My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 16

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Chapter 16

Katie’s Halloween Party

Joechin Lee sat in his room and watched the neighbors from his window as they walked over to the Jackson’s house. He sighed deeply as he didn’t see anyone his age. He knew another boring evening with his parents awaited him. He wished his parents would allow him to go social gatherings with his friends but they always felt he would get in trouble and hurt his academic scholarship chances. The teenager was still a virgin while most of his friends have had sex. It’s not like he wasn’t interested in sex; he’d spent hours downloading pornography on the internet. As with most 18 year olds his hormones were going crazy. He would constantly jack off in his room multiple times a day fantasizing about what he had seen.

Besides watching his vast porn collection Joechin loved photography. He was a pro at Photoshop and loved sneaking pictures of his sexy neighbor Kathryn Jackson or even girls from his high school and editing them so they appeared naked or in compromising positions. He would then edit his own picture onto the men giving him the illusion that he was with them.

“Let’s go Joechin!” his mother yelled upstairs breaking him from his trance. Joechin immediately thought about telling his parents he was sick and should stay home.

He rolled his eyes as he walked over to the stairs and yelled down at his mother, “Why do I have to go? Why can’t I stay home? It’s going to be boring!”

“You can play your games or read your comics later Joechin!” his mother yelled back at him.

Joechin enjoyed his comic collection and his multiple video game systems and would rather do anything than go to the stupid Halloween party. He stormed back into his room and slammed the door. His parents were always so strict they never allowed him to attend parties that his friends were having so he didn’t understand why he had to go with them to this one.

The young man, a senior at North Kansas City High, grabbed his costume from the bed that his mother purchased. He pulled it out of the package; a Spiderman costume? Joechin frowned. When his mother asked what he wanted to be he told her Wolverine, from the movie X-Men. This costume was a Wal-Mart special no doubt. He threw his shirt and pants off as he slipped on the tightly fitting costume. He quickly noticed the pants revealed his underwear lines and quickly removed them.

He looked into his mirror striking a few poses, “Pockets!” Joechin groaned, “Spiderman doesn’t have pockets,” as he looked at the front and back of his costume pants. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t anything like the movies or the comics for that matter. He grabbed his Nikon D90 camera from the top of his dresser and opened the door and began to stroll downstairs. Although upset with his parents he felt he would at least be able to take some entertaining pictures of his drunken neighbors.

As he walked into the kitchen he saw his mother dressed like a witch and his father resembled a hobbit. He stared in disbelief on how ridiculous his parents looked, “I’m so embarrassed” he said under his breath as his mother turned towards him and squealed in delight.

“Ohhh Joechin! It looks perfect!” as she admired her son dressed like the web slinger.

“It’s not even close to what it should look like mom!” he rebutted, “Spiderman doesn’t have pockets!” as he pulled out the front pockets in unison.

“It’s fine dear,” his mother reassured him as the family made it’s way to the door.

The Lee family walked next door to the Jackson residence and all of Joechin’s thoughts of not attending quickly disappeared when Mrs. Jackson opened the door.

His stunning married neighbor wore the perfect Wonder Woman outfit that was so tight it looked as though it was sprayed on her. He quickly noted that it had to be a custom costume and not a cheap store purchased model. Her hair was curled as he hung past her shoulders with a gold tiara. Her make up was perfectly applied as her lips were accented with a perfect shade of red lipstick. A red top with gold accents covered her torso which fit tightly around her stomach revealing her hard body. The costume was so tight as gold stars covered her ass which accented her beautiful long fit legs. The shorts, which were cut high on the thigh, made her legs look perfect with calf high red high heeled boots completing the outfit. A gold rope dangled from her waist as gold metal bracelets clung to her wrists. Joechin stared in disbelief at her perfect one piece costume.

He wasn’t a huge fan of Wonder Woman comics as he always felt they were for sissies. But he had to admit hers was very well done. He moved closer to her and lifted up his mask, “Wow! Mrs. Jackson that’s a great costume! I didn’t know you were a fan of the superheros. Did you model your costume after DC comics or the old television series?”

Katie Jackson giggled at Joechin’s questions. She moved closer, obviously already been drinking, as she rested her hand on his shoulder, “I don’t read comics sweetie! I just thought it would be gebze escort a fun costume!” as she turned to walk back into the party.

