Asian Adventures Ch. 01

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This is a series about the erotic encounters of an American businessman in various locations in Asia (with a few in other places with Asian women). While there are some similarities to actual events, this is a work of fantasy and fiction. Names have been changed – as always – to protect the innocent. Hope you enjoy!

Asian Adventures – Chapter 1

Marvelous Mel

I had been dispatched to the Philippines on business for my employer, my first trip to the land of hoards of readily accessible little dolls. I’d made my decision not to get caught up in that cultural phenomenon because of the risks associated with girls in that business; but I did want to experience other aspects of the local culture. Rather than cluttering this tale with nonsense about my business, we will go straight to the good stuff.

The upper management at a supplier had invited myself and an associate to an evening of food and entertainment – the entertainment being provided by what were being called ‘legitimate’ models doing a fashion show while we had our post-meal refreshments. It was actually a pretty good show, and the girls were definitely pretty. I had my share of the proffered liqueur while watching, but I’d noticed one particular lady who seemed to be trying to catch my eye. I was seated next to the head of operations for the supplier, and wasn’t sure if it was me or him she was looking at. Turns out it was both.

After the show she came over and gave the gent seated next to me a hug and a polite peck. Her taut little body was inches from me, and she looked and smelled wonderful. Then the gent nudged her so he could see me. “Rob, this is Imelda. She’s the daughter of my neighbor in Quezon City.” he said. “Mel, this is Rob Henry, one of my best customers.” he added.

She looked at me with a pair of the most beautiful eyes I’d ever seen, and then smiled. “Pleased to meet you sir.” She said, offering her hand which I promptly took and kissed.

“The pleasure is mine Imelda.” I replied.

“Mel. Please… call me Mel.” She told me. Then she nodded at the chair on the other side of mine. “May I join you?” she asked.

“Oh… uh… absolutely!” I replied, still taking in her lush little form. She didn’t look much more than 5’2″, maybe a hundred and five pounds. Her face was just perfect, with light brown skin, dark eyes, and the nose that marked her as a native Filipina. I turned as she walked behind me to take her seat, taking in her lovely legs before she swung them under the table then placed her elbows on the table and cupped her chin in her hands, looking at me.

“Um… Mister Henry?”

“Uh.. Oh yes. Sorry.” I stammered. She was just sooooo lovely.

“So, you’re here in the Philippines on business?” she asked.

“Yes, that’s right.” I replied.

“No pleasure?” she added.

“Um… not really. I mean, I am here to get a job done, not to enjoy myself.” I replied.

“What do you do with your evenings – and weekends? Surely you don’t work all hours every day?” Mel asked.

“I’m not sure actually. I only just arrived yesterday, so I haven’t had much free time to consider what I might like to do. Do you have any ideas?” I asked her.

“Well, I can keep you safe from the bar girls if you like.” she told me. “And no, I’m not suggesting I will replace their – ahem – services. But I’ll gladly keep you company when you’re free. We can explore some of the restaurants and the better clubs around Metro Manila.” she added.

She sounded very sincere, and I had to admit I would not mind keeping company with such a lovely young woman. Her point about the bar girls was well taken, and matched my own aversion very well. “Sure, I would love that Mel. Thank you for the offer.” I replied.

By the time I finished my sentence she had pulled a card from her clutch, handing it to me. “My home and work numbers are on there. Call me any time.” Mel said with a smile.

“Thank you Mel.” I replied, pulling one of mine out and handing it to her. “My cell number is on there, and it will work here. If you ever need to get hold of me.”

She took my card, reading it quickly. “So… Mister Director, tomorrow is Friday. Are you available for an evening of food and Filipino culture?” she asked bluntly.

We did meet and spend a very pleasant evening together on that Friday; but as this is an erotic tale I won’t spend the time to describe the three years – and eight visits – that passed before our relationship finally developed into something more than purely platonic (but it actually did take that long).

