Sexual Toy

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Mia began her life as a sexual toy when she as a young girl, and as an adult her sexual experiences with woman who like to be in control dominated her psyche to the point of her enjoying being a submissive lover, or should she be called victim.

When Mia was eighteen, two twenty-year old girls whom she knew found her alone in the woods as she was walking home. Without warning they jumped Mia and pushed her to the ground. Mia was afraid of their bold action and didn’t now what they wanted or why they were doing this to her. She fought back but the two over-powered her, one holding down her arms while the other held her legs.

Mia was fearful of the sudden attack by these two older girls, and even though she struggled to free herself, the two girls managed to take off her jeans and panties as well as her top and bra, thus exposing her youthful, pert breasts and virginal pussy.

“Stop struggling, Mia, or it will be worse for you,” commanded the girl who had hold of her legs and had spread her them, giving full view of her pussy while the other girl held her by her wrists.

“We just want to have a little fun, and if you stop struggling, you’re going to enjoy what were going to do to you. Ain’t that right?” she said to the other girl.”

“Yeah, that’s right, Mia, you’re goin’ to enjoy what we have in mind to do with you and your lovely body,” confirmed the second girl in a gruff voice. “So, stop your struggling if you know what’s good for you.”

Mia still fearful of what the two girls wanted stopped her struggling, knowing that it was hopeless to fight back. Both girls were bigger and stronger than she was.

Thus, while the two girls continued to hold Mia down on the ground, the one holding her legs by the ankles crawled on her knees between Mia’s legs and bent over her so she could hold her arms down, allowing her friend to undress. Once she was naked, the girls switched places so that the second girl could take off her clothes, too.

This was the first time Mia was with girls, and even though she had seen naked girls in the school showers, it was still a shock to her to see them both naked with their breasts and pussies exposed, and she didn’t know what they had in mind or wanted to do with her even though they were all naked by then.

Mia, however, was about to find out. Once the girls had Mia under control, they looked longingly at her naked body.

“Oh, my, what lovely, pert breasts, and look,” said the one girl who had gone back up and knelt down to hold Mia by her wrists, “her nipples are hard and erect already.”

This was caused both by the cool air in the woods by the soft, wafting breeze blowing over her body as well as by her inner fear at what the girls were doing to her.

“Yeah, well you should see her delicious pussy. Mia doesn’t have a lot of pussy hair, but her labia is puffy, and she has a fantastic clit that I intend to taste and excite right now,” said the second girl who was calling the shots. “You play with Mia’s tits. I want to get her sexually aroused for what I have in store for her.”

Mia wiggled on the ground, feeling the earth beneath her ass as she struggled to get free, but there was no getting free from these two who were bent on having their fun with her.

The one girl who had a fairly pretty face with short, dark hair slid her hands up Mia’s legs from her ankles to her knees, and as she did so she bent at her waist until her face was inches away from Mia’s sweet pussy. Being that close she smelled her feminine musk emanating from her virginal slit that excited and aroused her all the more, making her anxious to go down on her.

“While I’m eating Mia’s pussy, you suck on her tits,” she ordered in a commanding way.

Following the girl’s lead, the one holding Mia by her wrists slid her hands up her arms until she had her by her shoulders. Now Mia was in the girls’ complete control, and knowing she had no control over the situation she became submissive.

The girl reached out and cupped Mia’s pert breasts and began to massage them, covering her puffy, erect nipples and pink areolas with the palms of her hands. A sly smile of satisfaction crossed her face as she felt bare flesh of Mia’s tits that no one but herself had ever touched.

Just as she reached up with her thumbs and forefingers to tweak Mia’s hardened nipples, the other girl bent her head down and kissed Mia’s pussy, the first time lips touched her virginal nether lips.

“Mmmmmmm,” thought the girl as she moved her lips over Mia’s puffy labia, “she smells so young and fresh, but I’ll bet she’ll even taste better as she drew her tongue along Mia’s sweet flesh, enjoying the softness as well as the taste.”

Despite her inner resistance Mia could not help but react to the tweaking of her hardened, distended nipples and the licking of her pussy. They were feelings she had never felt before in her young life other than when she touched herself; however, having someone else playing with her breasts Ankara escort and licking her pussy felt so much better. So, caught up in her initial struggle to get away from the girls, Mia now was gradually giving into their erotic attention to her young, virginal body.

