Coming Home to a Loving Wife

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“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen you do, and if I ever have the opportunity, I would love to see it again.” This was what Norm had said to Jacinta to try to allay her fears that their sexy weekend may have been one stop too far.

“I just don’t want you to think that things have changed between us. The last thing I would want is for things to change. I think everything has been going fine between us and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that.”

“Things have changed, but for the better. You are still the same person you were two days ago and I am still the same person I was. But now our sex life has changed, for the better. Seeing you enjoy your sexuality hasn’t changed the way I feel about you. Not one bit.”

“I love you so much.” Jacinta told Norm as she threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

For a day after their encounter with Brian, when Jacinta had enjoyed an extra cock for the first time, Jacinta and Norm had been unsure how the other felt about what had happened. Now that Jacinta knew that her relationship with Norm was safe, despite the new adventurousness of their sex life she grew bold.

“So does that mean that you would like to try it again?” Jacinta asked with a cheeky smile on her face.

“Well, unless you have someone hidden in the wardrobe, I have to go to work. While I’m at work I’m going to try not to think about you taking two cocks. I’m going to be hard at work all day and I don’t need the extra distraction.” Norm added, grinning. Jacinta gave his cock one last squeeze through his pants to see just how excited he was. Spread sheets and memos would be a welcome distraction.

Imagining that Jacinta would be spending her day off at home thinking about the possibilities of group sex Norm send her a number of pictures to tease her and ensure that she spent the day in a heightened state of arousal. Sending porn pictures via the work email, via the work computer would not have gone down well with his boss. So Norm spent his toilet breaks looking for pictures to send home to his, hopefully, horny wife. One of the pictures he sent her was of a girl who had just come to the end of an obviously intense session with three other guys. She had a cock aimed at her open mouth with a stream of cum which the photographer had caught mid spurt, Shooting his cum into her mouth. Another guy she held in her hand and from the tip of his cock could be seen a long, sticky trail of cum, a thin filament of which lead all the way back to the tip of his cock. Dripping from her left nipple was a dollop of cum that was about to drip down onto the guy who she was straddling. This guy who was about to have a dollop of cum drip onto his chest, had his cock buried deep in her pussy. The girl in the picture was clearly thoroughly enjoying herself. Norm attached a comment to the picture saying that he wasn’t sure which one of these guys he would like to be. But he was sure who he wanted the girl to be. Another picture he sent Jacinta was an image of the same girl, with presumably, the same guys. This time she had two guys fucking her. But instead of the normal DP, she was taking both of them on her pussy. With this photo he added the caption ‘I’m going to be in the room somewhere.’ Thinking that he was just making Jacinta feel more and more frustrated Norm felt curiously proud of himself. He didn’t realize that Jacinta was about the up the ante.

She sent him back a message that just read ‘Send?’ and then a text for an ad. ‘Wanted: a guy, or guys, to play with my hubby and I tonight. Must be ok with my hubby joining in.’

Norm replied with ‘send, send, send, send.’

An hour or so later Norm had the idea to go home early and be ready for the fun that he hoped would eventuate tonight. He was just about to tell his boss that he would have to go home early, for whatever reason, when his boss told him that there was an extra job for him to do before he could go home. All he had to do was drive a package across town. That didn’t sound too hard, but in the early afternoon traffic it could take him hours to get home. But there was nothing for it and the sooner he got it done the sooner he could be home with his hot wife.

For the entire journey across town Norm was thinking how surreal and sexy it was to see the tip of another man’s cock slowly going into his wife’s mouth. In his mind’s eye he relived the moment that it was apparent that they were going to g through with their previous encounter with Brian. Norm could clearly see his wife stroking his cock as her face moved closer and close to his cock. He could hear the slurping sounds as his cock went in and out of her mouth. These thoughts held him in a constant state of arousal while he was trying to concentrate on the task of driving across town. When he got to his destination Norm was in a hurry to hand over the package and head back home to his wife. The clerk who he was supposed to hand the package to noticed his impatience.

“You on a promise, mate?” the clerk asked.

“Sure am,” Norm bursa escort returned “And we’re having a party.”

The clerk smiled, knowing what Norm was hinting at. On the journey home, while stopping for petrol, Norm checked his phone for any messages from his beautiful sexy wife, Jacinta. The first message read ‘Got a lot of great responses, we’re going to have fun.’ The second message just read ‘Hurry home. Surprise waiting.’

