Danger Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Kenzie

Danger was sitting in one of the computer labs at university working on one of the tidal wave of assignments that hit with alarming regularity. He could easily think of a million other things he could be doing on a Friday afternoon. He glanced at his watch and he could’ve sworn it was going backwards. He needed to stretch his legs so he pulled himself up out of his chair and strolled around the computer science department. He ran into Shawn, a guy who was in most of his classes.

After chatting about how their assignments were coming along, Danger wanted to get back to work. As he went to end the conversation he looked into the lab that Shawn was coming out of. On the far side of the room leaning against a wall chatting to one of her friends was Kenzie Stahoviak. She was 20 and one of the sexiest girls that Danger had ever seen, mainly because she appeared to be a little clumsy and uncomfortable with her body. It was almost if she had woken up in the morning a foot taller than when she had gone to bed.

To her credit, Kenzie had an excellent body. She was about six feet tall, the same height as Danger. Her straight brown hair fell about her shoulder blades framing her beautiful face, a face that held deep blue eyes, a faint trail of freckles across her pert nose, and an electric smile. Her body below her neck was just as breathtaking with firm, perky breasts, a flat stomach, and long, seductive legs that accounted for over half of her height. The outfit she wore that day was as perfect as the body it contained: a tight black shirt that showed the curves of her tits and tight black pants that hugged her shapely legs and buttocks.

Danger then tried to prolong the conversation as long as possible so that he could watch Kenzie. Watch her mouth stretch into that amazing smile, a smile that could make a guy hard. Watch her tits jiggle slightly as she laughed. Watch her not quite know what to do with herself. That’s what transformed her from attractive to sexy. After a few moments she said goodbye to her friend and started to leave the lab. As she walked toward a door at the far end of the lab she saw Danger in the other door and she smiled and waved at him. She liked Danger and had thought about asking him out, but she had been in and out of a relationship with another guy a few months now and she wasn’t sure where that was going. She liked the other guys as well and she knew him better than Danger so she had decided not to risk it. Danger returned her wave and watched her walk away toward the far end of the room. Her walk is what really completed the package. She had the habit of crossing her arms as she walked pushing her tits up slightly. Also she walked a little slower than most people and the way her body moved gave that impression of her being a little awkward. And best of all was the way her ass wiggled as she walked, especially in those tight pants.

After she had disappeared out of the lab, Danger quickly wrapped up the conversation with Shawn and turned back the way he had come. His head was filled with thoughts of Kenzie. When he sat back behind the computer he found he could get very little work done. Kenzie just had him too distracted. He had contemplated asking her out numerous times, but he wasn’t sure if he was single. He kept seeing her with this other guy, but they just seemed to talking friendly, but he always saw her with him. Danger decided that he needed to get out of there and get some fresh air, clear his head, and get something to eat. He logged out and gathered his books and headed out of the lab. As he was about to leave, Danger remembered that he had to see one of his friends to get the notes from a class that he had missed while he was with a couple of cheerleaders from a rival school. He found his friend, Will, in the student lounge talking to none other than Kenzie. Kenzie was back on to him and as Danger approached her he could clearly see her panty line through her tight pants. From what he saw she must have been wearing an extremely small pair of underwear. Danger’s mind was racing; no other girl had ever flustered him like this before. He was usually very cool and suave with members of the fairer sex. He took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on getting the notes from Will without letting Kenzie’s stunning body rattle him. As he stopped beside her the scent of her perfume filled his senses and almost sent him reeling; it was almost subliminal, a mix of strawberry and orange.

Will greeted him and Kenzie eyes lit up slightly and her mouth stretched into a smile when she realized Danger was standing so close to her. Danger said hello to both of them although he was a little deliberate saying it to Kenzie as he tried to keep himself under control. He silently prayed that she didn’t notice. “Can I get those networking notes from you?” he asked turning back to Will. Replying in the affirmative Will began digging in his bag for his binder. As he rummaged around Kenzie turned to Danger and tried to strike up a conversation.

After a bit of small talk about school and the unseasonably warm weather, Will interjected 1864 izle with a half dozen or so sheets of paper, “Here ya go,” he said, “how come you missed that class anyway?”