Joechin sensing a perfect moment pulled his camera up, “How about a picture for the Bugle?” trying to act like Spiderman’s alter ego Peter Parker. Katie giggled and struck a pose for Joechin as he quickly snapped the pictures. His exotic neighbor bent over at the waist leaning towards the camera with her lips puckered. The horny teen quickly snapped pictures quickly already planning on using Photoshop to have her kissing his cock.

Suddenly another Spiderman costume appeared next to her. The couple they began to pose together as Katie stuck her tongue out acting silly. Joechin, fumbled over himself, as he quickly took a few shots of her knowing it will be perfect for a picture later.

Joechin was taken back that somebody would wear the same dorky outfit as him. The masked man removed his mask as Joechin saw it was Katie’s husband Fred.

Pulling up his own mask, “Nice costume Mr. Jackson,” suddenly feeling much better about his mothers’ choice as if Fred would chose to wear it; then it must not be so bad.

“Hey Joechin! We’re twins.” obviously intoxicated putting his arm around him.

Fred and Katie walked off as Joechin continued to snap pictures of Katie’s perfect ass in her tight costume. He was already excited to run home and download the pictures onto his computer.

Joechin walked around the house snapping pictures of the Jackson’s guests, many of which had some extravagant costumes, but none as sexy as Katie’s. Joechin noted they sure knew how to throw a party. Neighbors were also dressed up and were drinking gallons of alcohol and were quickly getting intoxicated. He paused to watch some adults trying to play Rock Band as he watched Mrs. Jackson sway her hips while singing to Brass in Pocket by the Pretenders. The sexy milf was having difficulty standing as she kept losing her balance and had to reach out and catch herself on the chair. Drunk or not she was the sexiest woman he had ever seen.

Joechin felt his cock getting hard and he couldn’t wait to get home and stroke off to the thought of his unbelievable sexy neighbor. He felt his erection growing while watching Katie and quickly turned into the corner and lowered his hands down in front of his crotch knowing it will be very obvious if his excitement continued as his pants were very tight.

He turned his head to watch his sexy neighbor as he hoped nobody would notice what he was doing as he placed his camera in front of his crotch trying to cover his obvious excitement. Joechin couldn’t believe how luscious her ass looked in her costume. It was a nerd’s wet dream. Her red lipstick was perfectly applied as he couldn’t help but stare. After the song finished Joechin felt his cock was rock hard as he watched Katie bending over to offer drinks and appetizers to guests. The young man quickly tried thinking of college entrance exams in an attempt to get his dick to subside. He sat down in the corner of the room to concentrate as he thought maybe wearing a tight costume wasn’t a good idea.

Eventually the young man was able to make himself appear normal, and after beating everyone in the party at Rock Band, he began to walk around the house looking for his neighbor. Many of the guests were coming up and offering Joechin a drink of alcohol. He knew better than to try and sneak beer or anything in front of his parents but continued to drink sodas. As the night progressed and the adults were drinking heavily; he began looking for a restroom only to find a long line. He’s always had an active bladder and really needed to pee but didn’t want to miss anything.

Joechin stood in line to use the restroom when Fred came up next to him, “Have you seen Katie?”

Joechin glanced around the room. He had been following her all night with his camera but had lost track while he took his turn playing the video game, “Not for awhile.”

“When you do; tell her me and Mark went to get more beer,” he explained as he started towards the front door.

“Sure,” as Joechin watched Fred and another guest walk out the front door.

The young man felt like he could possibly pee at any second and walked out of line as a few people were still in front of him. He couldn’t believe the Jackson’s did have another bathroom as he spied the stairs leading to the second floor.

Joechin slowly walked upstairs past the sign posted to keep guests from going upstairs. He quickly spied an open bathroom, obviously for the Jackson’s children judging by the clowns painted on the wall. He silently shut the door not wanting to get in trouble for walking past the sign and quickly urinated. Feeling relieved he walked out and admired pictures that hung on the wall of the Jackson’s. He again felt a surge in his pants as he stared at the pictures of his sexy neighbor. He crept down the hallway towards a closed door which obviously lead to the master bedroom, göztepe escort just wanting to get a glance of where his sexy neighbor slept. He quietly opened it and stepped inside; part of the bedroom was illuminated by the light from the master bathroom. Joechin heard a moan in the darkness and lying on her back, motionless on the king sized bed was Katie. The young teen quickly announced, “Sorry!” and turned to walk out. He glanced back at the beautiful woman when she didn’t make a sound that acknowledged him. Joechin turned and slowly walked back in and moved closer. He saw her eyes were closed and could see the rising and falling of her chest. Even while she slept she couldn’t have been sexier Joechin thought.

