Hi Julia, It’s Jennifer

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Dear Reader, I have recently begun an email friendship with one of my readers. She is a very interesting lady and here is a note she sent me recently after I had told her I have plans with a couple of younger men for this weekend. I am expecting a nice weekend of lazy outdoor sex and my first two dick dp. Jennifer thought I would appreciate this experience of hers and I hope you do too! some of the names have been changed to protect the perverted.


Hello again Julia,

Interesting you should e-mail again today, I’ve spent the day with Rick (my son) discussing the e-mail you sent earlier, the one about you and a couple of guys and the story of me and the two young men came up…OMG…LOL. But he’s pretty cool about it and of course wanted ALL the details so we sat here, air conditioning going, drinking beer and discussed sex from about 10 this morning. We even read quite a few stories on Literotica which he hadn’t known even existed. OMG…the stuff we talked about.

So…I live in the Pacific Northwest. Rick (my son) lives with me while he attends college so that explains why he was privy to my email when I left it up while making coffee, he is reading this as I write to you. He is 20 and we’ve always been open about things…but not quite as open and detailed as today…(waaay too many beers). By the way…he is standing nearby and says hello and that he loved your writing as much as I do. I just told him this e-mail might embarrass him but then he’s heard it all already. I work in the field of safety which sounds boring but I have stories that would curl the hair on your pussy if you had any! I’ll share those later (got to be coy sometimes LOL).

But I digress from what I am supposed to be telling you about! I participated in a local chat room where the talk always turned to sex. This was good because this was what I was looking for. A single mom does not have many opportunities for sex and face it we all need new ideas to fantasize about while we masturbate. But I was getting tired of always masturbating and decided to attend a “meet and greet” the group was hosting at a local restaurant/bar that Friday night.

I was nervous as hell about going but once my mind was made up there was no changing it and I dressed to the nines! Got my hair done and had a pedi/mani done and put on my sexiest şişli escort little black dress and nice high heels. I looked good but it had been a long time since I had gone out to meet men, I was not sure what I would do if I found one but I was game to try. I walked into the restaurant and almost turned back out the door. I had expected most people to be in my age group, I’m in my early forties, but the oldest here looked about thirty-five at most. I was afraid they would think I was a foolish old lady. My fears were put to rest very quickly as a very sexy twenty something male handed me a Cosmo, grinning he said “hey foxy lady, what’s your sign?” We both broke up laughing at the cheesy come on line.

He brought me over to a group of young men chatting together. They stopped talking immediately as I entered the group and my escort disappeared. They stopped talking but they didn’t stop staring for a good twenty seconds or so, they were giving me the once over more than once. One sexy young man, dressed well and his soft chestnut curls were loosely slicked back so his soft gray eyes danced right out at you. He caught my eye right away and smiled at me, we started to talk; his name was James and he as definitely hot and definitely interested. We edged away from the group and he sought out his friend Robert who turned out to be a tall tanned boy with dirty blond hair and a killer grin. Wow I thought this is soooooo cool, two very hot young men flirting their asses off with me.

Well, we took turns dancing and drinking way too much and the discussion, of course, turned to sex. Yay!!!! They eventually asked me outright if I would consider a 3-some. I was surprised but with the false courage from the bottle I became bold and I said sure, if the guys were acceptable to me…and then I realized they meant them…and me…and right now. I decided it’s now or never and we piled in a cab and drove to the first motel we could find. I went in paid for the room thinking it would be a quick wham bam thank you mam and then we’d leave. Honey…we didn’t check out until Sunday morning.

We didn’t waste much time on niceties I went straight for the cock and started sucking them both in turn. It wasn’t nasty like in porn, no one was being forced and everyone was having fun. It had been a while since I sucked cock so mecidiyeköy escort my skills were a little rusty but it’s like falling off a bike. There we were, me sitting on the edge of the bed fully clothed and the guys with only their pants pushed down to their ankles and holding onto my head for balance. James, the younger of the two, came first and Robert blew his load seeing James cumming on my face and he added his spew to the mess. I love giving oral hon but damn there was sooo much cum, no way I could lick it all up. I came just looking at the scene in the mirror in front of me on the wall.

It was my turn and the boys stripped me and themselves. We all lay down on the kingsize bed and they began to suck my tits. I love it. Oh how I love it. I can cum just from tit play. I told them to just lay there and suck for awhile. I so enjoyed it…like nursing two young men…it was so hot. I came and came again and again. Oh did I mention they were also both fingering me at the same time? My orgasms of course encouraged my young studs and it didn’t take long for them to get hard again. One would fuck me while I sucked the other’s cock, back and forth and so forth and so on. This went on for seemingly hours. They just were able to stay hard so well. I was impressed hon. Their cocks were so hard and so nice. I love a nice sized cock, not the monsters you see in the movies just a nice filling piece of meat and these boys had it. They both were big but not too big and this gave me my next nasty idea.

I finally asked them to fuck my ass and I think it was the first time for both. They were eager but unsure but since I had fingered their asses while sucking their cocks and they were getting the idea of how to do that so they had me stretched nicely very quickly; I was so wet and so ready they were able to use my juices as lube and were so gentle when they drove in their cocks into my ass. I like it rough though and had to encourage them to treat me like a slut…LOL. I like it hard in the ass and they took turned turns drilling my oh so happy ass like the young stallions they were. Who doesn’t love a good hard ass fucking if truth be told, I always figured why do something nasty if you aren’t going to go all the way and be downright filthy?

Eventually I got them into position for a nice hard dual penetration and while there were awkward moments, it never goes as smoothly as you hope, they got it down…oh my did they ever. To feel their cocks touch within me is the best feeling I have EVER experienced, Julia you better do it this weekend with those boys you were telling me about! In the past I too had only had either two dildos or sometimes my ex in my ass and a dildo in my pussy. Two real cocks at once…OMGGGG. The idea alone was making me cum which made it hard for them to get it going initially with all my jiggling.

There was of course some teaching going on and it was wonderful. We finally fell asleep spent from all the fucking and sucking and I woke Saturday morning a little hung over but with a grin on my face as I looked over and saw morning wood on both sides of me. I was a little worried initially that they might be embarrassed when they woke up but I didn’t worry too much about that and set to sucking a little morning cock and getting a nice slow fuck from James while Robert watched and slowly jerked off, when James finished Robert took his place and filled me with yet another bucket of hot young cum. We got out of bed finally and went out to get some breakfast. I expected we would check out but Robert wanted to fuck some more so I went and retrieved my car from the restaurant and paid for another night in the hotel room. Damn it was sooo fucking hot hon, wish you were there. Well no I don’t actually coz then I would have had to share LOL. Suffice it to say the next night was no less intense and I pity the cleaner trying to get the cum stains off everything.

Rick, as I said was watching me write this and I have just instructed him he better go “take care of that hard-on trying to rip out from his jeans…he said this was better than Literotica. He headed off to his room…LOL….he’s lucky I’m not into incest…dang this day has me so fucking horny. I have to hurry in case he comes back. This was a weird day, I told him that I had fantasized about his friend Jason who was on the high school swim team with him (those Speedos are delightful) and apparently he is cool with the idea of me seducing the lad. So….I will be feeling guilty tomorrow with a fine hangover I’m sure. But if he hadn’t walked in while I was writing you this morning I would not have had such an interesting day…LOL Well hon. I need to shower and will be doing so with one of my favourite toys…that’s for sure. Write soon and let me know what you end up doing with those guys this weekend.

Love Jennifer

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