Alarms bells started going off inside Danger’s head, he didn’t want Kenzie to know that he been fooling around with cheerleaders in case there was a chance of something happening between them. He made up some excuse about having a headache or something else just as unoriginal. “So what are you up to this weekend?” Will inquired.

“Some friends of mine from home are coming to town tomorrow. We’ll probably have a few drinks at my place and head downtown to a bar,” Danger replied.

“Sounds like fun,” Will replied sarcastically. Will was a few years older than Danger and didn’t drink. In fact, the two had very little in common but they were good friends.

“Which bar are you going to?” Kenzie piped up. Danger almost jumped out of his skin when she spoke. He quickly composed himself, and hoped she hadn’t noticed.

“Uh, The Lieutenant’s Cellar, I think,” Danger just managed to utter without a stuttering.

“Oh,” Kenzie’s eyes lit up once more, “I’m going to be there too with a few of my girlfriends. I guess I’ll see you there.” She flashed that crippling smile as she finished speaking.

Danger’s mind was racing at the speed of light. He had to get out of there. “That…that’ll be great. I’ll see you there. Uh, I gotta, uh, gotta run,” he managed to stammer. He issued a quick goodbye, spun on his heel and left. As soon as he was away from Kenzie he calmed down and returned to his normal, calm self. As he rode the elevator down to the ground floor he knew he had to have Kenzie. He hoped that he would be drunk enough tomorrow night that she would not be able to fluster him so that he could work his magic. As he stepped out of the building he took a deep breath of fresh air and started off home.

Danger’s friends arrived early the next afternoon. They had decided to stay at one of dorms of another university. One of Danger’s friends used to go there and he wanted to see his old friends. They spent an uneventful afternoon preparing for that night. By the time they left for the bar Danger had already consumed the better part of a pint of vodka. He figured that should be enough to steel him against Kenzie’s effects. When they arrived Danger walked around a few times but failed to find Kenzie. Finding himself with some extra time to prepare he ordered an unspecified number of drinks. They had taken up a seat from which Danger could see the door. While waiting he joked with his friends, admired the female patrons, and from force of habit started flirting with a few before realizing he had to wait for Kenzie.

After about forty-five minutes, Danger was beginning to wonder whether Kenzie would ever arrive when she finally did. Danger was certainly grateful for her taste in clothes. She was wearing a tight, white, woolen sweater with a think collar that hugged her curves perfectly. Below that was a plaid, pleated, schoolgirl skirt although this one was noticeably shorter than the typical schoolgirl skirt. The hem of the skirt fell little more than a foot below her pussy. Completing the schoolgirl ensemble were the usual white, knee-high socks and black shoes. She had obviously been drinking and was giggling almost continuously. Danger’s jaw was almost on the table as he gazed at her and he could feel his mind starting to race. Fortunately, the generous amounts of alcohol he had consumed had depressed his brain functions just enough to prevent him from becoming totally flustered. One of Danger’s friends had also spotted her and he immediately approached her to test his luck. Unfortunately for him, she had already spotted Danger sitting at their table and she went straight over to him breezing past his friend as he tried some stale pickup line. As she approached him she spread her arms and flashed that unbelievable smile. Involuntarily he rose from his chair and they embraced. She rested her forehand on his and gazed into his eyes. Right then and there he knew he had to have this girl. She had her fingers in his hair as she said, “Have you been waiting long for me?”

“Forever,” Danger replied. “I wanna ask you something…” he started but was interrupted by her tongue exploring his mouth. After the initial shock wore off he realized that his dreams were coming true. He placed his hands on her sexy, slim hips and pushed his tongue back against hers.

“I glad to see you live up to your reputation,” Kenzie said with a smile as their lips parted. “I need a drink.”

“I’ll get it for you,” Danger offered and led her to the bar, he wasn’t letting her get away. After getting the drinks they went back to Danger’s table. Kenzie’s other friends joined them as well. Due to a shortage of chairs Kenzie was forced to sit on Danger’s lap, not that she had a problem with that. Most of Danger’s friends weren’t all that surprised by the scene; he did have a reputation for being ladies man. Kenzie had her arms around his neck and her hair was obscuring his head. His hand was on her bare thigh 1899 izle just above her knee. Every once in a while he gave it a little squeeze that elicited a giggle from the gorgeous brunette.

