A Family Get Together Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: The Next Day

They slipped naked onto Sammi’s bed to hold each other for one last time before their parents returned.

“I love you,” Sammi told her brother softly, “but we…”

Before she could say anything else, Mike placed a finger on her lips.

“I love you to,” he whispered, hardly believing what had happened in the last day or so.

They wriggled down on the bed, lying facing each other. Sammi reached down and held her brother’s cock as they kissed gently, as they kissed like the lovers they were.

Neither of them noticed the time as they talked quietly. Nor did they hear the door to the chalet opening, or their parents arriving home.

But they did hear the loud gasp of shock – or was it desire? – as their mother stood in the bedroom doorway, their father behind her, drinking in the heady smell of sex, staring at her son and daughter, naked on the bed together, her daughter’s red painted fingernails stark against her son’s cock as she held him…


Both Mike and Sammi looked up in shock at the sharp gasp. Sammi’s eyes widened as she caught a fleeting glimpse of their parents stepping back from the door, but by the time Mike had twisted around to look, they were gone.

“What was that?” he asked Sammi, a puzzled look on his face.

“I don’t know,” she told him, her heart thumping as she lied to him, as she tried to think clearly.

“Look,” she told him, “you’d best get back to your own room before Mum and Dad get back.”

Mike knew that they couldn’t stay together, but he knew something was wrong by the haste with which Sammi ushered him out of her room. As soon as he left, Sammi sat down heavily on the end of the bed, her mind racing, hoping that Mike just went straight to his room, that their parents had shut their bedroom door, that they didn’t speak to him, at least not yet.

Sammi lost track of how long she sat there, her mind racing. But when she looked up, Sue — her Mum — was stood in front of her. They looked at each other for a few long seconds, neither of them sure of what to say.

Sue looked down at her daughter. Sammi was still naked, her thick, blonde hair tumbling around her shoulders. Her firm, young body was tanned all over, evidence of the time she had spent at Cap Natur’ over the years. Her breasts were fuller than might be expected for her slender body, but they were still firm, the upswept tips covered by her dark nipples.

She held out her hands to her daughter, and as Sammi took them she eased her to her feet. For a moment, Sue marvelled at the soft curves of her daughter’s body, her flat belly and narrow waist, the flare of her hips and the shape of her ass.

Standing in front of Sue, Sammi was still unsure of what to say. Her Mum was only inches from her, her silky dressing gown hanging open. Sammi’s eyes dropped from her Mum’s still youthful face to her deeply tanned cleavage, the swell of her full breasts and her wide nipples obvious from the way the gown clung to her curvaceous body.

As Sammi’s eyes automatically dropped lower, Sue shrugged the gown off her shoulders, letting it slip down her arms and into a shimmering pool around her feet. Sammi glanced past her Mum’s smooth tummy to the triangle of short black hair that nestled between her thighs. She looked up at her Mum’s face, at her sparkling eyes, at her wide, generous mouth.

“Oh, Mum,” was all she said as they stepped into each others arms.

They kissed as a Mother and daughter probably shouldn’t, their lips locked together, their tongues swarming into each others mouths, their breasts crushed against each other, their hips pressing forward.

They stumbled back towards the bed, Sammi falling onto it as her knees caught on the edge. Sue fell on top of her, and for a moment they rubbed their bodies wildly against each other. They ground their pussies together, their juices mixing, Sue’s round, soft breasts pressed hard to her daughters’ full, firm breasts as they kissed feverishly.

Breathlessly they broke their kiss. Sue straightened her arms, her hands by Sammi’s shoulders, her breasts swaying as she looked down at her daughter. She could feel the wet heat of Sammi’s pussy against her thigh, and knew that Sammi could feel the same of her. Her eyes moved from her daughters face down to her breasts.

For a moment, she stared at Sammi’s firm curves, at her dark, erect nipples. Then she looked past her breasts, past her own breasts, then over her daughter’s flat belly, down to where their legs where tangled together, to where their pussies were so close, so very close, together.

Sue sighed as Sammi reached for her, taking her breasts in her hands, caressing her gently, a soft moan escaping her lips. For a few long seconds that might have been minutes, Sue remained motionless as her daughter touched her, as she ran her hands over her breasts and nipples, as she reached for her belly, smoothing her hands over her, as she tugged and tweaked erzurum seks hikayeleri her wide nipples, with their erect, rubbery peaks.