I was in Manila once again, installing equipment and auditing suppliers. It was a three-week visit this time, with plenty of time to enjoy with Mel and her friends. We had gone out for dinner with my driver and her friend Luci, another model. After a good meal at one of the best rib joints I’ve ever been to (seriously!) in Makati the four of us drove to Quezon Bycasino City to a night club that featured cultural dance routines; but also had popular music and a dance floor when the stage wasn’t being used. We found a table in a separate (but not private) room that had a wall whose upper half was glass, so we could see the stage and dance floor; but the music wasn’t overly loud so we could talk. The four of us chatted about a variety of topics and consumed several San Miguels, taking in the dance routines at the same time. Luci and my driver – we’ll call him ‘Al’ – were getting along well, and decided to dance when the opportunity arose.

Al and Luci were on the floor, dancing all manner of steps to the music thundering from the large monitors at the four corners of the dance floor. Mel and I were still at our table, she next to the glass and me leaning close to her – so I could watch our friends. About halfway through one of the songs Mel turned toward me…. And our lips met for the first time. There were fireworks and electricity between us from the very first contact, and we devoured each others lips. That first kiss lasted – we don’t exactly – but it was several minutes before we were interrupted by our friends returning to the table, laughing at the two people playing tongue-wars. “Get a room!” Al said, a huge grin on his face.

Mel had that look on her face. You know the one. She wanted more….

We all had another beer, Al and Luci because they were sweating like pigs from the physical activity of their dancing, Mel and I because we needed to cool off. Mel leaned close to whisper in my ear. “Can we go… somewhere… this weekend?” she asked, taking me by surprise.

“Well, I guess so.” I replied. “Al, do you think we can find a nice place in Laguna for this weekend?” I asked my driver.

“For you sir, we will find something very good.” he replied, looking at Mel. “Are you available tomorrow to help me find a good place?” he asked her.

Mel’s smile got even bigger. “Sure!” she said.

We all finished our beers and headed out, Mel and I groping each other in the back seat of the old Benz until we arrived at the boarding house where the girls bid us goodnight. On the way back to the townhouse Al talked about the prospects for the weekend, and we made plans for a good and relaxing time wherever we ended up. He would be picking Mel up in the morning on his way to get me, then after they dropped me off at the factory the two of them would go out to Laguna to find our weekend resort.

Work was – as you might suspect – a lot like working; but my mind was not on anything other than spending a weekend with the woman I’d been ‘hanging out’ with for three years. As I checked out with the admin for lunch I was greeted by Al and Mel, both with broad grins on their faces. “Find something good?” I asked, giving Mel a kiss and a squeeze.

“Oh yes sir, very good.” Al replied. “I think you will like it.”

“Oh Rob, we’re going to have such a good time.” Mel gushed, her delicate fingers wandering all over my shirt. “A lovely place with an outdoor bar, a charcoal smoker, a grill, swimming pool, Jacuzzi – it’s really amazing.” she told me.

I raised my eyebrows looking at Al. “Sounds great – uh – how much?” I asked, unaccustomed to the bargains.

“A thousand pesos per night.” Al replied. “Including a pot of steamed rice and fresh fish.” he added.

I tried not to act as surprised as I was. “Excellent!”

We got to the private club in Paranaque, owned by an expat friend and his lovely Filipina wife. The food was good as usual, and the three of us ironed out some of the details for our weekend. Mel said Luci had asked if she could come along – to ‘keep Al company’, which would work out nicely. I gave them money to pickup vegetables, some meat to cook, and beverages, as they would be shopping this afternoon while I worked. I told them I planned to get in early on Friday so we could head to Laguna by mid-afternoon.

With the plan in place and our lunch finished, we headed back to the factory. “See you tonight?” I asked Mel.

“No… sorry Rob. I have a show. But we’ll be together starting tomorrow noon and for the whole weekend.” Mel replied, kissing me softly. “Can you wait?” she asked.

I laughed. “Of course I can wait honey. I’ve been waiting for three years. One more day is nothing.” I told her, reaching behind her neck to pull her lips to mine. I must say, the woman was by far the best kisser I’d ever experienced. As we had the previous evening, we devoured each others lips, extending the passionate kiss for long minutes of pleasure. Our arrival at the factory interrupted the locking of our lips; but such is life. I broke the passionate kiss, then gave her a small one and a smile. “I will see you tomorrow honey.” I told her, getting her beautiful smile in return.

“Okay… honey.” Mel replied. “Al and I will take care of the shopping this afternoon, Bycasino giriş and I will think of nothing but you until tomorrow.” she added.

