A New Experience Ch. 02

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Johanne was lying with her head on Richard’s muscular stomach. She could hear the soft breathing of the man who had just spent himself into her. He had fallen into a light sleep but she was more awake than she had ever been in her life. She was gazing at the long snake-like shaft of his flaccid penis. Even limp it was still thicker than her husband Lenny’s when his was fully erect. She had heard that size didn’t matter and maybe to some people that was true, but just holding Richard’s huge erection in her small hands had been like enveloping his strength in her grasp.

She reached out to run her finger tips around the ridge encircling the purple velvet head. Her finger touched the tip and was instantly moistened by a small globule of clear, oily liquid. She transferred the moisture onto her tongue and was reminded of the taste of his precum when she had sucked the swollen penis deep into her mouth.

Her eyes wandered around the room and up to the ceiling where the huge mirror reflected the image of their naked bodies resting on the giant bed. She smiled to herself and felt satisfied that she was in good shape. Richard, although aged around forty had a magnificent physique. As a younger man he had been an amateur boxer and since giving up the sport still regularly used his local gym.

Her mind flashed back to when she was lying on her back gazing at the mirror which reflected the erotic image of Richard between her thighs pumping his hips excitedly as he thrust his gorgeous penis in and out of her. The image went with the fantastic sensations of her insides being filled by his hot, rigid cock reaching deeper than any man had reached before while he groaned and gasped in the wild heat of his lusty appreciation of her softness.

She stroked the now-soft manhood and marveled how when aroused it could become so hard and deliciously aggressive. She heard Richard’s breathing catch for a moment and the fat snake in her hands twitched slightly. Her hands wandered slowly to its base and she cupped the little globes of his balls in her fingers and then gave a gentle squeeze. His penis gave another twitch and started to unfurl. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and lifted the head into her mouth. She ran the tip of her tongue around the ridge and once again tasted the sweet-salty tang of precum.

She eagerly watched the shaft thickening and filling as it stiffened in response to her touch.

Since the party where Richard had first made love to her she had not been able to get him out of her mind. Thinking back she couldn’t understand how she had managed to give in to his advances so quickly, but she had to admit that the deep penetrating way he had looked at her had sent her into an uncontrollable wave of desire for him. The sex in the garden had been quick but amazingly erotic.

She was sure that despite being at the party with her, Lenny had not guessed that close by his wife had been laid by this handsome stag.

Before leaving her that evening Richard had told her that he would be getting in touch with her to give her a night of complete pleasure. True to his word he had come to her desk and suggested a night with him the following weekend. Luckily, Lenny had arranged a weekend trip to the motor races that weekend so she was happy to agree.

Saturday morning arrived and Lenny left with his case leaving Johanne alone to prepare for her date with her new lover. She had arranged to be picked up by Richard at a little wine bar that evening. All day was spent preparing for her new adventure. She went through her clothes drawers and found a beautiful white lacy underwear set that she had bought but never wore when she had first married Lenny. She went out to a stylish dress shop and bought a white flared summer dress that dipped at the neckline just enough to give a hint of cleavage without being too revealing. A trip to her favorite hairdresser was essential for creating a best impression and her light brown hair was soon streaked with pinky-blonde highlights and cut slightly to swing about her shoulders. A pair of White stilettos completed the ensemble.

She stepped out of the shower and wiped the mist from the full length mirror. Her eyes went to the soft light brown downy covering over the smooth skin of her lower abdomen. She stared at it and was for a moment undecided – should she remove it or not? It had been a while since she had taken the plunge but she eventually decided that if Richard is the horny man she suspected he would appreciate the effect. She opened her little bathroom cupboard and a few minutes later was dusting the soft folds of her naked pussy lips with talc.

Thankfully Richard was already at the wine bar waiting for her. He kissed her briefly on the lips and offered her a glass of wine. She accepted and gazed into his handsome face as he complimented her on her new dress.

She felt the thrill of being with him renewed as his eyes bore into her. He looked amazingly masculine in his light summer suit and black tee-shirt. His dark eyes rus escort and chiseled features sent shivers of excitement through her body. Her thoughts had constantly returned to the sudden unexpected seduction scene in the garden where Richard had taken her with such electrifying urgency. And now she was with him and ready to renew the wild lust that had enveloped them on that warm, balmy night so recently.

