Daughter’s Sexy Sight Pt. 23

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My daughter was riding my hard cock, I was enjoying the sight of her breasts bouncing up and down in time to the pumping of her sexy hips up and down, her cunt rising up, then plunging down the length of my throbbing shaft again and again. I could feel her cunt fluttering wildly, my cock jerked and swelled up tight, and I knew we were both on the verge.

“Oh fuck, yes, fuck, gonna cum, yes, fuck me, Daddy, fill your little girl’s cunt, oh yes, yes, YES!!”

Her voice rose to a shriek, I could feel her cunt clamp down on my cock, spasming wildly in orgasmic contractions, and I joined her, my grunt of pleasure joining her howl as my cock exploded. Her cunt was rippling with milking spasms, milking greedily at my shaft, as I emptied my balls deep inside her welcoming tightness.

Ever since her night with Anna, we just couldn’t get enough of each other. It had been 3 days, and my daughter was eager to have another session with Anna, and I was eager to watch. Just the remembered view of my daughter grunting and sighing with pleasure, Anna’s face buried between her thighs, skillfully licking and tonguing my daughter to a roaring climax, got me ready to go again.

We lay back, relaxing, and my daughter picked up the phone.

Just before she dialed, she said, “Is Daddy ready to see his little girl licking our neighbor’s hot cunt? And to watch me being licked to orgasm?”

She grinned at my obvious enthusiasm, and said, “listen in on the extension.”

I picked up the extension as the phone rang. Anna answered on the second ring.

“Hello Anna, how are you?” my daughter said.

“Wonderful, now that I hear you, just your voice is making me wet,” Anna purred.

“My husband has to help his brother tonight, and he’ll be gone until late. How would you like to come over, and enjoy some more lusty lovemaking?” my daughter cooed.

“I would love to, I’ll bring my goody bag, it’s full of toys and other fun things we can share. I have so much I want to share with you,” Anna purred.

“I can hardly wait, I’ll see you at 8 PM,” my daughter replied.

“Wonderful, save a space for me in your bed, you sexy sweetie,” Anna replied, and hung up.

Just hearing her voice, and what they were going to do that I would see, had made me rock hard, and when I returned to the bedroom, I put my daughter in the doggy-style position and drove it in. We fucked like animals, just pure animalistic lust raging through us until my balls cinched up, and as my daughter howled in climax, I grunted out, “Oh Fuck YEAH!” as my cock exploded, firing a fresh volley of hot cum deep up my little girl’s eager cunt.

At 7 PM, I left, got in the car, and made it look like I was on my way. Four blocks away, I parked and returned to the house. My daughter told me to take the cell phone into the closet with me, and call when I was supposedly leaving my brother’s house to come home. She knew I would have a raging hard-on for Daddy’s little girl to enjoy after the show.

At five minutes to eight, I was upstairs, naked in the closet, waiting for the show to Kıbrıs Escort begin. A few minutes after eight, my daughter entered, completely nude, leading an equally nude Anna by the hand. So horny for each other, they must have stripped along the way. Anna placed her large canvas goody bag on the bed while my daughter lit the bedside candle. My daughter managed a secret smile my way.

Their bodies came together in a mingling of lust, their lips kissing hotly, tongues swirling and dancing together. On the bed, Anna told my daughter to lie back, she was going to give my daughter a night to remember.

Anna took a 10-inch dildo and harness out of her goody bag and told my daughter she was going to ride her like there was no tomorrow.

“Bet my dildo is bigger than your husband!” Anna giggled as that huge 10 inches jutted up proudly from her pelvis.

My daughter was breathing hard, spreading her legs as she whispered, “Yes, oh yes it is, now let me feel that huge cock. Bury that pussy splitter deep inside me!”

“I will, I assure you, but first, let’s try a few other things.”

She reached into the bag and drew out two leather wrist cuffs. Joleena stared at them as if spellbound.

“Joleena sweetie, how would you like to try being cuffed to the bed? If it makes you uncomfortable, that will be no problem, but I think you might like it.”

The fact that I was there, and could step in and break it up if the situation got too bad must have decided it in her mind, as she whispered, “Yes, I’d like to try it out.”

Anna had a smile on her face, Joleena was starting to breathe faster, as her wrists were slipped into the cuffs. Tethers attached to them were stretched up, and Joleena’s arms were bound securely to the headboard.

Anna got into position between my daughter’s spread thighs and drove in with a lust-fueled charge. Joleena squealed with pleasure as Anna slid it in, with a forceful push of her hips, Anna buried all 10 inches in, bringing a cry of pure pleasure from my daughter as her cunt was split open, her tight walls getting stretched.

Joleena brought her legs around Anna’s waist, and sighed,” Yes, oh yes, feels so good, now fuck me, a long time.”

Anna did so, and I watched the lewd, massively exciting spectacle of my daughter and Anna’s bodies slapping together, over and over, Anna’s hips powering her big dildo deep, fucking my daughter’s sexy cunt. I could see Joleena trying to pull her arms down, having them restrained made her wild with lust. The bed was bouncing as their bodies writhed together, I could hear the liquid squelching sound as my daughter’s very juicy cunt was power reamed by Anna’s 10-inch pussy splitter, again and again.

“Fuck, oh my god, I’m gonna cum, yes, oh fuck yes, CUMMING!!”

My daughter’s voice rose to a howl of pleasure as she came, her cunt clamping tightly around the plunging dildo, her body shaking and shuddering as she rode her climax for all the sensation she could.

Anna withdrew, grinned, and said, “Now that your cunt is all hot Lefkoşa Escort and juicy, I’m gonna lick you until you cum again.”