“Nonsense my dear girl. You have a show this evening, and you owe your audience your very best. I expect to hear good things. I’ll see you tomorrow sweetie.” I said, giving her one last kiss before climbing from the car. I closed the door, gave her a final wave, and watched as Al wheeled the old Benz out the gate onto the rutted road leading to the highway.

I shook my head, trying to clear it to focus on work for the next five hours. Al wouldn’t be back for me until after seven, as he had to drive Mel back to Quezon City after shopping, then come back through Makati and down the ‘superhighway’ to Las Pinas to pick me up. I could use the extra time on the floor to wrap up some system calibrations and get them ready to run production before I left for the weekend. It was somewhat tedious work; but it was something I was the best at, which was why I had the opportunity to be here. For that, I was grateful.

The afternoon passed quickly, the day shift departing and swing coming in at four. I sat in on the ‘handoff’ meeting to let the supervisors and manager know I was planning on bringing the systems ‘online’ the following morning – so I could monitor the first half of the shift personally. They thanked me for letting them know, and for getting the machines running ahead of schedule, and I went back to the floor to continue the work. Three hours passed quickly, and I was ready when Al arrived. We drove back to the townhouse, stopping to pickup some San Miguel’s to enjoy with dinner. Bebe would be cooking some classic Filipino Adobo with steamed vegetables and rice. Al stayed through dinner and shared a beer with me before heading back to Quezon City and his family.

The morning dawned warm and humid – as usual. Bebe prepared a delicious breakfast and told me she would have my clothes laundered in time for Al to pick up my weekend choices. I thanked her and consumed the delicious mango/banana pancakes and bacon, hoping I wasn’t putting too much on her already full plate of responsibilities. The girl was the housekeeper, cook, and laundry provider for the townhouse; but had a full-time job at one of the factories as well. She was busy a good eighteen hours of each day, and slept in what was basically a closet beneath the stairs. All of us who visited left her healthy gratuities, as she was a huge asset to the business travelers. Al arrived right on time, and I headed back to the factory. On the short trip we discussed the afternoon’s plan. Al would be heading back to QC to pickup Mel and Luci, then stopping off to fill the coolers with ice before picking me up at noon. Then we would make another stop at the townhouse to put food and refreshments in the coolers. Then we would have lunch at the club before heading to the resort, with arrival around four-thirty or so. He dropped me off and was out the gate and on his way.

I went inside and donned my ‘clean suit’ before going out on the floor. All five machines had completed full calibrations overnight, with only one minor glitch I had to address. The graveyard shift had setup production lots on carts next to three of the machines, ready to load and run. I had the floor lead assign operators, and stood back to see if my training and documentations would allow them to get the job done. Two of three needed no further guidance, and were running in less than thirty minutes. The third needed a few words from the lead operator; but quickly picked it up and was running fifteen minutes later. The morning passed slowly as there was nothing more for me to do. Machines ran, summaries were taken, and the operators smoothly moved from batch to batch. The systems themselves seemed to be flawless, and I finally left the floor to pay a visit to my friend – the company owner – who had arrived this morning from the states.

“Rob!” Derrick said, standing as I entered his office. “Good to see you my friend.” he added. “I’m hearing good things about the new machines. Good work, as usual.”

“Three of them are running production qualifications as we speak. No problems with anything – including your efficient staff – in more than three hours.” I told him with a smile. “Two more systems are ready to go whenever production needs them.”

“Yeah… planning hadn’t figured on your efficiency, so we can only fill three of them until the first of next week.” Derrick said. “I guess that just means we have spare machines while you’re off for the weekend.” he added, raising an eyebrow with a grin.

I returned the grin. “News travels fast, eh?”

“Well you know how it is. Your driver talks to my driver…. I heard you and Mel finally got it together.” Derrick told me. “Good for you man. She’s really a sweetheart, and cares a lot for you.”

“She’s really something. We found ourselves in a lip-lock the other night, and Bycasino güncel giriş couldn’t stop!” I laughed.

We chatted about business for what seemed like an hour, then I noticed Derrick suddenly looking up. “Speak of the devil – or angel.” he laughed. I turned to see Mel, Al and Luci standing in the doorway.

