Do it! Ch. 02

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Breakfast was at six-thirty sharp, though I was already dressed and more or less ready for the day when I came down to the “relaxed” dining area as it was called well ahead of that. Deidra and Bella were already seated however in preparation of being served.

“Sit down, join us,” Bella said.

“I will…but I need to do something else first,” I informed them grinning. They looked at one another also grinning, and then stood…leading me back down the hallway, up the stairs to Ted’s private study. I wasn’t honestly too terribly surprised to find that he was already up, busy working at his desk when Bella poked her head inside asking if he had a moment to see me. In seconds, I was ushered inside, both Bella and Deidra closing the door stepping back out again.

“I take it you’ve made a decision,” Ted said sitting back in his chair with a smile on his face.

“I have,” I said simply reaching over to grab one of the contracts, the one I am sure he was hoping I’d sign.

“Before you do that, I need to make sure…you do understand everything in there yes? If you need to read it again…”

“No, I have read it several times now, though I do have just one or two questions I would like to ask first.”

“Of course, go right ahead.”

“What does, ‘Companion’ mean specifically?”

It had been one of the terms in the agreement, a title if you will, that I had some minor concerns and doubts about, not at all sure what it specifically meant, represented…or more importantly, required. Ted nodded his head.

“Simple really, as you already know, Deidra and Bella are both classified as ‘Mistresses,’ and though you will have a similar stature, or status around here for various functions and events, until such time as you decide to be trained, and thus elevated to that status, you will be known only as a ‘Companion’. As a Companion, you will not have authority in any way shape or form however. Even the Novices and Attendings will not have to lower their eyes should you pass in the hallway. Though they must always treat you with respect, any infractions of that towards you, will be meted out by either Bella, Deidra or myself. At no time, until such time as your status changes, will you ever personally be involved with doing that.”

We discussed that a bit more, clarifying a few smaller points until I had at least satisfied what that term specifically meant, which included doing anything that was outside of the terms of the written agreement.

“One last thing…the name.”

“Oh yes, your new name. The name you go by now, and perhaps will continue to use outside of this place, will however no longer be used here. You will have but one name, just as Bella and Deidra do, and will be referred to only by that name while you are here on the grounds. It is a name I have already chosen for you, and will from the moment you sign the contract, be the only name you will ever be referred by again. Can you also accept that?”

“Yes,” I said now satisfied, picking up the pen, and signing my old name on the document.

“Welcome to your new home, Maringa,” he told me giving me my new name. A rather strange sounding one, so different than my own, though he’d obviously done that for a reason. He then pushed a small button beneath his desk, though I heard no sound. Seconds later the door opened, an Attending now slipping in waiting for instructions, she was the woman I had now met and seen twice before.

“Marlene, would you please escort Maringa back down to the dining area and introduce her please to Mistress Bella, and Mistress Deidra, as our new Companion, Maringa.”

“Yes Master,” she acknowledged, bowing appropriately, and then held the door open for me as I got up.

“Thank you…Master,” I too bowed, though not nearly as low, but sufficiently enough I assumed, catching a look of approval on his face upon doing that.

“Oh and Maringa? Don’t worry about your apartment, or your personal belongings. I’ll see to it they are picked up and stored, you can go through them later and bring a small selection of personal items back with you. Everything else will be taken care of, including the sale of your home should you chose to do that.”


I had rejoined both Bella and Deidra for breakfast, both of which were excited about the news that I’d signed the contract, and was now officially to be known, formally called as ‘Companion’ Maringa, less formally of course as simply Maringa.

After we had eaten, they immediately showed me my new quarters, which they confided, Ted had had done in the event that I did indeed decide to come and live here. I knew of course they could have just as easily been prepared for someone other than myself, had I chosen not to, but it was obvious he’d had them decorated and modeled after some of my own tastes and preferences in color. Master, had indeed done his homework.