The rest of the drive home went by in a blur. Norm couldn’t recall later any of the places he had driven past. The only thing he could think of, when he thought back on the journey later was that it was lucky that he hadn’t been picked up by the police, or been in an accident. His mind was concentrating not on the road, but on what the surprise waiting for him could possibly be. After what was an indeterminable amount of time, Norm arrived home and quickly got out of the car and made his way to his front door. On one hand he wanted to rush inside like a kid on Christmas morning to see what had been left for him. But he tried to nonchalantly walk, although briskly, to the front door. When he opened the door the first thing he saw was his wife sitting on the couch. If not for her sexy, lacy, black bra and matching panties, she would have been naked. With his attention drawn to his wife Norm failed to see anything else in the room. With her left hand Jacinta indicated to the left of the room where there was another couch.

“This is Eric and John.” Norm didn’t quite grasp which was Eric and which was John. He was suddenly struck by the situation at hand. His wife was sitting almost naked on the couch with two guys in the room. John was wearing a pair of jeans and nothing else. He had a smooth, muscular chest. The other, Eric, was sitting in just his boxers hand had an obviously hard cock straining to get out. Seeing the situation unfolding in front of his Norm realized what was about to happen; and his sexy wife had organized it all herself. Feeling over dressed, Norm quickly took off his shirt and pants, standing in just his boxers. John, sitting there in just his jeans, looked a little uncomfortable in this situation. It was like he didn’t know where to look. Norm was sure that just before he had come home John would have been looking at his near naked wife. But now that Norm was here John looked like he wasn’t sure where to look. Usually if you are planning on having sex with another man’s wife and he comes home to see you nearly naked, it would be a good idea to run. But norm gave both John and Eric a reassuring smile. Norm could see a wet spot of pre-cum developing on Eric’s boxers and he was sure that his wife had seen that too. Norm knew which cock Jacinta was eager to lick first.

Norm walked over to Jacinta and pulled her up off the couch. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. Then he deftly undid her bra, allowing her tits the freedom that John and Eric had been hoping to see. Norm led Jacinta over to the couch where the two guys were sitting and turned her around so that the two guys had a full frontal view of her perfectly formed tits. Reaching around from behind Norm held each breast in his hands while tweaking each nipple to bring her to hardness and increase her already sky high arousal. Seeing this Eric soon had his cock poking out of his boxers and was gently stroking himself. John was just starting in awe, like someone who didn’t believe that he was actually here seeing what he was seeing.

Jacinta, eager to get a taste of the two cocks before her, got down on her knees and crawled sexily towards Eric’s cock. Reaching out her delicate hand to grab hold of Eric’s cock, Jacinta looked Eric straight in the eye. Then once she held Eric’s cock firmly in her grasp she looked across to John and then down to his crouch. With that look John’s timidness evaporated and he quickly removed his pants. As he pulled down his jeans a huge ten inch cock sprang forth. The look on Jacinta’s face was that of a mixture of awe, shock, and apprehension. She was excited by the thought of how she was going to take that huge cock. Looking Eric in the eye she licked her way up from the base of his cock to the tip, savoring the taste.

Seeing his lovely wife, who he adored with all of his heart, about to take a stranger’s cock into her mouth made him feel a rush of emotions that he both felt and thought that any ordinary man should be feeling. But for Norm there was no jealousy, no envy, no anger. Just an overwhelming sense of lust that he was feeling for his wife. At this moment she was at the sexiest that she had ever been. With a cock in each hand, one of which was about to go deep in to her mouth, Jacinta was the very image of sexiness and was driving Norm wild with lust. At this moment the one thing he wanted to see the most was his wife enjoying the extreme pleasure she could derive from being pleasured by three cocks at the same time. Realizing that any moment now his wife was going to take Eric’s cock deep into her mouth Norm momentarily relived the thrilling moment last weekend when his wife had taken another guy, who was not her husband, for the first time.

