I’ll Be Home for Christmas

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This story was cowritten by JaneAustenButSexy and Nemasis84.

This is our submission for the Literotica Winter Holidays Contest so your ratings and comments are especially welcome! Happy Holidays!

Part 1: Elsa

Convincing Andrew to fly to America for Christmas had been a very long process. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go or was nervous to meet my parents or scared to fly, but he has the worst motion sickness of anyone I’ve ever met. In the two years we had been together, I had convinced him to take the train ride from Manchester to London only once and honestly after seeing how miserable it made him, I didn’t ask as much.

But it was Christmas and it would be our first and only Christmas as an engaged couple. My parents begged me to come home for the holiday and since I couldn’t imagine being apart from Andrew that long and he still hadn’t met my parents, I did all I could to convince him to fly home with me. It didn’t take terribly long to talk him into it because he is so willing to do anything to make me feel loved.

My parents had offered to chip in on the tickets as a Christmas gift, but I had hunted down and paid premium prices for the only direct flight that was offered from Manchester to Minneapolis to save Andrew the agony of multiple takeoffs and landings. I had researched motion sickness remedies and had a bag full of chewing gum, breath mints, motion sickness pills, sleeping pills, a pillow and in case of an emergency, a sick bag. But all the prepping hadn’t made Andrew any less trepidatious about the trip. And I had yet to tell him a piece of news that would make him even less excited.

Andrew was perched on a stool in the kitchen of his two bedroom apartment anxiously scrolling through his phone while we waited for the taxi to the airport. Though I slept at his place at least 5 nights a week, my permanent address was still technically at my friend Heather’s house where I picked up mail, did my laundry, and had the occasional pig-out meal of American food.

Andrew had asked me to move in multiple times since it basically looked like I lived there anyway. My shampoo was in the shower, my toothbrush was next to the sink; I even had my own underwear drawer in the dresser. But I had always told him that I wanted our first official place together to be a new place for both of us where we could decorate together and make the place our own. He also knew that even though my parents were thousands of miles away in suburban Minnesota, I knew they wouldn’t approve of me moving in with a man I wasn’t married to yet and I tried to respect them about that.

And that was related to the news I had yet to share with Andrew.

I set my purse down next to the luggage and placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Oh, hey babe,” he said absently, continuing to swipe through his phone.

“How are you feeling, my love?”

“Eh, I don’t know. I just want to get this over with.”

“Well, can I tell you something about when we get there?”

“Yeah,” he put down his phone and looked up at me. I perched on his thigh and wrapped an arm around his neck.

“So, you know that my parents are really conservative and religious, right?”

“Yes you explained that.”

“Well,” I continued. “I hope you know how excited they are to meet you in person. I mean obviously you’ve talked to them on the phone and you’ve seen them on video calls and I know that they’re going to absolutely adore you and see right away how happy you make me…”


“But, they will definitely make us sleep in separate rooms.”

Andrew looked at me puzzled, “They do know that we are engaged and that we are adults, right?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “But it is their house and their beliefs and they get to make the rules.”

Andrew made a long inhale followed by an even longer exhale before speaking.

“I knew that we wouldn’t be able to be as… intimate as we are here at home, we can’t even sleep in the same bed?”

“Correct,” I confirmed.

Andrew didn’t say anything more, he just looked dejected. I wrapped my other arm around him and snuggled my face into his neck.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered, kissing his neck softly until his arms wrapped around me.

“Can I give you something to help you relax before we go?” I batted my eyelashes at him.


I laughed as I stood up, “Nope, even better.” I pulled Andrew from his perch in the kitchen into the living room. I looked up into his eyes with the look he knew by now meant ‘kiss me.’ He dropped his lips to mine.

My hands went to the front of his jeans and deftly undid the button and zipper.

“Elsa, the taxi is on it’s way,” he reminded me.

“Then I’d better get right to work!” I said slipping my hand inside his boxers and reaching my face up for another kiss. I stroked his flaccid cock a few times and felt it respond to my touch almost immediately. I grabbed the waistband of his jeans and boxers Escort bayan together and in one motion pulled them down to his knees.

Andrew felt for the sofa behind him and sat while I got down on my knees and pulled my hair back into a quick ponytail.

