Mia’s Adventures

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Mia is a nineteen year old coed She is five foot three inches curvy and very liberal. she never wears undergarments, she loves the commando feel. The excitement of knowing she is always near naked.

She also loves to party and is a crowd favorite at off campus unsanctioned parties where she often drinks and gets high.

She is no stranger to sex and has no sexual barriers. Girls, guys, Asian, black, white, makes no difference. She loves sex when she is partying.

Most times she makes it back to her dorm room, but occasionally she wakes up next to a naked guy or girl in an apartment or dorm room.

Tonight, Mia is going to a party at an address across town in a seedy neighborhood of old warehouses. She Googles the address. Once vibrant warehouse district catering to the now dormant steel industry that used to be the area’s biggest employer.

It’s late spring and unseasonably warm so Mia chooses a mid thigh skirt and light sweater to cover her lack of undergarments. She takes a bus to a location about four blocks from the party and walks the rest of the way. The streets were dimly lit and her friend Shane came along.

Shane escorted her eve gelen gaziantep escort to many parties. Shane made her feel safe. But most times Shane and Mia would go in different directions once the party wore on.

Tonight was no different. About an hour after arriving and drinking Patron Mia hooked up with a cute little pixie and started making out in a dimly lit corner of the warehouse.

She was on her knees between the little pixie’s wide spread legs munching on her twat.

Mia’s mid thigh skirt did nothing to hide her naked cunt from the eyes of anyone who looked over at the two girls having some girl on girl sex. She felt her skirt being flipped up. Then she felt a pair of hands on her hips. Next she felt the girth of a rigid cock pushing into her wet welcoming cunt.

The guy behind her started fucking her like a rabid dog. Reaching down and yanking the sweater up over her head.

Mia removed the sweater so she could concentrate on the tasty cunt in front of her. Reaching down and rubbing her cunt as the guy behind her was filling it with his fat cock.

She was so drunk and high that she never gaziantep eve gelen escort realized her skirt was also off of her and taken by someone in the crowd that started milling around watching the scene unfold.

Mia felt the guy grip her hips as he plunged into her twat and emptied his hot load of cum into her very wet now sloppy cunt. She felt the guy pull out and another cock take its place in her horny very wet cunt.

The pixie Mia was eating out, pulled away and left only to be replaced with a large slimy wet black cock. She grabbed his cock and started sucking it, being rewarded with a mouthful of fresh cum.

Mia lost track of time as well as how many times she was fucked in all three openings. She woke up in the early morning naked and alone. She was a mess, cum dripping out of her stretched abused asshole and cunt. Cum in her hair, on her back, tits and face.

She was very sore and getting to her feet hurt and once she was on her feet she could feel the mixed sperm of many men running down her wobbly legs.

She looked around for her clothes. Her clothes were gone. She started looking around gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan in panic thinking how the fuck am I getting home? Her clothes and purse were gone. She’ll have to walk.

Stumbling around in the near darkness, Mia found a piece of bed sheet.

It was enough to cover her tits and cunt, but anyone who would see her would know she was gang fucked by a now unknown number of men.

She wrapped the sheet around her and stumbled outside to the cool morning air which caused her nipples to perk up. Walking the walk of shame, in the shadows, Mia made it about four blocks before being seen by a group of five black guys smoking weed on the corner.

The guys circled Mia grabbing at the sheet and saying what ya hidden girl as they tore the sheet away and started mauling her.

One of the men stepped up and shoved his fat cock into her cunt from behind saying this bitch is sloppy as a ten dollar whore. All the men laughed.

After she was fucked by all five they gave her a very large tee shirt put her into their car and took her back to the college while forcing her to suck their cocks clean.

They pulled up to the gates of the college, opening the door and pushing her out.

Mia sat up on the street, legs spread, cum flowing out of her cunt looked around thankful it was early Saturday morning and no one was around. She made her way back to her dorm, got her towel, soap and shampoo, went to the shower room and cleaned herself up.

She walked back to her room, flopped on her bed naked and drifted off to sleep. Exhausted and well fucked.

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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