Hiking Fun

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“We don’t do this often enough,” I commented to Jesse as we enjoyed a springtime hike, up in the mountains. The leaves had just started coming back to the trees, and the flowers had just begun to bloom. It was the perfect time to be enjoying the outdoors, especially with the weather warming up.

“You’re right,” Jesse agreed. “It’s definitely good exercise.” As if to prove his point, he unscrewed the cap of his water bottle and took a long sip. He looked up at the sky. “I hope it doesn’t rain on us, though.”

I glanced up to notice that while most of the sky was pretty clear, a big dark rain cloud had settled over the group of mountains we were currently hiking on.

“Hmm, maybe we should cut this short and start walking back? We didn’t bring any rain gear or anything.” I looked at my watch. We’d only been out there for about an hour.

The fates did not smile upon us that day (or so we initially thought) as quite suddenly it began to pour. We were drenched in a matter of seconds. I had stopped wearing bras as often because Jesse encouraged me to be free with my breasts, and quite frankly, the things can be uncomfortable. I somewhat regretted that today. Through my sopping wet t-shirt, my perky nipples were very clearly visible.

“Cold?” Jesse asked as usual, with a big shit-eating grin.

I nodded, looking around in search of somewhere to find shelter for just a little while. I noticed a cave a little ways down the trail.

“Let’s head there.” I pointed. Jesse led the way, carrying both our packs, which lucky for us were waterproof.

Once inside, Jesse rummaged through one of the bags for our blanket. We had packed two blankets and to brown bag lunches for a sort of picnic during our hike. We weren’t too hungry right that second, but the blankets came in handy. He put one on the floor for us to sit on and left the other one out to cover ourselves with. Then he turned to me with another grin.

“We’d better get you out of those wet clothes,” he said slyly.

I laughed. “You think you’re so subtle!”

But I was cold and I’m not a big fan of clingy wet clothes, particularly wet jeans, so I began to peel mine off. I noticed he was doing the same. At least we’re making a fair trade here, I thought to myself.

I grabbed the cover up blanket and settled myself underneath it. Jesse joined me shortly. We sat with our naked bodies pressed together, watching the rain fall through the cave entrance.

He turned to look at me, and we each stared into the other’s blue eyes. Our lips met in a soft kiss, gentle at first, but growing more urgent as we realized the unexpected situation Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort that we were in. His hand explored my breasts, cupping them and tweaking my cold nipples. I moaned softly, and let go of the top of the blanket to reach my hand up and run it through his dark hair, then down his neck and back sensually. When the blanket dropped to our waists, my breasts and the tip of Jesse’s raging hard on were in full view. At this point, I heard a tiny gasp.

Startled, I looked towards the entrance of the cave. I noticed a girl, about college age, like us, peeking in. With her soaked clothes clinging to her body, I could make out her large but firm breasts, shapely figure, and muscular legs. Her hair was dark, and her eyes green. And I definitely noticed that one of her hands had dropped to her crotch to begin relieving herself of the sudden tension she felt in her loins upon discovering Jesse and I in our passionate embrace.

Jesse had not even noticed the girl as he had moved on to suckling my tits. I motioned with one of my hands for the girl to enter the cave and join us. She was very eager, and she quickly placed her bag near the wall and stripped down to expose her bare flesh. I never asked her name, so I’ll just refer to her as HotGirl.

HotGirl knelt down next to Jesse and began fondling my other breast with one of her hands and hungrily pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues entwined as we tasted each other.

At this point, Jesse had noticed our newcomer, and had quickly accepted the idea. I mean, come on, this was an extra set of titties for him to play with. He began working his mouth on one of her tits while he massaged the other.

I laid down on my back, smiling mischievously at HotGirl, who quickly got the idea. She pried her boob out of Jesse’s grasp, and walked over to sit on my face. I began eating her out, my tongue twirling teasingly over the flesh and folds of her shaved mound. Her cunt was dripping with her juices, and mmm, they tasted sweet. I began focusing my attention on her clit, flicking softly and quickly to stimulate her.

While she was sitting on my face, Jesse had straddled my body, his erection just begging for attention. HotGirl noticed this and was very happy to oblige him. She bent over and began to slowly lick up and down the shaft of his stiff member.

“Mmm,” Jesse moaned. “That’s it, suck my cock just like that, bitch.”

