My First MMF

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I’ve known Jane for several years and she is part of the crowd I hang with for sports games, BBQs, pool parties, etc. One day she hosted a backyard BBQ with the usual crowd. It was a lively affair with plenty of adult beverages being consumed and just an enjoyable time. As the party was ending Jane asked Bob and I to help her take down the table and chairs she had outside. Of course we were glad to help and worked up a sweat transporting furniture from the back yard to a place in the garage so the rental company to pick them up the next day. It took a bit of time and a lot of trips before we completed our task. By that time Jane had any remaining food put away except the large chest containing beer, wine, and the Margaritas. I prefer Margaritas over beer and Jane always keep them flowing for me. She was standing on the patio when we finished.

“I really appreciate your help with all that stuff, now would you pop the top off the hot tub please,” she said pointing to the hot tub with her beer in hand.

We did as instructed and Jane said she was hot and was ready to relax. She then proceeded to remove all her clothes and climb into the tub. Bob and I just stood there with our mouths wide open and in a bit of shock of what just transpired.

“Don’t you guys want to join me?”

We looked at each other, and as quick as we could, undressed and sat beside her in the tub. Pretty ataşehir escort easy to see we both were sporting erections as we got into the tub.

“Ok Jane,” I said, “This is new for me; what do you have in mind.”

“I’ve thought about having two men fuck me at the same time for a long time and I decided I want it to be you two and I am horny as hell. Are you game?”

I put her hand on my hard cock. “Does that answer your question?”

Bob followed suit and put her other hand on his cock. “Count me in too.”

“Great. I want some good hard fucking, sucking, touching, and lots of orgasms. I want to cum and cum and cum but first I want to lick some lovely cocks. Let’s move to the deck so you can sit on the side of the hot tub and I can play.”

I gave Jane a kiss and gave her breast a gentle squeeze. “Your wish is my command.”

We did as instructed and Jane began to suck and lick Bob’s dick and then do the same to mine. We looked at each other and knew we were in for a lot of fun this evening. Neither one of us knew exactly what, but we both knew Jane was full of adventure.

Jane moved to a bench and positioned her body so that her head could be below the bench. I moved in front of her and she took my cock into her mouth. Bob knelt between her legs and opened them to his eager mouth. His tongue was avcılar escort all over her bald pussy. When he inserted his finger into her cunt, she moaned with delight. I couldn’t get over how erotic it all was. Jane was running her tongue all over the head of my cock with a hot and wet mouth. Bob was licking her clit and fingering her cunt and I could tell by the way she was sucking me that Bob was bringing her close to an orgasm. Looking down at her breasts I reached down and cupped my hands on both her tits and squeezed her nipples. That put her over causing her to moaned and gasp as the orgasm flooded her with one wave after another.

“That was wonderful,” she said with a look of satisfaction, “Why don’t you two change places and we can do this again.”

It was my turn to savor the taste of her cunt full of her sweet cum; one of my favorite activities. Her clit was hard and I flicked tongue around it, I nibbled on it, and licked it until she came again.

We did several positions with someone’s cock in her cunt and a dick in her mouth. We would do every position twice with Bob and I reversing our spots and we would ride until she had an orgasm each time. I never knew a woman more insatiable. I didn’t know how much longer I could keep this going. I wanted to cum but my dick was getting sore. What a dilemma. Jane came to my avrupa yakası escort rescue by announcing she had one last position and she wanted us to cum. I swear I saw a look of relief on Bob’s face.

The last position she had in mind was for a cock in her cunt and one in her ass. She even produced some lube for the occasion. Neither Bob nor I had ever fucked a woman in the ass even though as much as we always wanted that, it just never happened. Bob and I did the “rock, paper, scissor,” routine and unfortunately he won. I got on my back so Jane could straddle me and slide my cock all the way in her cunt. She leaned on top of me and Bob gently inserted his cock into her ass. Words fail me to describe how incredible it felt. I could feel Bob push his cock up her ass and how tight her cunt felt around my cock. I could not move much but Bob could slide his cock up and down in her ass. As we all began to move more I was able to slide Jane up and down on our cocks at the same time. I could feel her cum over and over again while Bob and I continued to pump. I watched Bob close his eyes and clench his jaw as his orgasm built to climax. I soon followed and we all just rested catching our breath.

“Wow. That is the most intense orgasm ever. Thank you both for fulfilling a fantasy I have had for a long time. It was everything and more. I can see more fun like this in the future.”

Bob and I traded winks and gave each other a high five. Bob said he needed to leave so Jane and I were alone in the hot tub. I took that opportunity to play with her pussy. I love rubbing her clit and bringing her off over and over and she is eager to have me do just that. Fortunate for me that night, I didn’t have to drive home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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