Marianna and the Pirate

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Grandpa Gives

Marianna felt watchful eyes on her as she tended to the patrons of her Aunt’s Inn. The Inn was alive with the sound of chatter, but the source of the eyes on her was in a pocket of silence in the dimly lit corner of the Inn.

She shot a glance towards the man watching her, and felt, as she had the first time she laid on eyes on him when he walked in, a warmth spread through her. He had sailed in with the ship that had docked earlier. She was certain by the way the other members of the crew were engaging in shady dealings that the ship was home to pirates and other unsavoury folk, but it was hard to remember that looking at him.

He wore a loose-fitting shirt, its top buttons undone and providing a glimpse of the chiselled chest underneath. She bit her lower lip as she looked at him, her eyes drinking him in before she noticed his warm brown eyes watching her, a small smile on his face. She felt her face heat up, and she turned away in embarrassment.

Marianna weaved throughout the Inn, collecting empty tankards and providing fresh ones the men and women throughout. Her Aunt’s Inn was often host to folk such as these, and the ladies of the night that tried to earn a quick buck from the men that so rarely felt the touch of a woman. Marianna’s Aunt turned a blind eye to it all, but she had remained firm with her patrons that no man was to touch Marianna, unless they intended on wedding her. It was the least she could do for Marianna’s late Mother, who had only wanted the best for her daughter.

Marianna remained chaste, but she could not deny the curiosity that stirred within her whenever she caught a glimpse of the debauchery that took place. The way some of the men pawed at the ladies of the night, and the way these women were all too eager to service them both frightened and aroused Marianna. She longed to be swept off her feet, to feel a man between her legs, but she worried that her enjoyment of the act would be the same as the ladies she saw — fake.

But whenever she looked over at the man in the corner, his brown eyes trailing her, she couldn’t deny the desire that flowed through her, making her momentarily weak between the knees. And as the night wore on, and the patrons began to trickle out, either to their homes, their ships or to the rooms above, and the man stayed where he was, Marianna began to wonder if she could control herself if left alone with him.

Her concern grew when her Aunt left Marianna in charge of closing the Inn for the night. It was not the first night Marianna had been left on her own, her Aunt trusted Marianna now that she was an adult.

‘Stop it,’ Marianna told herself, ‘you’ve been around handsome men before and remained chaste. You will do so again.’

But she had the sense she was lying to herself, as his eyes drew her in, like a moth to a flame, his curly brown hair begging to have her hands running through it, gripping it tightly in her fists as he performed any number of unspeakable acts on her.

His smile flashed into view, and she realised she’d been biting her lip as she looked at him. She took a sharp breath and turned away, sure that her face was bright red. The Inn was empty, save her and the man in the corner. She took a deep breath, to steady herself. The only way she was going to leave tonight with her chastity intact would be if the man left. To do that, she was going to have to ask him to leave.

She kept her back to the man in the corner as she took a tray of empty tankards behind the bar, before sneaking a sip of the ale for liquid courage.

“Thirsty?” came a warm, smooth voice behind her, startling Marianna mid sip. She whirled around, painfully conscious of the drops of ale dripping down her throat. The man stood on the other side of the bar, leaning against it. His eyes followed the trail of liquid now making its way down Marianna’s chest.

“I — no — I’m sorry, can I help you?” she stammered out, cursing herself inwardly for sounding like a bumbling fool. His eyes lazily made their way back up to hers, and she felt herself biting her lip again. Out of the dimness he was previously in, they were even more gorgeous, the light catching them in a way that made them look like honey in the sunlight. Stubble coated his square jaw, and it took more self-control than it should have to stop herself from reaching out to feel it under her slender fingers.

He reached into his coin pouch and pulled out a gold coin, before lazily spinning it between his fingers.

“I’ve Maltepe Escort come to pay for a room for the night. I was going to stay on my ship, but the service here is too good to resist,” he said, his voice low. It took Marianna a moment before she registered what he was saying, causing a deep blush to show on her pale cheeks.

“I’ll have to check the books,” she replied, turning quickly away from the man at the bar, and hustling down to the end where her Aunt kept the books logging those who stayed the night. She felt a bittersweet mix of relief and dismay when she saw several empty rooms listed.

“I just need to take your name, Sir,” she said, avoiding looking at him.

“William, yours?”

“Marianna,” her reply slipped out before she realised she’d said it, and she cursed herself inwardly.

“Marianna,” he repeated slowly, causing her to look up at him. He had straightened up and followed her to the other end of the bar. She hadn’t quite realised how tall he was, almost a head taller than her.

She looked away again, and stammered out the price of the room to him, and he held out the payment in his fingers. She took them, her fingers brushing his, dwarfed in comparison.

“Are you cold, Marianna?” he murmured, taking her hands in his before she had a chance to pull them away. His own hands were much warmer than her own, and as he clasped hers she felt heat radiate through her body. She pulled away, slipping the coins away and passing him a room key.

