Faith Debased Ch. 5

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Author’s note Ok, so the title of the last chapter was a bad play on the tightening of the screw, and this one’s a tongue-twisted version of the plot thickens. So, sue me.

* * * * *

Chapter 5: The Thot Plickens

The ringing of a phone startled me awake. I fumbled it off the hook before the third ring and gasped at the chuckled greeting, “How’s it going, Slut?” I had assumed it would be Brian calling to say goodnight. I looked at the clock on the nightstand. It was hard to believe it was only a little after 10:00 PM.

“Cal?” He asked who else called me that and I tittered girlishly, “Just you, my big black possessor.” He inquired how Regina had been. I glanced over at her, lying naked on her stomach beside me, her face buried in the pillow. The flickering candlelight painted intriguing patterns of golden light and recessed shadows across her shoulders, down her back, over the rise of her great ass, and down the backs of her legs. “She’s incredible, Cal. She’s better then I ever could have imagined possible.” I detected more then sexual curiosity in his voice when he asked if she was incredible, or she had been incredible. “She is,” I answered, confirming his suspicion that she was still with me. I went on to explain why Regina was still here; that Brian was spending the night at the new house and wouldn’t be home until late the next day.

That’s when my black possessor laid a bombshell on me by saying he would be there in an hour. “Cal, I don’t know…” I quickly protested, “I mean, Regina might not like… she might not be receptive to…” I was cut off with the stern command to, ‘Shut up! That it wasn’t my place to be second-guessing anything… That he didn’t give a damn what Regina liked, or didn’t like… That he was coming over and that he was going to fuck the both of us while the other watched and waited her turn… That Regina better still be there when he arrived, and that she would either become eagerly receptive to taking all of his big black cock in her lezzie cunt and mouth, or she’d find herself ass-naked in the blackest part of town before midnight.’

“Yes, Cal,” I responded, helplessly acceding to his wishes. “Whatever you say, Cal.” I was told to make sure the front and back doors were unlocked… That both of us should be naked and kneeling near one… That he would chose which door he would use when he got there, and that the lucky bitch behind that door better be prepared to greet him properly when he walked in. “Yes, Cal,” I acquiesced, painfully swallowing the nervous lump in my throat. “You will always come first with me. You should know that by now.”

I was told that his “cumming” better always be foremost in my mind and then the phone went dead in my ear. I hung up and stared at the candlelight dancing on the ceiling. I would be here for Cal. In the short span of two afternoons, the three times we had been intimate totaled up couldn’t have exceeded more then a hour, and yet we both knew I belonged to him; I was his cumslut now, to be used at his discretion. His cumming would always be paramount with me, above my own need for release.

But, in my naive greed to experience it all, to explore another side of my emerging sexuality, I had inadvertently pulled another fly into my tangled web of black obsession. I wanted Regina to get up, get dressed, and get the hell out of here, some place she would be safe from Cal’s irresistible clutches. Yet, I also knew I had to find a way of making her stay, of keeping her here for Cal to fuck. Of convincing my lesbian lover, Regina, that giving herself to Cal would be the best thing that ever happened to her. ‘My God,’ I silently cursed the ceiling. What had I gotten myself into? What was I becoming? By doing Cal’s bidding in this matter, doing what I had no choice in doing, I was, in a very real sense, pimping for my black possessor.

“Sounds like we got company coming,” a sultry voice beside me said, and I rolled my head in Regina’s direction. “Yes, we,” she said with a smile. “After tonight, you don’t think I would leave you to face Cal’s wrath if I’m not here when he arrives, do you? I told you; the men I do date are black. I suck them off and I give them my pussy, and my ass, and I get off on it, too.” She scooted closer and kissed my belly. “Just because I can’t resist a hot, wet pussy doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy the servicing of a good, hard cock once in awhile.” She laid her cheek on the burning mark her lips had left on my stomach. “Long as it’s big, and black.”

“That’s Cal,” I laughed. When she asked how soon we could expect him to arrive, I told her in about an hour.

“More then enough time,” she said with a wonton leer and ran her moist lips down across my stomach and unerringly right between my quickly thrown-wide-open legs. Hooking her arms around my ass, she parted the sticky lips of my pussy with her fingers and began flicking the tip of her tongue against my clit. God, her tongue working my inflamed pussy over was fantastic. No one before, or since, denizli escort has ever eaten my pussy better then Regina, and that includes Cal, who’s tongue work is beyond adequate description.