As Sue let out a low, sensual moan, Sammi released her breasts, watching as they swayed as her Mum rocked her body forward, as they moved enticingly close to Sammi’s waiting mouth. Sammi reached out hungrily, lifting her head towards Sue’s breasts and drawing her taut nipples into her mouth one at a time. Sue held still again, her head thrown back, only her breasts moving as Sammi fed on them, caressed them.

Sammi’s hands ran easily over her Mum’s breasts, feeling their shape and weight, their firm sexiness. As she kissed and sucked on her nipples, her hands ran lower, onto her belly and then around onto her Mum’s rounded ass. She ran her hands back over her Mum’s hips, and then between their tightly entwined legs, searching for her wet pussy.

Sue pulled her breasts away from Sammi’s eager mouth reluctantly as the demands of the rest of her body took over. She dipped her head and kissed her daughter, firstly on the mouth, and then her breasts, both of them moaning as her tongue swirled around Sammi’s rock hard nipples.

As she slid down lower, she showered kisses across Sammi’s belly, their legs separating as she moved lower down the bed. She knelt between Sammi’s spread-eagled legs, bending low to kiss her daughter’s mound, to flick her tongue across her clit as her hips rose up off the bed to meet her. Sammi drew her legs up, offering herself to her Mum as Sue swept her tongue along her slit, tasting her daughters heavy wetness.

But even as Sue was doing this, Sammi was wriggling away, wanting to give as much pleasure as she was getting, as she wanted. She pulled her Mum to her, kissing her briefly before Sue turned gracefully on the bed, moving onto her hands and knees, her wet pussy hovering above Sammi’s’ waiting mouth.

With a lustful groan, Sue sank her mouth down onto Sammi’s’ pussy — and her own pussy onto Sammi’s hungry mouth. Their moans of pleasure where muffled against each others bodies as they sank their tongues into each others pussies, as Mother and daughter kissed and licked and sucked and nipped. Their tongues moved from their clits to their pussies, delving inside before switching back, before they sucked on each other’s clits, their actions, their movements, mirroring the other.

As their mouths moved, so did their hands, reaching out for each other. Sammi reached under her Mum for her full, rounded breasts, filling her hands with them while Sue slipped her hands under Sammi’s ass, her hands kneading her firm flesh and lifting her pussy towards her eager tongue, her agile fingers searching for and then finding her daughter’s tight, puckered hole before rubbing lightly over the sensitive ridges she found there.

Their muffled cries echoed around the room as they came, their juices flooding each others mouths as their pleasure rocked their bodies. But even as their pleasure mounted and crashed through them, their mouths and hands were taking each other further, until at last they collapsed together on the bed, their juices smeared across each others faces, the taste of each other in their mouths, their lust and desire satisfied for now.

Sue rolled slowly away from her daughter, the two beautiful women lying side by side on the bed, their faces flushed from their climaxes. Slowly, Sammi turned around and lay back down on her side, pulling her Mum to her as they kissed gently, their breasts just touching. They shared a few more gentle kisses before rolling onto their backs, lying side by side, their hands just touching.

Nothing was said for awhile, though Sammi could sense exactly what was coming the moment she felt the bed move and her Mum roll onto her side.

“So,” Sue murmured, “How was it with your brother? I guess Mike now knows how you feel about him?”

Sammi turned towards her Mum, her eyes bright with excitement.

“Oh, Mum,” she sighed, “It was wonderful, I love him so much — and I’m sure that he loves me.”

They talked excitedly, the way Mothers and daughters do about new boyfriends — except that they were naked together, as lovers, and they were talking about Sammi’s brother, her new lover.

Sue had known for a long time about the way Sammi felt about Mike, but had thought that her daughter’s feelings would change as she got older. But the look on Sammi’s face when Sue had told her that Mike was joining them for a few days had told a different story. Then, Sue had known deep down that it was inevitable that something would happen between her children, that Sammi would pursue her dream.

Sammi had watched her Mum, knowing what she was thinking.

“It’s not as if we’d be the only lovers in the family,” she’d reminded her Mum, referring to their own relationship, “So it can’t be that wrong can it?”

Sue shook her head, bringing herself back to the present. She smiled at Sammi and reached for her breasts, caressing her gently.