Her mind tossed over her appearance: did he find her attractive? Would he be pleased with the underwear she had chosen when she removes her dress? She could feel the light caress of the lacy panties and bra against her sensitive skin and the suspender fastenings moving ever-so lightly against her naked thighs above the tightness of the sheer stocking tops. It had been so long since she had dressed for seduction and now she was nervous in anticipation in case Richard would find her preparations amusing.

She hoped that her nervousness was not apparent to Richard, but her insides were seething, not only from her anxiety about her appearance but also the anticipation of the sex to come and if she would be able to live up to Richard’s expectations.

Richard in turn was excited at the prospect of having this lovely young lady. He gazed at her sitting across from him looking sexy yet vulnerable. The pretty, white dress fitted her beautifully and revealed a nice scoop of delicious cleavage. He could remember those full, firm breasts filling his hands she stood in his arms at the party. When he had entered her she had been tight but within moments she had become beautifully soft and pliable, opening up to his thrusts and taking him into her fully. He was surprised when she’d agreed to him cumming inside her but her responses told him that she had been willing to engage in sex to the full.

And now here she was with him. This time he had her to himself and he intended to enjoy sex with her. He would probably discard her once he tired of her but for the time being all he could think about was ravishing her beautiful body.

The restaurant he took her to was cosy and intimate. They were sat in a quiet cubicle away from the main eating area. The waiter was attentive but not overly so. He came over quickly when Richard indicated that he wished to place an order but left them alone to their own romantic conversations. Richard managed to keep the conversation around sex without being vulgar or lecherous. His deep seeking gaze sent tremors of desire through Johanne and his constant references to lovemaking she found highly erotic.

The oysters followed by a main course of rare steak served with new vegetables and a tingling pepper sauce was just the thing to turn a girl on, and for Johanne his company and enthusiasm to please was sending her into raptures of desire.

While walking her the short distance to his car he pulled her to him and they kissed deeply. Johanne was in ecstasy in his embrace. His arms were strong and hugged her willing body to him. She could feel the bulge of his penis pressing into her stomach. She pressed herself against him to let him know that she enjoyed the sexuality of his embrace. She could feel her body trembling in anticipation of the night to come as he led her to his car.

Adele Partridge sat up in the broad bed and glanced around the hotel room. Lenny was lying alongside her breathing softly. Poor Lenny, she thought, he still didn’t realize that his slutty wife had been in the garden at the party that evening shagging that lecherous Richard Osborn. Adele had glanced out at the garden on a trip to the bathroom, and seen them kissing. She hadn’t seen them doing anything else, but the look on Johanne’s face when she’d returned to the party had said it all.

Adele’s original plan to meet up with Lenny had been purely innocent. There was a race meeting going on and she had planned to go. Lenny had mentioned his interest in racing during a conversation at the party and she had proposed he join her. Adele suggested that he didn’t tell Johanne about them meeting just yet in case she got the wrong impression. However, they got on particularly well with the inevitable happening and they had decided to book into the same hotel.

Adele was not a “one night stand” girl by any means. She’d had a few affairs but they were not mad sexual adventures. Sex to her was something that the man wanted and if she liked him enough she would be prepared to comply. It was nice and intimate being wrapped up in bed with a nice man, but she was more concerned about his outside interests, especially if they involved motor racing.

She had felt particularly sorry for Lenny as she knew that his wife had cheated on him so she gave him all the care that a woman can give in such circumstances. They’d had a couple of drinks at the hotel bar then made their way to her room. A few slightly drunken kisses led to them soon being in bed together.

His lovemaking was not adventurous. He had come fairly quickly and as her objectives had not istanbul bayan eskort been particularly sexual, she was not left unsatisfied or frustrated when he fell into a light sleep. Although she took oral contraception she’d insisted that he withdraw rather than come inside her.

So now she was left thinking about the future: Should she tell Lenny about his wife being unfaithful? Would he hate her for saying so or would he cry on her shoulder and share his grief with her? This was her dilemma. She heard Lenny starting to stir. She decided to sink back into the bed and make love again as soon as he was able.

