Expanding Horizons

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“What the hell am I doing here?” I thought as my husband Mark pulled our car into the parking lot for the sex party. Yes, the SEX PARTY. To say this is outside of my normal activities would be a bit of an understatement. Typical for me is more along the lines of refreshing Facebook at the computer, going to the gym or, more typically working as a researcher at a hospital. I’m not really a sexual person, though I do enjoy sex. As Mark has been saying since we decided to attend a sex party, “That’s the point Pammy! This is not something we would normally do, but we’re only getting older and I’m tired of regretting missed opportunities.”

As we got out of the car and looked around it’s hard to describe where we were. It was in a pretty rich vacation town, and the grounds were filled with houses, yurts, mud huts, plants and emu’s. Nothing says “sex party” like a bunch of emu’s running around. Mark gave me one of his trademark goofy grins and took my hand as I stumbled up the path in my rarely worn high heels. That’s the other thing, we were both as dressed up as we’d been since we got married 12 years ago. It had actually been 15 years since we started dating, and two kids and a mortgage later we desperately needed something to spice up our marriage and our lives.

We politely nodded to some people we saw, and since we were early there was only a few people milling about. Honestly they all seemed very relaxed, happy and strangely enough, normal. I don’t know what I expected, but normal wasn’t it. I thought this would be filled with old creepy men or saggy breasted hippies. Some looked to be professionals, and amazingly most of them were actually pretty hot!

Mark and I both have struggled with body issues and failed diets our whole lives. Giving birth two our two (wonderful) kids didn’t help my body, but lately I’ve been really making an effort to exercise more and it’s been paying off. Mark has not only been complimenting me more, but I catch him just watching me undress or dry off after the shower and honestly it’s nice to know the work has been appreciated. I’ve always been curvy with a big ass, but I have curves where they’re supposed to be and cute if not large 36C breasts.

As we walked in there was a friendly man checking to make sure we’d registered and paid. He smiled at us and welcomed us and it just felt comfortable and even less strange. The party itself had a “newcomer” orientation first (as Mark kept saying, “everyone new needs to come”…not his best material). We walked into a pretty nice living room with pillows and couches everywhere. There were already a number of people sitting at the main area (again, some really sexy guys and some hot ladies) so we walked over to the side couch.

There was a lady relaxing there who looked like just a normal lady in a pretty flowered dress. She introduced herself as Margie and warmly smiled at us. We made small talk with her and looked around the room at people who were all there, like us, to watch and possibly engage in sex with total strangers. Suddenly I started to get nervous again and wonder what the hell we were doing there. Luckily, just at that moment they showed up.

It was a younger couple who looked to be in their mid-20’s (I later found out this was correct). She was very cute with curly dirty blonde hair pulled up in a very intricate and adorable princess-style braid. She was wearing sexy black stockings with a nice lace detail up the back and a plunging tight black top that showed off her nice chest. I looked over at Mark and could see him admiring her as he scanned her up and down. I grinned as his eyes paused for a bit longer on her admittedly nice breasts (Mark is a breast man).

The other half of this couple was a young cute looking guy. He had dark hair that he would absentmindedly brush away from his forehead. He was more casually dressed in black slacks and a black shirt. My heart raced a bit faster in a good way as I thought to myself, “This guy is cute!” I’ve always had a thing for younger guys which Mark and I had only recently been exploring in the bedroom.

They introduced themselves as Shelly and Dan and we all made smalltalk for a bit. The room was filling up and we were a bit surprised how many people had shown up. Dan and Shelly sat next to us and I could tell Mark liked them since he kept cracking goofy puns and quoting movie lines and they were actually laughing with him! Our hostess entered the room and everyone took a seat. She introduced herself and welcomed us. She asked how many of us were at a party for the first time, and most of the room raised their hand. Knowing that we weren’t alone as first timers made me feel a little better.

The orientation was actually pretty interesting. As I’d never been to a sex party before I had no idea what to expect, how it worked or what the rules are. It turns out it’s pretty simple, you ask very clear questions and must respect a clear “Yes” or “No” answer. I can do this…I hope.