“Oh, my, it feels so good to have my breasts played with and my pussy kissed and licked,” thought Mia deeply within her confused state of objecting to having been taken by these two older girls and her gradual succumbing to their ardent attention to her body.

The two girls worked in tandem: the one excited with playing with her breasts and the other eating her pussy, both drawing Mia into that which they were doing to her. Never before had Mia felt so sexually aroused despite the fact that it was being forced upon her.

When the girl eating her pussy curled her tongue and thrust it into her vaginal slit, Mia moaned softly involuntarily. Never had she had a tongue inside her virginal vagina stabbing in and out as she became wet and creamy from the secretion of her Bartholin glands that lubricated her vagina.

When the dominant girl tasted and felt Mia’s pussy cream, she became very sexually aroused and excited, knowing the effect her tongue was having on Mia’s pussy whether she wanted it to happen or not.

“Mmmmmmmmm, Mia’s pussy tastes so good and fresh,” the domineering girl thought as she inhaled her freshness and collected pussy cream on her working tongue.

The girl grabbed Mia’s hips for a better purchase on her body that allowed her to thrust her tongue more deeply into Mia’s vagina, rubbing the tip of her tongue over the rows of fleshy ridges several inches on the top wall of Mia’s vaginal canal.

As she did this, she felt her own pussy become wet with her own self-lubrication. She also felt her nipples stiffen and enlarge while goose flesh surrounded the edge of her areolas.

Together, the two girls violated Mia in this unexpected rape of her virginal, youthful body, her body up until then that had never felt the touch of anyone else, boy or girl, and yet here were two girls having their way with her, forcing themselves upon her according to their carnal whims.

The girl playing with Mia’s tits continued to massage them from their base at her chest up to her nipples, and having tweaked them sufficiently, she opened her mouth and began to suck on Mia’s nipples, passing from one to the other, sucking her nipples deeply inside her mouth and slobbering her wet saliva all over them. In the midst of her sucking Mia’s nipples she also flicked them with her tongue back and forth and up and down, taking time out to circle around her areolas, feeling the goose flesh that let her know, like it or not, Mia was sexually aroused by her lingual attention to her tits.

As she continued sucking Mia’s nipples, the girl between Mia’s legs slid her working tongue out of her now very wet vagina and slowly licked upward past her slit until she was stabbing with the tip of her tongue into Mia’s pee hole. From her pee hole the forceful girl flattened her tongue and worked it between Mia’s swollen labia brought about by having become sexually aroused.

Mia had no choice but become sexually aroused with the lingual attention the two girls were giving her. In fact, by now she was beyond objecting to their forcing themselves on her. She was giving into their lingual ministrations on her body’s most sexually sensitive parts: her tits and her pussy.

As erotically exciting as this rape was becoming, Mia was not quite ready for the dominant girl’s next move. She slid her snakelike tongue between her labia until the tip of her tongue touched the Frenum just beneath her clit where her labia met one another.

Once there the girl flicked her tongue and guided it over Mia’s highly aroused clit that had poked the smooth head that had by now popped out beyond its protective hood.

Her glans awaited eagerly the girl’s tongue as it flicked up and over her love bud and lapped against the beginning of the swollen flesh of Mia’s shaft under which her clit extended up and beneath the bottom of her Mons where it bent downward towards the end of her uterus where it bi-furcated into two points which, when a woman orgasms, vibrates rapidly as does the rattle of a rattle snake. Although, the two points in this case vibrate not as a warning but as the rhythmic vibration of orgasm to which the domineering girl was leading Mia whether she wanted to or not.

Having flicked Mia’s clit with her working tongue that was covered with her pussy cream, going both up and down as well as back and forth, the dyke formed her mouth into the familiar “O” that she brought down over and onto Mia’s clit, closing her lips and sucking on it frantically in sexual pleasure.

In response Mia thrust her hips off the ground and cried out within herself, “Oh, myyyyyyyyyyy, I never knew anything like this could feel so good and sexually excite me so.”

From that action on Mia was totally caught Ankara escort bayan up in her rape, waves of sexual energy coursing through her young, tender body as never before, not even when she masturbated.

It just wasn’t the same.

