An Obedient Boy for Katherine Pt. 05

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In case it’s not your kind of story … Marcus’ training continues, and a chat with Aunt Bess. Story tags: female domination, femdom, male submission, chastity, anal toys, cum eating, pussy worship, bondage, bisexual male, aunt/nephew

This is one chapter in a series. If you haven’t read the earlier chapters, It is recommended that you start there. Over its full course, the story includes, among other things, female domination, male submission, toys, chastity, and bisexual play. If these aren’t your thing, you may want to find another story to read. For those who have enjoyed the story to this point, or my other writings, I hope this one does not disappoint.


Back in his room, Marcus had a couple of hours before he needed to get ready and head for the campus. He placed the box from Mrs. Stewart on his desk and considered her instructions. Opening the box, he looked at the very realistic dildo that lay on the red satin lining and carefully lifted it out to stand it on its wide base. ‘An exact copy of Mr. Stewart’s cock’ she had said. Matthew knew it was larger than his own and curiosity made him take a ruler from his desk drawer.

Measuring the length at just over six and one-half inches, Marcus estimated that its thickness was more than that of the thickest part of the anal plug he realized that he was rocking steadily on. Holding the ruler against the shaft, he estimated that it was almost one and three-quarter inches across. The dildo was detailed with veins and a well-formed circumcised head, with the urethral opening clearly evident. As close as he’d been to Mr. Stewart’s cock, Marcus had not yet touched it, and now with the replica in front of him, he found himself feeling shy about doing so to the copy.

Mrs. Stewart had also said that Marcus could explore how it felt in his slutty mouth and ass. Grinning shyly to himself, he knew he couldn’t dispute that description of his mouth and ass, both of which she had already ensured were used in slutty ways. Marcus imagined himself leaning forward to kiss the head of the dildo, with open lips as Mrs. Stewart had taught him. He pictured her lips sliding over the head of Charles’ cock, and also the sight of Tom sucking Mr. Stewart until he came. As these images formed in Marcus’ mind, he rocked on the anal plug, his thoughts turning to how much longer and thicker the dildo would feel in his ass than the plugs he had been using.

Marcus decided that he would experiment with the dildo for anal penetration that evening after he had served the Stewarts their pre-dinner wine. Sliding his lips over the head, he thought, could be a more immediate experiment.

Taking the dildo from the desk, Marcus headed for the bathroom. His online reading of sex toy care and cleaning, guided by Mrs. Stewart’s hints, ensured that he knew the first thing to do was to give it a thorough cleaning. Under warm running water, Marcus found himself stroking the dildo’s shaft with a soapy, slippery hand. It only took a few seconds before he reminded himself that he was basically masturbating a copy of Charles’ cock and the real one would probably feel much the same.

Rinsing and drying the dildo, Marcus returned to his desk and stood it back up on its base on the desktop. Sitting down, he was again reminded of one of the dildo’s uses when the plug in his ass shifted. Marcus slid his hands up to tease his nipples as he imagined himself kissing and sucking the dildo under Mrs. Stewart’s guidance. Before he realized what he was doing he leaned forward and placed a wet open-mouthed kiss on the head of the dildo.

The head of the dildo felt familiar in his mouth. Marcus realized that the strap-on dildos that Katherine had worn to train him to kiss and suck them were from the same mould. When it was Katherine’s strap-on cock in his mouth, he was sucking her cock. The difference was that he was intentionally sucking a dildo that represented Charles’ hard cock. Moaning softly as he imagined Katherine’s hand guiding his head downward, he let his lips slide down the shaft as the head filled his mouth. With half the phallus filling his mouth before he felt it at the back of his throat, Marcus realized it was going to take some practice to match Tom’s skill with Charles’ cock. But that, he knew, was going to have to wait until after the day’s classes.

It took most of the walk to campus for Marcus’ mind to get away from the thought of the dildo filling his mouth. He pictured it as he left it, washed and laying in its box on his desk. He promised himself he would play with it again after his service duties with the Stewarts that evening. Once Marcus returned to the house after classes, he quickly showered in the bathroom of the maid’s suite and replaced the chastity cage and the anal plug. Using all his self-control to leave the new dildo for later, he struggled to focus on other tasks as he awaited the signs that Mr. Stewart had come home.