Just knowing that she was slurping on my boyfriend’s dick drove me crazy and I increased my intensity tenfold. She gasped and drove Jesse’s cock deep down her throat. I could hear her sucking up and down it. With her other hand she cupped his balls and massaged them gently. Starting to go a little crazy with all of this, I moved my hand down to my clit and started getting myself off. HotGirl started grinding her hips into my face now, nearing her climax. Then her insides began to shudder, and I felt a rush of juices splash onto my face. She climbed off me, and continued sucking Jesse’s pole. Feeling a bit left out, I decided to help her. I sat up and began kissing HotGirl, sensuously around the shaft of his penis. Then we took turns taking his cock as deep down our throats as it could go. Not to long after we started this, Jesse stopped fucking our mouths and pumped his dick the last few times it needed to send a shower of cum shooting out of it and onto our faces and breasts. HotGirl and I looked at each other. She immediately began massaging the man juice into my tits, while I started to lick his cum off her face.

By the time the two of us had thoroughly cleaned each other up, Jesse’s prick was at attention again. I laid down on my back, and Jesse joined me, laying down on his side, facing towards me. I slipped one of my legs between his, and bent one and put it over his ass. I was the only one who hadn’t cum yet, so my cunt was nice and slick. His cock entered me easily as I moaned and used my legs to press his ass tightly against me, holding him deep inside me for a moment, just savoring it. HotGirl was on all fours, leaned over me sucking my breasts, and fingering herself as she watched the two of us have our fun.

Jesse started moving his big hard cock in and out of me nice and slowly, teasing me with every inch of it. I was in heaven. Some chick randomly suckling my tits, and my boyfriend slowly fucking me.

Then it got even better. I felt something warm splash against my breasts, and a little bit on my cheek. I opened my eyes and noticed that another hiker, a guy this time, had stumbled upon our little cave shelter. The warmth I had felt was his cum that he had unloaded all over me and the HotGirl. He had been jerking off at the cave entrance for some time apparently, and decided to join in when he neared his release.

Cumming didn’t slow him down though, his prick was still rock hard. I don’t really blame him, stumbling upon a threesome would definitely keep me excited for a while. He noticed HotGirl’s ass sticking up in the air right near him. HotGirl had not noticed him yet though (not sure how, she had gobs of his cum all over her back!) as she was still giving her full attention to my nipples.

She definitely did notice when the guy stuffed his dick into her pussy. She gasped and fell forward, her face in between my breasts. The guy relentlessly started ramming himself into her. Jesse seemed turned on by watching the other two fuck while we were in the middle of it ourselves. He picked up the pace of his thrusting, and sucked on his finger a second, then started rubbing it against the nub of my clit.

The other guy (we’ll call him Guy for now) then stopped fucking HotGirl for a second. His prick was so wet from being inside her that he decided to try slipping it into her asshole. HotGirl groaned loudly as her puckered hole took in inch after inch of his manhood.

“Fuck my ass!” she practically screamed. She had brought her front end back up and was holding herself up with her hands again. I pulled her head towards me and began French kissing her. This seemed to turn the guys on even more.

I had to stop kissing her after a few more seconds as Jesse’s thrusts became primal. Our hips slammed together roughly, each time his cock pushing against the inner walls of my pussy. My breathing started to get heavy as he picked up the pace of his fingering my clit. “Yeah, baby, keep it up. Fuck me just like that. Oh, God, I’m gonna cum soon, and I need to feel you fill me with your load!!” I cried.

I felt my insides tremble as my orgasm rocked through my body. As the muscular tremors subsided I felt Jesse thrust deep one last time and unleash his hot cum deep into me. Exhausted, we stayed put on the floor, cuddling up and watching our two new friends finish themselves off.

Guy was still pounding into HotGirl’s ass. She was pushing herself back against him, in time with his thrusts. Their breathing was hot and heavy, and before too long, the slap of their bodies hitting each other was echoing in the cave as Guy began to grunt in the beginnings of an orgasm. HotGirl screamed as he shot his jizz into her asshole, and then pulled out and continued to squirt successive bursts onto her outer labia.

It was still raining when Jesse and I had decided we were pretty well rested. HotGirl and Guy had fallen asleep together, and were snoring lightly.

I spoke quietly so as not to wake them. “Well, it’s starting to get late, I think we should start heading back down the trail.”

I picked up our still soaking clothes, and shoved them into one of the bags. “Yeah, I’m not putting those back on,” I said. Jesse shrugged and put the blankets back into the other bag. We smiled at each other as we began walking back towards our car, completely naked, as the warm spring rain covered our bodies. Other drenched hikers stared as they passed, but we barely noticed. When we reached the car, we had another fun romp, right there in the passenger seat, before we began the drive home. The events of that hike would be talked about for years to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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