“Mrs. Jackson,” Joechin announced, walking over to her side as he gazed down at her beauty. Joechin looked down at the camera in his hand and back towards the past out superhero. He was torn between what he should do and shouldn’t do but his emotions got the best of him as he quickly pulled up his camera and took a few pictures of the sleeping superhero. He focused in on her beautiful sexy freckled face. It was so perfect, her lips glowed a bright shade of red as he focused on her face and her hard body.

“Mrs. Jackson?” he repeated louder but Katie did not stir as she was passed out from the amount of alcohol she had consumed.

The nervous boy stared down at his sleeping neighbor. She looked unbelievably perfect. Dressed in her Wonder Woman costume the top of her right breast was exposed as her top had began to fall down right above her nipple. He quickly pulled up his camera trying to get the angle to have the breast exposed. Joechin gave one more suspicious scan of the room then knelt down beside the bed. “Mrs. Jackson?” he said into her ear. Still his stunning neighbor didn’t awaken. He looked down and lying next to where he kneeled was a black lacy thong that was partially under the bed. He picked up the garment as he lifted his mask above his face. He lifted the thong to his nose smelling the tangy scent of Mrs. Jackson. It was unlike anything he had ever smelled.

Suddenly, the boy stopped inhaling and licked his lips, as he stared thoughtfully at the motionless body of Mrs. Jackson. He glanced around the room, and walked quietly over to the bedroom door. He slowly and silently closed it; as it muffled the loud music that boomed throughout the house. He crept back over to the bed and kneeled down again next to the lovely wife.

“Mrs. Jackson?” he said, a little softer this time.

Joechin tentatively reached out and placed his hand on her stomach immediately feeling her firm abs over her bright red and blue costume.

“Katie?” he said, his voice a loud whisper yet she did not stir. Joechin quickly took off his Spiderman gloves and tossed them to the floor. The boy’s loins began to tingle in anticipation as he slowly worked his hand up her costume until it was firmly planted on her breast; covering the mound of flesh in his palm over her clothing.

The boy silently climbed onto the bed and leaned over Katie, keeping his hand fixed to the perfect mound of flesh.

She still didn’t move and Joechin was at last confident that he was free to explore his lovely married neighbor. Breathing heavily, he sat the camera down on the bed as Joechin’s other hand moved to join its partner on Katie’s chest. He took a breast in each hand and squeezed them firmly over her costume.

“Ohhhhhhh Wow!” groaned the teenager, his hands opened and closed over the deliciously firm mounds, kneading the resilient flesh. He tightly gripped the perfect orbs. They were more firm than he thought as it was the first breast he had ever touched in his young life. Joechin’s cock had grown to unprecedented hardness as he continued to manipulate his neighbor’s hard body.

Joechin released her perfect b-cups as his hands rubbed Katie’s thigh’s noting how perfect and smooth her skin was. Gently the teenager ran his hands across the lovely wife’s starry blue shorts feeling how tight her skin felt underneath them. He continued to run his hands down her legs until they met her calf high red boots.

The young teen was breathing heavily as he ran his hands back up her body, pausing to reach around underneath her and squeezing one cheek of her ass. It was so tight and small; it was perfect. Joechin released her ass and ran his hands back across her stomach. With his free hand Joechin rubbed his cock over his clothing while he continued to stare at Mrs. Jackson.

Joechin ran both his hands back up to her breasts and continued to grope them. He then carefully curled his fingers around the edge of Katie’s costume and slowly pulled the top down. The material tore slightly as he pulled it wide, exposing Katie’s bare breasts to his hungry eyes. Joechin stared in delight at the wife’s perfect rounded breasts. His hands once again closed over her, now bare, breasts. He stopped momentarily as he grabbed his camera and zoomed in on her breasts; halkalı escort capturing the moment on film. He reached out and rubbed them playfully as he continued snapping the shots.

Joechin continued to feel up the wife’s passed out body as his fingers pinched and twisted at her nipples. The young man noticed the longer he played with her nubs the harder they became until they were both engorged.