He was trying to seduce her, she could tell.

“I’m fine, thank you William. If it’s quite alright with you, I best be cleaning up,” she said, mustering all her strength. She picked up an empty tray, and made her way throughout the room, picking up empty glasses and pushing chairs in as she went. All the while, she felt his eyes on her, the heat of his gaze making her body hum with lust.

“Shouldn’t you be off to your room? It’s awfully late,” she said, turning around to talk to him.

“I’m not sure I can pull myself away from you, Marianna,” he said, his soft voice carrying across the room, heavy with desire. “Surely you can feel the attraction between us? I’ve been mesmerised by you all night.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she lied, glancing away.

“Surely you must! I’ve seen the way you look at me,” William said, crossing the room to her. He took the tray gently from her hands and set it on the table next to her, before taking her hands in his again. “Please tell me you’re as enamoured as I am.”

She looked up at his brown eyes, and any thoughts of protest left her mind as his soft lips met hers. She let out a small gasp, and William took it as a sign of encouragement, his tongue probing deeper. He tasted intoxicatingly of spiced rum, and soon she found herself drinking him in, pulling him closer to her.

He put his strong hands on her waist, before roughly drawing her closer. Marianna had well and truly given up all hope of controlling herself, as she tentatively ran her hands through his hair. He pulled her as close to him as he could, and she felt all of him rubbing against her, making her giddy. His hands travelled down her waist, cupping her ass in both hands as best he could with her skirts in the way, and in one deft movement lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around him, the bulge in his pants now rubbing against her tantalisingly.

He broke away from her lips, panting with lust, and with one arm pushed her half-filled tray off of the table he had set it on only moments ago, before sitting Marianna atop it. He licked his lips slightly as he looked at her, before moving his lips to her neck. His hands no longer required to support her, they began to wander over her body like a blind man trying to see through touch.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered into her ear, pulling back to look her in her blue eyes. Breathlessly, she nodded.

In one deft movement, he pulled a dagger from his belt and positioned the tip at the bottom of the strings tying the front of her bodice together. She nodded again, her breath caught in her throat. Working quickly and carefully, his dagger tore through the strings and he pulled the bodice apart to reveal her undergarments. Once again, he tore through it carefully, this time rewarded with the sight of her breasts.

Her nipples hardened as the cool night air brushed over them, and he took a moment to take them in. Marianna had never been this exposed around a man Cevizli Escort before, feelings of self-consciousness flowing over her — were they big enough, were they too big? She had always thought she had an ample sized bosom but as he looked at her she began to doubt herself. She went to cover them, but before she could William’s mouth was on one breast, sucking playfully on her nipple, and her other was in his hand, his fingers gently tugging and teasing.

She let out a small moan, as his teeth grazed her nipple, and her hands clutched at fistfuls of his hair. Encouraged, he bit down gently, just hard enough to blur the lines between pleasure and pain. She could feel her arousal, feel the moisture between her legs, and yearned desperately for him to take her then and there, but instead he began to make her way to her other breast. His lips left a trail of fire, and she almost pleaded for him to give her more.

This time, as his warm lips sucked on her nipple, eliciting small moans of excitement from Marianna, his hand began to trail downwards, bunching up her skirts.

As his fingers gently grazed the outside of her undergarments, the last fleeting thought Marianna had about her chastity crossed her mind.

“Please,” she whispered, although she wasn’t sure what she was pleading for. William took this as encouragement, and pulled her undergarments off her with an amount of force that aroused her, more than she thought she could be.

She tugged at William’s shirt, and he ripped it off over his head. The chiselled definition of his abs astounded her, and she propped herself up on one elbow to trace the outlines of his muscles. He pulled her to him in a rough embrace, his lips meeting hers once again with a renewed energy. His hands pulled her hair into his fists almost painfully, eliciting a small cry from Marianna.

Gently he lowered her back down onto the table, before kissing her neck. He left a trail of kisses as he made his way to her left breast, giving it the same treatment as before. She strained up against him, trying to guide him down to where she so desperately yearned for his touch. He looked up at her, her nipple caught between his teeth and smiled. He pulled on her nipple, rougher than he had before and she let out another small moan.

And then, he worked his way towards her right breast, and began sucking and licking that breast. She wasn’t even sure her nipples could get harder, but as he worked away at them she found her body reacting more and more than she thought possible.

And then, his lips began to trail downwards. Marianna’s whole body felt like it was buzzing, as if it was waiting for William to unbutton his pants and fuck her as hard as he could. She felt dizzy, having been given more than she expected when it comes to sex. And as his lips trailed downwards, spreading her legs so that all of her was on display, it soon became clear that he had no intentions of fucking her just yet.

