Delayed on the Underground

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It was a gloriously hot sunny day, the kind of day that makes everyone feel good. She was wearing a skimpy summer dress thin spaghetti straps, long and flowing with buttons all the way down. As she left the office she undid the top and bottom buttons knowing that she would be revealing some of her thigh and breasts didn’t bother her she immediately felt fresher, happier and sexy.

The tube journey to the park was uncomfortable, there were all kinds of delays, people crammed in like sardines. This is such an inhumane way to travel she thought to herself. As she glanced around the carriage, trying not to look anyone in the eye, she noticed a tall guy with short-cropped grey hair. More salt, than salt and pepper. Through the gaps in bodies, she could see he was in good shape. As she was eyeing him up and down she was suddenly aware that he was watching her. She quickly averted her eyes from him. Oh, god, was she blushing? Had he really caught her admiring him? At the next stop, more people got on and the train became even more crowded, she lost sight of him. Her head was stuck under someone’s armpit. Whew. What a whiff of body odour. Being short on the underground was a definite disadvantage. As the train jolted along, she was being pushed from side to side. She could barely reach the handrails and was losing her balance. She fell back; a sturdy hand held her up. Without really turning around fully she muttered a thank you under her breath.

The train continued it’s slow, laborious journey. Bit by bit, she became aware that the hand that had steadied her, was still lingering on her lower back. Gently touching her. She drew in a lengthy deep breath. Her first instinct was to turn around or move away. Instead she found herself holding still. Then she felt warm breath blowing from the top of her head and down her back. Should she turn around? The thought was stirring her passions. She rolled her head to the side, again, breathing on her neck, her eyes closed. Whoever was doing it, knew he was doing the right thing. The hand moved slightly, smoothly rubbing. She was being turned on. Again, the sensible thought to move away entered her mind.

“All passengers for Hyde Park should alight here.”

Damn, this was her stop, she would have to get off now. The doors opened, she reluctantly pushed her way through the crowds. As the train pulled off, she tried to look round to see who it was, hundreds of blank faces were all she could see!

With a hop, skip and jump in her stride she continued on. Exiting the station, she felt she was being followed, was someone there? Was it the same person? She could see no one.

Once inside the park, she found a stretch of grass to settle down on. She spread out her blanket and lay down. She unbuttoned more buttons and pulled her straps down. Some girls were topless; she wished she could join them.

With her skirt hitched up high, enjoying the warm glow from the sun, she people watched for a while. Then stretching back, to reach her book, the top of her dress fell down showing her already slightly tanned boobs. She looked around; those eyes were on her again. She saw nobody in particular. Before lifting her dress back, she lightly brushed her nipple. It was as if she were taunting him, or daring whoever it was to come closer. She pulled her skirt even higher and her dress lower. She lay back and started reading her book. She lifted her knees up and tucked her skirt underneath her. Was she paranoid? Or was someone watching her? She opened her legs slightly, wondering Escort Akbatı why she was feeling so sexual. She unbuttoned another button and pulled the top of her dress open, her nipples were barely covered. Pretending to read, she was looking around for someone, she didn’t know whom. Then she rolled over onto her front, her dress fell down completely. To anyone coming towards her, they would see her full breasts. There was no one. She put one arm under her and nonchalantly caressed herself. God that felt good.

With the sun beating down she soon drifted off and in a dreamy hazeshe found herself back on the tube.The carriage was deserted. She was the only person. She crossed her legs, noticing that she hadn’t buttoned up properly, as she was about to, there was an announcement.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, apologies for the delay but there is a train broken down on the line at the next station.”

Damn. It was stifling hot. She stood to look down the other carriages. Not a soul in sight, how bizarre.

The lights suddenly flickered and went dim. Even though she knew it was temporary she felt frightened. She didn’t like the dark at the best of times. As she was convincing herself she would be OK a carriage door opened. In the dim light, she thought it could be the grey haired guy from earlier. She couldn’t be sure. He sauntered towards her. It was him, instantly, she knew he had followed her into the park. He stopped right in front of her.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you, but I thought there was no point being in that dark carriage by myself. Mind if I join you?”

She looked in to his eyes, he had that cheeky glint she had noticed earlier.

“No, it’s fine. I’m scared of the dark”.

He stepped forward invading her personal space. His crotch was at eye level. She couldn’t avert her eyes. He put his hand on the back of her head

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here,” at the same time, he drew her in to him. Her head was resting on him. He rubbed her head so gently. It was definitely the same guy. She knew it!! As she leant against his thighs, she felt a rousing in his groin. She responded by stroking and fondling his behind and inner thigh. His erection was getting harder. Through his trousers she felt him. He was so firm. He had both hands on her head and shoulders, nudging her head more and more into his groin. Before she knew what she was doing, or had time to reflect, she had unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. He was commando. Good, less to deal with. She held the base of his shaft and licked the top of his penis, circling the head with her tongue she flicked it.

All the time taking in more and more of him. She knew it was exciting him. He was thrusting himself in to her, deeper and deeper.

She felt his balls, they were ready to explode. She juggled them in her hand, she was now using her other hand to masturbate him. She wanted the satisfaction of bringing him to cum, but at the same time, she was enjoying giving him such pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum” She slowed the pace, teasing and taunting him.

Another announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we should have power back in a minute and be on our way” At the same time the lights came on – he shot his cum into her mouth. The train pulled into the next station and he disappeared.

When the realisation of what she had just done hit her she couldn’t believe it. It was the type of thing that fantasys are made of, the stuff that you find in books or see in movies. She couldn’t Aksaray escort get over how much it had turned her on. She had just given a blow job to a complete and utter stranger, and loved every second of it.