The sound of the garage door was Marcus’ signal. Charles would anne seks hikayeleri park and head to the Stewarts’ bedroom to freshen up after his day at the office. Mrs. Stewart usually ended her day working in her home office at about the same time. Marcus was expected to be in the kitchen, with wine glasses ready, to pour each of them a glass of wine as their day transitioned from their high-pressure working environments to their relaxed home setting where neither of them tolerated after-hours intrusions by their work responsibilities.

Waiting in the kitchen, two wine glasses ready on the counter and a bottle of wine chilled in the fridge, Marcus contemplated the events of the past few months. Offered a full scholarship at the nearby college, he was still required to pay for his own rent and living expenses. Thanks to his Aunt Bess, his mother’s younger sister by a decade but still older than Marcus by ten years, a ready-made solution came along.

Bess’ friends, Katherine and Charles Stewart, lived near the college, and they had an unoccupied maid’s suite in their house. As an added favor for Bess, Katherine also arranged a job interview for Marcus with an insurance remediation company she often contracted in her work as an adjuster. With the job set to cover his expenses, Marcus promised to stay out of the Stewarts’ way and applied himself to the first weeks of classes with diligence. Then, without warning, the job evaporated only a few weeks into the semester.

At a loss and with limited time to find a new job that would align with his schedule and pay enough to cover his expenses, Marcus was saved when Mrs. Stewart offered to trade the rent owed plus some extra cash for help with some chores around the house. That role evolved until Marcus became the Stewarts’ house boy. Grinning to himself, Marcus pictured the steps along the way that had resulted in him standing naked in the Stewarts’ kitchen waiting to serve their wine. Not exactly naked, he reminded himself, he wore a chastity cage on his young cock and had an anal plug seated in his ass, two distinctive reminders of his place in the household. With the expectation that he would not neglect his studies, a commitment he would have kept in any case, Marcus wasn’t about to complain about his situation or how it had come about.

Mr. Stewart reappeared from their bedroom first. Freshly showered, he wore a simple short dressing gown of plain black material with three-quarter length sleeves. In his typical nonchalant fashion, he had ignored the belt and let the dressing gown hang open, allowing the display of his chest and his relaxed cock. Marcus couldn’t help but to look, mentally comparing the original model to the dildo still sitting on his desk. As Charles eased himself into one of the living room sofas, Marcus knew to bring him a glass of wine without waiting to be asked to do so.

As Marcus was handing Charles his glass of wine, Katherine rounded the corner from the hallway into the living room.

“Hello, boys,” she said cheerily as she headed for the bedroom.

She had already doffed her dress before leaving her home office. With the dress draped over one arm and her shoes dangling from the finger of her other hand, Katherine wore only her stockings, a light yellow lace garter belt, and matching panties as she walked toward the bedroom doors.

Charles smiled as he noted the tone of her greeting and the lightness of her step.

“You seem happy,” he said, “and you’re already perfectly dressed, so don’t take too long in there, I’ll have Marcus pour your wine.”

Katherine paused and turned to face the two men.

“I am happy,” she confirmed, “Someone at head office is about to find out that their pet contractor isn’t getting that warehouse job. I can’t wait for the fireworks.”

Spreading her arms slightly and looking down at what little she wore.

“And this, it’s just a little something I threw on. As for being perfectly dressed, that’s just feeding your fantasies, Charles. I think I’ll be ready for my wine attired in something less stimulating for you if you don’t mind.”

Charles laughed and saluted his wife with his raised glass. As she turned to continue her path to the bedroom, Charles drained his first glass and motioned to Marcus.

“Top me up please, Marcus, and bring Mrs. Stewart’s glass too.”

“Yes, sir,” Marcus said politely as he moved to follow Charles’ instructions.

Katherine reappeared soon after wearing a light blue pinstriped dress shirt with a bright white collar. With the sleeves half rolled to mid-forearm, she had followed Charles’ example and left it hanging open. Under the shirt, she wore a pair of bright blue lace boy shorts.

“Is that one of my …,” started Charles.

“It is,” Katherine confirmed with a grin, “and if you say anything else, you may not get it back.”

She slid into her usual seat and picked up her wine glass. Looking toward the kitchen, she acknowledged Marcus’ service with a tip of her glass before taking her first sip.

“Thank you, Marcus, I have been waiting for this all afternoon.”