Jacinta’s lips sensuously parted as her mouth descended to engulf Eric’s cock. Once she had his cock deep in her mouth she slowly pulled her lips off his cock to one again slowly lower her pretty face down onto this stranger’s cock once again. This time she took him all the way down to his pubic hair. Her nose was obviously being tickled by Eric’s close cropped pubic hair. After a few more bobs up and down on Eric’s cock Jacinta pulled his cock from her mouth and rubbed her lips along the glistening shaft, all the while looking both John and Eric in the eyes. John was starting at this show like a kid in a candy show. His cock was rock hard an oozing pre-cum. This had been helped by Jacinta’s firm grip of his cock, all the while she was deep throating Eric.

Then Jacinta moved away from Eric’s cock, for the time being. She crawled closer to John’s cock. Close enough to be able to get her mouth onto his cock. Once again, this time with a different stranger’s cock, she licked all the way from the base of his cock all the way to the tip. Once she reached the tip she swirled her tongue around the head of his cock before going down on him. She tried to get as much of John’s cock into her mouth as she could. On her first try she only managed to get about half of him into her mouth. But on each subsequent try she got him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Within a few strokes she was deep thoating him too. Norm looked on at this erotic show with an inerasable smile spread across his face. To see his sexy wife abandon herself to her lust was driving him crazy. He wanted to see her do more, go further, try anything that she desired.

Wanting to move the events on a little Norm moved over behind Jacinta and pulled her panties to her knees. A she felt her pussy being exposed Jacinta let out a moan, which was muffled by John’s cock still buried deep in her moth. Norm moved behind her so that he could better see her cute little pussy that was going to well and truly used tonight. Wanting to get her wet and ready for the fucking to come Norm bent over her butt and started licking her pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Imagining the huge cock that was fucking her throat being thrust into her pussy, all the while she was enjoying the expert attention Norm was paying to her clit, Jacinta let out a moan and came for the first time that night.

That first orgasm just served to make Jacinta hungry for more. She stood up, turned around to that her beautiful round butt was facing John, and backed towards him. John’s cock was hard and slick from the face fucking he had been giving Jacinta and from his position kneeling on the floor, Norm could see the glistening head of John’s cock as Jacinta’s pussy edged closer and closer. Jacinta was straddling John’s legs and she lowered her butt down onto John’s waiting cock. Form where Norm was sitting on the floor he watched in awe as the huge cock pressed at her pussy lips and then edged slowly into Jacinta’s wet and welcoming pussy. As eager for a good fucking as Jacinta was, she still had to ease herself down onto John’s cock slowly. Inch by inch the huge cock edged deeper and deeper into Jacinta’s pussy. She bit her lower lip as a sensation of both pleasure and pain shot through her pussy and the rest of her body. At that moment everything that mattered to Jacinta revolved around the cock that was by now buried deep inside her pussy. Once John’s cock was buried balls deep in Jacinta’s pussy she lifted herself off John until the head of his cock head emerged from her pussy to come into view. Then once again, slowly, but in one long stroke, she sank down onto John’s cock once again. After a few more strokes, with the huge cock being almost completely removed from her pussy to be shoved back again, Jacinta began to get into something of a rhythm.

While Norm was watching mesmerized the spectacle of his wife’s pussy being stretched by this huge cock he didn’t see Eric move to get into the action. He had stood up onto the couch and was feeding his cock into Jacinta’s hungry mouth. Norm was made aware of the immense amount of pleasure Jacinta was in by the sound she was making.

“Mmmm, mmmmm, mmm, mmmmm.” Jacinta moaned while she was being fucked by John’s huge cock at the same time that she was deep throating Eric. “Baby, I love you so much right now.” Jacinta moaned breathlessly in the throes of another orgasm. Eric’s cock, which she had removed from her mouth only temporarily, was being guided back between her lips by her dainty little hand. As the sounds of slurping and moaning continued, Norm decided to get into the action and help push Jacinta over the edge for yet another orgasm. He edged closer so that he was able to once again get his face close enough to Jacinta’s pussy to give her clit some more attention with his tongue. As she sank down onto John’s cock Norm reached out with his tongue to give her clit a good görükle escort bayan licking. Norm tried to keep in contact with Jacinta’s clit as she bounced up and down on John’s cock. But as diligent as he was he couldn’t help but giving John’s cock, slick with Jacinta’s cum, the occasional lick. But now Norm was so into the action that he wasn’t at all fazed about being this close to another man’s cock. And judging by the moaning coming from John each time Norm’s tongue licked John’s cock, John obviously didn’t mind the extra attention either.

