Hedonism Ch. 02

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Big Tits

The hot Jamaican sun had soured high into the sky and was throwing its rays onto the warm waters of The Caribbean as Dave and Howard headed down the corridor of the Hedonism Hotel in Negril towards the room that Adele and Linda had checked into. They had met the girls on the flight over from England and both boys were confident that they had pulled long before they had all checked into Hedonism.

The two boys arrived at Adele and Linda’s room just as the two girls were emerging in their tiny bikinis. Linda was wearing a small purple number that barely covered her tits and pussy. It failed to cover her bum cheeks at all as the thin piece of the thong like bikini bottom slid into the recess of her tiny arse. Adele’s was similar in design but in white. Both boys gasped at the sight of the two sexy girls as they stood in the doorway of their sun drenched room. Linda suddenly turned and told her friend Adele to go ahead and get her swim as she, Linda, had mislaid her sun screen and would join them soon.

Dave, who had taken an instant liking to Linda, offered to wait for her while Howard and Adele went to the pool. This pleased Howard and Adele as they had already exchanged a few sexy remarks to each other on the flight over and it seemed natural that they would pair up.

Adele accepted a sexy little kiss from her friend Linda before she and Howard set off down the corridor towards the lift. Dave closed the bedroom door behind him as he followed Linda back into her room.

Adele was ahead of Howard as they sauntered down the corridor and his eyes were riveted to her sexy figure as her bum moved from side to side;

forcing the thin material of her thong bikini bottom further into the crack of her arse. Howard’s cock began to harden inside his already tight blue trunks and he decided to try his luck with Adele there and then.

He caught up with her and told her that he wanted to take his camera to the pool and could she hang on while he popped into his room. Adele smiled as she turned and noticed the bulge in his trunks just as Howard stopped and slid the key into the lock of his room door.

Opening it he moved inside and held the door open in the hope that Adele would follow him. His cock jumped visibly as she again smiled at him and entered the room.

“You didn’t really come in here for you camera did you honey?” Asked Adele in her sexiest voice.

“Ummm well I was hoping that maybe we could take our swim a little later?” Queried Howard back at the girls smiling face.

His hands went to Adele’s shoulders as he decided to go for the direct approach and the couple stood gazing into each other’s eyes.

Adele smiled sexily as she visibly looked down at Howard’s bulge before replying;

“I titans izle guess the swim can wait Howard.”

Howard looked deep into Adele’s green eyes, partially hidden by her long, shoulder length blonde hair, and grinned back at her just as his head moved forward and their lips met in a kiss that soon found their tongues flicking back and forth into each other’s mouth. Howard’s arms encircled Adele’s waist as he pulled her into him and she felt the bulge of his cock press against her barley covered pussy. She moaned softly as his hand moved up and deftly unclipped the snapper on her bikini top. Without breaking the kiss he slid the strap from her slender shoulders and moved his chest back from hers to allow the garment to drop silently to the floor.

Her firm breasts pressed against his chest as he again pulled her into him. He felt her nipples harden almost instantly and his cock grew harder inside his trunks as he pressed himself against her.

Adele moaned again and dropped her hand down between them to touch the hardness of his cock through his trunks. Her mind raced as she realised how big it was and she felt the dampness begin to seep from deep within her as her bikini bottom started to moisten against her tanned skin.

Suddenly Howard pulled his mouth away from hers and, stooping slightly, lifted her bodily from her feet and carried her over to the large bed where he gently lowered her down onto her back. Adele gazed at Howard as he slowly began to remove his trunks to expose the huge cock that hung, proudly, between his legs. She gasped at the size of it and she knew she was in for a hell of a fucking.

Once naked Howard moved to the bed and dropped to his knees beside it. His head dropped down and his mouth encircled Adele’s waiting left nipple while his right hand began to run smoothly up and down the insides of her thighs. He paused it briefly at the base of her crutch before sliding it under the elastic of her bikini and delighted in the wetness he found awaiting his touch. Adele moaned loudly and raised her hips to meet his probing fingers and almost screamed as his large index finger slid into her pussy.

A few strokes inside and then out again before the finger touched her clit and began to rub gently. Adele reached for Howard’s head and pushed it forcibly from her nipple downwards; indicating to him exactly where she wanted his mouth. Howard slid his hand from her slit and grabbed the elastic at the top of her bikini and pulled it down. Adele assisted by raising her hips again and finally she was totally naked beneath him. Howard’s hand moved to her knee and pushed it open; Adele in turn opened her legs wide just as his head dropped and his too hot to handle izle tongue slid over her wet pussy.