I squirmed, and I tugged at her legs, lifting them up and over me until I was looking up at her pussy. Her lips were swollen with lust and gaped open, so I was staring right into the dark, inviting cavern of her slippery cunt. I grabbed her fantastic ass and pulled that succulent pussy down onto my insatiably hungry mouth. I started frantically tracing the alphabet on her clit with my tongue.

Regina gasped and laughed, “Damn you!” into my pussy. “…E…” “…F…” “…G…” “…H…” “….IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

By the letter K she was tonguing me with just as much urgency as I was working my tongue on her. We both “MMMMMMMMMMM”ed into each other’s running cunts, and V W registered for both of us as being VERY WET as we simultaneously spurted in the other’s happy face.

We sucked and licked and kissed the delicious pussy we were feasting on as our explosive climaxes slowly subsided, then Regina slid her mouth up my body until her lips were possessing my own. I could taste myself on her devouring mouth; she could taste herself in the bottomless well of mine. We tasted so incredibly fucking good together it was mind-boggling. Abso- FUCKING -lutely mind-boggling!

A short time later I lay with my head on Regina’s stomach, idly running figure eight’s in and out around her much larger tits with my fingernails. “Think we ought to get up and at least shower before Cal gets here?” I inquired dreamily.

“Hummmm, uuummmm,” she just as dreamily hummed back. “Cal wants two cumsluts to service him, that’s just what he should get; two horny white sluts dripping with each other’s cunt honey.”

And that was just what my demanding black possessor got when he came through the door about twenty minutes later. I was naked and on my knees inside the front door and Regina was waiting just as subserviently at the back door. Since that was the door Cal had chosen to enter through, Regina got the honors. I knee-walked to the kitchen so I could watch.

Without being told, Regina undid his red jogging pants and pulled them down, held them while he stepped out of them, then took his half-hard cock in her hands and dutifully licked it until the plum-sized head and thickening shaft was slick with her saliva. Then, she took the head in her mouth and proceeded to suck, gradually taking more and more of his hard black cock in her mouth and down her throat, until her nose was buried in his crinkly black pubic hair. She pulled back until just the swollen head remained captured in her mouth and, with her eyes lifted up to his, she clasped her hands behind her back and with a skill I could only hope to match someday, she smoothly deep-throated his entire cock.

“You’ve been here before, Slut,” Cal said with detectable admiration in his voice as he unzipped the top of his Marine Corps jogging suit. The muscular definition of his upper body, his pronounced pecs and washboard abbs were enough to get me wet; almost as much as the sight of his gorgeous black cock as it reappeared from Regina’s mouth, shimmering like a thick branch of dark ebony wet with jungle dew.

Grabbing two fists-full of her luxurious raven hair, Cal pulled her mouth back down on his cock and started face-fucking her, and he wasn’t being the least bit gentle about it. He fucked her mouth and throat with the same command he had fucked my cunt earlier in the day, repeatedly pulling his cock all the way out of her ovaled mouth then shoving it right back down her throat. For nearly ten minutes he used Regina’s mouth like a cunt, then he stiffened and jammed her mouth all the way down to his constricting balls. “Swallow it, Slut!” he demanded and I enviously watched Regina’s Adam’s Apple bob up and down as she obediently swallowed his copious amount of slimy cum. “YEAH! That’s it, swallow every bit of it, you FUCKING cumslut BITCH!”

Regina stayed with Cal’s cock until it had completely withered in her mouth, then held it by the base and licked it clean, never once taking her eyes off his. I saw her open her mouth then she got up and came over to where I was still kneeling. She pinched my cheeks together to get me to open my mouth, then said, “My thank you gift to you,” and drooled Cal’s cum she had been holding in her mouth down into mine. It was such a nasty, degenerate, slutty thing for her to do, and I came instantly.

She helped me to my feet and we heatedly Frenched, swapping the mouth full of slimy cum back and forth, before dividing it between ourselves and swallowing it with our slippery mouths glued together. We both then looked at Cal for acceptance.

“Damn!” he said with a shake of his head. “I think I made a big mistake hooking you two up. We’re talking a BIG mistake. Major!”

“You could always forbid us to see each other again,” diyarbakır escort Regina said.