As Charles and Katherine caught one another up on their day and relaxed in the spacious living room, Marcus stood in the kitchen waiting to be called on to refresh their drinks. He was always bemused at how normal the scene they were playing out had become. Marcus had arrived in the Stewarts’ house as the nephew of a close friend who would unobtrusively occupy the maid’s suite beside the garage while attending the local college. Over time, their shared situation evolved. Now, he was the Stewarts’ house boy and Katherine’s sexual toy.

Marcus spent his days in the house mostly naked with the chastity cage on his cock controlled by Katherine. The Stewarts had relaxed their behavior in front of Marcus from being tightly controlled professionals in and out of their respective offices to their true selves displaying their very open attitudes towards nudity and sexuality. They were experienced members of the local kink community, a part of their lives that they boldly displayed to those who were already aware. Returning to what was most likely their usual behavior before Marcus moved in, they were often around the house in little or no clothing and had no hesitation enjoying one another in front of Marcus who had been willingly drawn into their lifestyle by Katherine.

Marcus reflected on his almost daily morning meetings with Katherine. These started with him waiting, naked, outside the Stewarts’ bedroom door each morning. At first, these were an opportunity for Mrs. Stewart to confirm any chores for the day beyond his standing tasks. They also ensured that Marcus was up and about and not sleeping late. Soon, however, the meetings turned into almost daily occasions for Marcus to sexually service Katherine, usually with his mouth. That service always included lapping up his own cum if she chose to milk his young balls and with increasing frequency, lapping up Charles’ cum too when he had sex with Katherine before departing for work. That duty became such a normal part of their activities that his house uniform, when worn at all, was a tight set of sheer black booty shorts and a cropped sleeveless t-shirt with the words “Cum Slut” across the front in bright yellow script.

The next morning, Charles paused in the open doorway of the bedroom to finish fastening his pants and to tuck in his polo shirt. As he did he winked at Marcus and spoke over his shoulder to Katherine.

“Probably won’t be home for lunch, hon, I’m teaming up with Tom for a round of 2-player best ball at the club.”

“Tom?” Katherine’s voice had a husky post-sex edge, “I thought he sucked at golf.”

Charles laughed.

“I’ve heard he sucks a lot at golf lately, but I needed a quick replacement for this round after Tony convinced Becky to go to his cabin for the weekend and bailed on me.”

“Well,” Katherine replied with a laugh, “try to keep him focused on golf balls.”

“I will, and he says Julie will make lunch for us after the round.”

“Have fun Charles,” Katherine’s voice was husky again, “make sure they leave you enough energy to drive home. Now go, and send Marcus in.”

Charles laughed and as he stepped out of the doorway he inclined his head to direct Marcus into the bedroom to Katherine.

Marcus approached the bed with the sense of erotic wonder that he felt every time he was ushered into Katherine’s presence in the mornings. He stared unabashedly at her beautiful naked form sprawled on the bed. Her head was thrown back over a pillow as she moaned and a small shudder of orgasmic pleasure ran through her body. Her legs were spread wide, and Marcus could see the perfectly manicured fingernails on the hand that held a sex toy deep in her pussy.

Watching as Mrs. Stewart’s body relaxed, Marcus felt his cock twitch as she let a low soft groan escape her lips. She repositioned the pillow under her head and looked up at him with a soft and slightly sloppy smile.

“Good morning, Marcus,” Mrs. Stewart purred, “how is my slut boy this morning? Do you enjoy watching me fuck myself?”

“Uh ..,” stammered Marcus, “yes, ma’am, I am well this morning, and, uh, … yes ma’am, very much.”

“Mmmm,” murmured Katherine, “always my good boy. Now, why don’t you crawl between my legs and stay on your hands and knees.”

Marcus obeyed his mistress and, once in position, watched as she slowly slid the dildo from her pussy. She took the dildo, which was moulded in bright rainbow colors, and flipped it around to place the broad base against her pubic mound.

Marcus stared at the shiny colorful surface of the dildo, dripping with the mixed juices from the Stewarts’ early morning sex. His thought its form looked familiar, but not quite.

Katherine waggled the shaft at him.

“Do you like this one, Marcus?” she asked, “I call it my slender Charles. My friend who makes these for me created a 3-D scan, then reduced the thickness by a third, so it’s a skinnier version of Charles’ cock but everything else is the same.”

