Mrs. Mills’ Predicament Ch. 21

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After our love making session in the outdoor shower, I snuck out to the car dripping wet, and grabbed a couple of towels. After drying off and changing clothes, I took Mrs. Mills around the house to show her where everything was, before unloading all of our gear from the car.

The house had changed little since I had last been here several years ago… Though there was what looked like new, updated furniture. And there was definitely a more “beachy” vibe to the house now… Fresh, brightly colored paint, and new beach art on the walls.

The house had two stories. The bottom level had a small living area with a TV & foosball table, two bedrooms on either side… I didn’t think we’d see much of this level of the house, except in passing, as you had to through to get in and out.

The upper level had a nice kitchen, that opened into a huge great room living area with several couches and tables, along with built in shelving units lined with novels and board games… there for the weekly renter’s sake. The master bedroom was also on this level… It had a king-sized bed, nightstands, dressers, and a small sitting area. Attached was a master bathroom with a double sink, a large tiled shower, and a separate large soaking tub. Both the great room and the master bedroom had floor to ceiling windows facing the ocean.

The entire upper level was wrapped by a large deck that was accessible from the great room and the master bedroom sliding doors. The back of the house and and deck overlooked the ocean, and there was a 6-person hot tub on the backside of the deck.

Mrs. Mills was in awe… She couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I was surprised at her reaction… She was almost giddy with excitement… I had been on a number of beach vacations over the years, and while the house was really nice, I had been in several that were even nicer…

But I started thinking that she probably hadn’t been on vacation in a while. And even before her divorce, I couldn’t imagine her douche-bag ex-husband springing for a nice trip… even though he was a pilot who could probably get free airfare.

I was pleased by her happiness, as I sat on the large sectional couch and watched her buzz around the kitchen, putting away the food and drinks we had brought. She was obviously happy to be here with me, and I was thrilled that I had talked her into coming… And if our little adventure in the outdoor shower was any indication, this would be the best week of my life.

It was late afternoon, and turning toward sunset before we finished putting our clothes, food, and beach gear away. Rather than go out for dinner, we decided to stay at the house. Mrs. Mills made sandwiches with the lunch meat she had brought along. We ate dinner on the back deck, relaxed, and enjoyed the view.

After dinner, and just starting to get dark, Gloria wanted to take a walk on the beach… We walked hand-in-hand for at least three miles up the beach, before returning.

As we neared the house, I said, “I think the hot tub is calling our name.” Then asked, “What do you say?”

“Sounds good to me,” Gloria replied, smiling.

When we got back, and into our bedroom, I began stripping off my clothes… Gloria giggled, “Shawn… wait,” then pulled the curtains shut, just as I had peeled off my shorts, leaving me completely naked

Gloria gave me a look, then said, “Lemme guess, you’re not putting on your bathing suit?”

“Umm… No,” I replied, “and you aren’t either.”

“Umm… Yes, I am,” she laughed playfully.

She pulled her orange one-piece bathing suit from the drawer and dropped on the bed… But then she did something I wasn’t expecting. Rather than go into the bathroom to change, she slowly stripped off her clothes… And acting slightly goofy, she did a playful, impromptu striptease for me, right there in the middle of the room.

First she pulled her t-shirt up over her head…Then she slid her shorts down her legs while doing an awkward dance. Now in just her bra and panties, she danced around a bit, and shook her hips… Kind of like amateur night at a strip club. But I was all in, as my dick rose from soft and limp, to semi-erect in seconds.

Next, she reached around and unsnapped her bra, teasing me while holding up the bra, and giving me quick flashes of her boobs, before dropping it to the floor.

Gloria was acıbadem escort now staring at my cock, as it had grown even more. It stuck out like a divining rod, pointing out, and towards her. I began touching myself, and slowly masturbating while I watched her.

Her eyes were still directly on my cock, when she began sliding her panties down her legs, exposing her smooth skin, and completely shaved lower body. She shyly began to rub herself between her legs… She put on a show as she closed her eyes and started moaning… I knew it was an act… She was trying to get me going… And she had succeeded… My boner was no longer pointing at her, it was angled up, and rock hard, as I began to jerk it faster.

She opened her eyes and watched me intently as I continued to masturbate. Then smiling at me, she cheerfully, and suddenly, said, “Show’s over!” Then bent down, picked up her bathing suit and pulled it up over her legs.

“Tease,” I grumbled, before walking over and slapping her on her bathing suit covered ass.

Gloria yelled, “Ouch!” in mock pain, then laughed at me before she took me by the hand and led me through the sliding glass door and out onto the deck.

As we stepped outside, I felt the ocean breeze hit my naked body… It was dark, and there was a light shining through our bedroom window, but I didn’t think it likely anyone could see me, or my raging hard-on bouncing around, as I walked towards the hot tub… Though, I didn’t really care if someone did.