“Wouldn’t work, ” Cal replied back with a half-ass smirk. “You two’d just find some way of sneaking behind my back. Better if I know what’s going on right in front of my face.”

Right then and there, I don’t think I had ever been any happier in my life. I would always be Cal’s willing white slut, but now I also had his permission to keep my newly acquired lesbian lover. Life couldn’t possibly have gotten any better. Not for me, anyway.

Regina warmed up the uneaten pizza while I paid oral homage to Cal’s cock on the kitchen floor. He didn’t cum again, but I did. With the pizza and wine close at hand, we flopped naked on the floor and watched a movie, not Regina’s lesbian porn, but a real movie; Diabolique, with Simone Signoret, if I recall correctly. Actually, Regina and I played with Cal’s magnificent ebony cock and big black balls, sometimes together, and made out like lovesick schoolgirls above it while he watched the movie.

By midnight, Cal finally couldn’t take anymore, and with a thick finger stuffed deep in each of our sopping wet cunts from behind, he escorted us down the hall to the bedroom. He savagely fucked me doggie style, driving me into and right through a number of moaning, writhing orgasms, while I ate Regina to several thrashing, spurting cums, pumping another of his ungodly loads into my clasping, spasming cunt. I scooted up her body so Regina could suck his cum back out of me. I came again while she did this.

Brian called while we were all three catching our collective breaths and I impulsively put him on the speakerphone so my “company” could hear, too. Cal and Regina were each sucking on one of my hard nipples and both were wickedly fingering my running cunt and aching clit as my husband and I said our kissy goodnights to one another. And, if you don’t think keeping my voice somewhat close to normal wasn’t a nearly impossible feat to successfully accomplish while two fantastic mouths and tongues and two irresistible probing fingers were combining to drive me right up the fucking wall, then you have no real concept of what an impossible feat truly is.

I retrieved the wine from the front room, then watched Regina suck Cal’s cock hard again before lowering her cunt down on it all the way to his big balls. And, with her completely impaled on that great ebony weapon, I licked both of them–Cal’s cock and balls and Regina’s swollen, unhooded clit–as she wildly rode his cock, while fucking myself with the big black dildo she had produced from her gym bag of lesbian goodies.

Things got real drowsy after that and Cal fell asleep between Regina and I while idly fingering our satiated pussies. I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to the unmistakable slurping sounds of cock sucking. I rose up, and in the moonlight, I could see Regina sucking Cal’s cock as he slept. Her eyes holding mine, she sucked and sucked and sucked, until Cal jerked violently, clamped his hands on her head, drove his cock up into her sucking mouth, and erupted. Regina swallowed it all then licked her lips while she held his slimy cock for me to lick clean. I did, then Regina and I kissed and with a wink, she rolled over and in a few minutes I could her softly snoring. And I masturbated myself back to sleep… Eventually.

* * * *

Around 10:00 in the morning Cal awoke with me adoringly stroking his hard black cock. “A hand job is not the way I expect to be woken up by a slut,” he said gruffly. “And your man is also hungry.”

Regina was just coming out of the bathroom and looked at me questioningly. I smiled up at her nodded at the bedroom door. She could see to breakfast while took care of our more urgent obligation in here. She shrugged and asked, “How do you want your eggs, Cal?” as she headed for the door.

“Three, over easy.” His hand was on the back of my head and the steadily leaking head of his delicious cock was already inside my working mouth. “Bacon crisp, but not charcoal, and home fries, in butter with onions.”

I worked my mouth up and down his cock, drooling down the thick shaft, taking more and more of it with every downward suck until I had engulfed the entire mouthwatering morsel all the way to his bloated balls. I thought I was going to choke to death with all of it, for the first time, imbedded in my throat. But, I was so damned proud of myself I didn’t care if I died right then and there, because I was already in slut heaven.

“Very impressive, Slut,” Cal said appreciatively, and with his fingers entwined in my hair, he fucked his throbbing cock with my mouth and throat for nearly 10 minutes before pulling me off it. “In the bathroom, Slut.”

I obediently followed him into the bathroom. He stood in front of the toilet, staring at me until I finally got the hint and lifted the seat for him. Still, he stood there, this time glaring at me. Then it hit me: he antalya escort wanted me to hold his cock while he urinated. I had never done this for Brian. In fact, in the six years we had been married, I don’t think I had seen my husband pee more then two of three times and it had never been intentional. But, I would do it for Cal. If that was what my black possessor wanted his white slut to do for him, then I would gladly hold his cock for him as he pissed.