Marcus’ mouth opened, but he wasn’t sure what reply might be appropriate.

Katherine didn’t bother waiting for him to try.

“Kiss my cock, slut boy,” she said softly, “taste my juices on my cock.”

Marcus lowered his open lips to the head of the dildo. He moaned softly as he planted a wet open-mouthed kiss on the rounded head.

“Deeper, slut,” Mrs. Stewart’s husky voice reached his ears.

Marcus lowered his mouth over the silicone cock. He felt the head push deep inside his mouth and he moved his tongue around the shaft as he noticed how it didn’t fill his mouth the way the full-size version in his room had.

“Take it all, slut,” Katherine growled in a low tone.

Marcus pushed downward. The dildo hit the back of his throat and his gag reflex kicked in. Gasping, he pulled his head back until the head of the dildo slipped from his lips.

“Try again,” Mrs. Stewart instructed, “adjust the angle of your head to align your mouth and throat better.”

Marcus tilted his head and lowered his shoulders to align better with the dildo as Katherine pointed it at his mouth. Lowering himself over the colorful shaft again, he moaned as he felt the head press at the top of his throat. An inch and more than he had managed before, Marcus tried to hold it before he was again defeated by his reflexes and pulled back.

“Almost, sweetie,” Katherine smiled as she turned the dildo around and slid it deep in her pussy for a fresh coating of juices, “I’m really proud of your progress. Now one more try, and then you can lick my pussy clean.”

Adjusting his posture again, Marcus readied himself for one more try. The taste of Katherine’s juices on the head and shaft of the dildo covered his tongue and as he relished the flavor he barely noticed that the shaft slid inwards with little resistance. Deeper than before, Marcus’ downward slide wasn’t halted until he felt his lips pressing against Katherine’s fingers at the base of the dildo.

Her free hand softly caressed the side of his head.

“Hold and relax,” Katherine’s voice soothed, “learn to stay right here, breathe gently through your nose.”

Those skills were not yet natural for Marcus. A sudden sense of panic and a reflexive rearward jerk saw him quickly pull back from the dildo. With watering eyes and drawing breath in big gulps, he felt mixed emotions over having taken all of it and the challenges of having his throat filled.

“Good boy,” Katherine said, “now, please, lick me.”

Katherine enjoyed two more long slow ascents to orgasm before she pushed Marcus’ face back from her pussy. She sent him away with a brief list of chores to be completed and the slender copy of Charles’ cock to add to his toy box. As Marcus left the bedroom she smiled over the fact that his cock had remained caged. Perhaps, she pondered, he’ll think that if he had performed better it would have been unlocked.

Back in his room, Marcus tried to focus and study for a while. Abandoning that effort he slipped into his house uniform and went outside to sweep down the patio and walkways of the Stewarts’ property. His mind kept returning to the feel of the dildo sliding deep into his throat and wondering how it would feel to take Charles’ cock the same way. The soft throbbing of his caged cock with each beat of his heart was a persistent reminder that Mrs. Stewart hadn’t milked his balls that morning. As he finished his task and stored the tools in the garage he decided that maybe a short run would help to work off some of the stress he was feeling.

Halfway into a 30-minute run, Marcus realized that his habitual route to and from the campus included a tactical error. Leaving the campus by one of the big sets of stone gates posts, he turned down one boulevard that happened to be lined with old homes that had been taken over by the sororities. For half a mile, his view from the sidewalk was filled with young women in short shorts, cropped tops, loose and flowing sundresses, and tight blue jeans. By the time he escaped that visual gantlet, he could feel the tightness of the cock cage again and a resurfacing of all the erotic imagery he had hoped a run would flush from his mind for a little while.

Back in his room, Marcus stripped and tossed his running clothes into his laundry hamper. Making a mental note to fit in a load of laundry soon, he turned towards the bathroom and then paused. Looking over at his desk he saw and compared the two dildos he’d been given by Katherine. Both were copies of Charles’ hard cock, one with lifelike thickness and its slender companion.

Marcus’ bottom clenched slightly as he imagined using one to practice filling his ass after first riding his plugs. He knew Mrs. Stewart wanted him to try that but he hadn’t yet taken that step. He also knew he should practice sucking to please his Mistress. Knowing that the slender dildo would be better for training his throat, Marcus picked up the full-size version and headed for the shower.

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