A Secret Love

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** all characters in this story are 18 and up, please do leave comments if you enjoyed my story. This is my first erotic story that I’ve ever written and I would love some feedback. xoxo- The Virgin Goddess **


I’d always wondered who would steal my innocence. To be honest, I’ve always waited for Tommy. At 18, with my curvy voluptuous figure, I stood 5 foot 9, with 40D breasts, black wavy hair that fell down my back and hot mocha flawless skin, and light brown eyes. I hadn’t imagined that he’d be the one to take me.. little did I know he’d been planning his conquest all along.

I stared into my floor length mirror, admiring my freshly picked out outfit. I wore a light white cotton ruffled shirt, with a black cardigan on top, and shorts, with lace tights underneath, my feet were adorned with black moccasins and in my hair was a soft white bow. I smiled at my reflection, red lipstick upon my lips and my teeth a glistening white. Winking at myself, I skipped down the stairs where you were fixing breakfast.

“Morning, Tommy!” I sang.

He turned and smiled at me.

“Morning Elise, you hungry?” he grinned.

“Hell yeah I’m hungry, I had a long night,” I giggled.

Tommy lifted his brow suspiciously and I winked at him conspicuously. I loved to get him all riled up. Tommy is like an older brother. Except, he’s white and I’m black.. His family adopted me so that I wouldn’t have to live with my abusive mother anymore and since then we’ve become very close and inseparable. He was always attractive in my eyes, His dusty blond hair and ice blue eyes , not to mention his tall hulking figure. He was 6 foot 5, and towered over my seemingly tall 5′ 9″ frame. With my porcelain mocha skin, and my light brown eyes I’d always thought that we’d be a cute couple.

I quickly scarfed down the eggs that he made me so that he could give me the 3rd degree.

“Oh yeah.. so what’d you do last night? and don’t bother lying, you’re a terrible liar,” he glared at me.

I laughed. “Relax Tommy, it’s not even that serious. I danced with a few guys, okay so we were bumping and grinding, no big deal.”

Tommy turned red. “Bumping.. and grinding? That’s it, you’re grounded!” he yelled.

“Tommy,” I ran around the table and threw my arms around him, ” you know you’re my guy,” I teased.

Tommy laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“You maraş seks hikayeleri may not be my biological sister, but I still love you and care about you as if you were, I don’t want any douchebag taking advantage of you,” he sighed.

I hugged myself closer to him and felt the bulge in his pants grow harder.

“I love you Tommy,” I smiled and kissed his cheek.

“I love you more Elly,” he replied as he kissed my forehead.


That night, while Tommy was at work, I snuck one of my more willing beau’s into my room. All the guys I’ve dated have stayed away in fear of Tommy. He’s made his thoughts about my purity well known on numerous occasions. I’m tired of being a virgin though. I’m tired of having to masturbate every night to my thoughts. I wanna fuck, and I want to fuck now! So I snuck Bill into my room, fuck what Tommy says, I’m horny damn it..

Bill had his hands in my shirt, and was caressing my 40D breasts while kissing my neck. I moaned in delight as he reached one hand down and unbuttoned my shorts, he pushed me down onto the bed, and I kicked off my shoes. I pulled down my shorts and tights with frantic fingers and he grabbed my arms and pinned them on top of my head. kissing his way down my body, he stopped at my panties and used his teeth to pull them down.

He pushed my legs open and began to softly and slowly lick at my nest below. The sweet nectar of my womb ran from me into his waiting mouth, and I arched my back in pleasure. I couldn’t stop the moans that escaped my lips as I begged him not to stop. He stuck two fingers into my virgin hole and I nearly blacked out from the pleasure. Thrusting in and out he rapidly flicked my clit with his tongue and I was on the brink of climax.

“Mm, yesss,” I moaned loudly.

I didn’t hear the door open and close as Tommy came home from work. All I could do was focus on the pleasure, as my moans increased and my screams of bliss grew louder, I didn’t hear Tommy slowly walk up the stairs, I didn’t notice my doorknob turn, and It was only after I awoke from the haze of my mindblowing orgasm did I notice that Bill’s fingers were no longer inside of me. I heard the door downstairs slam and listened as Bill’s car sped off into the night. I looked up into Tommy’s angry eyes and stared for a few seconds..


“What. The. Fuck. are you doing,” he growled through his teeth.

