cock was massive. His fathers had been big for a horse and Nick’s was even bigger. It rapidly softened and the last bits of cum dripped to the floor. Nick then turned around and fell face-first on his bed.

Clair waited for a moment and then decided he was asleep. She gently reached in and turned off his light. She turned around and made her way back to her room, thighs lubed with her juices. Clair hardly knew what to feel, and even less what to think. She did know one thing though. It was going to be an interesting summer

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