Again Adele moaned as Howard’s tongue slid inside her wetness and she relaxed her body beneath him. In and out Howard drove his tongue deep and hard before pulling it from her dripping slit and flicking it over her tiny clitoris as it stood out like a miniature cock just above her glistening pussy.

Adele screamed and jerked her hips upwards in an effort to feel more of Howard’s tongue against her clit. Her hands pushed his head down, as if to force it into her open slit, and Howard’s face became wet with the smooth, sweet juices that were now pouring from Adele’s womanhood.

Suddenly Howard pulled his head away, climbed onto the bed and knelt over Adele in a 69 position. His huge cock hung inches from her mouth as she suddenly opened it and allowed the thick head to slide between her lips. Howard’s head dropped back down and his tongue again slid into her depths as her mouth began to suck the length of his massive shaft deep into her waiting throat. She almost gagged but soon accustomed herself to the size of the cock that was now thrusting back and forth into her.

Adele began to moan loudly onto Howard’s probing cock as his tongue again flicked over her clit and into her wet slit. Her hips began to jerk uncontrollably and she sucked greedily at the monster cock in her mouth; taking the whole shaft deep into her throat in a manner that she never thought possible. Howard was thrusting his hips up and down above her as he fucked frantically into her mouth; meanwhile his tongue began to send the first waves of an orgasm racing up through Adele’s body until she screamed onto his cock and he felt the sudden eruption of her orgasm as she spurted onto his tongue. Over and over again Adele came while continuing to suck greedily at the cock in her mouth.

Howard waited for Adele’s orgasm to subside before he withdrew his head from between her legs and pulled his throbbing cock from her mouth. In one smooth motion he twisted around, slid between her open legs, grabbed her ankles and lifted them over his shoulders. His cock remained positioned at the entrance to her wet pussy as he smiled down at her.

“Adele baby; I’m going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before.”

“Oh God Howard. Yes. Yes take me hard. Fuck meeeeeeeee.”

With one, swift lunge of his hips Howard’s cock drove deep into her and she screamed. Her legs tightened around his neck and her hips jerked against him as Howard began to fuck his long, thick shaft deep into her depths.

Adele took it all. The whole length rammed in and out of her in long, slow too hot to handle brazil izle strokes that sent wild shivers through her entire body as she took his thrusting cock over and over again.

Again she came. Her whole body shook in wild abandonment as Howard continued to fuck the tight, wet pussy that was gripping his cock so fiercely. In and out he reamed as Adele screamed beneath him; fucking her over and over; making her scream for him; taking her so wildly that he knew he could not hold on much longer.

Suddenly Adele felt the cock inside her grow just that fraction more and knew that Howard was about to unload himself inside her. She clenched cunt muscles tighter just as Howard began to shout…

“Oh God. Oh Yes. Oh Adele.. here it cums; oh my God baby take it all…”

“Yes! Yes Howard.. give me your hot spunk. Oh yes.. spurt it into me.. ohh ohh ohhh I’m cumming againnn ohh nowwwwwwwwwwww”

Howard’s huge cock erupted. Wave after wave of hot sperm shot from the tiny hole in his cock to spurt deep into Adele’s waiting pussy as she continued to ram her hips up and down against his own thrusting. She felt the hot globules of spunk as they shot deep into her; filled her; mixed with her own juices and lubricated the thrusting cock even more.

Slowly the spurting stopped and Howard pulled his softening cock from her slit. Once out he dropped his head and began to suck greedily at Adele’s pussy; sucking her juices, along with his own hot cum, from the depths of her womanhood.

Finally he slid from between her legs and lay beside her naked body; panting as the sweat dripped sown his face to fall onto the white sheets.

Adele closed her eyes and slowly regained her own breath as the two calmed down beside each other. Howard finally lifted himself onto his elbow, looked down at the smiling, contented Adele, and whispered…

“You are one hell of a girl baby.”

Adele smiled back.

“Thank You Honey. You sure know how to pleasure a girl with that monster cock.”

Ten minutes later they had both showered, dressed and were headed back down the corridor to Adele’s room to see if Linda and Dave had left for the pool.

Adele silently opened the door to her room and peered round at the room. Linda and Dave were stark naked on the bed together and her friend’s face and red hair were covered in splashes of white spunk. Adele smiled as Dave climbed from the bed, slid his trunks on and joined Howard out in the hallway.

Adele turned to the two boys and told them they would meet them at the pool in a little while.

Smiling, she closed the door to the room, and sauntered sexily over towards her girlfriend reposing naked on the bed beneath her. The sight of her girl’s naked and recently fucked body had Adele’s juices flowing into her panties again and she deftly slid her bikini from her body and dropped it to the floor as she approached Linda; now smiling sexily up at her… waiting.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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