“Tommy, ” I couldn’t finish, I had nothing to say.

His face was bitter, I could see the pain in his eyes.

“So you want to be a slut? You wanna whore around when I’m not home? What the fuck did I tell you Elly, I told you that these guys only wanted one thing but by the look on your face when that guy had his head buried in your pussy, it’s clear you only want one thing too, so I’m gonna give it to you, whore,” he spat.

Tears sprouted in my eyes, Tommy had never yelled at me like that before and I felt a rush of shame at hurting him.

He grabbed a fist full of my hair and dragged me to his room. I gasped in pain and was surprised to see tears running from his eyes too,

“Damn it Elise, why do you always have to do this shit, why can’t you just understand where I’m coming from when I tell you not to do shit like this,” he cried.

” Where you’re coming from,” I yelled ” I’m 18 and I’m a virgin, Tommy, I’m not getting younger, my hormones are raging, and I can’t hold back anymore, I’m not a slut! and besides, I’ve wanted you to do it since the day I met you, but you always tell me that you love me like a sister, and I had to get it from somewhere!” I started sobbing.

Tommy dropped down to his knees, and grabbed me up into his arms. I was still naked, but I think we were much past caring to notice. He lifted my chin and stared into my eyes.

“Elise, I will have sex with you, and I will make it the best experience of your life. “

He kissed me then, and held me tight in his arms. I kissed him back with just as much passion and our tongues hugged eachother as he rubbed his bulge against me. He quickly undressed and I took in the sight of his thick cock, which was as thick as my wrist and as long as my forearm. My mouth grew dry at the sight of it and I quickly got on my knees and took him into my mouth.

He moaned in pleasure as I felt the tip of his cock touch my tonsils, I contracted my throat around the head of his penis as he started to fuck my throat. kneading his sack in my palm, I felt him stiffen and his breathing came in quick shallow gasps. He roared a loud moan as he ejaculated down my throat and I swallowed the sweet and salty load. He tasted so good in my mouth, I swallowed every drop and polished his long pole to perfection.

He grabbed me up in his arms and kissed me passionately while carrying me over to his soft bed. Laying me down on my side, he kissed down my neck and took my breasts into his large hands. He took my left nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it while groping my right breast. I moaned in pleasure and my pussy grew hotter than it had ever been. I could feel my juices drip down my thighs as I moaned in pleasure.

“Elly, I love you so fucking much,” he whispered.

before I could respond, he slid down my body, kissing his way to my pussy where he lapped at my juices gently, sucking on my clitoris, bringing me to the brink again. My mind went gray as I felt his fingers in my hole, thrusting in and out while he sucked at my puffy outer lips. I came, hard, and his mouth never left my pussy as he grabbed a hold of my hips and held me as my back arched in ecstasy.

I grabbed him and pulled him to my lips as I tasted myself on his tongue. I could feel his hard cock at the entrance to my womb, that waited, pulsating for his invasion. He pushed into my slowly, and his cock stretched me more than I’ve ever been stretched and I gasped in pain and pleasure as he reached the thin barrier between innocence and womanhood. He pushed a little harder and it broke, and he slipped inside while kissing away my tears. He stroked in and out as the pain slowly ebbed, and I began to feel the first jolts of pleasure throughout my body.

“Mmm, Tommy! ” I gasped.

“Elly, you’re so fucking tight baby,” he moaned.

I could feel the warm tears of passion slip from my eyes.

“Fuck me Tommy,” I moaned, “Fuck me!”

he grabbed my breasts as he thrust into me from behind, pounding away at my pussy while I screamed in pleasure. I felt the biggest orgasm I’ve ever experienced reach its highest point and I yelled out moans with each coming second of its arrival.

“I’m c-coming,” he moaned.

He sped up and thrust deeper into me as I felt the first waves of my orgasm, I felt his cum fill my pussy and we came in unison, thrusting and panting, our love intermingled.

We lay together like that for the whole night, his arms never moving from where they lay around my waist. We made love till the morning, stopping only to take a shower, together, where we cleaned each other up lovingly, and went back to the bed to show our love once again.

I’ve been with Tommy for 2 years now, and our youngest daughter Lucy is tottering around with his blue eyes and my black hair. I’ve never loved someone as much as I’ve loved him, and I never will.

The end.

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