Hair back, I took his cock in my hand again and stroked it lovingly before kissing the tip. There was already a drop of precum which I licked up before swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. I love that feeling of his cock growing and hardening in my mouth. I gave the tip a soft suck and Andrew moaned his appreciation.

I pulled my mouth off the shaft and dropped my mouth to his testicles, sucking one hanging ball into my mouth eliciting another moan from Andrew. I suckled one ball then the other then opened my mouth wide to take both and juggle them back and forth with my tongue.

I pulled back again and smiled up at my fiance. He was gazing down at me with a smile on his face as well. I lifted his now fully engorged cock and placed a kiss at the base then ran my tongue up the entire shaft like an ice cream cone before taking the head into my mouth again.

I caressed the head with my tongue then took a deep breath before taking the entire rod into my mouth. A long, low groan came from Andrew as my lips hit the base of this cock. I knew that the taxi was going to be arriving any minute so I didn’t have time for a long, drawn out blowjob so I went to work bobbing up and down on his lap, wetting his cock with my saliva.

After my jaw adjusted to his girth and the tip of his shaft hit the back of my throat, I willed myself farther until his cock slid into my throat. That always made Andrew react and I wasn’t disappointed with the “Oh, fuck, Elsa,” that escaped his lips.

I didn’t let that distract me however and I upped my pace to take him as fast as I could in my mouth. After just a minute I felt Andrew’s hand wrap around my ponytail and I knew he was getting close as his grunts grew more urgent.

Then came the gasped, “God, I’m gonna cum,” quickly followed by hot spurts of his semen flooding my mouth. I held my lips around him while he spurted four good size waves into my mouth, careful not to let it leak out on my travel outfit.

I leaned back on my heels and swallowed. I coughed a little as the hot white liquid made its way to my belly.

I smiled up at Andrew just as his phone chimed to tell us our taxi was arriving.

“Damn, you are good!” He winked. I stood up and went to the mirror to wipe away any stray saliva and touch up my hair. Andrew pulled up his trousers and we grabbed our bags and headed downstairs.

Check in and boarding at the airport was uneventful. The plane took off as scheduled at 6:00 pm for the ten hour flight West. As soon as we were in the air, I passed Andrew a sleeping pill as he was already starting to look a bit green. He fell asleep quickly and only woke once on the trip to use the lavatory. As we landed I shot my parents a text to let them know and I woke Andrew to exit the plane.

“Well that wasn’t too bad,” he commented.

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, international travel isn’t bad when you’re asleep.” I gave him a quick peck and we made our way to baggage claim. Bags claimed we finally made our way to the pick up lane to await my parents, but coming down the escalator I spotted them across the lobby.

I squealed and ditched my rolling bag with Andrew and took off at a full sprint toward my mother. It had been almost two full years since I had seen her in person. The daily messages and weekly Skype chats didn’t provide the same level of connection as a real hug.

“Mom!” I yelled as I crashed into her and squeezed as tight as I could.

“Elsa, it’s so good to have you back!” She said. I inhaled the familiar mom smell that I knew so well. Releasing Mom, I turned to Dad and gave him the same tight squeeze. After a minute, I stepped back and saw tears in both their eyes. As I turned to look back Andrew was approaching dragging both our big rolling suitcases behind him.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry babe! I got too excited!” I ran over and took my suitcase back.

“It’s fine, my love!”

“Mom and Dad, I am so excited for you to finally meet my fiance, Andrew Bennett!”

Andrew dropped his suitcase and reached his hand out to my father.

“It’s great to meet you, sir.”

Dad looked at Andrew’s extended hand with a laugh then opened his arms to Andrew and gave him a big bear hug.

“And don’t be calling me sir. You can just call me Ed.”

My mom stepped forward and hugged Andrew as well, “And you can call me Janice…or Mom if you want.”

“Oh Mom, you’ll love it if he calls you Mum with his adorable accent!” I said.

“Mum it is then!” Andrew agreed.

Dad took my suitcase from me and he started to lead us out to the parking lot. We loaded up and Andrew sat up front with Dad for the half hour ride to the house. I chatted with Mom Bayan Escort about the flight and I could hear Andrew trying to focus on the conversation with my Dad and not the movements of the SUV on the highway.