I grabbed a couple cold beers from the cooler that we had put on the deck, and Gloria returned the favor while I was bending over, and gave me a pretty good swat on the butt.

“You’re gonna get it tonight,” I said, smiling.

“Promise?” she responded, giggling at me again

As I lifted the cover off of the hot tub, a warm push of steamy air, smelling of chlorine, drifted upward. I held Gloria’s hand, helping her step up and into the bubbling tub, handing her the two beers as I climbed in behind her. We sat next to each other, facing the ocean, my arm around her shoulders.

For at least an hour, we sat and talked, drinking the cold beer and looking out over the moonlit ocean. We were very affectionate with each other, exchanging soft kisses, and some light touching on the neck, shoulders, arms, legs and stomach. There was really no outward sexual contact… We were simply enjoying each other’s companionship… And neither of us were in a hurry to rush anything… We didn’t want the night to end.

Half an hour later, and were were in the same position… our skin was getting a bit wrinkly from the water, but neither of us had any thoughts of getting out and going inside for the night. In addition, we were both starting to get a little buzzed… I had climbed out of the tub at least five times for fresh beers since we had initially gotten in.

Eventually though, the beers, and the hot bubbling water started to get to us… I could tell that Gloria was about ready to head inside. “One more beer before we get out,” I asked her.

“Sure,” she replied.

Just as I climbed out of the hot tub, a light came on on the deck of the house next door… The surprise rush of light was followed by a cacophony of people talking, and music playing, as the door to their back deck slid open.

The house was 40 or 50 feet away and had three floors. The third level deck, where people were spilling out to, overlooked our deck on the left… I counted at least eight, maybe ten people, and though the view wasn’t clear because of the darkness, they looked to be a group of college age kids… male and female. I guessed that they had probably rented the house as a group for the week, and just gotten back from a bar crawl.

Gloria sat in the tub watching, sinking down just a little. Meanwhile, I was buck naked, standing on the deck, and trying to get two final beers. I quietly snuck over to the cooler, pulled out the beers, and walked back to the hot tub. As I was climbing back in, I heard two girls talking, followed by giggling and laughing…

They had obviously just seen my ass, and maybe even my dick dangling over the edge of the tub… And probably pretty clearly. We had the light on in the hot tub, and the luminous background of the water would have allowed them to see akbatı escort everything before I sunk beneath the surface of the bubbling water.

Mrs Mills must have gotten a kick out of the situation, as she quietly giggled as well. By now, I noticed we had a bit bigger audience than just two girls… They were joined by several more people at the railing of the deck, all of them looking in our direction.

‘Fuck it’ I thought… and I waved up to them from inside the hot tub… Gloria gave me a playful elbow to my ribs, just as several of them waved back, a couple of female voices flirtatiously yelling “Hi,” before they broke out in laughter.

Knowing we were being watched, my exhibitionist streak started to kick in, and my penis began to rise. So, I grabbed Gloria’s hand and put in on my dick.

She whispered in my ear, “Someone’s gotten awfully frisky all of a sudden,” as she nibbled on my ear, and stroked my growing cock underneath the water.

Glancing next door, I could hear that the party had continued, music playing and people talking… Most of the people had gone back inside the house, but there were a few still out on the deck drinking beer… though they were no longer paying attention to us, or looking in our direction.

Except for two people… It appeared to be the two girls, probably the ones who were giggling earlier. They quietly leaned on the rail and looked over in our direction while sipping their drinks. There was no way that they could see what was going on beneath the surface of the water, but it wouldn’t have been hard to deduce what Gloria was doing, based on the direction of her arm and her hand placement below the water.

Casually taking another glance next door to make sure we still had an audience, I gently, and covertly began rubbing Gloria’s breast over the top of her bathing suit… Surprisingly, she didn’t protest… Though again, it would have been hard to believe the girls next door could tell exactly what was going on from that distance.

Gloria was now leaning back, eyes closed, as she continued rubbing my erection under the water. Her nipples now erect, I slid the straps of her suit off her shoulders, and gently pushed the front of her suit downwards… Until it was just below her breasts. The top of Gloria’s boobs bobbed just above the surface of the water, and her hard nipples were now exposed to the air.

Surprisingly, and still with no resistance from Mrs. Mills, I started to push her suit downward even further… But before I could even get it down to her stomach, she stopped me by putting her arms in front of her body to block my progress.

“Uh-Uh,” she whispered, “Not here… Inside,” as she tugged her bathing suit back up, and over her breasts.

She stood up, and I held her hand as she stepped out of the tub and down to the deck, before she picked up a towel and wrapped it around herself.

As Gloria started back towards the bedroom door, I stood up, pushed the button that turned off the bubbles, and climbed out of the tub… Making sure that I faced our admirers, giving them a straight-on view of by bobbing, erect dick before wrapping a towel around my waist and retreating inside.