Richard pulled the car into the drive of his home. Once through the gateway they were completely isolated from the road and any surrounding residency. A large lawn spread out and was edged by a ring of bushy trees. An automatic light switched on and illuminated the beautiful single detached house.

Johanna looked at the house and gasped.

‘Wow! What a lovely home.’

‘I’m glad you like it. You wait ’till you get inside.’

‘I can’t wait.’

He switched off the engine and slipped his arm around her. They kissed deeply, his hand moving to her breast. She put her own hand onto the back of his and pressed it tightly against her. When their mouths parted she was panting hungrily.

‘Hmm, you’re a sexy bitch.’ he chuckled.

‘Am I really? Do you like sexy bitches?’

‘Oh yes’ he growled, ‘especially this one.’

‘Then I’ll try to be especially sexy for you.’

‘That sounds fun.’ he grinned.

‘Yes’ she giggled, ‘let’s have fun.’

‘Last time we were together you weren’t wearing underwear.’

‘I know. Wasn’t that awful of me?’

‘But you didn’t do it for me, did you?’

‘No, but I think you enjoyed it nevertheless.’

‘Very much so, and it gave me an instant erection.’

‘Did it really?’ she laughed. ‘Do you have an erection now?’

He took her hand and placed it on his lap.

‘Oh my god,’ she gasped, ‘it’s as hard as a rock.’

‘Why wouldn’t it be? It wants to be back inside you.’

‘Hmm!’ she said dreamily ‘It made me come last time it was inside me.’

‘And I plan for it to make you come again.’ he whispered as he nibbled her ear lobe.

She gasped breathlessly.

He got out of the car and in a second was holding the door open for her. She noticed his eyes quickly fall to her legs as she slipped them from the car and momentarily revealed a flash of dark stocking-top. The wicked grin that spread over his face reassured Johanne that she had made a good decision on her choice of underwear.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately. She responded hungrily, grinding herself into the hard bulge of his massive erection.

She tottered beside him as he led her to the door. They kissed again when they reached the wide oak front door then turning her in his arms to face away, pulled her against him. Her breasts filled his hands as he snuggled his face into her neck and shoulders before moving his hands over her body, caressing her arms and walking his fingers down her soft stomach to lightly brush over her lower belly. She didn’t know if it was the cool evening air or the sexual excitement of his kisses and touches that made her body tremble so violently.

She clung to him as he unlocked the front door and led her inside.

The reception hall spread out before them. The walls were paneled wood and the floor parquet, polished to a mirror finish.

He led her through a doorway and into the lounge. Soft leather furniture and romantic paintings gave the room a feel of elegance and luxury. The air in the room was warm but she felt hot from the sexual tension that was building up in her.

While she looked around the room he took a bottle of red wine from the glass fronted drinks cabinet and poured out two glasses. He placed the drinks onto a low coffee table and sank down into the broad, deep settee.

‘You look beautiful,’ he said thickly as he gazed at her.

‘Thank you,’ she smiled and gave a coquettish twirl, allowing the hem of the skirt to flare out and provide Richard a much welcomed view of her stocking-clad legs.

‘Take off your dress.’ he hissed.

She stared at him, a naughty grin spreading over her face.

‘I’m not a stripper,’ she giggled, teasing him, ‘and if I was I would need some music.’

He laughed and nodded towards the discrete sound system control beside the drinks cabinet. She pushed the “POWER” button and Streisand’s honey coated voice filled the room.

Johanne stood before Richard rolling her hips suggestively as she reached behind her to ease the zipper down to its lowest point. With a broad grin she allowed the dress to slither down her body to the floor around her feed. She stood with her arms hanging beside her and one leg bent demurely before the other.

‘Wow!’ he gasped as he took in the vision standing before him.

The fine material ukraynalı escort of the white bra allowed the pinkness of her full breasts to show through and seemed to enhance the dark rosy areolae and thrusting nipples. The brief panties dipped at the front to expose the soft swell of her stomach but conceal the gentle swell of her pussy mound dipping between her tightly pressed thighs.

Johanne felt a wave of heat flow through her as she watched his eyes moving over her, the expression on his face revealing his lusty admiration of her.