Leaving England at 6:00 pm, ten hours later it was only 10 pm in Minnesota and we pulled up to the house at 11:30.

“Oh Dad! You hung Christmas lights!” I said as we pulled into the garage.

“Only because you were coming home,” he said. My dad hated climbing onto the roof to hang Christmas lights.

We all got inside and immediately noticed my Dad take Andrew’s suitcase down the hall to the guest room. It was the room that had been my bedroom growing up and while the walls had been repainted and the boy band posters no longer lined the walls, it still felt like mine.

“I don’t get my own bedroom?” I asked, only semi-joking.

“You’ll be in the basement because there’s two beds down there and Erika will be home in a couple days,” explained my mom Erika is my younger sister.

I locked eyes with Andrew and I knew we were thinking the same thing, ‘I wish we could be together.’

“Now, I know you probably slept a bit on the plane, but here it’s late and we all need to get to sleep!” Mom said, yawning. “There will be all the time we need for catching up in the morning.”

“Okay, I’ll show Andrew around a bit,” I slipped my boots off by the door and took Andrew’s hand and we went down the hall to the guest room. When I was young, the walls had been a gaudy orange but now they were a mellow lavender and a queen size bed was perfectly made with brand new bedsheets.

“Well here it is,” I said. “This is the room I slept in from birth to age 18!”

Andrew looked around the room nodding.

“The bathroom is at the end of the hall and across from here is the office slash sewing room that used to be Erika’s room.”

“And you’ll be downstairs?” Andrew asked.

“Yep. They turned it into an apartment of sorts. They rent it out on AirBnB during the summers.”

I saw the mischievous look in Andrew’s eyes.

“Don’t get any ideas mister! My parents’ room is on the way to the basement and the stairs creak like crazy! And if you wake up my mom’s cat, Henrietta, she will start meowing until you feed her!”

“How will I sleep without you?” He whined, running his fingers through my hair.

“I’m sure you will manage,” I replied. “It’s less than two weeks. We can handle that.”

“Elsa, I don’t think we’ve gone two days without sex since we started dating.”

I thought for a moment, “Oh my God, I think you’re right.”

We both chuckled and I got up on my tip-toes to kiss him. “This will be good for us,” I concluded. “And when we get back we’ll stay in bed for two whole days and catch up!”

“It’s a plan,” he agreed.

I kissed him once more and left him to settle in. I stopped in at my parents’ bedroom to say goodnight. They were both under the covers reading like they always did before bed.

“We’re so glad to have you home, honey,” my dad said.

“And we’re so glad that Andrew is here and we have a chance to get to know him!” Mom added.

“Me too; I love you guys!”

I continued out to the dining room then down the stairs. Henrietta was sitting on her perch over the stairs in her full 20 pound glory.

“Hello Henrietta. It’s nice to see you again.”

She blinked her yellow eyes at me slowly and I continued down to the basement. Dad had brought my suitcase and purse downstairs and I quickly got my PJs on and washed my face then raced over to one of the beds and hopped under the covers. It didn’t matter how nice my parents made the basement, I still remembered my childhood fear of the monster that I was convinced prowled the basement at night.

I got comfy under the covers and closed my eyes. I should have been asleep instantly after that huge day of travel, but I was too wired from the thrill of being back home.

I switched from side to side, hoping some position would be comfy enough for me to drift off and eventually I wound up on my back, eyes still wide open. I wondered if Andrew was asleep. He had slept a lot on the plane, but it had been a very crazy last twelve hours all the same.

I missed having him next to me. I reached my arm out to his side of the bed but it was just a pillow beside me. I missed his warm hands on my back and his soft breathing that usually lulled me to sleep.

Thinking about Andrew, I instinctually brought a hand to my breast and played with my nipple through my t-shirt. It hardened quickly and I continued to pinch and tease it as Andrew did so often in bed.

I felt the cleft between my legs starting to get warm and tingly so I moved my hand down my stomach and under the waistband of my pajama shorts. I rubbed myself briefly over my panties before pulling the crotch to the side. I silently cursed myself for not packing at least one small toy for the trip but I suppose Escort I had expected a little more will power from myself.

