A Mother Confesses Pt. 01

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Firstly I should tell you a little bit more about myself; my background and how I came to be the woman I am today. Well, my name is Sarah. I’m 65 years old. I have brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair. I’d say I’m about average height for a woman at 5’4 and I would describe myself as slightly curvy. I’ve always tried to keep myself in shape but nothing is stopping my breasts from coming out when they want to. They are a nice focal point I feel. I have two children. My daughter Alex is 37 and my son Jonathon is 35. I divorced their father when they were young and I’ve raised them by myself. I’ve had a successful career, high up in fashion – I work within the lingerie industry which certainly has its benefits! We are close-knit, always have been and this story will tell you quite how close we are. Brace yourself, readers, it’s a long one!

When I was younger my mother instilled in me about how sex, and sexuality, is nothing dirty and that there shouldn’t be anything stopping two consenting adults as long as they’re not hurting anyone. She had a high sex drive and was quite promiscuous – she stopped hiding it as much when I hit my late teens and I used to hear her entertain different lovers. I’d be lying if I said the sounds didn’t turn me on and didn’t intrigue me. I would lie in my bedroom next door and I would masturbate – taking the time to explore my body properly.

Once I was old enough I was encouraged in the same manner. It was handy having a safe space to have sex in and certainly, the local lads from my college didn’t mind either! I was a horny teenager but then I’ve been a horny adult all my life even to this day. None of them were serious, however, but drunken teenage fumblings seems a right a passage for anyone.

It would be wrong to discuss my college years without talking about my friend Jayne. God, she was gorgeous! She was petite, just over 5’0 but had a stunning body with curves in all the right places. She always dressed very feminine, which is something I like in my women (and I tend to dress the same myself, but that could the fashionista in me coming out), and her dresses would compliment her curves, slyly teasing what’s underneath. She knew what she was doing.

The first time I had sex with Jayne was the first time I had sex with any woman. My bisexual side well and truly woke up. That particular day she was wearing a flowery spring dress that came to just above the knee. I remember sliding my hands up her dress revealing a pair of silk, purple panties. I was turned on just seeing it and smelling her. I lifted the dress over her head and kissed her hard. She was wearing a bra to match and I liked what I saw. It wasn’t long before she stripped me off – taking great care to slowly peel me out of my lingerie. We fucked each other and explored each other all night. It was so hot and felt so fucking good. Jayne was a firm friend all through my college days! I still see her now and then to this day and before you ask – yes we still have kilis seks hikayeleri sex. She’s aged well and she knows how to use that wicked tongue of hers.

I was slightly tamed for a few years, thanks to Matthew, my children’s father. He was a handsome man, strong as well with a muscular chest and a cock built to fuck. We were both 24 with our whole lives ahead of us. I’d just started to embark on my career in fashion, I was already making good use of freebies for all sorts of clothes and he got a job working in the finance industry. We had a lot of time together when we first met and my God, how we fucked! There was one time when at an Auntie’s wedding we sneaked off into a back room – he hitched up my ball gown above my waist and fucked me from behind. There was something about the whole occasion that was such a turn on and walking back through reception afterward after smoothing down my dress knowing what we had done? It’s turning me on just thinking about it! No-one saw the twinkle in my eye bar my mother who just gave me a wry smile.

Then there was our wedding. Despite my pure and innocence white wedding dress, I was most certainly not pure and innocent! It was the same for our wedding night. I still remember the way he saw me in my pure white silk chemise that hugged my breasts and fell lightly to just above the knee. In certain lights, you could see everything. There was a hunger in his eyes and when young room service guy came with our food there was a hunger in his eyes too. That was just a tease though, I’ve always loved a good tease.

We honeymooned in Hawaii. It was here that I discovered my voyeuristic and exhibitionist side. It turned out, that our hotel room was not as private as originally thought. One morning we noticed that the couple in the room opposite could see in and were watching us! Serves us right for having sex with the blinds open I suppose. Matthew was put out but I insisted we carried on. I found it turned me on and so I put on a good show. I rode him with my body facing out allowing them a good look at my naked body, before finishing him off by giving him a good hard suck. He tasted so good anyway but he tasted even better that day and came hard down my throat. That night, we sat and watched the couple repay our kindness with a sex show of their own. That turned me on too; I wanted to join in but Matthew was too unsure. It was a shame, I’d always wanted to try group sex…

The marriage burned hard but burned fast sadly. After the kids were born it went stale and our relationship soon went sour. In the end, we split fairly amicably and just drifted apart. Matthew moved out of town not long after and was rarely on the scene – much the dismay of the children. I felt free though. I’ve always had a high sex drive and sex hadn’t been on the menu lately. There’s only so much sly masturbation a gal can do (although it is fun and I’m stopping writing my memoirs for some ‘sly masturbation’ now and then!). I sought advice from a few friends of mine, namely Susan, Julie and Carol from work and I got back in touch with Jayne with whom I hadn’t seen in years. My friends, despite being bad influences didn’t let me down!. My first kiss with Jayne was magical and sent shivers down my spine. The second, third and fourth kisses were just a prelude to the sweet orgasmic release. I screamed with delight at her magic tongue again and took great please in seeing what she had put on for me. As I had now started working with lingerie my interest had grown tenfold and seeing Jayne in a red lace set with red fishnets ready for me to taste her again was all I needed.