It was after that, that both Bella and Deidra began instructing me in what specific duties there were I might have, along with the “rules” of the Ümraniye Esmer Escort house, once again reminding me of my less than authorative position here. Which included of course my limited contact with any of the Novices and Attendings, save for “asking” them…not “telling” them to help me out with something, or to get something for me should I not be able to do so for myself. Even then, they could only do so if they didn’t have other more important or pressing duties they were currently involved with.

Even knowing this, I had no real intention of abusing my stay here, or in asking someone else to do anything for me, that I could obviously and just as easily do for myself. After that, it was a matter of wardrobe selections, an appointment back in the city for a beauty treatment, shopping, and of course fittings for what I learned would be “proper” and “appropriate attire” for my status, including a entirely new selection of lingerie and the like, which Ted had already chosen and selected for me.

The rest of the day was spent being pampered and prepped, constantly being taught, informed and reminded over and over again as to how I was to conduct myself at all times. And though there was a lot to remember, and do…it didn’t seem that it would be all that difficult for me to live up to and remember.

“I will tell you this though,” Bella said in a somewhat serious tone of voice. “Though I don’t know the specifics of your agreement, or what you signed, I do know Ted,” she said speaking less formally now that we were off and away from the estate, as well as not wanting to draw unnecessary attention towards us. “You can rest assured, he will test you, when you least expect it. In the beginning, it will no doubt be somewhat minor things, but he will test your compliance, your obedience, and your diligence in performing immediately, whatever it is that he asks you to do. I would warn you only in that if you don’t, he may very well ask us…or do it himself, in performing whatever punishments as he sees fit. And whatever that may be…whatever he then requires of either Deidra or myself, we will do it, without holding back or taking it easy on you. Just so you know.”

It was yet another warning, and a reminder of what I had gotten myself into. And yet, having considered and thought about it all very carefully over the past several days, I found myself anxiously curious, even excitedly nervous, looking forward to the new challenge. It was a time to test myself as well, to discover just who I was as a person. Where my own limitations were, where my own boundaries might be. As Maringa, I was about to find out.


If anything, I probably had it pretty easy as the next two days flew by, most of my day spent in relaxation, some reading and taking care of my own surroundings as I’d already determined I wasn’t going to sit back and become a slob, or someone to be waited hand on foot on either. I joined Deidra and Bella for morning workouts, and looked forward to our daily late afternoon massage. In between that, they had other duties to attend and see to, none of which I was asked to participate in, or be a part of. And aside from a few occasional curious looks from time to time as I passed both Novices and Attendings in the hallway as they hurriedly scurried about on some matter, or some task they’d been given, no one seemed too upset that I was there.

“You ready for tonight?” Bella had asked me early that morning. I had of course been briefed on what to expect, which, as I understood it, would be a rather lavish party that was monthly given and held on the estate. One in which where there would be many influential friends, acquaintances, and clients, not to mention a few other important politicians as well. Most of which would prefer having their identities and names kept out of the papers. One of the strictest and most important rules, was strict confidentiality. A single infraction of that, was dealt with severely, and always, always ended up with immediate dismissal, no matter how minor the infraction might have been.

“As ready as I can be I guess,” I responded, more than a little nervous still, at the role I’d be required to fill. Not to mention the certain knowledge that ‘Master’ could at any time during the course of the evening, test me…and no doubt probably would according to both Deidra and Bella, who’d indicated early on that he most likely would.

“Just do it!” Bella had said, “Immediately and efficiently, whatever it is that he asks you to do. Don’t waste time thinking about why, or what…or anything. Just react, just respond, and just fulfill whatever requirement it is, no matter how big or how small it is. Do that, and you’ll never have to worry about any punishments or recriminations in failing to do so,” she’d further warned.

I had already set my mind to doing just that. Master had met with me briefly, shortly after I had signed the contract, reminding me of what agreements had been made, though also assuring me he wouldn’t Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort ask or ever require of me to do anything he knew…I would be uncomfortable in doing. Though he had also added, he felt like he knew where those limitations currently were, and would still even then, ask me to stretch a little on occasion when considering that.