“Someone’s mouth is far better than my hand on my pussy,” Mia pondered in sexual ecstasy and unknown joy.

Mia was so far gone in the seduction of these two girls on her, that she forgot how it had all began, her being forced down onto the ground for their wanton pleasure.

It was but a few minutes of the girl’s talented sucking on her clit when Mia felt the oncoming throes of her orgasm coursing through her body. The erotic chemicals controlled by her brain went and bathed all her erogenous zones, preparing her for her orgasmic climax.

When she felt herself on the verge of her orgasm, she reached out with her hands and placed them on the back of the girl’s head and pressed down, forcing her clit deeper into the girl’s mouth who never let up sucking her throbbing clit as her thighs began to vibrate with sexual energy.

“Oh, my gawd,” Mia yelled, “as the first wave of orgasmic energy hit her clit, sending erotic tremors throughout her pussy from her Mons to her puckered asshole. With her yell Mia did something she never had done before or did she know she could do it or what it was.

Mia felt as if she had to pee, but this was a misnomer. What Mia was about to do was to ejaculate out her pee hole and possibly dribble the Para urethral fluid from her vagina.

Not wanting to anger the girl, thinking she was going to pee, she yelled out, “I’m going to pee!”

However, the controlling girl knew Mia was not going to pee. She was going to ejaculate. Knowing this she popped her mouth off Mia’s throbbing clit and dropped her head down between her legs, forming her mouth over her vaginal slit and pee hole, waiting for the deluge.

When Mia’s orgasm hit her, she thrust her hips upward to meet the downward pressure of the girl’s head who was ready for the first massive amount of female ejaculate shoot into her mouth, filling it to overflowing. However, she knew what to do. She relaxed her throat, breathed deeply through her nose, and swallowed Mia’s warm, slightly salty ejaculate, readying herself for the squirts to follow until Mia had drained herself of all the ejaculate that had built up above the top of the soft, spongy area where her G-Spot was located. This was all very natural.

While Mia was having her orgasm, the other girl sucked hard on her nipples, gently nipping them between her teeth, increasing the unbeknownst pleasure of Mia of her first orgasm brought on by these two girls who attacked her in the woods.

In time Mia came down from the height of her orgasm, and lay on the ground breathing hard and trying to get control of her breath with each gulp of air she took.

The girl who had gone down on Mia, rose up onto her knees and looked at her friend who was still sucking on Mia’s tits.

“Okay, okay, that’s enough. You can stop sucking on her tits,” she said.

The other girl did as she was told. She stopped sucking Mia’s tits and sat back on her calves, not having to hold on to Mia’s shoulders anymore since she was drained of her energy from her orgasm.

The girl who had eaten Mia’s pussy, moved her body up until she was straddling Mia’s hips, and she pent down and kissed her, surprising Mia who had her eyes closed.

“Mmmmmmmm, you really taste could, Mia. I must admit. Do you taste yourself on my lips,” she asked.

“Um hummmmm,” Mia said.

“You were delicious. I must say,” the girl said and then smiled. “However, you have me so damn hot and horny I have to get myself off, and you’re going to help me. In fact, you’re going to help both of us.

“You just lie there with your legs spread. I’m going to fuck you. I’m sure you don’t know what that means, but you’re going to find out. Are you going to co-operate and be a good girl, or do we have to hold you down?”

Mia looked up into the girl’s eyes and shook her head “no.”

“Good! That’s being a sensible girl.”

Having said that the girl slid back down Mia’s body, taking her by the right leg and bending it at the knee. She then sat on the ground and moved herself forward until her wet pussy was pressed against Mia’s very wet pussy. The girl then grabbed onto Mia’s left hip, and in that position she began to grind her pussy against Mia’s pussy, beginning slowly but increasing as she became sexually aroused and felt herself nearing her orgasm that didn’t take long as hot and bothered was she.

“Okay, Mia, now I’m going to fuck the hell out of you,” she said. “Maybe you’ll cum again. Huh?”

Mia said nothing so caught up in being fucked by the bold, domineering girl who was in total control of everything that happened.

“Ready or not, Mia, I’m going to cum all over your sweet pussy,” the girl shouted, and with the shout she erupted and squirted her ejaculate Escort Ankara all over Mia’s pussy. She shot with such force her ejaculate sprayed onto her pussy and between her legs, sending rivulets of love juice running all down the top part of Mia’s thighs and down between the crack in her ass.