“And what about down there?” she asked mischievously, gesturing towards Sammi’s pussy, but referring to Mike’s cock.

“Let’s just say he’s got nothing to worry about!” Sammi giggled, only a little surprised by her Mum’s question.

“Must take after your Dad then,” Sue told her quietly.

This time Sammi did blush, but before she could respond Sue spoke again.

“It’s not as if you haven’t seen everything,” Sue reminded her, her eyes twinkling.

“Yes, but not like that…” Sammi started.

“No?” Sue asked, reminding them both of when Sammi had seen her Mum and Dad together a few weeks earlier.

Sammi giggled, a slight flush on her face as the memories of that time came flooding back.

“What would Dad and Mike say if they knew about us?” she asked out loud.

“Your Dad does know,” Sue said quietly, “and before you ask… he’d want to join us…all of us…”

Her words hung heavily in the air for a few moments. Sue looked at her daughter, seeing the brightness, the heightened lust in her eyes. She reached out, sliding her hand between Sammi’s thighs, feeling the dampness that was already there as she reached for her pussy. Sammi twisted, her legs falling apart as her Mum slid one, then two, then three, fingers inside her daughter, feeling her wetness, her lust.

Sammi groaned loudly and reached for her own breasts, tugging hard on her swollen nipples as Sue plunged her fingers inside her daughter, fucking her wildly. Without missing a stroke, she reached across to the bedside cupboard and dragged a draw open. Her eyes were on Sammi as she fumbled about in the draw, her fingers reaching for the toys she knew would be there, searching for her favourite dildo.

Sammi moaned as she saw the plastic cock in her Mum’s hand. She moved quickly, twisting around onto all fours, her legs spread wide apart, her head on the pillow, her back arched, her ass pointing high in the air. Sue gasped as the sight before her, at her daughter’s pouting pussy, her juices trickling from her, at her pink rosebud winking at her.

She plunged the hard, thickly veined plastic cock into her daughter, fucking her wildly as she leant forward and swept her tongue across her ass. Sammi pressed back, wanting both the cock and Sue’s tongue inside her. She got both — one deep, deep inside her, the other teasing and poking. Sue’s other hand was between her own legs, rubbing her clit, her fingers inside herself, her pussy feeling wetter than she could remember.

Sammi’s orgasm came quickly, powering through her, driven by the cock and tongue teasing her, tormenting her, and by the images flooding her mind, of her Mum, of Mike and her Dad, their cocks thick and hard, of all of them together. Sue came with her, juices flooding onto her hand and into her mouth as she licked and sucked Sammi, as she touched her daughter, as she touched herself.

Afterwards, as they clung together, both thinking about what had been said, about what it all meant. Sammi thought of her Dad, lying in bed, knowing about what she had been doing with her Mum, wanting her. And Sue thought about Mike, about what Sammi had said, about his cock, hard and ready for her.


Across the hall, Nick lay in bed, his cock rigid in his hand as he stroked himself slowly. He had been like that ever since Sue had leant over and kissed him before slipping out of bed and going to Sammi. He had watched her taut ass as she slipped on her robe before disappearing through the door.

His cock was hard even before he had caught the sounds of their soft moans. Now, he longed to cum, to feel his cock erupting, but wanted to wait for Sue to come back, for her to tell him about what she had been up to with their daughter. He closed his eyes and imagined her riding him, her pussy milking his cock slowly while she told him about Sammi and her, her gloriously large, firm breasts in his hands, both of them cumming together.

Closing his eyes, Nick thought back to the first time, to how it had started. It had been a couple of months earlier. They’d all been out for evening – he had taken Sue to a local restaurant, while Sammi had been out with friends. When they’d got back, Sue had started to drag him upstairs, both of them a little tipsy. But he had had other ideas, and a few minutes later they were naked on the lounge floor.

Neither of them had heard the front door when Sammi had come home. And nor had they any idea how long she had been watching them until Sue had looked up and seen her. Sue had been lying on her back, her arms stretched out above her head while Nick was knelt over her, his cock embedded inside her as they fucked, Sue’s full breasts bouncing gently.

