My Early Slutty Married Behaviour

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Big Tits

When we were first married we rented the top storey of an old house from a retired police officer and his wife. The older couple also lived in lower half.

Mike was working away a lot at the time, trying to impress his new company and his new bosses.

We had no kids at the time, having only been married for a few months: initially we had lived with his parents.

We got on well but we really needed some space as newly wedded couple. We were always scared in case they heard us fucking so our sex life was suffering!

The couple who owned the flat were in their late 50s. She was a tiny bird of a woman, skinny beyond belief and with a harsh, jagged face. She wasn’t too pleasant, though was never nasty. Just not the sort of woman you would warm too.

He was a heavy set, hugely built man, Jim was his name. Retired from the Police force and about 6ft 2 tall, erring on the side of fat.

It became obvious from early days that he was a bit of a letch and a bit of a flirt. Almost from the day we moved in he began leering at me and this quickly progressed to him pawing and fondling me at every opportunity.

On the occasions I saw him out and about he would always stop and chat. I always got the impression he was ogling me, and his eyes often seemed more interested in my cleavage rather than talking to my face.

I had mentioned this to Mike and he said I was probably imagining it, but to be careful and not get myself into any situations where I was left alone with him and felt uncomfortable.

Anyway a few weeks had passed and I had noticed that his eyes continued to seek out my cleavage on any meetings, and on the rare occasions we met on the stairs he would squeeze past me, pressing his groins into my backside or making a fuss of trying to get past me.

To be honest I had started to get a little turned on by it all and had begun to play with myself whilst thinking of ways to encourage his flirting. On the times when Mike and I chatted about it he knew I was turned on and would often goad me when we were having sex.

“I bet you wish this was Jim fucking you,” he would say. Or, “I bet Jim’s cock gets hard looking at you. You would like that wouldn’t you?”

We fucked often and Jim would crop up as fantasy element within in our sessions fairly regularly. We would both have intense orgasms during these sessions and I quickly became aware that it turned Mike on as much as I to have this man flirting with me.

I began dressing a little more seductively when I knew I was likely to bump into him. I was working at a bank at the time, a junior clerk’s position. He would pop in to deposit money from time to time. Seeing me at the counters he would always chat and be very friendly.

Often I could sense him undressing me as we talked and the thought of doing this in my work setting really got me turned on, many is the time I had to have a fiddle with my pussy in the work toilets! I took to making sure I wore plenty make up at work, tried to make my uniform as sexy as it could be, given the limitations.

If I saw him I would always make sure it was me who served him. I wore stockings most of the time anyway and this accentuated me feeling very sexy.

It became increasingly obvious he fancied me, and I was becoming flirtier and teasing with him more as time wore on. When speaking to me he would be incredibly rude. Telling me how he would give the ride of my life and leave me fucked useless.

One day on the stairs he shoved me against the wall; forcing his tongue into my mouth he gave me a deep, long wet French kiss. His body pressed against mine and I could feel his hard on push against me. He whispered outrageous things to me pleading me to come down to his room sometime. I was wet beylikdüzü escort and turned on but determined he wasn’t having me this easily.

“Make it worth my while, like a month’s free rent and you never know,” I said to him, feeling guilty for even having the conversation.

“I’ve never paid for it in my life with what I have pet,” he crudely responded.

The first time we went any further was in the hallway at the flats. He was coming out as I was going in, passing each other in the narrow space. “Morning Anna,” he said to me as we approached one another.

“Good morning Jim,” I responded, in a friendly manner. The day was warm and I had been out for a run. I was wearing my tight Lycra shorts and vest top. My nipples stiff against the skin tight material.

On passing by me he stopped and chatted, all the while eying up my jutting nipples. I was beginning to get very excited at him seeing me and my sexual arousal only heightened my erect nipple state.

My tight black Lycra shorts had also clung to me. My camel toe was clearly evident, the thin material showing off my pussy mound in a delicious shape.

“Been running eh?” he asked. “Yes” I quickly replied. “Got to try and stay in shape you know.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your shape pet,” he brazenly said back to me. Again ogling and devouring my tits and hard nipples with his flirty eyes.

My pussy was beginning to tingle and his lecherous looks excited me tremendously.

“That’s very kind of you to say so,” I replied.