So over-sexed was Mia by then, she, too, had her second orgasm and ejaculated in between the girl’s legs, squirting all over her hairy pussy, both causing a puddle to form at the base where their asses and pussies met.

The dominant girl slumped forward from exhaustion, working to get control of her bodily functions…her breathing and her heart rate. However, she finally regained her senses and looked up into Mia’s wide-open eyes, so taken with that sexual experience.

“Well, now, how’d you like being fucked, Mia?” the dyke asked.

“I…I never knew girls could do that to one another,” Mia sheepishly answered.

“Well, now you know, and since you know, you’re going to get another chance. My friend there is hotter-than-hell and hungry for your body.”

Thus, after going down on Mia and licking up both her and her friend’s wet ejaculate, the second girl fucked Mia, too, grinding her pussy all over Mia’s pussy and Mons until they both enjoyed an orgasm, adding more ejaculate fluid that left a big puddle on the ground.

When the two girls were finished with Mia, they each told her what a good fuck she was and that maybe they can meet in the woods again, but they never did. All Mia was left with was the memory of having been accosted by the two dominant girls who were into control, and it just happened that they met Mia in the woods on that fateful day when she found out what it was like to be forced to have two girls have sex with her.

This virginal experience was to set a pattern for Mia and her experience with girls and women.

Mia did find boys, but it wasn’t the same.

However, when Mia went to college, her college roommate was a senior who happened to like girls. She renewed Mia’s sexual relationship with girls; although, this time in different ways.

Mia’s roommate was basically into a form of mild BDSM: bondage, discipline…dominance and submission…sadism and masochism. More discipline, dominance, and submission. Her roommate sometimes took Mia with a big hairbrush, but from her earlier experience with the two young girls who had raped her in the woods she did not fight back. Mia just let her do it. Her roommate would fuck her with the handle of the hairbrush until she came, and then she would suck Mia’s cum off the handle.

Mia’s roommate never let her do anything to her. It was all one sided. It was clearly another experience with a dominant, young woman who enjoyed being in control. It is quite possible that the same thing was done to her when she was younger.

On many occasions Mia’s roommate liked to push her over the desk and insert things into her pussy: hairbrush, cucumbers, and anything that was long enough to fill her vagina. She loved Mia’s breasts that by now had become full and ample with large, pink areolas and darker pink large nipples; however, she would only squeeze them while standing behind her. Another sign of being in control where she didn’t have to look into Mia’s eyes.

Once Mia’s roommate came home with a bag in her hand. She opened it and pulled out the biggest cucumber Mia had ever seen. It was dark green and shiny from having been waxed, and it had small bumps or nodules all over it except at the tip. The cucumber must have been at least twelve inches long, two and a half inches thick at the tip, and about six inches in circumference.

“Look what I have for you, Roomy,” her roommate said. “Don’t you just love it? A really huge cuke just for you!”

Mia was wearing a skirt that day, so her roommate told her to take off her panties and go over and lean on her desk. She wanted to fuck her with the massive cucumber.

By now Mia was accustomed doing anything her roommate told her to do, so she did as she had been told and leaned over the desk with her ass sticking out. Mia’s roommate first went to her desk, opened a drawer and brought out a tube of K Y Jelly to lube the cucumber up really good so it would slide into Mia’s pussy easily.

After doing this, her roommate walked up behind Mia and lifted her skirt up to her waist, exposing her pussy. The first thing she did was finger it with her first two fingers to get it nice and creamy wet from her own lube, and then she brought the massive head of the cucumber and placed it right on Mia’s vaginal slit and rotated it around the outer edge while gently pressing it into her.

Mia’s vagina opened up and accepted the head of the cucumber into her vaginal sheath, about two inches. She then reached around and unbuttoned her blouse with her left hand until it hung down, and she then reached around to the back of her bra and unhooked it, freeing her pert breasts so she could feel her nipples and massage her breasts.

While playing with Mia’s tits, tweaking her nipples until they were hard and erect, she gradually inserted the large cucumber deeper and deeper into her vagina until the head touched her cervix and slid past it to the back wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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