‘Do you like what you see?’

‘Perfect.’ he growled, holding his hand out to her, ‘you look fantastic.’

She took his hand and followed his gesture to fall onto the settee beside him.

His kisses sent her mind reeling and she gasped with passion as his hands moved over her caressing her softly.

They were both panting wildly when Richard lifted his mouth from hers.

‘Let’s go to bed.’ He hissed hungrily.

‘Oh yes!’ she purred, looking deep into his eyes.

He took her hand and led her to the staircase gesturing for her to go first. She slowly climbed the stairs rolling her hips suggestively as she went. Richard gave a groan and rested his hands onto her hips.

‘Oh Johanne, you have the most sexy arse.’

‘Do I?’ she giggled, turning back to look over her shoulder at him.

He hooked his thumbs into the elasticated waist and slowly drew her knickers down over her hips and thighs. She gave a long sigh as she felt them being gently lowered from her. She stepped out of them and bent forward to arch her back and lift her bottom high. He gripped her hips and pressed his mouth to the beautiful soft orbs of her bottom, kissing them hungrily as he moved to the cleft between them. He inhaled the musky scent of her arousal and ran the tip of his tongue around the little tight hole nestling between the rounded cheeks.

She gave a surprised gasp at the sudden intensity of his touch. She parted her thighs and bent further forward as he pushed his face between them to reach her moistening pussy. She cried out with delight as his tongue found the swollen bud of her clitoris and sent sparks of electricity through her body.

She wanted to stay on the stairs and receive his manhood there and then, but he eased her back to her feet and urged her to continue up the stairs. She could still feel the touch of his tongue as they embraced at the top of the stairs. He hooked the fastening of her bra open and she dropped her arms to let it fall to the floor and moan happily as he lowered himself to his knees to fill his mouth with the softness of her naked breasts. Her nipples felt as though they would burst as he sucked and gently bit first one then the other.

‘Oh, stop!’ she gasped, ‘You’re driving me crazy.’

He got to his feet and kissed her deeply. Then he lifted her in his arms and carried her into his bedroom.

Johanne squealed with delight as Richard threw her casually onto the huge bed. Richard pressed a switch and the room lighting increased to a soft pink, and gentle romantic music filled the room.

She looked up at the ceiling. A huge mirror reflected the image of her lying on the bed dressed in just stockings and high-heeled shoes. All around them the walls were swathed with silk drapes. Pictures of naked females peeked from under them.

‘Do you like it?’ he grinned, standing over her.

‘You’re mad,’ she laughed watching herself wriggling her long stocking-clad legs reflected in the huge ceiling mirror, ‘you’re a sex maniac.’

‘Don’t knock it,’ he laughed back, ‘You’re going to enjoy my sex mania before too long.’

She turned onto her side and watched him undress. He stared down at her beautiful body as she lay there. Her rounded hips flared out from the tight waist. Her breasts seemed to be beckoning to him to come and ravish them as they pushed out proud and firm. He wanted her more than anything else at that moment. He wanted to engulf himself in her warm softness and grind his aching cock into her.

He eased his trousers down and his penis swung upwards to a vertical erection. Johanne gave a shrieking gasp.

‘I’d never have believed that a man could have such a magnificent cock. Bring it over here. I want to play with it.’

He stood over her and she sat up, gripping the shaft of his swaying penis with both hands and running her mouth over the swollen head. She lapped at the oozing precum and cupped his tight balls in her fingers.

He eased her back and climbed astride her to bury his face between her thighs. As he lapped at the moist lips of her pussy she sucked more and more of his engorged member into her hot, wet mouth.

She began to feel suffocated by the size of the huge shaft filling her mouth and pulled it out, gasping for breath. His tongue had slipped inside her and was flicking against the folds of her streaming pussy and brushing sensuously against her swollen clitoris.

The suddenness of her orgasm took her by surprise and, although brief, shook her body with its intensity. His hands were gripping the cheeks of her bottom as he ground his mouth over her pussy, searing with divine agony.

‘Oh my god,’ was all she could say as he lay beside her gazing into her flushed face, ‘that was amazing.’

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