After love never lies poland izle the orientation more people started arriving and they rearranged the room to have more space. Those of us who hadn’t been to this house before were given a tour, and that’s when the butterflies came back. They walked us around to the different rooms, “This is the main sex room where you can fuck your brains out or just watch.” Sure, that’s normal, I hear that every day.

There were three rooms dedicated for sex, as well as a decent buffet (sex AND food, hell yes!) a hot tub and really nice fire pit. As I looked around the room I was again shocked how normal and attractive most people were. There were definitely a few guys who creeped me out, but honestly the number of truly hot people outnumbered them.

As we were touring around I noticed that we’d gotten separated from Shelly and Dan, and was happy when Mark took my hand and casually led us over to where they were standing. We awkwardly waited while they finished talking to another couple and smiled at them. Their warm returned smiles gave me a nice warm feeling. Also…did I get a tingle between my legs? Couldn’t be…

Mark was the first to speak up and say, “Do you guys want to go look in one of the sex rooms?” We all said yes and slowly made our way upstairs to the big room. There was one couple already on the bed, and we were all shocked to realize they were easily in their 80’s. We tried not to giggle, but they were both completely naked and the lady was voraciously giving the guy a really good blowjob. I shook my head when I realized I was a little jealous about her technique.

We stood on the side of the room as Laura, a really sexy thin redhead came into the room with a guy. He was an attractive guy with a rugged build. The four of us stood there-me in front of Mark and Shelly in front of Dan-and watched as Laura and the guy started roughly making out and groping. He was unbuttoning her blouse and she was pressing her toned body against him. I could feel Mark’s dick getting hard as he pressed it into my back.

The guy quickly took off Laura’s bra and her cute small breasts came into view. None of the four of us said anything and we were all transfixed on what we were watching. The guy starting roughly sucking on her now rock hard nipples and she threw her head back and let out an immensely satisfied moan. This was hot! I occasionally look at some porn-mostly photos of younger guys or my favorite, black guys-but this was like nothing I’d ever seen. An incredibly sexy couple was making out and about to fuck in front of us.

As we were watching another couple (less attractive than Laura and her random guy but still good looking) walked into the room and stood in the middle. The woman took off her dress and they started kissing as the man shoved his fingers into her clearly soaking wet pussy. The sound of that made my breath catch as I could HEAR his fingers pushing in and out. She was clearly enjoying it as she pressed her hips against his hand and devoured his tongue.

The new couple had slightly blocked our view of Laura and so we all goofily stepped to the right to get a better view of everything. We all giggled quietly since it had been done in unison without anyone saying anything. I snuck a peek behind at Mark and saw he was alternating between watching the show and admiring Shelly’s cleavage. I think he wished he had a few extra pairs of eyes so he could watch everything at once.

We stood there as time seemed to stop. The room was heating up from the passion and additional people who came in for a bit, watched and then left. Laura ripped the guy’s shirt off and I definitely felt a tickle in my pussy as I saw his honestly pretty nice body. She took his pants off and seemed to dive onto his cock, devouring it into her mouth and sucking it like she had waited her whole life for this moment. We were transfixed as she bobbed up and down on his gorgeous cock and he leaned his head back on the couch and closed his eyes, enjoying her work.

Suddenly I felt Mark’s hand reach into my dress and cup my breast. Normally I swat him away, but for some reason I didn’t move and let him cup and squeeze my breast. He switched to the other and I could see him looking over to Shelly and Dan to see if they’d noticed. I think he smiled when he could tell that they had noticed but were doing everything they could not to show they were watching us. Laura’s guy was clearly enjoying her cock sucking skills as she bobbed up and down following each suck with some well timed hand strokes, but clearly they both wanted more. He flipped her over on the couch and ripped her black thong panties off. He reached into the bowl on the table and ripped open a condom. As he slid it onto his cock and positioned himself over her the four of us froze and just stared. Mark’s hand stopped moving around but squeezed my right breast as the guy love off the grid izle plunged his large cock into Laura.