“Ready boss?” Al asked.

I bid Derrick goodbye, shaking his hand. “Have a good weekend my friend. And take care of that girl, will ya?” he said.

“I will sir.” I replied, taking Mel’s hand. She leaned close and kissed me, then turned to Derrick to give him a wink and a smile.

We headed out to the Benz, parked in the well-shaded car park, and climbed inside. Driving out into the bright sunlight, Al wheeled the old car across the superhighway into the private development in Paranaque. “Um…” I began to say I thought we needed to load the coolers.

“We already took care of that sir… in the trunk.” Al told me. “So we save some time…”

I clapped him on the shoulder. “Good man!”

We had a quick lunch thanks to Rene and Carla who were ready for us when we arrived at the ‘Expat Club’. Spirits were high and we had an extra beer before we left. The resort would not be available until four, so there was no point in getting on the road early. We finally headed out, the sky looking gray for the first time this day.

Al drove expertly through the traffic, using the Benz’s autobahn roots to make quick work of the traffic. We drove up outside the iron gate of the resort at four on the dot, Al leaving us in the air conditioned car while he went to find the owners and get the key. Drops were beginning to fall as he returned, opening the gate before climbing in to move the car into the compound. Once clear, he jumped out and closed the gate behind us, then slowly cruised to the parking spot next to the house. The rain was starting to come down hard now; but we would not let it dampen our spirits as the four of us scrambled to unload the coolers to a dry location behind the outdoor bar. By the time we’d unloaded the car we were all soaked to the bone, laughing at the situation while enjoying the coolness of the shower.

Mel grabbed our overnight bags from the back seat then grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the stairs. “Come on – let’s check out our bedroom!” she giggled. I was happy to follow her up those stairs, her thin cotton shorts soaked through to give me a nice view of her lace panties and the curves of her behind. The walkway outside the rooms was covered, and as we got to the room she stopped and looked around. Then she dropped the bags, looking around before she stripped off her wet clothes. “Don’t want to get the floor so wet!” she laughed. I followed suit and we were both down to our skivvies before she opened the door. The room was small and cozy, a small dresser the only furniture other than the double bed. Mel pulled off her bra and panties, then bounced on the bed as a test. It squeaked a little; but seemed comfortable – not that it was likely to matter. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her naked body, taking in the sweet curves of her small firm breasts and hips. Her mound was neatly trimmed; but concealed the folds of her pussy from my view. Luscious was all I could think. “Hey dude, quit staring and change your clothes!” she laughed, pulling on her red two-piece suit. It wasn’t quite a bikini; but it did look incredible on her. I pulled on my trunks and we headed back outside and down the stairs into the rain.

Al and Luci were still in their street clothes, both soaked completely. “Hey boss. How about a San Miguel?” he offered, handing me a bottle. I nodded my thanks and had a swallow of my new favorite beer. The two of them had been setting things up around the picnic table next to the outdoor cooking facilities, making ready for our barbecue.

“Why don’t you two go up and get out of the wet clothes, we’ll take care of the rest.” I told them, picking up where Al left off as they headed up the stairs, Al following Luci’s taut little body as I had Mel’s. I pulled the meat and fish out of the cooler and started preparing the marinades. Mel slipped in beside me, inadvertently brushing her curves against me. “Hey there lady. I’m thinking something spicy for the pork and just some soy and onion for the fish. What do you think?” I asked her, loving her soft skin against mine.

“Hmmmm… That sounds good. What I really think is I’d like to kiss you right now.” she said, moving closer and tilting her head back. I wasn’t going to resist, and leaned down to immerse my lips in hers. The kiss became passionate instantly, so I set the utensils down and wrapped my arms around her to pull her closer. I was hard in moments, and Mel knew it. She moved her hands down to grasp my butt, grinding her pelvis against my erection through our clothes, soft mewls of passion escaping her mouth as we kissed.

As they often did, the kiss seemed to last hours, and again we were interrupted by Al and Luci returning after they changed. “Not again. Jeez, you guys!” Luci said, giggling.

“What’s up with you two?” Al asked. “You just can’t keep your hands off of each other now. You know each other for – what – three years, and now….”

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