Before the next brief story, I feel like I need to describe my work friends in a little more detail. Firstly we have Susan. She is 10 years older than me (so at the time was in her mid-forties). She has long flowing blonde hair that rests in the small of her back. She’s slim, around a size 8 with a long pair of legs. She was absolutely gorgeous and also absolutely filthy! She had a cuckold relationship with her husband and used to regularly tease him with pictures and videos from her nights out with young men. He loved it and so did we when she shared her stories! (And don’t worry, there will be a full chapter dedicated to my friends’ liaisons I promise you – and they are hot!)

Carol was the oldest of the group. She was just into her 50s but certainly didn’t act like it. She was like the mother hen of our group, always making sure we were ok and a couple of years down the line once we’d become regulars at the local swingers club she was always one to make sure we all got her fill, including her. She was short and was very curvy but she had the confidence to flaunt them. No matter what Carol wore, she looked good. Her favorite trick at work was the simple white blouse – her breasts would be popping out and she’d catch the eye of the sales rep. Once she got her eyes on someone she always got her prize.

Lastly, there was Julie. She’s my age and a recent divorcee too. Like myself, she was another one slowly getting her confidence back and slowly starting to enjoy a healthy sex life again. Her kids were older though, so she had a little more time for this and seemed quite settled with her bisexual side, so much so she had at least 2 young girls on the go – both of whom were still in college and only 19/20. We all thought she was lucky to be fair. She also looked young herself too with a very attractive and innocent face.

We all loved to talk about sex as much as we loved having sex. The fact that we worked in lingerie meant that it was a constant conversation on what would look good and improve people’s sex lives and this just sort of encouraged us further. The models we used to see popping in every now (both men and women) just encouraged Carol even further too…

After my divorce and shortly after seeing Jayne It wasn’t long before I needed something else too. A nice stiff cock; and it was a business trip that provided the opportunity. I should never have trusted Carol to book the details for me because it turned out that it wasn’t just me on the trip, Liam, the 18-year-old intern, was coming along too. I was only 36 but felt like I was a little on the old side for him. There was going to be no harm though. Liam was a good looking lad and turned heads in the office whenever he wore his suit from a lot of the woman. The hotel we were booked into was a lovely posh suite but with one, deliberate on Carol’s part, mistake. It only had one bed for us to share. Liam, bless him, blushed and offered to sleep on the couch but I insisted. After all, we were just adults trying to sleep.

I decided to test the waters on the very first night. I wore a pair of very short pajama shorts that barely covered my ass and a vest top over it, which also barely covered my chest. I peeked at Liam when he climbed into bed – he had a t-shirt on but apologized for just being in boxers. He didn’t have any pajamas himself. I wasn’t complaining, he looked good lying there – his light grey boxers covering what looked like a sizable bulge. I was so turned on when I saw it that I just about contained myself. It was all about the next night!

We went for drinks straight after our work shift- just him and me. He was in his light blue three-piece suit and I had gone for a cream business dress with matching heels. I’d chosen it because I can’t zip it up fully myself and with making Liam do it I knew he’d notice the bra line underneath. It’s the little things in the tease and I was proven right by the way he paused for a moment and looked me up and down. We had a few drinks and then it was back to the hotel for a couple more in the room. I got him to talk about sex where he confessed he found me attractive and crept closer to him on the couch, put my hand on his leg and told him it was mutual. I then kissed him hard for what seemed like ages before slowly taking his shirt off. I kissed all the way down his stomach – undid his trousers and took his hard cock in my mouth. It felt good. I was so horny and feeling a cock again excited me to no end. I took my dress off, pulled my panties to one side and rode him straight away. Fuck it felt good and the big age gap made my orgasm even harder. That felt wrong, but felt right!

I carried on exploring for the rest of my 30s and 40s and I developed into a very confident woman – at home with the children, at work or with “me time”. I still saw Jayne from time to time (and why not, she is simply divine!) My trio of work friends and I joined a local swingers club and it was fun to experiment there! “Cougars and Cubs night” was a firm favorite for obvious reasons.

My main confession starts when I was 49 years old. Alex was 21 and Jonathon 19. I had raised them both as I was. Sex was something to celebrate and to be enjoyed providing it was to be between consenting adults and you weren’t hurting anyone. In time I would come to have sex with both of them – not just ones off but regularly. Alex was first but I’ll tell you all about her in part two…


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