For the next hour or so they stayed in this position until Kenzie had to go to the bathroom. He watched as the bottom of her skirt swayed seductively back and forth as she walked away. Danger’s friends were all staring at him wondering how he kept doing it. Other than the two roommates he lived with while he was away, Danger could get just about any girl he wanted. Kenzie returned from the bathroom as a slow song was starting. She led Danger onto the dance floor and wrapped her arms around him resting her head on his shoulder and nuzzling her face into his neck. He placed his hands on her hips again and they slowly swayed to the music. Danger was getting hard having this unbelievably desirable girl next to him. Feeling his growing cock against her pelvis Kenzie pulled him closer. As the song neared its end she looked up at him and said, “Too bad you’re friends are here or you’d be in for some fun.”

“They’re not staying at my place. Another friend of mine is putting them up,” Danger responded.

With that Kenzie got a deliciously wicked look in her eyes. “Well then,” she started as she slid her index finger along his strong jaw line, “why don’t we get out of this noisy, crowded dive and go…make a little noise of our own?” Danger hesitated for a second to make sure she had said what he thought he heard. They shared a long passionate kiss and started off the dance floor. They said quick good-byes to their friends and left the bar. Danger hailed a cab and they both climbed in the back seat. As soon as Danger told the driver where to drop them off Kenzie had her arms around his neck and was exploring his mouth with her tongue. Danger slowly rubbed his hand up and down the back of her thigh occasionally squeezing the back of her knee causing her giggle slightly as they kissed.

When they reached Danger’s apartment building, he paid the driver and they ran up to his apartment. Once inside they kissed passionately once again. He slid his hands up her legs and under skirt. Hooking his thumbs in the waistband of her underwear and he started pulling them down her legs. Kenzie let out a faint gasp as the air came in contact with her sensitive clit, which was now starting to protrude from its hood. She stepped out of them and he stood up with them in his hand. He gave her a surprised look and said, “I didn’t expect you to be wearing white, cotton panties.”

“Well they go with the rest of the outfit,” she responded.

“Speaking of the rest of the outfit, I think it’s time you were out of that as well,” he retorted as they kissed once more. Danger placed his hands back under her skirt and gently squeezed her ass cheeks. Meanwhile she was working his shirt off and running her hands over his bare chest. He removed his hands from under her skirt and slid them up the bottom of her sweater. Kenzie felt her body quiver as his fingertips played softly over her skin on their way to her tits. She then proceeded to pull the turtleneck sweater over her head. Her tits jiggled softly in her bra as they fell out of the restrictive garment. At this point Danger began to lead her toward his bedroom. When they reached the door he said, “Go on in, I’ll be right in.”

She smiled at him and reached back to undo her bra as she walked in. Danger watched her from the back she pulled the bra off and tossed it aside. He walked to the kitchen and opened the freezer and retrieved a couple of ice cubes. He walked back to his bedroom and found Kenzie lying naked, save for the knee socks, on his bed stroking her awesome body. As he approached the bed he gazed down upon her naked form. Her skin was flawless and there wasn’t a trace of fat on her exquisite body. “What’ve you got there?” she asked.

“Just a little surprise,” he started. “Close your eyes and put your arms above your head.” Kenzie giggled as she did as Danger asked. He placed one of the ice cubes just above the nape of her graceful, swan-like neck. “Ready?” he asked trying to build the suspense. She giggled and nodded her head in response. He gently lowered the ice cube until it just touched her neck. The sudden sensation caused her to gasp and arch her back. Danger slowly began to slide the ice cube down towards her firm breasts keeping just the tip of the corner on her skin. As the ice cube passed between her tits, Kenzie pushed them together slightly causing the ice to be fully enveloped in her cleavage. Danger removed his hand and allowed her keep it between her breasts. She wiggled her ass down into the bed from the feeling of the cold mass between her mounds. Danger immediately brought the other ice cube and placed just below here tits and began sliding it down her flat stomach. The second ice cube surprised her even more than the first. She gave a little yelp and started wiggling her ass even more. When the ice cube reached her belly button he left it there for a moment allowing some of it to melt into her and then continued sliding 28 korkunç gün izle down towards her crotch. By this time the ice cube between her tits had almost melted completely and Kenzie was rubbing the cold water into her hardened nipples. Her breathing rate had increased and she could feel the juices starting to flow in her pussy. When she felt Danger slide the ice cube into her neatly trimmed bush, she unconsciously started to part her thighs. Danger slid the ice cube onto her clit and left it there for a few minutes letting the cold water run down over it. Kenzie started bucking her hips at the wild sensations radiating from between her legs. She was mauling her tits and gasping for air between moans.