Admittedly I wondered if I could…or would. And if this employment might indeed suddenly end almost far sooner than it had begun. The evening’s festivities I now knew…would no doubt decide that one way or the other.


I knew that six Novices had been handpicked to serve refreshments throughout the evening. All of them to do so entirely in the nude. At no time where they to speak or utter a single word even when spoken to. All they were allowed to do was smile, nod heads, and go about the task of seeing to it that Master’s guests were taken care of. If a certain amount of groping, fondling or touching came while doing that, then so be it. Every one of the Novices had been picked for that very reason, they all knew what to expect, having done this before. And everyone of them would earn a nice little stipend as well, which is also why some of the Novices where always more than a little disappointed when they learned they had not been chosen.

Attendings too would be there, also six of them. Though they would be free to mingle, to chat, and to otherwise entertain the guests in whatever fashion or manner they saw fit in doing so. Though not entirely nude, they were scantily dressed, easily accessible in many ways, but still had the options, if they chose to act upon them, in saying no to this or to that, if they chose to do so. As Bella had informed me earlier however, the more an Attending allowed herself to participate with the guests, the more she was also apt to make during the course of the evening. And with the exception of only one, the older woman I knew now as Marlene, they had all done this before too.

As for myself, Bella and Deidra, we too were all similarly dressed for the evening, though even then, my own gown was of a slightly different cut, and not as totally revealing as theirs were with the traditional very deep “V” in front that almost fully exposed their entire breasts, with just their nipples still being effectively hidden so as to not be fully exposed. And though we all wore the same deep rich color of red this evening, my own gown, though still low cut, felt almost confining to me in a way as I stood there looking at myself in the mirror just prior to going down to the main room.

As I soon after joined both Mistresses, the guests had already begun to arrive. Some I saw even then electing to wear simple masks over their faces, shielding and thus further protecting their identities. Such was the concern and fear of many who had perhaps come here to attend the party for the very first time. As Deidra had also informed me earlier, for the most part, the guests would eventually amuse themselves, or one another, with very little contact or requirement from us. She reminded me though, we too were free to amuse ourselves in whatever way we saw fit. The big difference between us and the Attendings being, we saw no reward, or benefit one way or the other in doing so. Ours was strictly a matter of choice and preference, which I greatly appreciated, though I kept firmly in the back of my mind, Master could make a demand of me at any time, and in that, I would really have no choice.


Slowly but surely, the party did indeed grow quite lively. Once the minor nervousness of those who hadn’t been there before, had worn off, the regulars, or those who were the most trusted and most comfortable, began livening things up a little.

I had in fact been standing curiously off to one side, watching two elegant looking women, both married to influential men themselves in attendance, kissing and playfully fondling one another there on a nearby couch. Many looking on, urging them both on to do more, though so far, neither one had dared go much beyond kissing, and fondling one another’s breasts through their clothing.

It was then that I watched and noticed, with the simple nod of Master’s head, Bella moved walking over, reaching down through the top of her gown as she did so. In seconds she had totally bared both her breasts, walking over, now sitting down directly between the two women.

“If either of you are nervous about exposing yourselves or one another, don’t be. In the meantime…feel free to play with mine,” she now told them both. Not too surprisingly, they both did. And as that occurred, as the two women now quite excitedly began fondling Bella’s breasts, soon after leaning over to suckle each one together, the party itself finally got into full swing.

A simple gesture, a nod of the head, and then many if not most of the guests began to erotically enjoy themselves and one another. It was interesting to me in discovering the amount of power Ted…or rather ‘Master’ Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort had in the simple nod of his head.

Deidra too I had noticed had been busy flirting, talking to the guests, allowing her hands to roam from this person to that, and then drifting away to do likewise somewhere else in the crowd. Almost like magic, a simple touch here, there, a brief fleeting pat, or grasp of a gentleman’s groin seemed to set him, or them into motion. It was almost hypnotic seeing her perform, moving about the room the way that she was. So much so, I hadn’t seen or even felt Master as he moved over now standing next to me. He leaned over then, whispering.