When I got inside, Mrs. Mills was already peeling off her wet bathing suit near the end of the bed. I was out-of-my-mind horny at this point, and even before she could step out of her one-piece, I grabbed her around the waist from the front, lifted her, and playfully dropped her onto the bed.

She gently bounced on the mattress, laughing as her butt settled into the bed. She lifted her knees, then spread her legs for me. She smiling seductively before saying, “I’m all yours, big boy.”

Her labia was swollen, and protruding from in-between her legs… the entire area around it shaved clean, and bare. I was ready to plunge my cock into her, but thought better of it… If I did, we would be done in seconds.

Instead, I slid head first onto the bed, tucking my shoulders up underneath Gloria knees and thighs. I dragged her toward me, until her pussy was directly in front of my face. Then, I lifted her ass up, every so slightly off of the bed, as her beautiful, sexy aroma filled my nostrils.

Holding onto the outside of her hips, I gently kissed her labia from bottom to top, and from one side aksaray escort to the other. Reaching her clitoris, I kissed it softly for several minutes, before gently flicking it with my tongue.

Gloria was now extremely worked up, as loud shrieks, in between soft moans of pleasure, echoed across the large master bedroom. She pushed her crotch into my face while spreading her legs even further apart, as I began plunging my tongue into her slit.

Before I knew it, I felt her hands on the back of my head, and she started pushing my head tightly against her crotch, which forced my tongue deeper into her.

Out of breath, Gloria gasped, “Fuck me… now… put your cock in me…”

Now, I was even more aroused… She was talking dirty… I don’t think I’d ever heard her say the word ‘cock’. As I pulled my head away from her pelvis, she quickly rolled over onto her stomach and rose to her knees, legs spread enough for me to scoot in behind her.

I grabbed my cock, and rubbed the tip of my dick around her wet slit… As I teased her with the tip of my cock, she started to wiggle her butt around… adjusting her hips, trying to force me to slid into her…

After a few more seconds, I slipped just the tip of my cock into her warm opening. Then, intending to slowly work my way into her, just a little at a time, Gloria thrust herself back into me, and the entire length of my cock sunk into her.

Gloria let out a loud scream, slid her her arms out in front of her, and collapsed her head down onto the bed… She had just had an orgasm… and a quick one at that… I was hoping I could last long enough to give her another.

Gloria’s head still on the bed, back arched downwards, and butt up in the air, I pushed my cock into her… slowly and methodically… later picking up the pace and intensity… then slowing again each time I felt close to cumming..

Gloria was again moaning loudly, and the slapping of my groin against her fleshy ass filled the room as it echoed off the walls.

As I picked up the pace again, the slapping of our bodies got louder, and Gloria yelled, almost out of breath, “Cum… Now… inside me… Now”

Before she got the second ‘now” out of her mouth, I exploded… blasting several loads of semen into her as I pulled her waist back against me, her pussy wrapped tightly around my cock. I continued thrusting into her, even as my cock lost its rigidity, before it finally slipped out of her a minute later.

I collapsed down beside her and laid next to her for a few minutes, before we both realized that the bed covering was in wet and sticky disarray from combination of our sweat and other bodily fluids.

“Yuck,” I said sarcastically, as I pushed the cover down, and slid underneath to the dry sheets.

‘Wow… you made quite a mess,” Gloria giggled, before joining me under the covers and wrapping me up with her arms, before we both fell asleep.

I woke early the next morning, before Gloria had even stirred. I felt surprisingly refreshed, even though I had consumed a fair share of beer the night before. There was something about being here, near the ocean… I rarely slept in while on a beach vacation… I guess I was just wired to enjoy every possible minute while visiting my favorite place.

It was just after dawn, and I watched through the window, from bed, as the sun broke through some clouds on the horizon, over the ocean, before I got up.

I went into the kitchen, naked, and still planning to stay that way for as much of the trip as possible. The windows in the great room were open, and the sunlight was creeping up into the room, as I started a pot of coffee. I poured two cups, and returned to the bedroom.

Gloria was just waking up as I entered, and said, “Aww… You should have woke me up for the sunrise.”

I set a coffee down on the nightstand, and replied, “I wanted you to get your beauty sleep, but don’t worry, we’ll have several more before we leave.”

As I walked back around to the other side of the bed, Gloria said, “You know, I’m really enjoying the view here,” giggling, and no longer looking out the window, but at my naked ass.

I replied, “Well, I have an idea about how we can make the view even better,” and I yanked the covers off of her. She squealed, and modestly pulled her hands up over her nakedness.

As I had walked around the bed, I noticed Gloria’s crumpled, orange bathing suit lying on the floor, still wet from the night before… I walked over, bent down and picked it up.

“I have another idea,” I said, as I held the suit in front of me smiling, “Get your sweet ass out of bed… We’re going shopping before we hit the beach.”

… To be continued

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