“Fuck Me, Danger! Please, fuck me!” she pleaded as the heat built in her pussy. Danger then slid the ice cube down to her slit and popped it into her pussy before he got up and finished removing his clothes. Kenzie was now writhing in ecstasy on the bed as the contrast between her hot box and the cold ice cube was driving her crazy. Danger climbed between her legs and placed the head of his nine-inch cock and the entrance to her tunnel. He gazed into her eyes and could see her longing for him. “Please, Danger, fuck me!” she pleaded again, “I need you inside me!” Needing no further encouragement Danger slowly slid his cock into her waiting pussy. The feeling of her tight, warm pussy around his member almost made him cum immediately. She immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth to hers, her tongue probing every square millimetre of his mouth, her tits mashed against his chest and her legs half-wrapped around his waist and half waving in the air. Danger gradually built his pace until he was pounding her box relentlessly. She now had her head on his shoulder trying to gasp for air between her moans and screams as she approached orgasm. Danger could feel her pussy clenching, sucking on his cock. Kenzie threw her head back onto the pillow as Danger brought his hands to her tits and massaged her rock hard nipples with his thumbs. She placed her hands on his shoulders almost as if she was bracing herself against her imminent orgasm. He tried to hold on as long as possible; however, when it felt as though his cock was going to be sucked off of his body he allowed himself to explode into her sex.

As Kenzie recovered from the intensity of the orgasm Danger rolled them over keeping his now semi-hard cock inside her tunnel. Now on top, Kenzie slowly raised her self up on her knees savoring the sensation of both the orgasm and Danger’s cock within her. She started to slowly rotate her hips around his shaft and grind her clit into the base of his cock. As she came for the second time, her back arched and Danger ran his hands down over her tits and around to her firm ass. Kenzie then dismounted Danger and lay down beside him on the bed resting her head on his shoulder. Danger pulled the bedsheets over them and after a few moments of discussing how they had both been longing for each other, Kenzie drifted off to sleep. Danger lay awake for a few more minutes thanking God that the girl who he wanted more than anything had been delivered to him.

The sunlight streaming through the window aroused Danger the next morning. He glanced over at his alarm clock, 11:34 and no hangover. Kenzie was still fast asleep beside him with her head on his left shoulder and her arm wrapped around his right. He lay quietly running his left hand up and down her side occasionally playing with her long hair or squeezing her firm ass cheeks. She awoke with a giggle after a few moments. She lifted her head and gazed into his eyes. “Good morning, babe,” she whispered as she slid up his body and kissed him. After lingering on his lips for a moment she slid her hand down under the covers and took his semi-erect cock into her hand and began stroking until it had achieved its full nine inches. She then placed the rest of her body under the covers and took his shaft into her mouth. After sucking gently on the head for a few seconds, she slid his entire nine inches into mouth running her tongue along the bottom of the shaft. Danger had never been very successful at controlling himself when he was getting a good blow and this one was spectacular so when Kenzie took his balls into her hand and started playing with them Danger instantly felt the cum rise through his dick. He held on as long possible before finally exploding inside Kenzie’s mouth. Jets of hot cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed his entire load. She knelt up taking the covers with her causing them to slide down her back. Then she looked at him and said in a cheerful voice, “All gone!” Danger couldn’t believe how sexy Kenzie looked kneeling there with his left leg between her thighs and the sunlight shining across her beautiful body. He reached up, grabbed her around the waist, and pulled her down onto her back. She let out as a surprised yelp as he rolled on top of her and kissed her passionately plunging his tongue into her mouth. As they kissed he ran his hand down to her pussy and slipped his middle finger into her soft pussy. Kenzie reacted immediately grinding her crotch against his hand. Danger rubbed her clit with the heel of his hand causing her to hips to buck. The feeling of her squirming underneath him was exciting Danger so much that he had to have his cock in her again.

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