Feeling the pressure of Norm’s tongue being momentarily removed from her clit only to be returned moment later Jacinta realized that Norm was not only increasing her pleasure, but was also paying attention to John. ‘Oh baby, that is so sexy.” Jacinta moaned as she slipped Eric’s cock form her mouth momentarily. “I wanna see you take him in your mouth.” Jacinta moaned as she climbed up off John’s cock.

As Jacinta climbed up off John’s cock, it bobbed and bounded with a plop sound and almost hit norm in the face. Norm was at the highest state of arousal that he had been in since seeing that huge cock fucking his wife. Now she wanted to see him suck that same cock. Jacinta climbed onto the couch on her hands and knees with her face close to both Norm’s face and John’s cock. “Go on baby, I really want to watch you suck a cock.” She pleaded. “Go on, do it for me.” Jacinta wrapped her fingers around the base of John’s cock, pointing it towards Norm’s mouth. All he had to do was open his mouth and lower his head and he would be sucking his first cock. Norm hesitated for a moment until his wife pleaded once more, “Go on baby. Do it for me.”

Norm’s lips parted without him even thinking about it. His head began to descend as his tongue, which before had been licking both Jacinta’s pussy and John’s cock, reached out and tasted the combined juices of his wife’s pussy and John’s pre-cum. After swirling his tongue around John’s cock head a few times Norm took the plunge and tried to get John’s cock as deep into his mouth as he could “Oh, god yes.” Jacinta moaned. Norm assumed that this gasp of pleasure was caused by seeing him sucking a cock, but what he couldn’t see was that Eric had moved into position behind Jacinta and had begun to fuck her well used pussy. Norm’s head bobbed up on and down on John’s cock a few more times, each time getting more and more cock into his mouth. Norm had taken over from Jacinta in holding John’s cock and was stroking his cock each time he pulled it out to the head. After a few more strokes Norm pulled the cock out of his mouth and pointed it towards Jacinta so that they could share the cock. After every few sucks Jacinta and Norm would pass John’s cock back and forth between themselves. Each time that Jacinta would take her turn on John’s cock she would take his cock in her mouth in the same rhythm that she was being fucked by Eric. It didn’t take much of this attention for John to get close to orgasm.

“I’m gunna cum.” John moaned as Jacinta quickly fed his cock to Norm. Norm took John’s cock deep into his mouth moments before John shot his load of cum deep down Norm’s throat. Norm was left with no option but to either try to swallow all this cum or choke on it. Swallow was his only option, but as much as he tried to get it all down some still dribbled out of the corner of his moth. Seeing cum dribbling down Norm’s chin Jacinta liked the remaining cum off Nom’s lips and then they shared a passionate cum kiss.

Seeing that John was spent, but the remaining three of them still had a way to go, Jacinta sat down next to John and opened her legs wide to allow the next cock to fuck her. Norm climbed into position and started fucking his wife’s sloppy pussy. Without a pussy to fuck and Jacinta’s mouth too low down on the couch for him to comfortably get his cock sucked, Eric settled for the only other option. Erick had watched Norm do a fantastic job of sucking John to completion so Eric offered his cock to Norm. Having just finished sucking his first cock, Norm was ready for another. Without missing a beat, while still fucking Jacinta’s well fucked pussy, Norm reached out and grabbed Eric’s cock. Straight away Norm was able to get all of Eric’s cock into his mouth. Erick was fucking Norm’s face in the same rhythm that Norm was fucking Jacinta’s pussy.

Watching this erotic show was enough to get John ready for action again. Norm was so occupied with sucking Eric’s cock that he didn’t notice Jacinta whispering something to John. Norm noticed that John had climbed off the couch but didn’t see him move into position behind him. Feeling John’s hard cock being pushed at the entrance of his arse Norm moaned around the cock that was being pumped in and out of his mouth.

“He’s fucking my arse.” Norm gasped as he momentarily removed Eric’s cock from his mouth. Hearing this and feeling the extra force of Norm fucking her pussy while John fucked Norm’s arse was enough to push Jacinta over the edge. She began to shake in another shattering orgasm. Norm couldn’t stop fucking her even if he wanted to. He was being forced deep into Jacinta’s pussy with each of John’s thrust in his arse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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