I dipped two fingers in between my pussy lips, feeling how aroused I was, then brought them up to my hard clit.

As I started to rub small circles of pleasure I replayed my memories of the blowjob I had given Andrew back at his apartment. Thinking about his hard cock in my mouth and hearing his pleasured grunts in my mind had my fingers rubbing faster and harder. It wasn’t long at all until I felt my climax approaching and thinking of Andrew now sleeping in my childhood bedroom was enough to send me over the edge.

I came with a soft whimper and I felt the small flow of juices between my legs. When my body stopped pulsing from my orgasm my muscles all felt so much more relaxed. I wiped my hand on my t-shirt and rolled to my side. Now feeling satisfied, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Part 2: Andrew

I can’t lie, as I sat waiting for the taxi that was going to take Elsa and me to the airport I was feeling very nervous. When she’d first told me that she wanted us to go see her parents for Christmas this year, after two years together, I had been little apprehensive about it, but I knew how important it was and so I had agreed, more out of my love for Elsa and desire to please her than my actual desire to visit her family.

It wasn’t knowing that for the first time I would be meeting her parents face to face that had me feeling like my stomach was in a knot, that I was actually looking forward to, but rather the prospect of the 10 hour flight to the USA that I was about to endure to get there.

As much as I loved my fiancée, and I truly did with all my heart and would do anything to please her, I knew just how horrific this trip would be. Truth be told I can’t go more than a few miles in a car before I am feeling sick and wretched, and this trip was going to take me across an ocean in a plane I couldn’t even ask to stop to let me out for a few minutes.

I was alone in the kitchen so, since Elsa wasn’t there to distract me, I did the next best thing and grabbed my mobile phone, flicking through some of the sexy pictures I had of my sexy bride-to-be I had and generally just did anything possible to take my mind off the journey ahead.

It was whilst I was playing Forge of Empires, a sure way to distract myself from the real world for a few minutes, that Elsa came back from getting her mail and last few things for the trip from her friend Heather’s place where, despite my best efforts, she was still officially living. I knew why she was reluctant to move in with me, she’d explained her parents objections to their daughter living with a man before marriage.

I heard Elsa enter the kitchen but didn’t look up right away, I was still feeling bad and didn’t want her to see just how nervous I was, although, after a few trips and an especially bad train ride to London, Elsa was well aware of my apprehensive attitude toward travelling. But as she always does, my bride-to-be knew how to cheer me up.

She came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, a small but lovely token of her love that always made me smile, and still does, before she asked how I was doing and I told her that I really just wanted to get this over with, but there was something about the way she spoke that made me suspect she was a little nervous about something herself, which was odd because she travels all the time so I knew it couldn’t be the trip.

“Well, can I tell you something about when we get there?” Elsa said suddenly after I’d mentioned our trip, this sounded important so I closed my game and put my phone down.

Elsa smiled and perched herself on my thigh before putting an arm around my neck, it was her usual way of softening some sort of news she knew I wouldn’t enjoy, and I must confess it often worked, I just couldn’t be upset when I had Elsa so close to me, and she proceeded to inform me about the sleeping arrangements at her parents house.

“I knew we’d not be able to be as… intimate as we are at home, we can’t even sleep in the same bed?” I asked, dejected after Elsa had finished telling me that we’d be in separate rooms during the two-week long Christmas stay in Minnesota.

“Correct,” Elsa confirmed and I know she could see how disappointed that prospect made me, which probably prompted what came next. My beautiful girl always was eager to cheer me up and knew just how to mum it.

I felt Elsa wrap her other arm around me and her face snuggled into my neck, kissing it softly and sending a shiver down my spine as I wrapped my own arms around her. I could already feel the tension starting to melt away. Having a beautiful woman nestling her face in your neck while sitting on your thigh will do that though.

“Can I give you something to help you relax before we go?” Elsa asked, looking up at me and batting her eyelashes in that way which always gets men’s hearts racing.

I half jokingly asked if she meant a glass of whiskey, but Elsa obviously had something else in mind because before I knew it she was pulling me into the living room and had her hand down my pants stroking my cock which very quickly responded to her attentions.

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