She was still in the carriage alone as it pulled out of the station and her thoughts would not leave what had just happened. She had been totally selfless in her actions taking him to ejaculation and swallowing the warm salty come without a thought for herself. The only sad thing about that was that she felt so horny now that she thought she was going to burst. She suddenly remembered that she was alone. This recognition was all the encouragement she needed to start thinking about doing something about her pent up emotions.

She stood up quickly and walked to the end of the carriage looking through the window without trying to raise suspicion. The carriage next door was empty also.

She then checked the carriage at the opposite end and it appeared only to be occupied by 1 person, all she could see was a pair of jeans sticking into the aisle and a newspaper, no idea if they were male or female but still there was only 1 other person on these 3 carriages. She decided to sit at the end with the empty carriage to carry out her plan.

Quickly moving back to the other end she sat down facing the empty carriage so she could see anyone getting on. God she was hornier now than she had been for weeks. Whatever had possessed her before? She would never know. As she again re-played in her mind how he had gradually grown harder in her hands and mouth, how he had rhythmically started slowly pumping in and out, involuntarily as she brought him towards his inevitable climax. As she remembered she closed her eyes and allowed her hand to drift casually over her breasts, feeling the rock hard nipples through the smooth cotton of her dress, she lingered and tweaked her left nipple hard, this sent an involuntary shudder through her aroused body and with her other hand she quickly felt for the warm area between her legs, her slit needed some immediate attention and she felt that if she wanted too she could come at her first touch, however she was determined to enjoy this erotic experience, made all the more horny by being in a very public place.

She rubbed over the outside of the front of her thong gradually working her way to the moistness that lay below, her deft fingers caressing the bits that she knew best, her own erogenous zones that no-one could ever find like she could. Her pants were soaking wet through and if she didn’t know better she could have thought that she had peed herself. She pulled the cotton aside and very slowly rubbed her middle finger up and down the slit, as she approached her clitoris she wanted to grab it between 2 fingers and rub it furiously, but she wouldn’t allow herself that pleasure just yet.

She gradually lifted her legs on to the wall in front and parted her thighs, revealing a very horny pussy to anyone that could see, of course she knew that nobody could but that didn’t matter now, as she parted her thighs she slipped a finger into her pussy and pushed it all the way to the hilt. As soon as she reached the finger end she withdrew it almost completely and then plunged it back in again. The feeling was fantastic her senses were screaming and she was becoming completely oblivious to her surroundings, her body was demanding more from her and everything was centred around that 1 area..She ripped at her nipples through her dress 1 at a time pulling Ankara escort bayan them so hard that she thought she was going to pull them off.

Her pussy was now being invaded by 2 fingers, in and out, again and again.

All of a sudden the tannoy cut in,

“Ladies and Gentlemen, apologies once again but unfortunately we are experiencing e further delays ahead and we will be stopped for just a few moments.”

Oh god she couldn’t believe her ears this was great news for her plan, she knew she was completely alone and couldn’t then be disturbed.

She smiled devilishly and as the train drew to a halt and the lights dimmed she reached for her bag and pulled out the Banana that she had discarded for lunch.

The lights in the carriage were restricted to 1 emergency light per carriage, outside the windows it was pitch black and she could only just make out her hand holding the banana. She enclosed the fruit in her hand and imagined it was the grey haired guys cock. It was about an inch or so longer and about the same thickness but she had no trouble imagining. She quickly stood and removed her thong. Returning to her original position with her legs spread eagled and propped against the wall she slowly

Moved the false cock towards her eager pussy. As she touched she shuddered, she was so close to cumming that she would have to stop a second.

Her mind was racing and she could imagine the grey haired guy lying between her legs his cock ready to enter her, slowly pushing his weight forward easing himself in

Her pussy was pulsing trying to drag his cock in wanting every inch inside her, slowly she was filled and as he reached his hilt he stopped. God that felt good her muscles clenched gripping the cock tightly, playing with it and pleasuring herself beyond belief. The Banana was buried inside her, another inch and the whole thing would have disappeared, she pulled slowly, the sensations were every bit as good on its way out as on its way in, when it was just about to slip out she stopped , just leaving the tip inside, All the time she imagined that it was the real cock and she gripped the guys hair in her fingers almost pulling it from his head. He held the cock there and then again slowly started pushing forward getting faster and more urgent as his length slid in,

She whispered in his ear “ Fuck me….come on…Fuck me!”

He pulled back swiftly and then rammed home again and again pushing right to the hilt every time grinding her clitty as he ground into her sending her into an unbelievable sexual frenzy. Her orgasm was fast approaching her feet were kicking and banging on the wall of the carriage as she craved the release. The banana was in, out, in, out and then rammed home as she tugged at her clitty with her other hand and screamed with the intensity and ferocity of the orgasm, Her fingers and thumbs joined the banana playing with her clitty and pussy lips, as the orgasm subsided she realised that she had moved on to the floor and that unbeknown to her the lights were back on .

She quickly looked round and saw someone stood in the other carriage staring through the window, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

It was him, the salt and pepper man, he’d obviously jumped off and got straight back on in the next carriage.

How much had he seen, she didn’t care, after what she had done earlier to him he would have been more than happy.

She picked up her bag straightened her dress and as she was walking towards his carriage, smiling she peeled the Banana and seductively bit off the end.

The noise of a motor shook her back into reality. As she woke she realised that the Park Gardner was staring unashamedly at her naked breasts as he mowed the lawns.

She smiled wickedly as she remembered her dream.

But that’s another story…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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