When Sue looked up, she could see Sammi’s eyes staring at her swaying breasts. Sue went to cry out, but stopped, suddenly wanting Sammi to see her, to look at her. For a moment, Sammi’s hands had strayed towards her own pussy, towards her own breasts, and then she was gone, a soft cry hanging in the air behind her.

It was only then that Nick had looked around, had realised that something was wrong.

“Sammi,” Sue had told him.

But instead of pushing him away, Sue had dragged him to her before rolling them over and fucking her husband wildly, riding his cock, her breasts bouncing freely until they both came, their bodies shuddering with the power of their orgasms. As they lay clinging together, all that Sue could see were images of Sammi in her mind, of Sammi staring at her breasts.

“I’d better go to her,” Sue had told Nick as she climbed off him.

Nick had watched her gather up and her clothes and head upstairs. When he went up a few minutes later, Sue’s clothes were in a pile on the floor in their bedroom — and Sammi’s bedroom door was closed. After freshening up, Nick lay in bed and waited. But it wasn’t until the next morning that Sue had come back and told him what had happened.

As she had lain beside him stroked his cock, Sue had told how she had gone to Sammi and found her naked on her bed. Neither of them had said anything as Sue had dropped her robe, watching as her daughter’s eyes locked onto her breasts again. Sammi’s eyes had followed her as she crossed the room to join her on the bed.

After a moment’s stillness, they had slipped easily into each others arms and begun a long, sensual exploration of each others bodies. Nothing was said until they had shared their orgasms, until they had kissed and tasted each other, until they had shared their first experiences with another woman. And to both of them, it had seemed the most natural thing in the world.

By the time Sue had told her story, Nick was straddling her, his cock pumping powerfully inside her, his eyes on her mouth as if he was watching the words appear as Sue spoke them. Sue was more aware than she had been for along time of the strength of his cock, of how thick and long and hard he was. They had both cried out as they came, their sobs of pleasure drifting through the house to where Sammi was laying, one hand teasing her breasts, the other her pussy.

In the four or five times since then that Sue had been with Sammi, she had always told Nick about it afterwards — and he had always been more excited than she could remember for a long time. They hadn’t spoken about it, but she could see the lust, the lust for their daughter, the desire to join them, clearly in his eyes.

And that’s what Nick was thinking now as he lay with his steel like cock in his hand, the urge to cum almost overwhelming him as he thought of his wife and daughter, of them together, of him joining them.


In his room, Mike’s mind was in a whirl. He was sure that Sammi had seen or heard something before she’d ushered him out of her room. At first, as he’d lain on his bed, all had been quiet. He thought that he must have dozed off, because when he came too, he could hear soft moans, the sort that only lovers could make. But somehow, they seemed too gentle, too sensual, to be his parents, but who else could it be?

Slowly, he drifted back off to sleep as silence descended around him again.

Mike stirred again a bit later — it might have been minutes after he dozed off again, or hours, he wasn’t sure. But his eyes flew open as he felt the bed move, as he felt the mattress sink down behind him as someone crept into bed alongside him as he lay on his side. And at the unmistakeable feel of warm breasts and firm nipples being pressed against his back.

He didn’t say anything, but pressed back against the welcoming warmth as a hand snaked over his hip and down onto his cock. He moaned as his skin was peeled back slowly, as his cock grew rapidly, as he felt soft lips fluttering across his neck.

As his cock grew, Mike tried to turn over, but instead he was pushed onto his front, his hardness trapped under him. Seconds later, he felt Sammi — it had to be Sammi – straddling his legs. As she leant over him, he felt the wetness from her pussy on his legs, and the hot tips of her breasts dragging down his back. She put her hands each side of his head, and with her back arched, rocked her body, moving slowly as her pussy rubbed against his leg, as her hard nipples glided gently across his skin.

Mike moaned as she massaged his body with hers, lying almost flat against him now, her body pressed to him. Somehow she felt fuller, softer as she moved sensually against him. When she stopped, she moved beside him, and reached between his legs for his cock. Mike tried to muffle his moans as he automatically opened his legs and drew himself up onto his knees, his hard cock hanging free to be touched and caressed.

In the darkness, he just sighed as his cock was stroked until he was eased onto his back. Seconds later, his cock was engulfed and he was thrusting upwards into the hungry mouth wrapped around him. It was only then that it sunk in that something was different, that something was wrong. It was only then that he could control his senses, his lust, enough to work out what was happening.

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