Standing alongside Cal, I took his pulsating cock in my hand. His morning erection was so hard that it took some force to point it down at the bowl. Then he relaxed his bladder and his stream of hot urine was so strong, it felt like I had a high-pressure hose in my hand. That was when I understood how a man might miss the target on occasion. Sitting on the pot, shooting from point-blank range is child’s play, but trying to hit the mark from three feet above, with an uncontrollable fire hose, is another matter entirely. It was also fun and I experimentally played his hard stream around in the bowl until it finally dwindled to a few sporadic drips.

“Shake it to clear the bore, Slut,” he directed. “Unless you like the taste of piss in your mouth.” I dutifully shook it like I had seen Brian do. “Also, whenever I’m around, the lid stays up. You and Regina can put it down if you must, but it always goes back up. Got it?”

“Yes, Cal,” I answered and I went down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. Apparently, I hadn’t done a good enough job of clearing the bore because my taste buds got their first exposure to piss; hot, and briny. But, I had no time to savor this new flavor because Cal grabbed my head, shoved his cock down my throat, and proceeded to face-fuck me with a growing sense of urgency. Five minutes and Cal was emptying his balls down his cock-sucking slut’s alternately constricting and relaxing throat. And this grateful cock-sucking white slut was cumming a puddle on her bathroom floor as she voraciously swallowed all of his delicious sperm.

Cal pulled his deflated cock out of my mouth and opened the shower door. “And I don’t appreciate my toast being burnt,” he instructed as he adjusted the water temperature to his liking.

Regina was wearing an apron while she cooked, but that was all. She looked so good with her naked ass exposed; I just couldn’t resist grabbing it. “Good morning, my sister cumslut,” I said, kissing her on the back of the neck.

She turned her head and kissed my sperm-glazed lips, and smiled. “And you’re calling me a cumslut?”

“And which of us was giving Cal a blowjob in his sleep?” I retorted.

Regina licked her lips. “Guilty as charged.” She turned over a couple pieces of bacon. “You want to start the toast, sister cumslut.”

Breakfast was just being put on the table when Cal came into the kitchen dress in only the bottom half of his jogging suit. Regina divested herself of the concealing apron and I set Brian’s big mug down beside Cal’s plate and Regina and joined him for breakfast. “Looks good,” Cal said then looked up from his plate at the two of sitting at the table naked and smiled. “Yeah, looks real good. I could get real damned used to this in the mornings.”

We had breakfast, chatting back and forth about bits and pieces of nothing in particular, then Regina and I cleaned up the kitchen while Cal took his third mug of coffee and went and flopped down on the sofa. A football game was on the TV when I came into the living room. I had never been much of a sports fan, but Cal was definitely into the game and so was Regina. So, I plunked myself down on floor beside Regina and attempted to understand what was going on, besides a bunch of huge grown men running around and throwing each other on the ground.

Once Cal explained the numbering system for the different positions to me–the quarterback, the linemen, the ends and the backs, with Regina providing color commentary on what each position’s responsibility was on the team, I began to get a better handle on what was being attempted by each side. I even began to see a dance taking place, a certain ballet quality to what was going on as the intricate plays unfolded. At one point, I caught Cal–reclining like a proud black lion on the couch above his adoring white lionesses– watching Regina with a raised eyebrow as she explained the nuances of a hitch and go to me, far better then the commentator on the TV was attempting to do for the audience.

Halftime of the first game was far more entertaining to me personally as I intently studied Regina giving Cal a blowjob; marveling at how she so smoothly took his entire cock down her throat in one long effortless swallow. When Cal left us to take a piss, Regina and I compared salacious notes about what we thought of some of the gigantic black ballplayers. Cal was well over six-foot and a solid 200 lbs, but some of the players were even bigger and I speculated that they had to have gigantic black cocks.

“And there you’d be sorely disappointed, Faith,” Cal said, vaulting over the back of the couch and squirming around to get the cushions situated just right. “Guys with that much body mass tend to have less then adequate plumbing. Oh, there are exceptions, but, for the most part, ball players have little dicks, smaller then that white winnie I imagine Brian is so proud of.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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