“Just telling the truth love,” he responded. “Wish my Elsie had a figure like yours. Her tits went south ages ago. Not like your shapely firm ones.” I was astounded. The old bugger was clearly staring at my tits as he said so and his blunt words had my mind swirling.

“Thanks,” I stupidly blurted back. I was astounded at his forwardness.

“Aye her arse isn’t as nice as your tight young one either. I noticed it earlier when you went out. You’ve got a peach of an arse.”

His rude comments merely sent me into a daze. He then moved forward and grabbed at my tits, kneading them roughly. I’m ashamed to admit I just let him.

I then quickly blushed like a silly little schoolgirl, made my excuses and left quickly. Once inside our flat I frigged myself senseless thinking about it.

I had a fucking intense orgasm as I remembered him touching and looking at me and playing his dirty comments back in my mind. I was in an intense state of arousal for the rest of the day.

When Mike got in later that night I practically ravaged him. He wasn’t half way through the door before my tongue was down his throat and my hands all over his groin.

“Fucking hell love,” he said. “I’ve missed you too.”

“I’m so fucking horny,” I told him as I continued to molest and grope him.

Within minutes we were in our bedroom at it like rabbits.

“Fuck me love,” I begged him. “Fuck me really hard and roughly.”

As he started to lap at my cunt I moaned and groaned in delight.

“You’re randy tonight,” he said to me in-between licks of my absolutely soaking cunt.

“I’m so fucking horny,” I swore back at him.

As we continued he obviously began to wonder what had made me so turned on. His questions began to get the answers he wanted as I informed him of my bumping into Jim. Of his dirty chat with me, and above all of his ogling of me.

“Oh Mike,” I moaned. “He told me had looked at my arse and tits.”

“I bet the old fuckers had a wank thinking of it,” Mike lasciviously said back to me.

This was sending me over the edge.

My pussy began to leak heavily, my orgasm surging to crescendo. Our sex sessions beyoğlu escort would often take this format; Mike would question me about any encounters, egging me on. I would tell him what had happened … well most of it!

I very soon realised that he enjoyed the idea of me being a tease, of the potential for me being unfaithful. This became part of our little game, me intimating something had happened and Mike questioning me.

One such time was when I first saw Jims cock! His wife had taken a part time job ‘To get out of the house’ was what she had said to me.

I was at home it being a bank holiday, Mike was away.

I had been out to the shops and had bumped into Elsie. “Would you mind taking him his paper and things love?” she asked me. “I’m running late for work and it would be a big help to me.”

I agreed. I hadn’t been in their flat before, well not all the way inside, only stood at the door to chat on odd occasions.

She gave me his morning newspaper and some tobacco for his pipe. On getting home I dropped my shopping off and I suddenly got a wicked thought. He was alone. He would be alone for a while. I could maybe flirt a bit more, and for longer, and in a more obvious manner.

He had seen me in a little mini skirt a couple of weeks before. I had been going out with friends. On seeing me his eyes had again simply devoured me. He had smiled and as I had passed he remarked “looking good Anna. Legs looking great as usual in that tart length skirt.” The comments had made me horny again, his rude language, his outright filthiness really excited me.

His comments about my breasts also made me damp, “Nice to see those nipples are hard as well,” he had continued. “Short skirt, stiff nipples, my kind of tart.”

I blushed, giggled and went on my way, that night I fucked myself silly with a vibrator, again thinking of his lewd comments and his leering eyes.

Thinking of this, I changed into the same outfit. I put on my denim mini, my strapless top and this time I left my bra and panties off!

I felt wicked. I felt deliciously wicked, and incredibly horny. My cunt was dripping wet as I made my way to his door.

I let myself in shouting a hello as I entered. “I’m in here,” he shouted from a room at the end of the hall.

He was lying in his bed looking cunning, as though he was lying in wait.

“Elsie asked me to drop these in for you,” I said to him, putting the paper and stuff on his bedside table.

He immediately threw back the bed covers to reveal no pyjamas but a huge, long stiff prick springing up from a mass of hairs on his big balls.

“Come and squat yourself on this my dear,” he laughed. His eyes were eating me up in my mini skirt and heels. “I see you have your sluts skirt on again.”

He then lewdly began wanking on his monster cock. “I’ll fill your cunt and belly and make you squirm. Can your skinny husband give you a good 9 inches?”