“See the older gentleman standing near the bar? The one talking to that much younger woman there in the blue dress?”

It was an easy find. “Yes,” I said simply.

“That is not a good pairing,” he informed me, for business as well as political reasons. “I need you to go over there and disrupt their conversation, and any possible interests they might likewise be entertaining at the moment. Go over, say nothing, but reach down, unzip his fly, and remove his member while he stands there. I am sure once you do, she will find someone else less complicated to amuse herself with. Now…do it!”

I knew it was coming, I didn’t know the what or when it would, but now it had. Even before he had finished telling me to go, I was already on my way over towards the two of them. And just exactly as he had asked me to do, I did it, smiling yes, albeit somewhat nervously, yet excited too as I walked over, not even saying a word, looking into the older gentleman’s eyes totally ignoring the woman as I walked up forcing them to separate. Seeing his surprised look, I reached down, my hand deftly unzipping his fly. Reaching in, I quickly found his meat, fondling it as I stood there, quickly feeling it grow, and then produced it pulling it out. Movement behind me, telling me even as I did that, the other woman had left us.

Master was immediately by my side. “Hello John, I see you’ve met Maringa,” he said taking and shaking the man’s hand, even though I still had my own hand on his dick. “Janine?” He then said turning to one of the Attendings who I only now realized he had brought over with him. “Why don’t you fix John here a fresh drink, and then perhaps after that the two of you can get to know one another a little better,” he stated. And with that, I let go of John’s now very aroused hard cock, watching him turn, smiling, grinning from ear to ear as he actually followed Janine behind the bar, his prick now fully revealed still sticking out.

“Well done,” Ted said, saying nothing more, and now moving off almost as silently as he had done when first coming up to stand next to me. I now wandered back to where I’d been standing earlier as Bella now joined me.

“It would appear you have passed your first test of the evening,” she smiled. “Not too difficult now was it?”

“No…not really, and quite exciting to be perfectly honest about it.”

She laughed at that, “The evening is young yet, and there will be a lot more excitement as you say, taking place before this night is done. Perhaps we’ll even have the opportunity to enjoy one another later?” She strongly hinted, then kissed me lightly on the lips before moving off into the throng of people once again.


By now I noticed, many had gotten entirely naked, some few actually openly now fucking one another, either on the floor, or within or upon several of the couches spread out within the enormous chamber we were in. Just briefly counting heads, there were easily well over fifty or sixty people here already, with still yet more to come. And most now either looking on watching, finding amusement in doing so, or actually beginning to loosen up enough that they no longer cared what they enjoyed doing or feeling in front of anyone else.

The party was quite bluntly, turning into a real orgy of sorts. Though I found it interesting to note, none of the Novices of course were involved in doing anything, each one though nude, and yes periodically groped or pawed by members of either sex, continued to circulate about serving the guests drinks and ordurbs. And also as I now noticed, with the exception of Attending Janine, only one other Attending was obviously involved or engaged at the moment, currently lying on the floor now, legs spread while a quite matronly looking woman, expertly enjoyed herself while tonguing her.

Most everyone else…guests, had found entertainment and amusement amongst themselves for the most part.

It was soon drawing close to midnight, though only a small handful of people had by now left the party, many others obviously staying to continue until god knows when. I noticed however that both Bella as well as Deidra once again began moving about the room. As they did, I saw or thought I saw, each of them pressing into the palms of some selected few a small coin, or token perhaps. Having done that, Deidra soon after saddled up beside me.

“You’ve been invited to attend, though not to participate unless you wish to,” she added, now pressing into my own palm what indeed appeared to be a shiny gold coin. It had simply the date imprinted on one side, and the time on the other. “One thirty a.m.,” I said quietly to myself only then looking up.

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