Daughter Cums Around

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My daughter Lori was now eighteen and soon going to college. For the past couple of weeks we have been playing up to each other. Lori would rub against me and I would put my hand on her ass. My wife wasn’t around when all this was going on, of course. It just seemed as if we wanted each other and there wasn’t much time until Lori went to school.

I decided to set up my video camera in the spare bedroom. One day when my wife wasn’t around I asked Lori to follow me to the bed. I sat down and told Lori to join me. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled her into my body and I kissed her hard on the mouth. I think Lori was surprised at first but she opened her mouth and we had a tongue kiss. This was it, I began to pull her clothes off and in a few minutes she was naked before me.

Lori had these big breasts just like her mother. Her pubic patch was shaved down to nothing. I stood up and stripped off my clothes. My cock was raging hard and I took hold of it and brought it to Lori’s lips. She knew just what to do. She opened for me and I slipped my fat dick inside her throat. Lori worked up and down my cock. She seemed as if she wanted me as bad as I needed her. Lori got my rod Ankara escort all wet and hard. It was time.

I pulled out of her mouth and I pushed Lori onto her back. I had been dreaming about this day for a long time. I took hold of my dick and I brought it right to her opening. I got her legs up in the air and I slid my prick into her pussy.

“Oh my God, Daddy!”

It was obvious she had wanted my cock for a long time as well. I slid my dick in the whole way. I could feel Lori’s pussy going into contortions. I just held my dick in place and let Lori work her muscles all around me. When it seemed right, I slowly began to stroke her tight pussy. Lori pushed back on me and I slid all seven inches of my dick into her passage. My ass was going up and down like a jackhammer as I filled my daughter up with cock. Eventually I leg go of her legs and she wrapped them around my back.

That is when we really got into it. I pounded her quim as hard as I could and Lori started to scream from lust. Thankfully my wife was away for the day and Lori and I could have each other with no distractions.

“Give me your hard cock, Daddy.” Lori repeated that over and over.

I was Ankara escort bayan doing just that. My low hanging balls were hitting against her ass with ever stroke I gave her. I was going to make her my sex toy. Lori gripped my dick with her muscles and it was if she was just hanging on from the fucking I was giving her. I held out for nearly an hour when I felt my sacs beginning to pinch. I tried to hold back but it wasn’t any use. I didn’t even know whether Lori was on birth control or not.

I should have pulled out but I didn’t. I sent one hot load of my seed after another into Lori’s pussy. She clamped down hard and milked my dick of all my love cream. The more she squeezed the more I shot streams of cum into her belly. Luckily I had been saving up over the past week or so. When I finally got soft and had to pull out, my cum came pouring out of her pussy. I lowered my mouth and sucked those big nipples into my mouth.

That seemed to push Lori over the edge and she said she had so many small orgasms after we stopped fucking. We were on the bed talking after our lovemaking. Lori said she had been fantasizing about me for a long time. She wondered about what my cock looked Escort Ankara like. I told her I had waited until she turned eighteen. I had to have her before she went off to college.

Only two weeks were left before Lori went to school. We spent every moment we could fucking. I had to suggest to my wife that she should go shopping so Lori and I could be alone. I did end up recording much of our love play. I took Lori in every position possible. We both loved when Lori mounted me and she would slide up and down my rod. I was able to fondle those big tits as I pounded her pussy.

I also took her on all fours. Lori’s big tits jiggled as I took her from behind. My hands were on her hips and I drove my hard dick into her greedy opening. I wish I had counted the number of cum loads I gave Lori. And yes, Lori was on birth control. We didn’t have to worry about that. The time came for Lori to go to school. I ended up driving her five hours to her new home.

That wasn’t before we got a room just outside of the college town. I ended up taking Lori one final time. She loves taking my bare cock and I gave it to her for a couple hours that day. There is something about spraying your cum into your daughter that just gets me all worked up. I told Lori I would try and sneak away from home and come see her on a weekend. I also have the videos I had hidden away. I can’t wait to revisit our lovemaking when my wife isn’t around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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