I stood transfixed by his bulbous purple head; his iron hard prick had a glistening knob end.

“What’s it worth?” I smuttily asked leaning over Letting him get an eyeful of my tits as I did so.

“I’ve told you pet you should be paying me,” was his curt reply. “Now I know you fucking want it I can tell.”

I wanted him. I can’t deny it I wanted this huge prick up me. He pulled me forward and I fell onto the bed. My top was then pulled down as my tits popped out over the top.

“Let me get a feel if those fucking beauties,” he said.

He crudely grabbed them pulling at my nipples. I was so turned on but I was determined I wasn’t being had so easily. I managed to break free and giggled at him.

“You want it then it’ll cost bizimkent escort you,” I said. I then calmly walked away leaving him lying stroking his cock. Wiggled my ass in my mini skirt as I turned my back on him.

“I will think about it and maybe, just maybe I will be up soon for a coffee,” he replied.

I was like a bitch on heat. I made my way back upstairs my legs trembling.

Our kitchen window looked out onto a courtyard. Beyond was a lane which people used as a shortcut. As I was standing at the sink, thinking of the events that had just happened. I heard him enter our door.

At the same time I saw one of my aunts walking along the lane. She waved up at me, and shouted a hello. I reciprocated by opening the sash window and saying my hellos back.

At the same time he entered the kitchen. His dressing gown fully open, displaying his engorged prick.

I continued chatting across to my aunt as I felt him pawing at my legs and up my skirt. His rough hands made their way up to my arse and he began pawing and groping at it.

I brazenly spread my legs wider to allow him easier access.

As I was chatting about work, Mike and my family I had this old letch now kneading my ass and fingering my wet pussy hole.

He then unzipped my skirt letting it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it, leaving me naked from the waist down, except for my black high heels.

He knelt down behind me and began biting and chewing on my arse. As my conversation carried on I let my legs slip further apart. His tongue and face were now buried in my ass cheeks, probing, licking and nibbling at my bum and asshole.

He reached around further with his head as I parted my legs even further. His tongue roughly found my clit. I shook with lust.

“Are you ok?” my aunt asked. “You look a bit unsteady. Don’t lean over so much dear.”

I assured her I was fine as his rough tongue found its way into my cunthole. He expertly probed my wet quim, I squirmed in pleasure. I arched my back giving him a better angle to lick at me. Parting my legs as far as I could, tottering on my high heels leaning against the kitchen sink. Behind me Jim knew I was his for the taking. I tried to carry on chatting as my orgasm built up inside me. I was wet and squirming in delight.

Jim was mumbling away behind me. “You delicious little whore.You randy fucking cow,” he taunted me.

“You love it you dirty bitch. You greedy slut I’m going to give you a cuntful. A cuntful of my prick for another bloke’s wife. You’re dying for a hard fuck.”

This talk only increased my lust. Calling me a whore and unfaithful wife got me even more turned on.

Out of the corner of my mouth as I finished off my chat with my aunt I urged him on in whispers.

“Go on then, fucking do it. Put it up me. Shove your cock up me, balls and all. I’ve got a hungry fucking married cunt your cock won’t fill.”

Jim then felt for my opening with his cock head. I could hear myself squelching as his prick nudged open my wet cunt lips.

He complimented me on my shaved cunt. On my wet, hot, sticky fuck hole.

Like a ventriloquist I mouthed to him. “Fuck it then. Go on fuck it. Fuck my cunt you know I want it.”

I felt the plum shaped head nudge my quim. I arched back more and felt the head plough its way into me. One mighty heave and like a dam bursting his full length penetrated me. It slid in easily using my wetness and his pre cum as lubrication.

Down below my aunt waved cheerio. I waved back as Jim began humping me hard from behind. He thrust at me violently as we bucked like animals. His massive cock had me full. He hadn’t lied he did have a cunt filling cock.

He pounded away, grabbing my hips and slapping my ass until with a heave he emptied his balls up me as I came viciously at the same time.

“That’s your rent paid for this week,” he said to me as he slipped out of me. His cum began leaking out onto our kitchen lino.

“I will collect the next 3 weeks from you soon.”

He did as well. In fact he collected a few months’ rent from me before we finally moved out.

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