My daughter let out a sigh of pleasure as Anna quickly got her face down there, burying her tongue deep up my daughter’s steamy fuck hole, and licking all over. My daughter’s coming down was quickly reversed, as Anna’s tongue started her climbing again.

Anna was a very experienced cunt licker, and with 2 two fingers shoved up my daughter’s fiery fuck hole, finger fucking her expertly, and Anna’s mouth covering my daughter’s hard, pink, twitching clit, my daughter humped her hips up, pressing tightly against Anna’s mouth, letting out a howl of pleasure as she again exploded, her tight cleft becoming a wash of steamy juices, that Anna was happy to lick up.

Anna purred, “Have you ever experienced the absolute pleasure of having your sweet asshole licked?”

When my daughter told her that she was still an asshole virgin, Anna smiled and told her that she would give her a licking she would not forget. She released Joleena from the cuffs.

“On your hands and knees, ass up!” Anna growled sexily, “I’m going to lick the tight pucker of your sweet asshole, you will not believe how wonderful it feels!”

My daughter quickly assumed the position, and Anna’s mouth and tongue got busy, licking all over the rose-shaped pucker of her asshole. She slid a finger up her hot, steamy pussy, then slid the finger around and around the tight rim, sliding it into and out of the tight clamp of my daughter’s asshole. My daughter let out grunts and cries of absolute pleasure, her body trembling, she was still an asshole virgin, and the sensation of her tight, twitchy hole being stimulated must have been incredible.

Anna produced a 5-inch butt plug, and pulling her mouth and finger away, she swiftly slid it up my daughter’s asshole in one easy, practiced motion. My daughter grunted as she took in the 5 inches of flared pleasure.

“A little feeling of how hot it feels to have your asshole plugged. I’d love to bust your last vestige of virginity with my dildo, but I think your husband should have the pleasure. But I can let you feel what it’s like to get fucked while your asshole is plugged, you’ll love it.”

So saying, Anna got behind my daughter and lined up for a doggy-style power fuck. My cock was rock hard, aching, as I watched Anna line up her dildo, and with a big push, the dildo penetrated, my daughter gave a howl of pleasure as her cunt was split open by Anna’s 10-inch pussy splitter. Anna slammed her hips forward, smacking against my daughter’s ass, and the entire 10 inches was buried in the steaming hug of my daughter’s inner recesses.

“Fuck, oh my fucking god, it feels like nothing I’ve ever felt before! Fuck me, Anna, ream my burning cunt, fuck my ass off!!” my daughter howled.

Anna did so, my cock throbbing crazily as I watched. Grasping her hips, she slammed into her again and again. Anna really gave my daughter a power fucking as she plowed her furrow. Anna rode her Girne Escort hard, my daughter was grunting with pleasure as the hard dildo slammed into her like a piston, over and over.

“You like the way my hard cock is fucking your sweet pussy, the rubbing of butt plug against the dildo, baby?” Anna growled.

My daughter gasped, “Oh my God, Yes! Fuck me, Anna, give it to me!”

Anna growled, “Imagine I’m your husband, I’m fucking your sweet cunt, your asshole is throbbing with wild pulses of pleasure from being tightly plugged, and I’m going to squirt my load into your burning pussy. Your pussy is squeezing me like wild, and it’s gonna suck everything right out of me!”

My daughter, in the midst of a sexual frenzy, howled, “Yes, shoot it all into me, Daddy! Splatter my cervix, and fill your little girl’s horny womb! Oh my God, YES!!”

Her pussy exploded, wrenching and spasming wildly as her orgasm slammed into her. She screamed, a long drawn out howl of utter pleasure, as her asshole clamped down on the butt plug and her cunt clamped down on the dildo, her body shook wildly as her orgasm tore through her.

I could feel my heart miss a beat, she had reacted like she normally would, and imagining Daddy was fucking her. My cock wilted from the shock, Oh boy, this could be bad.

In a sexy heap, recovering from the explosive climax, before my daughter could think of an explanation, Anna smiled and said, “I see you like role-playing as much as I did when I was married. My husband and I would role-play a lot, sometimes I was the virginal student and he was the horny teacher, doctor and patient were always fun, and Daddy and daughter was always a good one too.”

Sensing a great out, my daughter said, “Yeah, we love the horny Daddy and sexy daughter role play. It’s our favorite,” and embellishing it a bit, she continued “we also like Indian brave and captured virgin white girl, who is going to get her virginity broken open by his special hard arrow, horny cop and hooker, who’ll be glad to suck and fuck the officer to avoid going to jail, and straight-laced virginal schoolmarm and very horny teenage student, who unlaces me right out of my corset, busts open my neglected pussy and fucks me senseless.”

In the closet, I relaxed as Anna seemed to accept my daughter’s explanation. My cock grew back to life as I watched them caressing each other’s lush bodies.

“Well, I hate to leave, but another early day awaits me,” Anna said, “But, I’ll tell you what I’m going to do when I get home. I’ll strip naked, on my bed, I’ll lube up my butt plug, and plug my tight ass hole good. Then, I’m going to take the dildo that just fucked you, and I’m going to ram it up my cunt, while it’s coated with your sweet juices, and fuck myself silly. I’ll be thinking about the way you looked, with your asshole plugged, and the very same dildo fucking your fiery cunt, until I cum my brains out! I’d never be able to sleep otherwise. Next time, would you like to plug my asshole, and fuck me with the dildo?”

“I will be eagerly awaiting that time,” my daughter replied, “and I’ll ask my husband about watching us, and joining in.”

“Until then, baby,” Anna replied as she gave my daughter a sweet, lingering lover’s kiss.

As my daughter and Anna left, I waited until I heard them on the first floor, then I was in bed, my cock aching.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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