She moaned and lost control of her hands and arms as she rubbed and pulled at the guy to feel all of his cock in her. He obliged and quickly thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. The sound of her pussy slurping on his cock as he pushed in and out was amazing. I felt Mark reach up and slowly pull the top of my dress down. I don’t know what came over me, but not only did I permit it, but I helped. My dress came down to my waist, my bra came off and suddenly I was standing in a room watching one couple fuck, another finger and a third continue an epic marathon oral sex session with my breasts just out there.

I think I heard Mark groan as he pressed his hard cock against my ass and massaged my breasts. My heartbeat increased as I could see various people in the room take notice and look at my exposed body. I saw Shelly and Dan glance over and I could see his hands rubbing and squeezing her breasts over her dress and bra. What was happening? Why wasn’t I freaking out and running out of there? Why was this so fucking hot? This was nothing like I’d ever thought I’d experience in my life…and I loved it.

Not to pull away from the sex for too long, but it will probably be helpful to have a little background on myself and Mark. As I said we had been together for 15 years and married for 12. We were both in our mid 30’s and were well into our own professional career. Our life was as “typical” and boring, yet stable as we’d ever hoped. Daily routine revolved around getting the kids to/from school, going to work, making/cleaning up dinner and all the countless other mundane tasks that are our life.

It’s not to say that we don’t like our life together, our kids are amazing, we’re financially very stable, but…it’s just boring. Nothing exciting ever happens. In the bedroom things are so much better than they used to be. Mark actually was my first and only partner. I was a virgin when I met him and never did any serious dating in college. There were a few random guys, but mostly they were jerks or stupid and nothing happened past some un-enjoyable kissing and groping.

At the beginning of our relationship I did not enjoy sex at all. All my life I had learned that sex and masturbation were not things to ever talk about. I never had “the talk” and without any experience of my own I just figured there was something “wrong” about it. Sure I masturbated, but it was always done extremely quietly and quickly, just a task with a goal.

For years when we had sex I just laid there and waited for it to be over. I knew that we were supposed to have sex, but it just didn’t feel right or normal to me. I could tell that Mark knew that I didn’t enjoy it, and we had way too many discussions and fights about it. It was a big deal. Mark is much more sexual than I am. He’s honestly a bit of a hornball and is on the high end of the sexual spectrum. That’s not to say he’s had a lot of partners, but he thinks about sex all the time and probably is more addicted to porn than is normal.

As our marriage progressed we had ups and downs. About six months ago we had the worst time ever. We stopped talking and were just done with each other. We both now admit that we were ready for a divorce and didn’t care anymore. I don’t know what happened, but one night we had a huge fight, which was the most talking we’d done in months. Mark told me that he knew a lot of this was his fault and that he realized he was depressed. We calmly talked and he decided to see a therapist.

I don’t know what they talked about, but over the first month that Mark saw the therapist things changed amazingly. We started talking more, he started being sweet and polite to me, and I found that I started desiring him again and looking forward to sex. I guess I’m a typical woman and 90% of sexuality to me is in my mind. When I was mad at Mark I had absolutely no desire for him. Now that we were getting along, communicating and he was clearly happier, I started to look forward to sex.

One thing we spoke about was that both of us felt like we’d missed out on sexual adventures and growth when we were younger. As I said, I had no other partners besides Mark, and he had only a handful (which is surprising considering how much he thinks and talks about sex). Our talking turned to fantasies while we had sex, and Mark would be a random stranger fucking me. It was HOT! The fantasy usually had Mark watching while the random guy fucked me, his wife. It was some of the best sex we’d ever had!

Eventually Mark brought up that it doesn’t have to remain a fantasy. He said I was sexy and we should find a guy to fuck me while he watched. I wasn’t entirely into the action of it, but the idea was pretty hot and we’d look through Craigslist classified ads for guys. We even replied to a few from an anonymous email account, madoff the monster of wall street izle but never followed up. Usually after looking we’d fuck like animals and he’d be one of the random 20-something guys from the ads.

Talking turned to fantasy, fantasy turned to looking, and looking turned to us going to a sex party. We didn’t plan on doing anything, but we honestly didn’t know what would happen. That brings us back to the party and watching Laura get pounded while my exposed breasts were being massaged by Mark.