The teen slowly leaned onto the beautiful woman, his hard cock jutting against her hip as he plunged his face into her cleavage. Joechin made a snort of lustful grunting noise as he rubbed his face on her breasts, savoring the softness of her flawless skin.

He turned his head to the side and captured a nipple between his lips, sucking it hungrily and at the same time he started to grind his bulging cock against her slender hip. The kid’s feast continued as he turned to her other nipple, his tongue coming out and lapped against the hardening bud, sucking it forcefully between his lips. He gave the nipple a quick bite and then straightened up, adjusting his position so that he sat over her, carefully straddling her flat stomach.

Joechin then reached down with both hands and squeezed the wife’s firm breasts. He jiggled them in his hands, watching in delight as they moved between his hands. The teenager felt his hard cock pressing against Katie’s abs as he dared not too much pressure on her. He gave a huge grin as he released his hostess’ breasts and climbed off the sleeping married woman not wanting to wake her. He stared at her as he felt the hardness and heat coming off his cock that was straining to be released. The horny teen stared at her beauty as he rubbed the length of his cock over his clothing with his hand while he stared at Katie’s naked chest. He heard the voices downstairs along with the pounding music on the floor. He had fantasized about this moment as he stared at Katie’s perfect freckled face and red thin lips. Then, he crawled on the bed around to her head, sat down and carefully pushed her hair behind her shoulders not wanting her tiara to fall off.

Joechin stared at the bedroom door as he lurched up while he kneeled on the bed and pulled his costume pants down to thigh level. The young man’s 6″ cock immediately sprung out. He kneeled back down as he stared at the sexy wife as he slowly stroked his aching dick. He reached over and grabbed Katie’s soiled thong and placed it next to his nose while he continued to slowly stroke his hard on. Breathing deeply, smelling Katie’s musky tangy scent, while watching her naked breasts in front of him. He continued to stare at his stunning naked neighbor while he stroked his cock with her pretty panties buried in his nose.

Katie’s head suddenly turned towards him as Joechin froze in fear. He tossed the panties to the end the bed. Her head moved until it was less than a foot from his dick. Joechin’s eyes shot towards the door praying that nobody would come in as his hands shook as his breathing increased. He looked down as precum had erupted from the tip of his cock. Joechin gulped deeply as he slowly stroked his cock watching the sleeping wife. Unable to help himself he slowly moved forward and rubbed his hard cock over Mrs. Jackson’s pretty face leaving a slight smear of his shiny precum. Joechin then brushed the head of his cock across the wife’s small lips, tracing their outline before pushing them apart with the tip of his erect dick.

He gave a small moan as his cock pierced her lips; the warmth of Katie’s mouth was wondrous as he pushed his cock past her perfect red lips. Joechin moaned in bliss, the fact he was getting his first blowjob from such a beautiful woman made it all the more sweet. Never mind the fact she was passed out. He sat up and crouched over Katie’s face as he fed more of his cock into her warm wet mouth.

He slowly pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, barely noticing the occasional scrape from her teeth as he slowly fucked her tiny mouth. Keeping only the head of his cock in Katie’s mouth, Joechin turned and grabbed a hold of her breast as he moved the mushroom head of his dick in and out of her mouth while stroking the shaft.

“Ohhhhh fuuuuuck!” He groaned as he plunged his cock a little further in and out of her hot wet mouth. Joechin held his cock between her lips as he grabbed his camera from the bed and quickly snapped a few shots of his hard dick between her lips. Although part of him wanted to continue with shots of a perfect Wonder Woman’s mouth wrapped around his cock, he wanted to enjoy the new sensation and sat the camera back down on the bed.

The boy picked up the pace using his hot married neighbor’s mouth to satisfy his built up teenage lust. Suddenly Katie’s arms moved up to her face as if she was trying to swat away a fly.

Joechin quickly removed his cock from her mouth and scooted away. The boy was too scared to move knowing there was a strong possibility of her waking up. Joechin quickly thought he shouldn’t have pushed his luck as he quickly pulled his mask down over his face unable to move away praying she would fall back asleep. His cock quickly deflated as fast as it had grown as he sat up and pulled his pants back up. His mind thought of Katie running downstairs and telling his parents what he had done. He knelt next to her head willing that she would lay still and fall back asleep so he could finish.

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