His calloused but gentle fingers spread her wet lips, as he lowered his mouth to her clit, tentatively licking it. A tremor of pleasure ran through her, and she found herself gripping at the table to steady herself. She had never anticipated this, and as his tongue flicked over her clit again, she let out a small moan. And again, she moaned when his tongue flicked back and forth over it. He sucked on it, and the pleasure built up inside her, her whole body coursing with heat.

His mouth travelled lower down, his tongue slipping inside her. His fingers moved to her clit, rubbing it gently as his tongue explored her cunt, lapping up the liquids that flowed from her, reaching up inside her to find her G-spot. And still the pleasure built up inside her, threatening to make her explode. Her legs were pressed against his head as she so desperately tried to cling to the waves of pleasure she was currently riding. As William’s mouth moved away from her cunt to her clit, giving it one final, expert flick of the tongue she felt herself release, her moans filling the air.

“Oh my God,” she whispered to herself, breathing heavily and struggling to sit.

William pulled her to him, kissing her long and hard, one hand cupped on her breast, and another on the back of her head. He fondled her still erect nipple gently, giving her a chance to recover. She could taste herself on his lips, her desire and lust. She bit down gently on his bottom lip, and he tightened his grip on her breast in response. His fingers pinched Atalar Escort at her nipple roughly, and she felt warmth spread between her legs.

She moved her hands down his chest, and cupped the outline of his penis in her hands. She had never touched a dick before, but she was determined to take his inside her before the night was through.

She felt it respond to her touch, growing against her, straining against his pants. Her fingers found his belt, and after a momentary struggle to unbuckle it without looking, she pulled it away, before pushing his pants down.

William’s cock sprung out, and Marianna broke away from William’s kiss to look down at it. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked at it. It was bigger than she had anticipated, and she couldn’t help but wonder where that would fit inside her.

But as William’s fingers roughly teased her nipple, newfound courage built up inside her, and she took his shaft in her hands, and began working his penis. William let out a small, deep moan, filling her with confidence. It twitched against her hands, and he began to rock back and forth ever so slightly.

She looked up at his half-closed brown eyes, trying to read his expression. His face seemed to be filled with pleasure, still as handsome as he was when she first laid eyes on him hours ago. He caught her gaze, and licked his lips as if he meant to devour her whole.

Suddenly he pushed her back down on to the table, his hands moving down to her cunt. His fingers massaged her still sensitive clit, and she let out an involuntary moan. She was dripping wet, and too overcome with the pleasure coursing through her to notice him guiding his penis to her slick cunt until she felt the tip of it brush up against her.

“Please,” she whispered, this time pleading for him to take her, her hands grabbing at his arms, trying to pull him closer, trying to pull herself onto his cock.

And for a brief, delicious moment, he stayed just outside of her, the tip of his cock teasing her entrance, his fingers deftly working her sensitive clit. She could have stayed in that antagonising moment forever, so soon after release and so close to more pleasure.

And then he teased his cock slowly inside her, filling her in a way she had never thought possible. Quickly, he withdrew, leaving her empty again, before he began the slow thrust all over again. This time he held it, straining to bury himself up to the hilt on her. Her body was not used to anything being inside her, let alone something so big, and it struggled to adjust. But the small amount of pain that came with his giant cock taking her virginity blended with the pleasure of his expert massaging of her clit. He withdrew again, slowly this time.

William began to thrust his cock inside her slowly and methodically, each new thrust into her creating a new type of ecstasy for Marianna. His fingers withdrew from her clit, and instead pulled her up halfway to meet him. With every thrust, he rubbed against her clit, and neither could stop the moans that escaped them.

He thrust into her with increasing urgency, each one harder than the last. In a desperate attempt to stop her moans from travelling up to the guest rooms, Marianna buried her face in the curve of William’s neck, her lips caressing his warm skin. Each thrust of his penis was harder and faster than the last, and she could feel herself slipping closer and closer to release. She could sense he was close too, his breath laboured and heavy, sweat glistening on his brow as he focused entirely on burying himself in her over and over again.

Every inch of Marianna was screaming at her to release, to let go, as the hilt of his cock rubbed up and down her clit every time William thrust himself inside her. His hand held her breast tightly, so hard it was painful but it only made her want to release more. She’d abandoned so much self-control already that night that she almost did, but she was determined to wait until William had satisfied himself.

And with one last thrust, deeper than Marianna had thought possible, William came inside her, his hot cum filling her up until it leaked down her legs. And sill, Marianna had not yet released. A small, frantic part of her mind began to worry that this is where it would end, so close to release and yet so far. Without meaning to, she began to thrust her hips up and down his still hard cock inside her, and William let out a small chuckle.

The hand on her breast slipped down to her clit. It was so sensitive it was throbbing now, yet she ached for William to tease it and play with it until she came once more. And as his fingers brushed over it, gently rubbing her clit, it wasn’t long before she was cumming in his hand, her moans filling the bar.

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