Laura and the guy changed positions again and he sat on the couch and she kneeled over his bobbling cock. He reached his hand down and guided it into her obviously drenched pussy and she slammed down on it over and over again. We lost count of the number of times she came. Suddenly the guy grabbed her back and pulled himself deep into her and came inside her shaking as he did. Mark leaned down and asked “Should we clap?” which sort of ruined the moment but also was really funny. We all giggled as Laura shakily climbed off the now softening cock. The guy pulled the condom off as she wobbled and flopped down onto the couch. She was shaking and had a look of both shock and pure bliss on her face. She struggled to her feet, picked up her haphazardly discarded clothes and limped to the bathroom.

A few minutes later she came out wearing just her bra and thong with a look showing that she had just been superbly fucked and had desperately needed it. She wobbled down the stairs as we all watched her really quite nice ass round the corner. After that show we all needed a break and Mark suggested we go out back for some fresh air. We followed him down the stairs and outside.

It was nice in the cool sex-free air. I could see Mark smile as he watched Shelly talk, he was clearly happy with the current situation and I could only imagine what he was fantasizing about her, but I’m sure it involved her full breasts and his mouth (I know my man). At the same time, I found that I was drawn to Dan. He was cute and nerdy and really just my type. Mark is taller and could probably throw Dan, but they’re both dorks and adorable.

We talked outside and came back down to reality for about 30 minutes. We all laughed at each others jokes (even Mark’s typical goofy ones) and really enjoyed each other’s company. I came to this party not knowing what to expect, but as I stood there I couldn’t help wonder if there was a possibility that the four of us could do something, or if I could feel Dan’s cock inside of me. I shook my head as the thought of him sliding into my wet pussy almost took over and my knees got weak.

Dan was thirsty, so we all went inside and had some soda and snacks. The other odd thing about the party (other than the wild fucking and naked people) was that there wasn’t any alcohol. It made for a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere. No one was drunk or jealous or stupid, and everyone was just having fun. As I looked around the room I noticed people in various states of nudity, and even people who didn’t have a “model” body were amazingly comfortable just walking around naked. It was really nice to know that they could be so comfortable with themselves, and despite their nakedness, it put me at ease.

Shelly was the first to suggest we watch more sex, so we all nervously walked to the smaller sex room and walked inside. There on the bed was a naked woman with very large breasts flopped to the sides. A guy was between her legs hungrily licking and sucking her pussy. She was moaning and groaning and loving what he was doing. We all stood and watched for a couple minutes when Mark said something to Shelly and Dan that would change that night and our lives for the better.

“Do you guys want to lie on the other bed with us?” Mark asked. Dan and Shelly looked at each other and nodded yes. What was happening? Were we all going to fuck? What did Mark have in mind? We laid down on the bed and Mark and I started kissing while Dan and Shelly kissed. Mark sat me up and slid my dress off. I kicked it off and he threw it onto the floor. His pants soon followed. Amazingly we were at a sex party lying on a bed with another couple, me in just my new red panties, Mark in his somewhat unbuttoned shirt and black silk boxers. That wasn’t the crazy part though. The crazy part was that it felt great and comfortable and I wanted more.

I could see Shelly and Dan’s eyes look at my mostly naked body. It was amazing to feel the lust from them. Dan’s stroking of Shelly quickened and she reached down and pulled her tight black top off exposing some very nice full breasts pushing against her cute bra. Mark was openly staring and licked his lips as he watched Shelly’s bra fall off her shoulders and join her shirt on the floor. He never took his eyes off her breasts as Dan ran his hands over his girlfriend’s nipples.

“36DD?” Mark asked. Shelly seemed a bit shocked that he knew, but as Mark always says, he’s not only an admirer of all breasts, but a connoisseur. He knows his breasts, I’ll give him that. It was interesting to see the contrast in my breasts and Shelly’s. Hers are young and full and very firm with tiny cute nipples and almost no areola. Mine are smaller 34C with larger areola and eraser sized nipples. It was clear that both of the boys were in lust as their hands groped and squeezed the women they’d come with.

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